Natal Astrology

Natal Astrology is a scheme of astrology based on the notion that the character or way of life of each individual can be determined by the building of a natal diagram for the date, moment and precise places of his birth. The Indian or Jyotish, Chinese and Western astrological traditions can be discovered in natural astrology.

The method of analysis, involving the construction of a full image of the person of the topic or the native person, can start once the horoscope is built. Interpretation includes three principal measures: taking into account the essential characteristics of the graph and the weighting and tuning procedures of the graph. The weighting of the graph includes the allocation and importance for the native’s general person of zodiac signs and houses in the graph. The graphic design includes an evaluation of the situation and aspect of the planets in the graph and the observation of important trends between them.

Natal Astrology Natal Astrology scheme astrology based notion character life individual determined building natal diagram moment precise places birth The Indian Jyotish Chinese Western astrological traditions discovered natural astrology The method analysis involving construction image person topic native person start horoscope built Interpretation includes principal measures account essential characteristics graph weighting tuning procedures graph The weighting graph includes allocation native general person zodiac signs houses graph The graphic design includes evaluation situation aspect planets graph observation trends Natal astrology genethliacal astrology astrology based concept individual personality path life determined constructing natal chart exact time locations individual birth Natal astrology Indian Jyotish Chinese Western astrological traditions horoscopic astrology individual personality determined construction horoscope birth chart individual involved native showing positions sun moon planets ascendant midheaven angles aspects Once horoscope constructed process interpretation involves building complete picture personality subject native Interpretation involves main steps noting features chart processes chart weighting chart shaping Chart weighting involves noting distribution zodiac signs houses chart significance personality native Chart shaping involves assessing placement planets aspect position chart noting patterns occur Astrology generally considered pseudoscience scientific community What statistical evidence exists fails causation natal birth charts real consequences Important featuresThe features chart astrologer special attention positions sun moon sign house sign ascendant planet rules sign called ascendant ruler chart ruler Also planet occupy houses ascendant Called rising planet strong chart planet occupies houses planet twelfth house close ascendant rising planet Planets conjunction primary angles ascendant midheaven descendant angular planets considered Chart weightingChart weighting listing sun moon planets ascendant midheaven categories sign house noting categories For large number planets appearing signs weight sign attributes native personality Weighting signChart weighting sign lists zodiac signs main categories masculine feminine signs element earth air water quality cardinal fixed mutable Some astrologers planets list include ascendant midheaven exclude modern planets Uranus Neptune Pluto grounds influence felt generations position sign significance individual chart img class thumbimage src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 AstrologicalGlyphs AsteroidsChaldean jpg alt width height data file width data file height These planets astrological glyphs commonly Western Astrology SignSymbolElementQualityAries img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Aries svg png alt Aries svg width height data file width data file height FireCardinalTaurus img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Taurus svg png alt Taurus svg width height data file width data file height EarthFixedGemini img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Gemini svg png alt Gemini svg width height data file width data file height AirMutableCancer img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Cancer svg png alt Cancer svg width height data file width data file height WaterCardinalLeo img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Leo svg png alt Leo svg width height data file width data file height FireFixedVirgo img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Virgo svg png alt Virgo svg width height data file width data file height EarthMutableLibra img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Libra svg png alt Libra svg width height data file width data file height AirCardinalScorpio img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Scorpio svg png alt Scorpio svg width height data file width data file height WaterFixedSagittarius img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Sagittarius svg png alt Sagittarius svg width height data file width data file height FireMutableCapricorn img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Capricorn svg png alt Capricorn svg width height data file width data file height EarthCardinalAquarius img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Aquarius svg png alt Aquarius svg width height data file width data file height AirFixedPisces img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 20px Pisces svg png alt Pisces svg width height data file width data file height WaterMutableMasculine Fire Air signs The masculine signs Aries Gemini Leo Libra Sagittarius Aquarius native signs predominating tend extroversion confidence assertiveness ability solve problems courage enterprise Feminine Earth Water signs The feminine signs Taurus Cancer Virgo Scorpio Capricorn Pisces native signs predominating tend introversion shyness passivity ability nurture conserve solve problems intuitive Fire The signs Aries Leo Sagittarius native signs energetic enthusiastic optimistic center action making happen They egotistical headstrong arrogant generous warm hearted spontaneously kind Fire subjects independent prefer control lives autocratic subject lacking signs fearful cautious pessimistic shy lack enthusiasm confidence faith future Planets 1st 