General description  

Sagittarius is the 9th zodiacal sign in the horoscope and it is certainly ruled by the planet Jupiter and bears a horoscope compatibility with the zodiac signs Aries and Leo, apart from itself. Individuals born between November 22 and December 21 are known to be Sagittarius individuals. It is a fire sign, considered to be a masculine, positive, and extrovert in character. Sagittarius can make excellent close friends and astounding companions as a result of their empowering, positive nature and their kind heart that will effectively ensure the companion is upbeat and will do anything to ensure that his friend is happy. They don’t expect some favors in return, their kindness is normally selfless, and their benevolence is sacrificial. They deal with others just how they desire to be treated with acceptance and honesty and with lifestyle based on a ‘live and allow live‘ plan, this makes them so agreeable. They don’t interfere with other’s plans plus they are under no circumstances possessive or envious. Sagittarius are great conversationalists with an excellent love of life, their humor may be the raw truth sometimes, but these folks speak their particular mind and do not hold anything at all back again. What they state is actually what they mean, and Sagittarius usually do not like brain games, they are held by it back racking your brains on what is meant, they want straightforwardness and expect it in exchange. A Sagittarius hardly ever hides anything. Sagittarius are recognized for saying the ‘unpleasant truth‘, but alternatively, people understand that they are able to trust what they state mainly because they always say what’s real. Sagittarius are extremely likeable people. The just people that might not be friends with choices individuals who live by a daily agenda with an extremely structured, organized life. They are likely to be running past due and miss a time always, but that is only because they’re so forward convinced that they overlook the present. Tolerance is necessary, Sagittarius will not do these basic things on purpose, and this is just who they are. If you understand why and accept this, having a Sagittarius in your daily life will make sunlight shine a much more brighter. Sagittarians throughout life are dynamic in both mind and body, accordingly they are usually very harmoniously created and often are in a very good mood. They appreciate visibility, ease and freedom, and any restrictions are identified painfully. Kindness and truthfulness of Sagittarius, unfortunately, are counterbalanced by impulsiveness, sometimes excessive. In addition , people of the sign easily fall into extreme conditions, gaining enemies then by simply excessive frankness, then by futile struggle for rights. It is interesting that Sagittarians more often defend the rights of others than their own; that they constantly feel the responsibility for others and gives them their care. Among the sagittarians you will discover people of two types: noble idealists, who looking to make everyone happy, and greedy dodgy financiers just who are eager to achieve power at any cost. And others, with good reason, considered flatterers and snobs, but they do not care and handling. By the way, all Sagittarians will be confident in their own impeccability and even the most fair complaint is overlooked, and helpful advice is rejected in the all vicious way. But with individuals who do not try to influence their particular behavior, Sagittarians behave very cute. They always have a joke or compliment, a moment to chat and even a vest for bitter tears. Guys – Sagittarians are buzzing and sometimes not inferior in the desire to chat to the ladies. The rebellious spirit turns Sagittarius into a perpetual adolescent that can afford blatant rudeness or perhaps hooliganism, or even get into a fight. It’s good that Sagittarius usually comes away of fights as victors; by the way, after the battle they often do not spare the means to calm down the defeated foe. However , Sagittarians are generally kind. From Sagittarius women – they are excellent mothers who happen to be distinguished by their nobility and willingness to sacrifice themselves for the sake of the family. That they almost never punish children with out a reason, do not change their own husbands and do not deceive themselves. The only thing that does not like Sagittarius wife – is to lead a household. She can make just about every effort to create comfort, nevertheless the result will not satisfy her. However, her unchanging confidence usually helps to calmly deal with such weaknesses of the Sagittarius woman.    

Famous Sagittarians Women

Envision talking out the truth 24X7? Sounds self-destructive, isn’t it? Confront it or not, all of us tend to talk the lie or a manufactured truth all the time. So, whether it is citing the reason for coming late to work, or not completing the school homework or not turning up for a party, there’s a few sum of deception that we resort to whereas advocating ourselves. However, the same isn’t the case with Sagittarian females. Those born beneath this zodiac sign are as well thoughtless to come up with half-burned truths. In truth, they are the genuine crusaders of truth and say it the way they see it, crude and obtrusive. Other than that, Sagittarian females have a vivacious and vivacious identity. They are charming and have the capacity to form any man go frail within the knees. However, be careful some time recently approaching a Sagittarian lady as luxury comes actually to her. As it were once you are beyond any doubt that you simply would be able to satisfy her shopping craving that you just can think of coming closer to her. See Some Famous Sagittarians That Share Your Sign: 

TeyanaTeyana (American actress) Born On: 10 December 1990 Nationality: American

Christina AguileraChristina Aguilera (American singer-songwriter) Born On: 18 December 1980 Nationality: American

Britney SpearsBritney Spears (Pop Singer) Born On: 02 December 1981 Nationality: American

Tina TurnerTina Turner (American singer) Born On: 26 November 1939 Nationality: American

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj (Rapper) Born On: 08 December 1982 Nationality: American

McKayla MaroneyMcKayla Maroney (Artistic Gymnast, Television Actor) Born On: 09 December 1995 Nationality: American

