General description

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, to be exact, and that’s the way Virgos like it: exacting. Those born under this horoscope sign are forever the butt of jokes for being so picky and critical (and they can be), but their ‘attention to detail’ is for a reason: to help others. Virgos, more than any other zodiac sign, were born to serve, and it gives them great joy. They are also tailor-made for the job, since common Virgo traits are being industrious, methodical and efficient. The sense of duty borne by these folks is considerable, and it ensures that they will always work for the greater good.

Sometimes modest, and quite often shy, Virgo can be one of the most difficult mates to “land”. It is not that they are playing hard to get, it’s not that they are not interested, it’s the shyness. Oddly, the more they like you, they more shy they behave around you! You won’t find the modest virgo “flashing” anyone in the near future.

Has a very keen and sharp intellect. They are methodical and extremely precise. Slow t make moves, as they analyse their knowledge, as to apply it usefully. They are practical and imaginative and develop skills that enable them to improve their being. Virgo natives are practical, order-loving individuals that possess a strong need to feel valued and useful when it comes to all the major aspects of their lives. They are also logical, clever, detail-oriented folks who hold themselves (and everyone else as well) to very high standards. Virgos believe that if something is worth doing at all, then it ought to be worth doing right. They are dutiful and responsible, never the type of people to feel comfortable shirking responsibility – even on a temporary basis – and they are at their best when they have plenty on their plate to keep them busy.

Virgo natives are also notorious for their sometime tendency to be fussy, nitpicky, and over-critical of everyone and everything around them, which can often be irritating to others. However, this quality can sometimes manifest itself as a great love and respect for diligence and hard work instead. When it comes to romance compatibility astrology, Virgos often mesh best with either fellow earth signs, or complimentary water signs.

Famous Virgo Women

Virgo women are the lovers of perfection and have a keenness for discipline and competence. Get details about personality traits of Virgo woman. A critic by mind and a craftsman by heart, Virgo women have this awesome combination that allures the minds and hearts of people around them. Ruled by the planet Mercury, women born under this sun sign are charming, witty and realistic in their approach. They have an eye for detail and enjoy precision, accuracy and order in everything that they do. They are lovers of routine and may find difficulty in chaotic or random lifestyle. However, on the negative side, Virgoan females are the worst of diplomats and can get extremely critical when perfection is not found. Though a Virgo woman openly criticises and disapproves imperfections of others, if by any chance the tables get turned and she becomes the recipient of the criticism, she gets emotionally hurt. In matters of love, Virgoans like to take it slowly and steadily. Only when they are full convinced that they commit to a relationship and when they do so, they remain loyal and faithful to it till the end of times. To know more about the Virgo woman, the following lines would be helpful. Brief yourself! See Some Famous Virgo That Share Your Sign: 

Asia ArgentoAsia Argento, 42
(Actress, Model, Writer)

Born On: 20 September 1975

Nationality: Italian

Blake LivelyBlake Lively, 31
(Model and Actress)

Born On: 25 August 1987

Nationality: American

Elizabeth I of EnglandElizabeth I of England, 69
(Queen of England)

Born On: 07 September 1533

Nationality: British

Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood, 31

Born On: 07 September 1987

Nationality: American

Jada Pinkett SmithJada Pinkett Smith, 46

Born On: 18 September 1971

Nationality: American

Bebe RexhaBebe Rexha, 29

Born On: 30 August 1989

Nationality: American

Virgo Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side

If you see a woman who runs by the clock, and is more organized and disciplined than a robot, then it is surely that a Virgoan woman has caught your eyelid. Known for her efficiency and perfection, a Virgo woman is a genie in life and blood who does everything she lays her hands on flawlessly and impeccably. But it is not just perfection that women born under this sun sign boast of. They are charming, witty, realistic, honest, organized, dedicated and helpful. They aren’t the flamboyant types and prefer to live in the real world instead. Agreed, a Virgo woman can come across as a shy and reserved person. But don’t be fooled by this. She has all the tricks and charms that any other female has. Just let her set her eyes on a target and she’ll do anything to achieve it. Virgoan women have a strong intellect, a highly analytical mind and an excellent memory. As such, they enjoy great success both at work and at home. The dignity and charm of a Virgo woman lights up the room and can cheer people around. Since a Virgo woman is perfect in every way, she looks for the same kind of competency from those around her. She appreciates determination, dedication and gives a lot of importance to punctuality. She does not approve of rude behaviour and looks down upon people who are shabbily dressed or use improper language!

The Dark Side
All is good with the perfection part but does it have to be applied everywhere? If you find asking your partner a similar question, by all chance you have a Virgo on the other side of the relationship. Sceptical, cynical and dubious, a Virgo woman can be quite a nerve to deal with. Her love for having everything prim and proper can be quite intimidating. Since Virgo women are worshippers of perfection, anything that is just a hair outside the line can get women belonging to this zodiac restless and fidgety. Agreed, with a Virgo woman around, you can never have a pin out of place but sometimes it is this perfection that can get quite demanding and unrealistic. A Virgo woman is extremely critical of everything she lays her eyes on. An example of this is when you give a Virgo woman a loosely packed gift, it isn’t the gift or your thought of bringing one that would catch her fancy, but she will be more concerned with the wrapping not done accurately. A Virgo woman’s constant attention to details keeps her so occupied that even in her off days, she refuses to let her hair down and relax. Her constant vigilance thus gets tiring both for her and her partner.  Also, a Virgo woman is logical and analytical and most of the times always right. But if by any chance she does a mistake, it would be hard to make her accept the same. What’s worse, pinpointing her mistake can make the docile girl turn into a wild cat!

Romance Quotient
If you have fallen for lady perfectionist, note that the road ahead is a blissful one with a few rocks and pits here and there. However, never confront this to your Virgoan woman or she’ll be highly displeased. Wondering what for? Well, she assumes that her relationship is more than perfect so the rocks and pits may be heart-breaking for her. Coming back to the quotient of romance in the life of a Virgoan woman, well she is a total practical romantic. Wondering what is that all about?  Well, Virgo women’s characteristics profile is an odd mix of emotions and practicality, romance and common sense. She would not fall for love easily. Instead, she’ll pause, think and ponder whether the yes is worth it or not. For the same, it is not her heart but her mind that would take the decision. To make a Virgo woman fall in love, you have to be her Mr. Right and that can only be attained by being perfect. Now, we never said that the road to love with a Virgo woman is easy? Once your perfectionist lady is through with the analytical process of the mind and weighing of the pros and cons, she’ll confirm to the relationship. But when committed, a Virgo woman is a completely devoted, reliable and loyal partner. 

When a Virgo woman is in love, she shows extreme passion, devotion and intensity that only a few women can boast of. She’ll work hard to make the life of her loved ones absolutely impeccable. In return, a Virgo woman would want to be equally loved and cared but not in the form of PDAs (public display of affection). Virgo females are not comfortable with this and thus, you need to be subtle in this respect.  To live the happily ever after life with a Virgo female, all you need to do is let her do her part of making things seem just perfect and she will keep you entertained with all her feminine charms. She is more of an old-fashioned lover who is dedicated and loyal to her husband. She’ll never cheat on her lover and always be faithful to him. In return, she’ll expect the same from her lover. Virgo women make excellent housewives. They are great cooks, excellent with the household finances, prodigious in maintenance, finance, hygiene and health. With her around, everything would be flawless, right from ironed clothes to sparkling house, well-laden table to beautifully manicured lawn. Now, who doesn’t want to loved and cared for like that?

