Psychological Astrology

The cross-fertilization of fields of astrology with depth-psychology, humanistic psychology and transpersonal psychology results in psychologically astrological, or astropsychological. The horoscope can be analyzed by astrology (as is usual for the Jungian approach in astrology). Or the analysis can be embedded in a psychological necessity and motivational theories. There are different techniques for evaluating the horoscope in astrology. There might be other psychologically rooted astrological methods and approaches. Glenn Perry characterizes psychological astrology as “both a theory of personality and a diagnosis.

Jung has developed the theory of synchronicity in collaboration with the pioneer theoretical physicist (and winner of the Nobel Prize) Wolfgang Pauli. In comparison to the formal cause of Aristotle, this concept argues: “There is a value of the moment of the time which anything is conceived or performed in this specific time.”  Consequently, Jung was defined as acusal and not directly caused by planets as astrological claims of correlations between the position of the celestial corps during childbirth and development of an individual.

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