Capricorns are generally known as realistic and practical people who like to stay out of fantasies, so it can be tricky to bring out their romantic side as a lover. But every sign has some traits different from the other so there is hope for Capricorn too. There are certain ways by which you can express your love to them and know what they like and what turns them on. 

1. Actions and Adherence:

Capricorns have their own way of showing love. They use commitment as a tool. If they are willing to stay with you once they like/love you, it is a sign that they are absolutely into you. Actions and adherence are what they use to tell you they love you, so do not expect a lot of flowery words of love from your Capricorn lover. They know the difference between deeds and actions better than any other sign, so they know that better done than said. 

2. Hard to Get:

Capricorns are never impulsive and they never make decisions in haste that they know would prove to be problematic in the future. In relationships, Capricorns set some goals that need to be met, they value relationships that much. They rarely make huge mistakes that make them feel sorry. Moreover, their hearts take time to open. So unless your lover is completely satisfied with you being a reliable and dependable person, they won’t really open up.

3. Mountaineers:

The sign of Capricorns is a mountain goat; they are always trying to climb up the highest mountains. Fear is what they don’t like and failures are something they don’t like to talk about as they are always striving for more. As a lover of Capricorn, you should make sure not to mention their failures very often and remind them of their strength and encourage them to climb up higher. Capricorns want to be the best at anything and everything they do, and for that, they need you by their side.

4. A LOT to Do:

Capricorns like big talks and are not fans of small talk and chatter. They also won’t like you joking around and not directly coming to the point. No matter how bored they, they always silently worry about something to do, there is always something to do! So wasting time is not welcomed by a lot of Capricorns. For good communication with a Capricorn, avoid beating about the bush, especially when they are focused on something else and come right to the point. Curiosity kills them.

5. Committed to all Vows:

If you marry a Capricorn, you can be sure of the fact that they are happy in the marriage, because Capricorns are responsible and love the family life and all the responsibilities that come with it. Commitments are how they want to excel at relationships. You will find it easy to hold on to a Capricorn forever as they, themselves, would not like to leave you once they are completely in. Approaching them with respect and a lot of love is recommended as they are the most steadfast people.

6. They Need You, Badly:

On a spiritual level, Capricorns may feel that they are alone and that their lover does not really understand what is going on in their minds. So try to be closer by utilizing every chance you get. Life may seem like a wasteland to them without an intense lover around. Helping them feel spiritually closer to you can bring about an emotional change in their lives, and they will just love you more for it.

7. Fragile:

They are ruled by Saturn. Fear and self-doubt circle them almost all the time and it is very easy to depress them by just using words and expressions. They care a lot. Point their failures out and they have fallen in the abyss of sadness without you noticing it. Make sure you don’t do that. They have a strong sense of duty that makes them feel obliged to do everything right and give their best. They need your positive comments and encouragement.

8. Skillful in Bed:

They may sound like very serious people but at the same time, they are very physical. Being skillful in the bedroom is their secret desire; they would also like you to submit to them. Make sure you ask them about it, but usually a Capricorn likes to make things creative for love-making as it is one of the few things they appreciate about love and life.

9. Compatibility With Other Signs:

When it comes to being compatible with other people, Capricorns would like to communicate with people who appreciate their unique sense of duty and, at the same time, encourage them to play. For example, stars like Virgo, Venus-ruled Libra and Taurus along with Cancer will find it easy and fun to get to know a Capricorn. Even if you are not one of these signs, you can try your best, knowing all the facts, to get close to a Capricorn.

10. What They Need:

Capricorns feel the weight of the world to be on their shoulders, same goes for relationships with them. In order to work their relationships out, they put a great amount of effort and are committed to make it work at any cost. What they need from you is balanced reply, love and the same amount of attention. They don’t expect too much, but they sure love it. Don’t let a Capricorn slip away from your hands, they are precious!

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