Famous Virgo Men

Virgo men are the perfectionists who love precision and efficiency. Go Through this article to know about personality traits and characteristics of Virgo man. If wine, dance, music and magic is your idea of romance, that is if you swear by the filmy style and if you are looking for a soul mate, who would bring everything you have dreamt of come true, try another door, for a Virgo man would no none of that! The definition of love for a Virgo man is tangent apart from the usual practices. He is the one who would assure you of eternal devotion, a calming serenity and a fulfilled life. Though the same might sound boring to you if you are around the teenage age, let us assure you that with time, when the goals of life change and when maturity peeps in, Virgo man can be the most desirable of all. Other than in matters of romance and love, a Virgo male is intellectual type who loves precision and perfection. He can get highly critical when the same is not found. A Virgo man is the self-sufficient and self-directed. The following lines provide more information on the bright side the dark side and the romance quotient of Virgo men. Take a look! See Some Famous Virgo That Share Your Sign: 

Prince HarryPrince Harry, 33
(Younger Son of Charles, Prince of Wales)

Born On: 15 September 1984

Nationality: British

Freddie MercuryFreddie Mercury, 45

Born On: 05 September 1946

Nationality: British

Nick JonasNick Jonas, 25

Born On: 16 September 1992

Nationality: American

Michael JacksonMichael Jackson, 50

Born On: 29 August 1958

Nationality: American

AviciiAvicii, 28
(Musician, DJ)

Born On: 08 September 1989

Nationality: Swedish

Keanu ReevesKeanu Reeves, 54

Born On: 02 September 1964

Nationality: Canadian,Lebanese

Virgo Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side

Precise, professional, perfectionist and predictable, Virgo men are the quiet, intellectual and purist type of the lot. Virgo men have an eye for detail. They aim for precision and efficiency in all things they do. So, whether it is scheduling a business meeting, organizing a birthday party or planning a dinner, when a Virgo is in question, you can expect everything to be in order and style. Another trait that is common to Virgo men is their affinity for routine. They prefer predictability to chaotic and random life and can get stressed when the same is not found. Virgo men dislike clutter, whether it is emotional or physical in nature. Males born under this sun sign are sincere individuals. They make steadfast friends and loyal lovers. They attend to the needs of people and are helpful and considerate by nature. In monetary matters, Virgo men are not spendthrifts. They are not moved by extravagance and spend money carefully and in a worthwhile manner. With a Virgo man, aging is never a question. He is the one who would look twenty even when he celebrates his fortieth birthday. This is primarily because his love for routine and a healthy lifestyle. 

The Dark Side
Reading the above if you have been thinking that Mr Perfectionist is perfect in everything he does, here’s a revelation. No he is not. In fact, it is his perfection that sometimes reveals the dark side of his personality. Since Virgo men are lovers of accuracy and detailing, they can get quite nervy when caught in a situation where nothing is perfect. They often look down upon people who aren’t organized and more often than not expect the same perfection from others. Another significant drawback in Virgo men is their overcritical and harsh nature. Virgo men tend to criticise others but when the same is reciprocated, they either take it in their stride or laugh it off as a joke. Men under this zodiac sign love routine and standard things and can’t cope up with changes. In fact, they are too inflexible to even acknowledge a change, forget about incorporating he same in their life. In matters of love, Virgo men tend to be inexpressive. However, this does not mean that they do not love. It is just that they are too practical to indulge in PDAs (public display of love) or other flattering expression of love. So, if you were looking for a man who would promise you the star or run to the moon and be back, rest your case as a Virgo man can never seem to say that!

Romance Quotient
Passing by a Virgo if you tend to go weak in your knees or if your heart skips a beat, then you surely are in love. But before you confide in your emotions to your Mr Right, it would be wise to know what appeals a Virgo man and how is he romantically. Virgo men are impressed by women who stimulate them emotionally and intellectually. Too much of closeness or aloofness can get the guards on duty for a Virgo man. The ideal combination is a little bit of sensuality, mixed with some intelligence and an interesting disposition. Virgo men are practical people and prefer to live a real life than one that revolves around fantasy and pretence. Stirring the emotions of a Virgo male is a very difficult task, because he never consciously looks for a mate. Also, never expect him to fall in love with you at the first sight. He is very cautious about everything and takes his own sweet time to commit to a relationship. After too much of contemplation and evaluation, a Virgo man responds with a yes only when he is hundred per cent confident of the same. However, when in a relationship, a Virgo man is as committed as one can ever get. 

In your courtship period, do not expect your Virgo male to sing romantic poems for you or bring you a rose every other day. That is not what Virgo men are by birth. But don’t take it offensively, as they have their own medium of expression of love that is unique and quite amusing. Your man would help you sort out your finances, keep the home in order, cook your favorite dish and so on. What’s more, with a Virgo man by your side, you can be assured that he’ll never betray you or dump you for someone else. Neither would he ever tease you by growing a false affinity for someone else. A Virgo man has too much of ethics and principles to indulge in such cheap gimmicks. In return, a Virgo man expects his lover to be truthful and loyal to him. Virgo men are totally sincere, patient, dependable and forever loving in love. They believe in the quality of time spent with their lover and not quantity of it. So if you are emotional and sentimental types, Virgo man can seem to be too indifferent for you. Same holds true for those who live in fantasy and dreamy world. For rest, Virgo man can be the ideal partner for you, what with his sharp intellect, mature disposition and a dependable soul!


Virgo is the second largest of all the constellations, lying on the celestial equator. It appears highest in the evening sky in the months around April.
Virgo can be seen in spring and summer in the Northern Hemisphere and autumn and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The position of Virgo is 13 hours right ascension, 0 degrees declinataion. Virgo is visible between latitudes 80 and -80 degrees. Virgo might be best seen in May at 9:00
It is one of the twelve zodiacal constellations, and the Sun passes through it each year between mid-September and the end of October. This includes the moment when the Sun passes southward across the equator at the September equinox. 

The second largest constellation in the night sky, falling short of the record-holder, Hydra, by less than nine square degrees. In the direction of Virgo lies the Virgo Cluster of galaxies, a rich field of galaxies some sixty million light years beyond our own.

The first magnitude star in Virgo is spica. It is the faintest star of the two brightest stars in the constellation. Mars is the brightest star having a reddish body.

Together with neighboring Coma Berenices, Virgo is home to the brightest cluster of galaxies in the sky, the Virgo Cluster, which comprises well over 1,000 galaxies. Among these are eleven galaxies with Messier designations. The Virgo Cluster forms the core of an even larger structure, the Virgo Supercluster, of which the Local Group of galaxies, including the Milky Way, is an outlying member.

Date First Appeared: Ancient
Sky Area: 3.1% of the sky; 1294.4 square degrees
Virgo contains the following Messier objects: M49, M58, M59, M60, M61, M84, M86, M87, M89, M90, M104.
Virgo contains the following Caldwell object: C52.
The following constellations neighbor Virgo: Bootes, Coma Berenices, Corvus, Crater, Hydra, Leo, Libra, Serpens Caput.

Good Personality Traits

Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may limit their ability to move forward and confuse themselves. In conclusion, Virgos are able to be independent but the less evolved types will have difficult if someone is not there helping them to achieve more and not be so critical of themselves. Virgos enjoy studying a situation in great detail, whether it’s a work project or a friendship. Virgins are truly interested in understanding things. The bane of many Virgos’ personality is the perfectionism that can get in the way of their usual clear thinking. ‘I’m not a perfectionist; I’m discriminating!’ a Virgo would say, happy in the knowledge that their taste is unparalleled. Along those lines, Virgos are also neat and clean, save for the occasional sloppy Virgin (they do exist). Virgins are also reliable and practical and oh-so-useful to have around.

Positive Traits

  • Watchful. An extreme attention to detail.
  • Intelligent. And they are always happy to learn more!
  • Practical. A true Virgo doesn’t believe in living in a fantasy world.
  • Analytical. Something complicated? Call a Virgo and he/she will solve the mystery.
  • Reliable and trustworthy. He/she will absolutely do their best to do the job.
  • Modest perfectionists.

Strength Keywords:

– Analytical
– Observant
– Helpful
– Reliable
– Precise

Bad Personality Traits

Before a Virgo plunges into anything, from a problem to a vacation idea, they need to analyze all the facts and know all the details before they plunge in and make a decision. This makes them seem indecisive and slow. Virgo’s perception is their reality, more so then other astrology signs. What they believe is what will be, if they have a negative outlook on life, things will present themselves to be negative and they will be very moody and isolated/detached. If they are positive, the same events that occur will be held in a positive light and they will be a pleasant, well adjusted person. A Virgo mind is a very powerful mind and they must have the proper attitude for their life to be happy and successful. Virgo needs to get in touch with their feelings, this is why they usually seem cold or detached. They are very prone of living in denial. They will say the feel okay or everything is alright even when it’s not. This is an easy way out, the one thing that Virgo does not like to analyze is their feelings so pretending everything is okay is a good defense mechanism for not having to take a closer look at their feelings. Virgo has an unpredictable and sometimes unstable temperament. The flash and dash can go to others, since Virgos would much rather be humble and easy-going. That said, Virgins do enjoy material possessions and are picky about what they bring into their lives. Some might even go as far as calling them self-centered, but it’s really more of a desire to surround themselves with what’s right — for them. This knack for discernment also serves Virgos well in business, where their decisions are usually dead-on. Those born under this sign are eminently sensible and use their critical eye well. While Virgos can be worrywarts, they do their best to temper these impulses. However, if this nervousness goes unchecked, it can lead to hypochondria, that ugly skeleton in the Virgo’s closet. For that reason, Virgos are extremely health conscious, to the point of being storehouses of information on diet and hygiene. Many Virgos even choose a health or medical career so they won’t miss a beat. Working out is elemental for Virgo, if only so they know intellectually that they’re helping themselves physically. 

