Mayan Astrology

Mayan Indians are linked to many myths and mysterious tales but scientists pay particular attention to this mysterious civilisation’s old calendar. As soon as 2000 BC in Central America, the mayan civilization started to develop. Thanks to the fully advanced mathematical and astronomical sciences, Hieroglyphic writing, extraordinary architectural design, understanding of farming and other accomplishments in art and craft, the culture of this individuals has always been brought to the attention of researchers. The Mayan horoscope is an integral element of the Mayan calendar, not based on the motion of planets and stars, on which modern astrological horoscopes are known, but on the rhythm of energy.

One of the characteristics of the Maya calendar horoscope is that it is based on the 260-day process of 20 13-day phases. Every day Maya horoscope has its own title and symbol, which determines everything that occurs at this moment, according to the diurnal movement of the Earth. Surprisingly, even worldwide occurrences conform completely to the personality of the symbol that affects the epoch. As the Mayan horoscope consists of a 260-day cycle, its second characteristic is determined: persons born on a different day of the month, even in a year, are under different Mayan calendars.

A distinctive instrument in the dark ages has come down to us. The Mayan calendar. By his help, the Mayan priests were able not only to predict global events, but also the individual’s personal future. We obtain an power charge at the time of birth, which impacts our future lives. This impact is taken into consideration in the Mayan horoscope and each of the 20 symbols is fully characterized. The calculation by special formulas is done using the tables of correspondence to the date of the Mayan calendar in order to determine the sign of the Mayan calendar, under the control of which one day or another is located.

The Mayans produced Tzolkin’s calendar, not just astronomical remarks; the Tzolkin was focused on shamanic trance states, so that they could show a calendar that illustrates the flow of natural forces. Therefore, it is distinct from the astrological schemes of all the other material calendars we have. Many of our planet’s religious lessons indicate that the Spirit emerges first. In Islam, Allah bled the soul into our bodies, “First there was light.” We often know in Mayan mythologies that love gives life to the thing. If you agree, you may ask how we can comprehend spiritual evolution correctly.

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cycle days periods days More precisely day cycle result overlapping cycles day day cycle The days day cycle names successively replace day Imix Crocodile day Wind Akbal Night This cycle superimposed days days names differ numbers The day day calendar circle called Crocodile day Next Day Wind Day Night When day thirteen account updated starts day Reed day Jaguar After lapse days account renewed day Crocodile day numerical considered start thirteen day cycle Each cycle called day day leaves imprint days cycle Hence clear cycles Mayan calendar names days follow order The cycle Crocodile Crocodile Jaguar cycle Jaguar day Deer cycle day Deer determine Mayan day cycle falls today sufficient sign yesterday For yesterday Lizard day today Serpent tomorrow Death Well order cycle day number reverse order case Snake day cycle Wind Day Serpent falls Wind cycle Traditionally Mayan era chosen day Gregorian calendar falls August 3114 This day Imish Crocodile cycle Earth Using starting point determine 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thinking symbology based number There people manifest divine plan change fate humanity influenced divine inspiration Since born days influenced tones understand relationship divine plan understanding tone The tone birth mirror stand big picture helps understand role divine plan choose born Day Signs higher individual life goal However choose tone born mission Universe Divine img class gimg lazyloaded aligncenter src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 gif alt data lazy src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 gif data processed true Figure The Trecana cycle Tones numbers These cycles relationship resembles cogwheels Figure Every day sign tone Muluc total combinations img class gimg lazyloaded aligncenter src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 Figure jpg alt width height data lazy src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 Figure jpg data processed true Figure Trecana Uinal wheelsWe born combinations Figure Such diversity suggests birth points unique special influence character life path img class gimg 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2019 png alt data lazy src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 png data processed true Figure individual Tree Life Mayan Astrology ZodiacPage

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