5th 9th houses emphasis cardinal signs chart compensate lack Earth The earth signs Taurus Virgo Capricorn native earth signs practical cautious capable happier concrete abstract ideas They slowly carry work unhurried manner Earth subjects shrewd careful emotional material security lot They generous love careful waste time money tendency meanness Earth subjects tend shy social situations slow commit love relationships subject lacking earth signs lack common sense practicality difficult finish start They scatty unrealistic clumsy hopeless money unreliable Planets 2nd 6th 10th houses emphasis fixed signs chart compensate lack Air The air signs Gemini Libra Aquarius native air signs excellent communicator concerned ideas theories kinds They answers life questions good teachers writers Air people tense sight live nerves They friends acquaintances interested family life They interested latest technologies number Air subjects imaginative quick witted sarcastic rude subject lacking air signs imagination lightness touch They emphasis practicalities lack sense humour boring company They difficult communicate assimilate explain ideas Planets 3rd 7th 11th houses emphasis mutable signs chart compensate lack Water The water signs Cancer Scorpio Pisces native water signs emotional hard dispassionately They tend respond slowly questions time grasp concept Water subjects difficult explain feelings difficult live kind sympathetic love They receive lot affection direct family close friends animals subject lacking water lack intuition unable They ideas fond material spiritual people Planets 4th 8th 12th houses chart compensate lack Cardinal The cardinal signs Aries Cancer Libra Capricorn native cardinal signs held thumb charge Their attention concerned energies directed difficult deflect chosen Cardinal signs chart add courage initiative motivation Cardinal subjects hard influence generally subject lacking cardinal signs feel control lives manipulated people circumstances control They lack courage initiative prefer decisions Planets 1st 4th 7th 10th houses emphasis air signs chart compensate lack Fixed The fixed signs Taurus Leo Scorpio Aquarius native fixed signs strength endurance uphold status quo They stable homes careers partnerships prefer uncertainty Fixed subjects loyal dependable obstinate subject lacking fixed signs stick tend walk problems They easily bored busy chasing rainbows substantial happen Planets 2nd 5th 8th 11th houses emphasis earth chart compensate lack Mutable The mutable signs Gemini Virgo Sagittarius Pisces native mutable signs adaptable operative friendly They fit situation turn situation advantage Mutable people steer projects periods transition bring successful conclusion Although gentle likeable mutable subjects fair share problems selfish ruthless feel threatened These subjects devote lives helping paradoxically surprisingly selfish time Subjects lacking mutable signs unable adapt kind change unhappy faced uncertainty They lots notice commit lack flexibility adaptability They hold rigid unchanging views Planets 3rd 6th 9th 12th houses compensate lack water signs chart lack intuition Chart signatureSome astrologers summarise process weighting sign creating called chart signature This involves noting element quality signs combining zodiac sign signature sign chart person signs element fixed signs quality person signature Leo sign fixed cases clear majority element quality clear signature cases ruling planet sun position chart alternatively ascendant stage included Whatever sign ruling planet occupies totals element quality Sun Taurus ruling planet Venus position sign Venus Pisces additional casting vote element water quality mutable This provide signature casting vote account extra Sun natal chart The signature sign regarded astrologers frequently riding influence natal chart irrespective sign sun ascendant occupies Weighting houseAngular houses These 1st 4th 7th 10th houses Planets houses exert strong influence subject compensate lack cardinal signs strength courage enthusiasm chart Succedent houses These 2nd 5th 8th 11th houses These houses concerned possessions creative pursuits subject Planets houses compensate lack fixed signs chart Cadent houses These 3rd 6th 9th 12th houses Planets houses lot subject developing unique talents aptitudes compensate lack mutable signs general adaptability chart Chart shaping img class thumbimage src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 220px Natal_Chart_ _Adam svg png alt width height data file width 1000 data file height 1000 The ascendant sample chart marked Asc traditional clock position horoscopeChart shaping involves examining placement planets chart aspects form positioning chart relative Any patterns shapes occur chart interpreted personality native Aspect patternsWhile astrologer note aspect formed planets aspects grouped larger patterns attention chart The main aspect patterns Stellium planets linked series continuous conjunctions The planets conjunction This pattern huge emphasis sign occupied planets sun sign Grand trine Three trine aspects Indicative person ease strong harmony talents abilities However person unable cope real adversity produce weak apathetic condescending character Grand cross Two pairs opposing planets squared Often proves break pattern person develops unusual strength character feels crushed life Person cross bear Square Two planets opposition squared The tension typical opposition aspect aggravated additional problems introduced planet Often obstructive feature blocking normal flow behaviour person Person develop activities represented missing arm square achieve wholeness Yod Two quincunxes joined sextile restlessness instability The person drawn lives ways difficult avoid periodic crises urgent calls assistance HemispheresThe houses grouped main categories hemispheres Horoscopes upside relation compass points ascendant marking eastern horizon traditionally appearing left hand For reason southern hemisphere appears upper horoscope Upper southern hemisphere The 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th houses subject planets hemisphere deeply actions people distance public events movements focusing firmly feelings general humanity planets grouped 8th 9th 12th houses subject strong spiritual values Planets grouped 10th