Negative Traits

  • Overcritical. This is because they already have a clear picture in their minds how the things should be done.
  • Fussy. Sometimes they get lost in the details.
  • Fastidious. Everything must be perfect!
  • Harsh. No sugar-coating.
  • Conservative. No modern ideas, please!
  • Judgemental. Because, as I said, everything must be perfect!

Weakness Keywords:

– Skeptical
– Fussy
– Inflexible
– Cold
– Interfering

Virgo Compatibility

Best Matches:

Taurus: Both Taurus and Virgo are individuals who tend to be more introverted and prefer to stick close to home as opposed to going out frequently to socialize. Virgo’s attention to detail compliments Taurus’s focus on security and vice versa. Although it’s important for both Virgo and Taurus to make sure they exercise patience when it comes to one another, this is a wonderful astrology love match that can make for a comfortable, harmonious union.

Cancer: Although these signs share many differences, they are actually incredibly well suited for one another. Virgo’s practicality when it comes to all matters compliments Cancer’s natural depth of emotion and need for security. Each one brings something different to the table making for a balanced, even relationship. Both Cancer and Virgo natives are also deeply caring individuals that love to dote upon their partners, making this a union full of consideration and compassion.

Capricorn: Virgo and Capricorn have a tendency to be just like two peas in a pod when it comes to many things. They are both hard-working, diligent individuals who place a strong degree of importance on intellectualism and conservative living. Their outlooks in regards to their social life as a couple are similar as well, with both of them preferring quality over quantity when it comes to their circle. It is easy for these two to see eye to eye when it comes to all the major points of the relationship, making their union a harmonious one built to stand the test of time.

Wild Cards:

Virgo: Although two Virgos are better than one when it comes to getting things done and getting them done right, they must take care that their mutual need to each have things their own way doesn’t get in the way of the greater good. Compromise is the watchword here. If the two can learn to master it, then this relationship stands an excellent chance of success.

Pisces: This is a pairing that can literally go either way. On one hand, Virgo’s practical approach to life can help give dreamy Pisces a sense of stability. Pisces’s imagination can add a whole new dimension to Virgo’s world that they’d never imagined was possibly before. On the other hand, Virgo’s perfectionism and nitpickiness can clash badly with Pisces’s need to have their partner meet boundless ideals. Success depends on the ability of the pair to meet each other halfway.

Worst Matches:

Gemini: These are two signs that have a great tendency to bring out the worst in each other. Gemini sees Virgo as incredibly dull and boring while Virgo sees Gemini as too impractical and flighty. Virgo’s rigidity further clashes with the Geminian penchant for fickleness, often causing Gemini to look elsewhere when things begin to sour. In most cases, this is not a love match built to endure over time.

Libra: A Virgo native’s tendency to be critical and demanding when it comes to the very exacting standards they live by will soon become a nuisance to fun-loving, easy-going Libra. Libra’s seeming flightiness and wishy-washiness will not sit well with accomplishment-oriented Virgo. The two will also find it difficult to get along sexually as well, as Virgo is far more interested in making money while Libra is the one that’s all about making love. Fickle Libra may eventually decide to look for greener pastures elsewhere. This match makes for an extremely complicated relationship in which it will be difficult to find a balance.

Aries: Although this pairing can be made to work with a proper amount of dedication on either side, these two are primarily too headstrong and stubborn in their own ways for things to run very smoothly. Aries likes to be the leader in all things and be the one to call all the shots, while Virgo very definitely has its own way it like things to be done. Aries may also find Virgo’s enigmatic, less direct style when it comes to sexuality to be frustrating.

What it’s like to date a Virgo Woman:

A Virgo woman is earthly and she may seem cold and detached, but underneath the timid, reserved surface lies the real woman, a strong, passionate woman with a great capacity for strong devoted love. She will play hard to get, she is hard to get for she is worried about exposing her emotional vulnerabilities and getting hurt. She requires patience and you will have to court her and work hard to impress her. Once she is in love, it is for the long term. She will be devoted, loyal and make you very happy and even put a little order in your life. Virgo woman is conservative and old fashioned, a typical woman who is perfect for the man who loves a challenge and likes to take a relationship slow.

What it’s like to date a Virgo Man:

The Virgo man has a cool exterior with a sensitive interior. He has tremendous respect for a woman and will treat her like and equal. He likes woman who stir his emotions because he is reluctant to express his own emotions, which he tries and this often causes conflict not just inside himself, but it spills out into the relationship. This man takes patience and understanding. He will not get extremely close so do not try to enter his psyche and become closely entangled, this will make him feel threatened. He needs a classy woman who is not impulsive or unconventional. He leads a predictable life and a predictable woman will make him feel safe. He is perfect for the down to earth, conventional woman. He won’t be romantic and sweep you off your feet, but he will be by your side and be very loyal. This man’s sensuality comes out with time. For the woman who wants a stable, solid relationship with a visible, smooth sailing future is perfect for the Virgo man.

How To Attract Virgo:

Virgos need intellectual stimulation. Impress them with facts and details. Always try to come to conclusions when having a conversation, they do not like topics that go nowhere, they like conversations to come to a close or consensus, even if you agree to disagree. They are very conventional people so do not do anything spontaneous or force them to make a hasty decision, they take their time and think intensely in their mind. They are not slow, their brain is working evaluating everything. Do not attempt to probe inside their mind because their emotions are pretty much closed off until the relationship is solid, and they will decide when that time will be. Virgos are natural worriers, do not let this get to you. Do not give them cause to worry because this makes them get wound up like a spring. Let Virgo take the lead, they like to be in control of what is happening. Keep the date tasteful and do not be vulgar, they like calm and classy surroundings and people.

Virgo Erogenous Zone:

The stomach area is very sensitive to Virgo. Stroke it, circle their belly button with your finger, give them a light belly massage. This makes them feel warn and will help open them up a little bit. Be gentle, no sudden moves or vicious acts like biting or slapping, this will startle them and cause them to retreat.

Is Virgo considered Happily Married

People born with their Sun in Virgo are very dedicated to their family and attentive to elderly and sick people. They understand tradition and the importance of responsibility, proud of their upbringing and everything that made their mind be as dominant as it is. Virgo is an extremely organized, refined, and healthy sign. They pay attention to the little things and you’re all about the details. He’s your cheerleader and you’re his, which is why helping each other out comes so naturally. Though you may get stuck focusing on your problems and lose site of the bigger picture since you can be a bit nit-picky.


Best Wedding Match For Virgo Is Pisces 
The two of you can accomplish pretty much anything at all you set your minds to. A pretty good match emotionally as well. Truly a lot of synergy here, you will be able to read each others minds at times, especially the very close, soul mate type relationships!

A heavenly match, this combination is seen as steady and enjoyable with both being in tune with one another. In fact in the zodiac these two signs are 180 degrees apart, which makes them astrologically unfavorable, but they know that opposites attract and often find much compatibility. This contrast is found to be of great interest when it comes to these two signs. Success depends on the ability of the pair to meet each other halfway.

Worst Wedding Match For Virgo is Aquarius 

Try to avoid this match up if you can. True love conquers all, this is true, but even true love will be tested to the extreme here! You will think the Aquarian is nuts, and he or she will think you are ancient. Communication will be difficult, and there will most likely be a power struggle.

The Aquarian no doubt may have many unexpected surprises for the skeptical Virgoans’ nervous system. Although much does depend on the cultural and educational values of the partners. If there is an extreme difference between them there is almost no hope for the relationship to continue. If both sides have common interests, chances for happiness will be greatly enhanced.

Virgo Relationship

The sign of Virgo leads Venus to its tragic fall and speaks of one’s inability to feel worthy, beautiful, or lovable. Compatibility of Virgo with other zodiac signs is mostly based on the ability of their partner to give them all the love they need to start feeling safe and open up enough to show their soft, vulnerable heart. They will rarely have direct statements of love, but intimacy brings out all of the beauty of their emotional self-expression. A Virgo will prefer a stable relationship than having fun, casual lovers, except if they become one, using their charm and superficial communication to win hearts without ever investing their own. Methodical and intellectually dominant, each Virgo seems to have an equation in their mind that their partner has to follow.

They will rarely have many sexual experiences with different people, for they need to feel important to someone and find real physical pleasure in order to give their whole self to someone. The sign of Virgo is easily attached to the symbolism of a virgin, but the truth is their quality is mutable, and their need for change often overcomes their self-imposed restrictions and moral boundaries when it comes to sex.

