Chinese Astrology

The traditional charts and calendars are based on Chinese astrology. Chinese astrology is linked to mathematics that flourished during the Han Dynasty (2nd century BC to IIth century AD). Chinese astrology is closely related to Chinese philosophy and utilizes the principles of yin and yang and ideas which are the three harmonious theories of Heaven and earth and water.

Chinese astrology is the basis of the traditional graphs and calendars. Astrology of China is connected to the science of the Han dynasty (2nd century BC to IIth century AD). Chinese astrology strongly connects with Chinese philosophy and uses yin and yang values and concepts that are the three harmonious Heaven, Earth and Water concepts.

Chinese Astrology The traditional charts calendars based Chinese astrology Chinese astrology linked mathematics flourished Han Dynasty 2nd century IIth century Chinese astrology closely Chinese philosophy utilizes principles yin yang ideas harmonious theories Heaven earth water Chinese astrology basis traditional graphs calendars Astrology China connected science Han dynasty 2nd century IIth century Chinese astrology connects Chinese philosophy yin yang values concepts harmonious Heaven Earth Water concepts Chinese astrology based traditional astronomy calendars The development Chinese astrology tied astronomy flourish Han Dynasty 2nd century 2nd century Chinese astrology close relation Chinese philosophy theory harmony heaven earth water principles yin yang concepts Western astrology Xing teachings Celestial stems Earthly Branches lunisolar calendar moon calendar sun calendar time calculation year month day shichen Chinese astrology elaborated Zhou dynasty 1046 flourished Han Dynasty 2nd century 2nd century During Han period familiar elements traditional Chinese culture Yin Yang philosophy theory elements concepts Heaven Earth Confucian morality brought formalize philosophical principles Chinese medicine divination astrology alchemy The classical planets Xing Venus Metal White Tiger Jupiter Wood Azure Dragon Mercury Water Black Tortoise Mars Fire Vermilion Bird phoenix imperial symbol Dragon Saturn Earth Yellow Dragon According Chinese astrology person destiny determined position major planets person birth positions Sun Moon comets person time birth zodiac Sign The year cycle animal signs built observations orbit Jupiter Year Star simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin Suìxīng Following orbit Jupiter sun Chinese astronomers divided celestial circle sections rounded years Jupiter constellation Sheti simplified Chinese traditional Chinese Boötes called Sheti computing fate destiny based birthday birth season birth hours Wei Dou Shu simplified Chinese 紫微斗数 traditional Chinese 紫微斗數 pinyin zǐwēidǒushù Purple Star Astrology regularly modern day Chinese astrology divine fortune The Chinese constellations Xiu Chinese pinyin xìu Western constellations For Big Bear Ursa Major Dou Chinese pinyin dǒu belt Orion Shen simplified Chinese traditional Chinese pinyin shēn Happiness Fortune Longevity trio demigods The northern constellations referred Xuan Chinese pinyin xuánwǔ Xuan spirit northern sky spirit Water Taoism belief nocopy addition astrological readings heavenly bodies stars sky form basis fairy tales For Summer Triangle trio cowherd Altair weaving maiden fairy Vega tai bai fairy Deneb The forbidden lovers separated silvery river Milky Way Each year seventh day seventh month Chinese calendar birds form bridge Milky Way The cowherd carries sons stars Altair bridge reunite fairy mother The tai bai fairy acts chaperone immortal lovers nocopy Chinese Astrology ZodiacPage


In addition to astrological readings of the heavenly bodies, the stars in the sky form the basis of many fairy tales. For example, the Summer Triangle is the trio of the cowherd (Altair), the weaving maiden fairy (Vega), and the “tai bai” fairy (Deneb). The two forbidden lovers were separated by the silvery river (the Milky Way). Each year on the seventh day of the seventh month in the Chinese calendar, the birds form a bridge across the Milky Way. The cowherd carries their two sons (the two stars on each side of Altair) across the bridge to reunite with their fairy mother. The tai bai fairy acts as the chaperone of these two immortal lovers.

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