Prediction: The Role of Triggers

In this respect, we can conclude that forecast is the true heart of astrology. Astrology was conceived predictive; However, astrology does not specifically show truths but situations which may contribute to occurrences. It does not expressly show truths. Several authors, for example Hadès, Henri Gouchon, Bernadette Brady and Celeste Teal, have been using a variety of methods during the last decade and have confirmed by practical explanations that significant occurrences are concurrently stated by means of distinct methods.

When a stressful migration or direction occur, it is crucial to examine whether and under which conditions challenging situations are already in location. In order to do this, it is essential to talk to the customer to know what the problems are. Indeed, the customer tells the contextual problems whether or not they are happening. It is advisable to identify former transits of the same type and request activities in the event of transits.

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