Trust needs to be built with Virgo, slowly, steadily and patiently, and each partner they have in life has a chance to be nurtured and cared for, but only if they give enough to deserve special treatment of Virgo. Find their right match using the compatibility tool below:

To seduce a Virgo man, one must respect his need for cleanliness and order. In most cases he enters romance slowly, carefully, and likes to take his time getting to know a person before starting anything serious. When he receives information on what to expect, his partner has to be sure to deliver nothing less. A Virgo man might put up a cool front, but don’t let him fool you. He has deep and sensual needs, and only if his partner is patient enough, able to withstand his tendency to overanalyze everything, he will eventually warm up.

It takes obvious and hard work to sweep a Virgo man off his feet. He needs a partner to inspire, remind him of his own talents, and will often find such a person in platonic and completely irrational spheres. In search for someone honest, patient and tidy, he is always ready to settle down with the right person for a very long time.

A Virgo personality is a mix of intelligence, attention to detail, common sense, and commitment, and a woman born with her in this sign is very smart, modest, and capable. Trying to seduce this woman can seem intimidating at first, for she is likely to put on a facade of indifference. However, she is not cold but practical, realistic and cautious when it comes to starting new relationships. She will never simply give herself to someone without assessing their character and emotions shared with her from the beginning.

She doesn’t, under no circumstances, fall under a category of spoiled, materialistic women. As all Earth signs she will enjoy the material world and see any gift she gets as a blessing, but still truly enjoy things only when they are extremely practical and easy to use, digest, or when in need of fixing. Attracted to intelligent but distant personalities, a Virgo woman has a strong capacity to love, but chooses to wait for sharing emotions until she is ready. Private and defensive, this is someone who needs her defense mechanisms respected but still broken by the right partner.

Virgo Information (Planets, Elements, Symbols)

Date range: August 23 – September 22
Symbol: The Virgin
Element: Earth
Quality: Mutable
Ruling Planet: Mercury — the planet of communication
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Cancer
Color: Grey, Beige, Pale-Yellow
Spirit Color:   Silver
Polarity:   Negative
Lucky Gem:   Peridot
Flower:   Sunflower & marigold
Key Traits:   Graceful, organized, kind
Day: Wednesday
Lucky Numbers: 5, 14, 15, 23, 32
Body Part: Stomach, waist, digestive system
Good Day: Dedicated, resourceful, helpful, hardworking, witty, practical
Bad Day: Preachy, self-destructive, overwhelmed, self-pitying, uptight, critical
Favorite Things: Laptops, magazines, long showers with aromatherapy soaps, outdoor concerts, childhood friends, Trivial Pursuit
What You Hate: Lazy or vulgar people, dive bars, spicy food, leaving home, toothpaste squeezed from the top of the tube
Secret Wish: To be a hero
How to Spot Them: Baby faces, roving eyes that are sizing up or analyzing a situation
Where You’ll Find Them: Babysitting for the neighbor’s kids, running errands on their endlessly long to-do lists, building something with their own two hands, cleaning something to spotless condition
Keywords for Virgo: Health, Helpfulness, Order, Organization, Innocence, Purity

Motto:   “My best can always be better.”

The symbolism behind the name speaks well of their nature, born with a feeling they are experiencing everything for the first time.
Virgo is an Earth sign, fitting perfectly between Taurus and Capricorn. This will lead to a strong character, but one that prefers conservative, well-organized things and a lot of practicality in their everyday life. These individuals have an organized life, and even when they let go to chaos, their goals and dreams still have strictly defined borders in their mind. Constantly worried that they missed a detail that will be impossible to fix, they can get stuck in details, becoming overly critical and concerned about matters that nobody else seems to care much about.
Since Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign, its representatives have a well-developed sense of speech and writing, as well as all other forms of communication. Many Virgos may choose to pursue a career as writers, journalists, and typists, but their need to serve others makes them feel good as caregivers, on a clear mission to help.

Virgo is represented by the symbol of the Virgin, although this association should not be taken literally. Rather, Virgos tend to take on some of the qualities of a Virgin, things like modesty and humanity. Some might consider them repressed, although Virgins would argue that it’s a noble quality, as opposed to a negative one. Most of all, Virgos enjoy indulging their practical and logical side and poring over their projects to the nth degree.

To say those born under the Virgo sun sign are good at fact-finding almost understates the case, since Virgos revel in their exacting (some would argue pedantic) behavior and are a whiz with minutiae. Those with a Virgo zodiac sign are an asset in the workplace as they can be counted on to get things right the first time, every time — and no detail will be overlooked. They are also balanced and fair in their assessments in keeping with the mutable quality assigned to this sign.

The Virgo astrology sign is ruled by Mercury, and as portrayed in ancient Roman mythology, Mercury wasn’t one to sit still for long. This swift-footed god was a bundle of energy, both physically and mentally, and that pretty much sums up the Virgin’s makeup. A Virgo sign’s brain is in overdrive most of the time, which is why these folks get so much done. Those born under this star sign are also able communicators and use their mental acuity to maximum advantage.

All of this brainpower can make Virgos prone to skepticism, and can even lead to the kind of over-think that surely leads to overkill. Thankfully, though, Virgos are also a studious lot and can temper their worst impulses with a bit of careful analysis. The element associated with Virgo is earth, and in keeping with that, most Virgos are grounded, salt-of-the-earth types.

The Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Virgo is often identified as Dike (Astraea), goddess of justice, who was the daughter of Zeus and Themis. She is often depicted holding the scales of justice, represented by the neighboring constellation Libra. According to Greek mythology she was sent by her father to live among mortals to teach and instruct them to obey the laws of the so-called ‘Golden Age’. Which was a time of peace and abundant harvests. However, in time mankind began to fall back into their evil ways, with that Astraea, being sickened by what was taking place, left the world of the mortals and resumed her place among the gods.

Important Facts to Know About the VIRGO

Virgos are always paying attention to the smallest details and their deep sense of humanity makes them one of the most careful signs of the zodiac. Their methodical approach to life ensures that nothing is left to chance, and although they are often tender, their heart might be closed for the outer world. This is a sign often misunderstood, not because they lack the ability to express, but because they won’t accept their feelings as valid, true, or even relevant when opposed to reason. 
They need to be organized in their mind, sometimes all their energy is taken from organizing their mind that they have a difficult time organizing their surroundings. They easily look too deep into an issue and over analyze what they percept. Virgo is ambitious and strives to always know more and have more. This is in their eternal quest to bring order to chaos. Even if order is obtained from an outsiders’ point of view, Virgo will not be settled for they have a very active mind that is always thinking and can never be silenced. Virgos want to be of use, they need to be important and essential to everyone in their lives and in everything they do. Virgo’s major life lesson is to learn to trust in and have faith in the unknown. They have to understand that things in life happen for a reason that is not always known to them, they do not have to always know everything. They need to learn to calm down and not over-analyze a situation or event. Deep inside, Virgo is very sensitive and they need to be appreciated for all the things they do. When is Virgo is offended or hurt, they may never show it. Virgo exists in the mind, everything is inside. To the world, Virgo presents a calm and collected exterior but on the inside, nervous uncontrolled intensity in the mind, trying to figure things out, how to improve everything, analyzing and thinking. Virgo can tire itself out without even moving! Virgo has a constant drive to improve and perfect, this can lead to extreme pickiness and finickiest. They are pure, their motives are honest never malicious and they want to accomplish something.  From work ethic to wardrobe, impeccable Virgos are the epitome of #flawless. They can pull off the “I Woke Up Like This” look—even if they’d rather spend a couple of hours primping and putting themselves together in the mirror. Because Virgos can get stressed from micromanaging their lives (and other people’s!), downtime is crucial for them. They cherish their solitude and can spend indulgent hours reading, writing, planning, decluttering or dreaming up creative projects. But they’ll always spring into action for a friend in need. Because observant Virgos can quickly spot the flaws in everything, they can come across as critical or judgmental. They’re only trying to help! But when they lapse into preachy mode, they may need a reminder that they don’t have to “fix” the world. As hard as Virgos may be on loved ones, they’re even harder on themselves. This giving sign needs to learn the art of receiving—a lifelong struggle for many.
A Virgo is very persistent when it comes to relationships but they are only strong, as long as you feed them with sincerity. Whenever they feel that your love for them lacks legitimacy, they will definitely consider leaving you.
 It’s easy to fool a Virgo; if they love you they will trust you blindly. Keep one thing in mind, if they ever catch you lying or cheating on them, they will walk out of your life for good.
A Virgo will never ask or expect much of you, so remember to thank them for everything that they do for you. We often forget to thank people for the numerous selfless things they do for us. Take our parents, for instance. The number one reason Virgos walk out of relationships is when they see lack of gratitude.Virgos are legitimate people; they tend to stick around through think and thin. They have rules and they expect that you follow through them too. Apart from that, they are generous human beings with the ability to bring the best in people. If you ever date a Virgo, they will change who you are for good.


