Horoscopic Astrology

Horoscopic astrologery is an inherent meaning underlying the alignments of planets at the moment, using the horoscope, a visual representation of the heavens, at a specific time. The concept is to place the planets at any specified time to reflect the complexity of that moment and in particular all that then arises, and to analyze this using the diagram and a number of guidelines for understanding the “speech” or signs.

The degree of the Eastern horizon that rises from the ecliptic backdrop at the specified point in the study called the ascendant is one of the defining characteristics of this type of astrology that distinguishes it from other traditions. In particular, any astrology scheme not using the ascendant does not fit within the horoscopic astrology classification, although some examples do exist.

Horoscopic Astrology Horoscopic astrologery inherent meaning underlying alignments planets moment horoscope visual representation heavens specific time The concept place planets time reflect complexity moment arises analyze diagram number guidelines understanding speech signs The degree Eastern horizon rises ecliptic backdrop point study called ascendant defining characteristics type astrology distinguishes traditions astrology scheme ascendant fit horoscopic astrology classification examples exist Horoscopic astrology form astrology horoscope visual representation heavens specific moment time order interpret inherent meaning underlying alignment planets moment The idea placement planets moment time reflects nature moment born analyzed chart variety rules interpreting language symbols One defining characteristics form astrology distinct traditions computation degree Eastern horizon rising backdrop ecliptic specific moment examination ascendant general rule astrology ascendant fall category horoscopic astrology exceptions Horoscopic astrology specific advanced type astrology developed Mediterranean region late Hellenistic period 1st 2nd century BCE The tradition astrology flourished time period referred Hellenistic astrology distinction horoscopic astrology Hellenistic astrology horoscopic astrology simply type astrology Hellenistic astrology tradition astrology Technically Hellenistic astrology tradition horoscopic astrology traditions horoscopic astrology 000 years The main distinguishes horoscopic astrology forms astrology ascendant points derived ascendant Originally Greek term hōroskopos terms horoscope horoscopic derived simply technical term refer ascendant astrological chart Hōroskopos literally hour marker Hellenistic astrology term refer ascendant house chart modern times term horoscope acquired general usage word refer thematic representation heavens set moment specific event birth individual birth chart type Sun sign columns newspapers magazines However strictly speaking horoscopic astrology simply form astrology utilizes ascendant From ascendant additional factors derived celestial houses Lots misleadingly called Arabic parts Since horoscopic astrology form astrology utilizes ascendant includes traditions astrology 000 years astrologers began employing ascendant including Indian astrology Medieval astrology Renaissance astrology Modern astrology These traditions horoscopic astrology distinct traditions astrology employ ascendant Mesopotamian astrology Chinese astrology Mesoamerican astrology All traditions horoscopic astrology share focus insomuch attempt interpret draw meaning positions celestial bodies moments time underlying premiss positions configurations future individual The general assumption horoscopic astrology reconstruct understand predict future Branches Horoscopic AstrologyEvery tradition horoscopic astrology divided specific branches directed specific subjects specific purposes Often involves unique set techniques application core principles area Many subsets applications astrology derived fundamental branches There major branches horoscopic astrology Natal astrology study person natal chart order gain individual individual life experience Katarchic astrology includes electional event astrology The astrology determine auspicious moment enterprise undertaking understand event time place Horary astrology astrology answer specific question studying chart moment question posed astrologer Mundane astrology application astrology events including weather earthquakes rise fall empires religions Horoscopic Astrology ZodiacPage

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