house subject ambitious politically astute 11th house interested humanitarian education Lower northern hemisphere The 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th houses subject planets chart sensitive moods feelings suffer good deal result The person live family subjective thinking They choose thinking working Eastern hemisphere The 10th 11th 12th 1st 2nd 3rd houses subject planets hemisphere starter chooses path life sets boundaries They happy burden people They burden initiator work personal life When planets 1st 2nd 3rd houses subject absorbed convinced opinions matter Western hemisphere The 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th houses subject planets hemisphere diplomatic order They looked spend lives supporting motivating When majority planets 6th 7th 8th houses energy fulfil The subject bring situation needed bringing number children love care Jones patternsThe American astrologer Marc Edmund Jones listed patterns occur chart based positions planets relative Bundle pattern planets grouped form bundle space degrees equivalent signs zodiac This intense concentration planets produces person equally intense unrelenting pursuit personal interests Perspective understanding limited difficult person share lives The life person enter enterprises require deep concentration persistence commitment specialise area expertise Bowl pattern planets grouped bowl hemisphere degrees equivalent zodiac signs The pattern force planets contained hemisphere person pattern contained search enterprises meaningful fulfilling personally relevant They tend ministerial quality seeks kind career vocation produce greatest benefit Bucket This pattern bowl planets hemisphere This lone planet Singleton serves handle creating bucket form The bucket pattern desire activity mainstream society person feels belong However person expects discover unique talents fit They direct efforts single purpose strive achieve objectives solely preservation The person behave nature Singleton planet forms handle pattern This planet exercise greater influence normal chart dynamic person activities basic energy Seesaw pattern planets form groups sides chart groups degrees signs suggests produces person behaves seesaw life pattern distinctly contrasting alternatives The person difficult integrate sharply parts life competition However success produces increased sophistication polished knowing demeanour person deal life situations Locomotive This pattern produced planets contained degrees signs zodiac degrees completely unoccupied The planet rises clockwise space influence life person pattern matter sun sign locomotive natal chart driving individual achieve goals determined unrelenting effort exceptional drive fund energy disposal Such person loner waiting public discover truth Splay This type natal chart noteworthy presence pairs conjunctions planets randomly distributed splay shape chart person pattern enormous talent potential deliberate attention developed worthwhile skills The person individualist desire regimented highly organized life seek avoid trapped routine However difficulty lack relevance skill sets person derive benefit Such person concentrate Splash suggests pattern lack pattern occurs planets randomly distributed chart splash person pattern diversification number asset universal enriching mental outlook life The person eager share life resources universally greatest However splay pattern danger person scattering energy unproductively Scientific appraisalMain article Astrology scienceCarlson experimentShawn Carlson double blind chart matching tests astrologers agreed match natal charts psychological profiles generated California Psychological Inventory CPI test renowned tests astrology The experimental protocol Carlson study agreed group physicists astrologers prior experiment Astrologers nominated National Council Geocosmic Research acted astrological advisors helped ensure agreed test fair They chose astrologers tests interested astrologers volunteered The astrologers Europe United States The astrologers helped draw central proposition natal astrology tested Published Nature 1985 study predictions based natal astrology chance testing refutes astrological hypothesis Dean KellyThe scientist astrologer Geoffrey Dean psychologist Ivan Kelly conducted large scale scientific test involving cognitive behavioural physical variables support astrology Furthermore meta analysis conducted pooling studies consisting astrologers 000 birth charts Ten tests total participating involved astrologers picking correct chart interpretation number astrologically correct chart interpretation When obvious clues removed preferred chart test involved confident astrologers average years experience test subjects original sample size 1198 test subjects favoured characteristics Eysenck Personality Questionnaire extremes The astrologers performed worse basing decisions individuals age worse control subjects birth charts Mars effectMain article Mars img class thumbimage src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 220px Mars_effect12 jpg alt width height data file width data file height The initial Mars finding showing relative frequency diurnal position Mars birth charts eminent athletes red solid compared expected Michel Gauquelin 1955 1955 astrologer psychologist Michel Gauquelin stated failed evidence support indicators zodiacal signs planetary aspects astrology positive correlations diurnal positions planets success professions doctors scientists athletes actors writers painters astrology traditionally associates planets The Gauquelin findings based positions Mars natal charts successful athletes Mars study conducted French scientists attempted replicate claim statistical evidence They attributed selective bias Gauquelin accusing attempting persuade add delete names study Geoffrey Dean suggested caused reporting birth dates parents issue study Gauquelin The suggestion small subset parents changed birth times consistent astrological charts profession The sample group time belief astrology common Gauquelin failed Mars populations nurse doctor recorded birth The number births astrologically undesirable conditions indicating evidence parents choose dates times suit beliefs Natal Astrology ZodiacPage

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