1. Virgo’s tend to improve the lives of those around them. They have a way of seeing through people and things. You will find them managing situations no one else would be able to manage. The good thing is that they aren’t afraid of taking the liberty to correct and amend things. If you ever happen to date a Virgo, you will feel that you have become a better person. It’s just who they are, they bring out the better in you. When you interact with a Virgo you start look at life from a whole new perspective. The scary thing is that you could be a pretty hard ass person but, they will still somehow manage to change your approach towards life.
2. Virgos are self motivated people, they wouldn’t take anything up as a profession unless they absolutely love it. They love what they do and are very passionate about their work. They are proud of what they do and if you try to tell them otherwise they wouldn’t be happy about it. A Virgo will always support your ambition; you should be equally supportive about theirs. If you cannot support your partners’ dreams you have no right to be in a relationship. You know what fuels a Virgo? Their ambitions!
3. It’s not about frantic romanticizing when you are with a Virgo. Although they are hopeless romantics, they look for practical proofs of it. They believe in making words a reality, if you are all show and no game, they will definitely have second thoughts about you. Traditional methods of displaying love might fail you. Yes an, ˜I love you’ text every morning will be great. Flowers once a month aren’t a bad idea either, but if you really want to show a Virgo how much you love them, do the laundry, take out the trash, and wash the dishes. Put some effort into it.
4. If you are depressed or are going through a difficult situation always ask a Virgo for advice. They will give you the best advice ever, given that you tell them the whole truth. The way they give advice is so unorthodox, they don’t push you for information you don’t want to give and they don’t make you feel guilty for what you did. They hear your part of the story and then give you a suggestion in a way that is both beneficial and conventional.
5. Virgos are cleanliness freaks and they will definitely have bad blood if you mess their house up. It’s probably best that you keep your hands to yourself. They put a lot of effort into keeping their environment clean. Acknowledge their effort and help maintain everything. You will often find Virgos as environmental activists.
6. Virgos are honest, upfront people. They have a problem concealing their feelings; love is one emotion they cannot lie about. They will blurt out how they feel about you, even if you both are in the early stage of dating. Better said than done, right? If they happen to fall in love with you, they will make sure that you end up feeling the same way about them. They strive to provide a better life to the people they love. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with a supportive and trustworthy partner, a Virgo will be your best option.
7. Virgos don’t go looking for trouble, they are very intellectual people. They have second thoughts about everything, because they always weigh in the pros and cons before they take a decision. Even if they fall in love with you, they will definitely evaluate the future of your relationship before making it official. If a Virgo ends up asking too many questions, don’t be annoyed; it’s probably for the best. Virgos aren’t imprudent and irrational, 
they have an amazing ability to understand people, and they always trust their instinct while making important decisions. This is not because not that they monotonous, they are just extra cautious. Their idea of fun is a cup of coffee and a good book. If you are looking for an adrenaline rush, dating a Virgo might not be the best decision.

8. I told you they are well-organized people, that’s just how they prefer things. Don’t surprise them with something big, out of the blue; it will really stress them out. I am not a Virgo but surprises definitely stress me out. They will prefer that you plan each and everything out with them. The best thing you can do for a Virgo is taking them on a pre-planned vacation.
9. Yes, a Virgo will always be there for you much like your parents, they will help you in sticky situations and may even lie to protect you. They will tend to your needs and wishes, but don’t let their life be just that, okay? I have often seen people take them for granted because of their easy-going nature. Don’t do that, it’s unfair and very rude. Love them as much as they love you, care for them and look out for them. Make them feel worthy, wanted and beautiful. Remember, if you love a Virgo whole-heartedly, you have no idea how much they will love you back. Virgos are known to give a new definition to love.
10. Virgos are the best home makers. Their idea of fun will be redecorating the house, with you, making you dinner and helping you out. They find closure in practical things, things that matter and make a difference. Ask them if you need them and they will love being around to help you. If you are a dependent baby, you should definitely date a Virgo, they will love pampering and managing you, also they have the ‘fix-it’ complex. Out of all the things you do, never make a fool out of a Virgo, they are sensitive and one wrong move, could really knock them out of their zone.


The great strength of the Virgo-born is in their practicality, sharp mind and attention to detail. When merged with their willingness to serve, Virgos become essential helpmates. Smart, sophisticated, and kind, Virgo gets the job done without complaining. Virgos are amazing friends, always there to lend a hand and also lend advice. Practical Virgos are incredibly adept at big picture thinking, and planning out their life, their vacations, and what they’re going to do today isn’t a drag it makes them feel in control and secure.  Virgo’s desire to have everything be perfect can manifest in frustration when things don’t live up to those (sometimes unrealistic) expectations. Besides occasionally leading to fights with friends and partners, Virgo’s focus on perfection can cause everything even uploading an Instagram photo to take forever. Learning to go with the flow and accept good enough is a constant struggle. Virgo is incredibly hard working. When this sign wants something, they’ll work for it. They’re also good at making the most of things friends look to them to help them with a DIY project or redecorate their home. Virgins push the people around them to be their best if you want a training buddy for a marathon, you know who to call. Bottom line: Virgos work hard, and that work ethic inspires everyone in their life.
Virgos are amazing! Their name says it all:
V for virtuous
I for intelligent
R for responsible
G for generous
O for optimistic

If your best friend’s zodiac is VIRGO

People look up to Virgo for friends because they are straight thinkers and solve problems logically. They are truthful, loyal and determined. Some people might find them cold or emotionally detached because they live in their minds, not in their emotions and feelings. It might be hard to pin down how a Virgo friend is feeling because they easily live in denial. A person who is able to read deep into another person will notice when Virgo is not well but if they confront them about it, they would rather retreat then talk about it. It is best to keep your emotional distance from a Virgo friend unless they open up to you first. Virgo might try to analyze and control a friend’s life but only with the idea that they will improve their life, not purely for the sake of controlling. Be patient with your Virgo friend and understand that their recommendations are only to make your life better. Virgos are excellent advisors, always knowing how to solve a problem. This can make them helpful and extremely useful to have around, but also brings out their need to search the problem in everything and everyone around them. They will care for people they build a solid relationship with, treasuring them for years and nurturing them in every possible way. An intimate friendship with a Virgo is always earned by good deeds.

How Successful Virgo can be in a Business

Virgos are very intelligent, they have an excellent memory and a highly analytical mind. This makes them good investigators and researchers. They also have the ability to probe into a person’s emotions and they can often see into people and detect what their motives are. This makes them great policemen or interrogators. Virgos are very good at problem solving, this is what they do best. They are confronted with a problem, they will pick apart the pieces and put it together in the proper order. They are rational thinkers and are good at settling other people’s disputes and putting them on the right track for reconciliation. Any position that requires the above features, which is a very long list, is perfect for the Virgo. They keep the world in order. Virgos make great employees! Adept at critical thinking, analysis, and keeping track of small details, Virgos can definitely help lighten the burden of responsibility for coworkers. Be careful, though, Virgos — your sharp tongue, impatience, and tendency to criticize others can sometimes lead to strained relationships.


Virgo and Aries business compatibility 
As co-workers, these two can really get on each other’s nerves. Their approaches to many problems are diametrically opposed and may generate frictions that are counterproductive to the efforts of the group. Although others may find the gyrations of this relationship entertaining, sooner or later the humor of the situation wears thin. One combination that can work out, however, is a boss-employee relationship with the Virgo as the boss: Virgo generally know what they want, and Aries can usually deliver. Aries likes to push their way to the front of the line, while you patiently wait your turn. The Ram believes that their way is always best, while you prefer exploring a variety of techniques before choosing the best one. Aries wants to hold the reins of power, while you’d rather be of service. Can this work partnership succeed? Yes, if you remind yourself not to undercut your colleague’s enthusiasm. When Aries comes to you with one of their brilliant ideas, listen patiently and then praise their innovation. Wait an hour or two before posing practical questions like, “How will we finance this project?” or “Do we have the skills to make this successful?” The two of you would work very well at an architecture firm, real estate business, or security firm. If you work for an employer, let your Aries colleague fight all the battles, while you do all the groundwork.

Virgo and Taurus business compatibility 
You have here two earth signs, mechanically minded in the practical group. This is a partnership that can work out to each ones benefit. They both share the same moral and ethical out look on business and one, Virgo, is ruled by Mercury and will forever be logically analyzing the business to be sure it is prospering. This work partnership is a match made in heaven. Both you and Taurus are practical people who want secure jobs. And while Taurus has an eye for beauty, you’ve got a knack for details that can add up to an impressive presentation. The two of you would do very well as landscape artists, interior designers, or artisans. If you’re working for an employer, let the Bull deal with the stressful aspects of the job. This sign is pretty impervious to anxiety. You’re better suited to detail-oriented work like research, editing, and fact-checking. Be sure to let Taurus decorate their work space with plants, artwork, and creature comforts. While these things may seem like silly frivolities to you, they’re absolute necessities to this luxury-loving sign.

Virgo and Gemini business compatibility 
Work relationships can be productive, but mutual irritation can make everyday cooperation chancy, particularly with regular co-workers. As administrators or entrepreneurs, Gemini can provide the insights and Virgo the application to forge a unit that can be counted on for solving problems and drawing up agreements. You and Gemini are both ruled by intellectual Mercury, but you differ in significant ways. For one thing, you like to find practical applications for the facts you gather, while Gemini enjoys gathering information just for pure enjoyment. Before you assume that your colleague is totally frivolous, though, pause to consider how many random pieces of knowledge your colleague possesses that have actually come in handy. You’ll be surprised at how much time you save just by tapping Gemini’s vast knowledge. The two of you could find great success in broadcasting, advertising, or publishing. If you work for an employer, let sociable Gemini deal with public relations, while you attend to routine paperwork.

Virgo and Cancer business compatibility
The best-case scenario in this combination is often for this pair to work together, consolidating their relationship around a career endeavor. These partnerships are especially productive in entrepreneurial endeavors such as restaurants or hotels, small stores, services and schools. Power struggles and individual exploitation should be carefully avoided, and if business partners or co-workers who are also friends, mates or family members are o ensure mutual relaxation and enjoyment, they must be careful to draw a strict line between their work and heir domestic or social life. ou appreciate Cancer’s thoughtful attitude toward work, while this sign admires your attention to detail. When you’re tired and cranky, this colleague brings you a hot cup of tea and a bran muffin. When the Crab’s upset by a rude customer, you leap to your coworker’s defense. The two of you operate like well-oiled machinery. If you’d like to go into business together, consider a healing profession like acupuncture, physical therapy, or massage. If you’re working for an employer, let Cancer assume executive responsibilities while you keep busy with the day-to-day operations. Don’t let your colleague’s shy ways fool you — Cancer has tremendous leadership ability. Similarly, your humble ways belie your strong determination. The two of you make a deceptively powerful pair!

Virgo and Leo business compatibility
Career matchups may succeed in avoiding the sensitive subject of feelings, but the partners may feel a certain emotional wariness around each other, which can make them tread a bit too lightly in each other’s company. These two can be successful at a variety of tasks, preferably objective ones in which the job just needs to get done without fuss or bother. On the surface, it seems like you and Leo are complete opposites. Leo likes opulent luxury, while you prefer elegant simplicity. The Lion’s got an ego the size of Texas, while yours is more the size of Rhode Island. Your colleague prefers to look at the big picture, but you are captivated by small details. Is there any way the two of you can form a harmonious partnership? Yes! First of all, it’s important to know that both of you crave financial security. You can attain this security by praising Leo’s warmth and creativity. In return, the Lion will rely on your keen intellect to develop winning business strategies. The two of you would make great teachers, lecturers, or head-hunters.

Virgo and Virgo business compatibility
In the professional sphere, these two seek a fulfillment beyond mere financial gain. To feel comfortable with their very likely success, they need a strong moral purpose. eaming up with another Virgo could be a winning strategy for you. After all, you can grow weary of being the only one competent enough to deal with niggling details. Having another Virgo by your side will give you the welcome assurance of working with someone who is just as efficient as you are. Similarly, you always enjoy working with a colleague who can provide you with plenty of intellectual stimulation, and another Virgo will do just that. The two of you would make excellent copywriters, homeopaths, or horticulturists. If you work for an employer, resist the urge to get wrapped up in insignificant matters, especially when important deadlines are looming. Sometimes it’s better to get things done on time rather than render a perfect performance.

Virgo and Libra business compatibility
Work relationships between Virgo and Libra work out best when the two personalities have an equal say in their projects, whether they are co-workers, business partners or executives. Their personal contact should be limited and their attitudes kept objective. Their insistence on high standards can make them respected but also feared by their fellow workers and employees. You’re realistic, while your Libran colleague is idealistic. You like hands-on work, whereas Libra prefers conceptual projects. You work well independently, while Libra does best as part of a team. Can this partnership yield fruit? Certainly, provided that you give Libra the credit he or she deserves. While this colleague’s attitude toward work may seem frivolous to you, it’s actually not. Libra just has a gift for injecting levity into everything they do. If you enter into this sign’s spirit of fun, they’ll help polish your efforts to a diamond-like brilliance. You can help Libra by lending structure to his or her work day. The two of would do well in a business that combines practicality with creativity. Landscape architecture, retail sales, or dressmaking can be profitable businesses for you. If you work for an employer, let Libra take care of public relations, while you attend to the day-to-day responsibilities.

Virgo and Scorpio business compatibility
Professional pairings may be concerned with the conditions under which people work. Their basic creature comforts, and the conditions that will make them happiest and therefore most productive, are of primary importance. Discussions of how work can be intelligently scheduled, and attention to the special significance of holiday parties, special observances and company or group traditions, underline the pair’s social interests.ou and Scorpio have the makings of a successful work partnership, particularly if you remember a few things. First of all, Scorpio needs their privacy. Don’t take it personally if this sign doesn’t reveal much about their personal life or work methods to you. That’s just their style. Secondly, you won’t be able to keep any secrets from Scorpio since this sign is adept at uncovering hidden information. Their capacity for research and your powers of analysis could make the two of you a fantastic consultancy team. You’d also do well running an employment or detective agency. If you’re working for an employer, you should assume the more public role, while Scorpio works behind the scenes. Both of you can be entrusted with serious responsibilities, which is tremendously reassuring.

Virgo and Sagittarius business compatibility
In business partnerships and creative or research endeavors, this pair’s vision can give strong direction to any working group. They are rarely split by a struggle for power, and can exercise leadership jointly if this is what is needed. At first glance, you and Sagittarius are opposites. You want to focus on the details, while Sagittarius wants to focus on the long-range plans. You are a stickler for deadlines, whereas Sagittarius isn’t especially mindful of time. These differences could make working together difficult, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. You’re both adept teachers who you share a gift for communication. Therefore, the two of you could run a very successful school, particularly if you’re teaching people about foreign languages, cultures, and customs. You might also make great editors or librarians. The both of you can balance each other’s strengths and weaknesses quite nicely if you learn to work together.

Virgo and Capricorn business compatibility
Career matchups between these two are most successful in business areas, where Virgo watchfulness and boundless Capricorn energy can gel to create the nucleus of an effective group effort. Capricorn bosses are likely to arouse rebellious instincts Virgo employees with whom they interact on a daily basis, and this situation should be avoided. ou and Capricorn make reliable, if predictable, work partners. Although you both have difficulty improvising, you usually don’t need to because you work to anticipate every situation. Your differences balance each other quite well. Capricorn is more authoritative than you, but you’re better able to work with people from all walks of life. The Goat is able to attend to high-profile duties, while you are adept at managing the day-to-day work. The two of you would make wonderful accountants, economists, or insurance agents. If you’re working for an employer, let Capricorn generate the big ideas, while you check over their work for oversights and mistakes. If you can endure this sign’s bossy behavior, they can handle your nitpicking.

Virgo and Aquarius business compatibility
Work matchups in this combination can reinforce both negative attitudes and the partners’ feeling that the world is hostile and uncaring. At work this tendency will have an unfortunate effect on the team’s projects. ou and Aquarius are both quite analytical, which is a powerful point of connection for you both. However, you’re always looking for practical ways to apply your observations, while the Water-bearer pursues knowledge for learning’s sake. Sometimes it will seem your colleague is utterly impractical. However, before you chastise Aquarius’ work methods, consider the benefits of thinking outside of the box. Granted, you’re more comfortable operating within certain perimeters, but both approaches have their benefits. If you’re starting a business together, consider engineering, product development, or graphic design. In the event you are working for an employer, let Aquarius handle the creative side of things, while you attend to the day-to-day operations.

Virgo and Pisces business compatibility
The union of Pisces and Virgo is always complicated. On work those two can team up if they have the same aim or interests. But as soon as the situation changes they will look for better alliances. It can be something of a challenge to work with dreamy Pisces. While you prefer to do things step-by-step, the Fish seems to be swimming in random circles. You like to work with tangible products, whereas Pisces prefers dealing with elusive concepts. However, you can’t deny that you admire this sign’s prodigious imagination. Furthermore, Pisces has a knack for smoothing out understandings that can be very reassuring. If you remember to treat this sign’s fragile ego with kid gloves, Pisces will be more apt to meet deadlines, return phone calls, and complete paperwork. The two of you could have a very successful veterinary practice together. You’d also be good at editing films or running a yoga studio.

Top 10 Careers for Virgo

Virgos are practical, analytical and hard-working, always knowing exactly where to look for the core of any problem. Their methodology makes them shine at jobs that require good organization, dealing with paperwork, problem solving and working with their minds and their hands. When they focus, perfection is to be expected from their work, for no other sign has such an eye for details as Virgo. In love with books and artistic expression, they make good critics, while their need to help humankind serves them best if they decide to become doctors, nurses or psychologists.

Virgo stands for all practical and used things, and it is in the nature of these individuals to save money and always put something on the side. They will see irrational spending as a bad habit or a matter of being spoiled, and always hold on to practical solutions that don’t cost much. Unfortunately, this approach can sometimes make them a bit cheap and too concerned about everything they might lack tomorrow. They need to learn to indulge in some hedonism too.

This is an employee who will get things done right, even if he or she drives everyone crazy in the process. Virgo is very particular and neat, keeping a well-organized and spotless work area. Excellent records are kept, and everything has a place.

Virgos are not temperamentally suited to a job where constant chaos and changing priorities are an everyday reality. They prefer a career that allows them complete control over their work and environment. Virgo usually gains a solid reputation for quality and an untarnished record.

Virgo needs to have clear direction and expectations. This sign will get easily stressed if instructions are vague or there are last-minute changes. He or she is motivated to work within established standards and to follow company policy.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Virgo:

1. Tax Auditor
Virgos are known far and wide for their eye for detail, critical nature, and head for figures. In this career, they can indulge their need to go over financial matters with a fine-tooth comb. Taking on this challenge will not win them a popularity contest. They can, however, get a lot of satisfaction by being thorough and feeling highly superior. The tax auditor lives to find mistakes and fraud.

2. Nutritionist
A life-long interest in health and nutrition may lead some Virgos to pursue this avenue as a career. One way to help make the world a better place is to teach people how to take care of themselves with good eating habits. Virgos practice what they preach and can speak from experience. There is the tendency, though, for Virgo to recommend a program that is too austere. Not everyone has such a virtuous attitude toward food.

3. Naturopath
An interest in health and natural healing could become a satisfying avenue for Virgos to explore. They are always experimenting with herbs, vitamins, and health foods, and some may decide to study the science in depth. This choice could be lucrative and would appeal to Virgo’s need for security. Virgos are always striving for perfection, in themselves and in others. This way, they can safely suggest lifestyle changes in a professional capacity and not come across as control freaks.

4. Professional Housecleaner
Life at home for Virgo is a non-stop whirl of housework, laundry, and straightening up. Why not get paid to indulge this sense of order and cleanliness by becoming a professional housecleaner? Virgo’s sense of perfection will come in handy when working to certain standards. Virgo will do the job by the book and then give everything a second white-glove test. No speck of dust, fingerprint, or scuff mark is safe from the discerning eye of Virgo.

5. Executive Assistant
This sign is very organized and efficient and has great attention to detail. These are ideal traits for organizing someone else’s time and stuff – especially if that someone is super busy or important. Virgo expertly organizes functions, schedules, meetings, and travel, and he or she won’t complain if the boss delegates secondary tasks such as house-sitting, personal shopping, typing term papers, and running miscellaneous errands. Since they really have two jobs, their own and babysitting the boss, Virgo assistants must be very good at multitasking.

6. Statistician
This is a great job for detail-obsessed Virgo. Collecting and analyzing statistics for government, industry, and business could be a dream. Percentages and numbers collected in massive databases are the tools of the trade. Virgo would be thrilled knowing that he or she had a hand in determining the rate of divorce or the chances of winning the lotto.

7. Archivist
Another career that allows Virgo the luxury of sorting and categorizing is that of archivist. Many Virgos had lots of practice as kids by collating and creating inventories of their comic book collections. Numbers are assigned and manuscripts are sent for digital scanning by trembling Virgo hands. They don’t pursue this career for money, but for love of order. Unfortunately, working with dusty old papers means that allergies are a common threat to staying in this profession.

8. Systems Analyst
When there is a problem with information output or systems workflow, then Virgo is the person to call. Virgo will doctor the databases and clean up the dirty data. No one else in the universe would have the patience to find and delete all the duplicate entries and stale information. With persistence and dedication, Virgo will step in and make the computer systems run smoothly and the corporate headaches disappear.

9. Technician
Whether in the field or the lab, Virgo is the person you want collecting the data, recording findings, collating the information and creating reports. Their legendary thoroughness and attention to detail creates rock-solid results. They might drive coworkers insane with the length of time it takes or the occasional need to revisit the material, but the job will be done correctly. Don’t send them for lunch orders, though, because they will have to make a spreadsheet first and won’t be back until 3 p.m.

10. Welder
This career requires a high level of accuracy and skill and a steady hand. One false move, and a structure could develop cracks or equipment could fail. Virgo makes sure that each weld is of the utmost quality and that it meets all industry standards. He or she never wants to be at fault and will do everything possible to make the weld perfect. Plus, they get to wear a lot of cool safety equipment, get paid a lot to be fussy, and will never get sued.

10 Tips for Your Date with a Virgo

Be patient with them, especially when they are being fussy about the details.Virgos are known for being perfectionists. They want everything to be just right, down to the very last, tiniest detail. This can be frustrating, especially to those who don’t think the details are that important. The best thing to do would be to allow the Virgo express his or her creativity.
Be kind, understanding, and supportive. Virgos tend to be sensitive. They also tend to be very critical of themselves. Try to avoid teasing Virgos, even if it is in a friendly manner—they will likely take it seriously, and end up feeling very hurt. Also, if you hear a Virgo criticizing him or herself, don’t assume that he/she is seeking compliments. More often than not, the Virgo really means it. The best thing you could do is to compliment the Virgo and show your support.
Let them focus on their work, but also try to get them to relax every once in a while. Virgos can be workaholics, and once they get started on a project, it can be hard for them to stop. There is nothing wrong with this—to a certain extent. Give the Virgo enough privacy to focus on their work, but also make sure that they aren’t overworking themselves. A good way to do this is to express your concern for their health—or simply telling them that you miss them. This will help the Virgo realize how much you care, and he or she might take a break from whatever they are working on.
Work with their practical nature, not against it. If you are thinking of giving any gift to them, choose something that they can use for a while. Flowers and chocolates might earn you a smile, but a more practical gift, such as a notebook, would be even better. At the same time, you might want to avoid lavish, expensive gifts at first. Not only may this make a modest Virgo feel uncomfortable, but he or she might see the gift as an unnecessary waste of money.
Stay loyal, support their romantic side. Virgos take relationships and loyalty very seriously. They also tend to be romantics by nature. Don’t hesitate to take a Virgo out on a nice, romantic date. Keep in mind that Virgos tend to be picky, and they don’t always like surprises. To ensure that your surprise goes well, ask what sort of food he/she likes to eat. You may also want to keep the first surprise simple, inexpensive, and quiet. An expensive party with lots of people might not go well.
Don’t be clingy or force Virgos into doing things they don’t want to do. Virgos tend to be introverted by nature, and you should respect this. Your Virgo boyfriend or girlfriend may love you very much, but sometimes, he or she needs some alone time. If the Virgo you are dating doesn’t want to go out, try suggesting staying home, eating dinner, and watching a movie.
Don’t play games or hide what’s bothering you. Virgos like to be straightforward and upfront. If you have an issue with them, they’d appreciate it if you told them. Don’t try to send hints and have the Virgo guess what’s wrong. This will only frustrate the Virgo. He or she will not want to waste time on any guessing games.
Don’t be messy, especially if you are moving in with a Virgo. Virgos are perfectionists by nature. They like everything to be in order, and will likely have a spot for everything. They probably won’t walk around disinfecting everything, but they may get irritated if you leave things laying around.
Don’t by offended by a Virgo’s aloofness, and give him or her time to open up.When Virgos fall in love, they fall hard and true. Due to their analytical nature, however, Virgos need time to open up. If a Virgo is not opening up to you, don’t assume that he or she is not interested in it. Instead, give him or her some more time.
Don’t take it personally if they criticize you, but let them know if they hurt you.Most likely, he or she is not trying to be mean. Virgos are logical and straightforward. They say things how they are. If this really bothers you, try telling the Virgo that their criticism can be hurtful. If the Virgo does not stop the criticism, he or she will at least try to phrase things in a kinder, more sensitive way next time.

Best Gifts for a Virgo

The Virgo in your life is a practical soul. While many will overlook Virgo when it comes to gifts, they appreciate a good gift just like anyone. When choosing a gift for Virgo, however be sure you put some thought into it. This is not the person to give a gift that you just picked at random in the corner store. 

When choosing a gift for Virgo, don’t forget their personality. They are organized in every aspect of their lives. They like to take good care of their health and their appearance. They work hard and consider themselves to be serving others in everything they do. They like to analyze everything that happens. Their element is earth, so they keep their feet on the ground.

When choosing a Virgo gift, it is definitely the thought that counts. Don’t choose something at random… take notes if you must. Do you know the color scheme in their kitchen? What type of organization systems they use? What they like to read? What their favorite colors are? You’d better know these things and keep them in mind when choosing your next Virgo gift.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Virgo will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Virgo. A practical appliance or tool is always a good choice for Virgo. Make sure it fits the décor of the kitchen or other room that it will live in. If they like to cook, a mixer, coffee pot or bread machine may prove to be just the item they needed. A power drill or a new hammer may be perfect for your Virgo handyman. Really think about your gift. Are there any accessories that they need to work? Include the batteries if they are needed or filters if you get a coffee pot.

Practicality spreads into all aspects of Virgo’s life. They are as happy with a vacuum cleaner as they are with a new set of kitchen sponges and other cleaning tools. They like their life to be orderly and neat.

Something homemade is the perfect gift for Virgo. They love that you put so much thought into a gift just for them. They appreciate all the time and effort that went into the planning and making of the gift.

Books are excellent gifts for Virgo. Make sure they are about something they enjoy. If they like mysteries, stick with the genre. If they like how to books, find one on a topic they want to learn about like plumbing or knitting. If you are not sure what they like but still want to get them a book, stick with non-fiction. You can’t go wrong with a good cookbook or other do-it-yourself book.

Anything that keeps them organized is an excellent gift. A briefcase for a Virgo who works in an office is excellent. Removable shelves for their kitchen or garage that helps them organize their dishes or tools will be much appreciated.

Fashion statement of Virgo according to their style

Virgo has a hard time letting loose with their outfit. That’s okay. Your sign knows what works best on your body and allows you to feel comfortable and confident. Don’t try to be something you are not. Virgo, you have a deep love of the classics and gravitate toward tailored silhouettes. Channel your two power colors this year (red and ivory!) to add something unusual to your typical style. Always polished and grown-up, you have a way that says “look at me” but is never overdone. Your subtle style restraint will result in your signature, lady in red look this year.

Style Qualities:

  • Loves classic, tailored pieces
  • LIkes to have a uniform-in-color closet
  • Is a grown-up & casual style chameleon

Overall Fashion Sense of a Virgo

Virgo is a sign that is particular about their fashion. Clothes always are perfectly fitting and made from high quality material–no polyester for this sign!

They are more attracted to earth colored shades and always complete an outfit with the perfect accessories. Virgo is not usually up to date on the latest fashion trends and are more of a classic style.

The funny thing about Virgo is that they are usually put together perfectly, or they leave the house looking like they just hopped out of bed from a long night’s sleep. For this sign, it is one style or the other and nothing in between.

The sign of Virgo is The Virgin, and their style goes along with that sign. They are never too flashy or revealing, and would never wear anything too tight. The least amount of attention a Virgo can draw to themselves the better and more confident they feel.

Fashion for Everyday

Virgo likes to wear jeans, but not the ones that are baggy or sloppy looking. An everyday look would consist of well tailored jeans or trousers and a button down shirt. Stripes and plaid are a favorite for Virgo, so typically the shirt would be one of these classic designs.

Often they may even pair the outfit with a tailored jacket or blazer to complete the outfit. They usually will wear a belt that brings the outfit together and women tend to wear flat shoes. Virgo never leaves home without their watch, because time is always of their essence.

Fashion for a Night Out

Although Virgo isnt a fan of a big party, they still like to go out for a night. When they go out, they prefer smaller crowds with their closest friends. They are not one to want to visit the hippest new dance club, or even dance for that matter.

Typically, their evening style is consistent with their day style. Women may want to put on a simple flower or brown dress, but the key is in the simplicity. They can easily finish an outfit with an elegant piece of jewelry.

Accessories for Virgo

Accessories for a Virgo complement a style rather than attract attention. Men and women wear belts to look well polished and put together. Women typically like to wear flat shoes and simple pearl or silver earrings. They like necklaces as long as they are not too over the top.

Although Virgo likes to be put together, they don’t like accessories that are flashy or too trendy. They are not a sign that likes to stand out in a crowd.

Bringing the Virgo Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

If you are a Virgo, you may not have realized why you take so long to decide on what to wear for the day. You often spend your time over analyzing an outfit and may even change a few times before determining your final selection.

As a Virgo, your closet consists of a very classic and tailored look. You like to buy well made clothes out of high quality fabrics.

Whether you know it or not, Virgo, your fashion sense has been with you for as far as you can remember. You are most likely skeptical that your stars are a factor in your clothing selection, but after much analyzing you may be surprised.

Just a word of caution:

There may be times that you find yourself over complicating an outfit or what to wear. As a Virgo, you tend to think too hard about a situation. Make sure you don’t let this analysis get the best of you and prevent you from going out with friends or deciding not to attend a big event, due to not having the perfect outfit.

Trust in your gut and the stars to find you the outfit you need, and don’t give it another thought.

Also, make sure you keep that jump out of bed look in check. There is a time you can wear that look (like a weekend at home), and there are times when it is not the best look for you.

What kind of Music does a Virgo Prefer

Virgo Vibes On Communication! Analytical Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet responsible for communication. While earthy Virgos enjoy ambient music like Moby, they also crave meaningful lyrics and tend to favor singer-songwriters that span a wide variety of tastes. Virgo will listen to everything from lyrical poet, the late Leonard Cohen, to Beyoncé, both of whom are Virgos. Virgos are very warm, kind, caring, intelligent people who pay close attention to detail. They appreciate the sounds of nature and soothing tunes that can help calm their nerves and reduce stress in their daily lives. Virgos enjoy the finer things in life and therefore they love listening to classical works by famous composers such as Bach, Beethoven, or Mozart. They also enjoy New Age music that is intended to create artistic inspiration and relaxation.

How Virgo handle being cheated on

Virgo knows that being cheated on is heartbreaking and can make you feel lost, but she also knows that no one is perfect. That’s not a green light to let all of her partners cheat on her, but she does try to see the situation from her man’s perspective. This means trying to forgive him, even when she can barely stand to look at him.

She isn’t forgiving because she’d rather not deal with it, but rather because she wants to give him the benefit of the doubt. They might never get back together again, but she doesn’t have to keep feeling hatred towards him. Forgiveness takes time, but Virgo is willing to put in the work as long as her ex proves that cheating on her wasn’t done out of animosity for the relationship. Sounds a little convoluted, but Virgo has her reasons.

The Virgo-born woman is famous for being a no-nonsense perfectionist that likes things to be orderly and organized, so naturally she will see seeking sex outside your marriage as a big threat to her sense of security and major disruption to everything she had planned for a beautiful future together.

The normally timid and quiet Miss Virgo could turn into a ferocious Bengal tigress going for an aerial attack with its paws raised the moment she learns that you have been cheating on her. She would demand to know every detail of your sexual tryst — who the slut is, where the crime took place, why you did it and perhaps, if you enjoyed the sex.

Honesty is the best policy with Virgo people, therefore, my friend, don’t try to make up all sorts of stories to take off the guilt. They are endowed with an extraordinary ability to smell a creative liar 100 ft away, not to mention a highly intelligent mind that can observe, collate and analyze information at lightning speed.

I also want add that there is a danger your Virgo woman might give you a taste of your own medicine if she cannot stop thinking how deeply you have hurt her. Do all you can to fill her head with positive, happy thoughts that will make her forget that event.

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