Sagittarius Woman Personality Traits and Characteristics

The Bright Side
You met a lady at a friend’s party the night some time recently and were totally bowled by her. She captivated your faculties like none other with her upbeat quirk, her alarmingly straight to the point nature and her furiously watched freedom. Think no assist because it may be a Sagittarian young lady who has set your heart throbbingWhereas portraying a Sagittarian, she is all of the over and much more. She a total hopeful who sees life emphatically. This regularly leads to her having daze confidence upon individuals, who utilize her for their possess needs. In any casein spite of the truth, she tends to depend on each and each individual who comes near to her. By nature, Sagittarian ladies are charminginvitingcandid and exceptionally chatty. Their frankness comes from the truth that she has no figments around the world. They say the way they see it. In spite of the fact that it might appear unrefined and cruel, they fair cannot alter the way they are. With a Sagittarian lady by your side, you may as it were wish that she were not so fair that she is. Sagittarius females are outright devotees. They despise to be stuck down to a specific put or with a specific thing. Boredom isn’t their cup of tea. Sagittarian ladies are career arranged and exceed expectations in whatever they take up. Their charming conduct coupled with natural intellect makes a difference them total a arrange effectively, ahead of others. 

The Dark Side
With the show way of life, being a small conciliatory is the arrange of the day. As such, the frank state of mind of a Sagittarius female can be very aggravating and off-putting for individualsWhereas holding on to the truth is extraordinary in positive circumstances, when things are not positive, a individual talking out the reality can be very troubling. Sagittarian females say what they see and most of the times, due to this drop in inconvenience or welcome extreme looks of others. They are not intentionally cruel but need the thoughtfulness and discretion that others have. Their numbness of playing with words rubs individuals on the off-base conclusion and causes foesMoreoverin spite of the fact that ladies beneath this sun sign are calm and composed creaturesin case a foot ventured wrongly they have the capacity to turn into fire spitting mythical serpent. She isn’t the individual who would waver to lash back. In things of adore, getting a Sagittarian female to commit is another huge issue. Since she may be a free fowl, marriage to a Sagittarian lady is like chopping her wings of flight and being tied down within the four walls of the house. The concept of settling down can be very nerve racking for a Sagittarius lady, which clarifies her coquettish nature. Monetarily, Sagittarian ladies are luxurious mammoths and partners of extravagance. They are careless with cash and tend to spend each penny they have. So, think twice some time recently you hand over your credit card to her, or she croses the credit restrain!

Romance Quotient
Just like the ocean can’t help but rush to the shore, similarly, a Sagittarius woman can’t help but get into a relationship. However, if it is long-term commitment that you are looking for, sit back and relax, this centaur-driven female isn’t the one who would easily fall in place. Dominated by a free-spirit and a liberated mind, Sagittarius females are known to get in and get out of the relationship too quickly. This arises from the fact that they hate to be confined to a thing, place, time or a relation. Making a Sagittarian commit can be quite tricky as it makes her nervous. In fact, most of the times, you would have to tempt your girl to get her to commit. Sagittarian women are like the boys at play. They are a little hard to catch. But once committed, a Sagittarian woman is what every man dreams of. She is loyal, honest, loving and caring. She is the one who would dutifully be yours and take efforts to make your life happy and satisfactory. 

However, pleasing a Sagittarius woman isn’t all that easy. And if you are the sissy types of lover, you have no chance to making it to a Sagittarius woman. She looks for a real man who has his ego and does not stand for nonsense. A right balance of politeness and firmness is what you need to have to impress her. But if you don’t couple the same by giving her the freedom she desires, forget about having any chance. Sagittarius women are quite independent and love their freedom. And they would not comprise with the same on any grounds. They are quite the sentimental and emotional types but do not show the same due to their shy nature. Sagittarian women are lovely hostess to guests and have the ability to make them feel at home. They are great with kids but their outspoken and blunt nature is something that they have to deal with. To be with the Sagittarian woman, the key is not to change her individuality. Just let her be the way she is and give her the freedom she desires. And she would be the most loving and caring partner you can ever wish for. Her optimism and brightness would brighten your life and make it pleasurable!

Famous Sagittarians Men

They say in case you need to know the truth, inquire a Sagittarius. He would never blend with his words and talk out gruffly all over the crude, bare truth. Among all the zodiacs, the Sagittarian guys are very the frank people. They aren’t bearers of sugarcoated truth and in truth cherish to point out the reality the way it is. Sagittarius man may be a flexible person who cherishes opportunity and freedom. A social creature by nature, it is exceptionally difficult to spot a man beneath this zodiac all alone. What’s more, he may be a add up to devotee and abhors boredom and dullness. Immaculate Sagittarian guys adore betting and theory. What’ curiously to note is that the chances and the Divine beings tend to support them as well! Betting gives them a sense of enterprise and energizes their physical, enthusiastic and mental self. In any case, Sagittarians are commitment phobic and can be very coquettish in nature. Controlled by their disposition, they can indeed get uninterested truly rapidly. See Some Famous Sagittarians That Share Your Sign:

George VIGeorge VI (Former King of the United Kingdom) Born On: 14 December 1895 Nationality: British

Pablo EscobarPablo Escobar (Colombian Drug Lord) Born On: 01 December 1949 Nationality: Colombian

Winston ChurchillWinston Churchill (Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) Born On: 30 November 1874 Nationality: British

Brad PittBrad Pitt (Actor) Born On: 18 December 1963 Nationality: American

Chadwick BosemanChadwick Boseman (Actor) Born On: 29 November 1976 Nationality: American

Bruce LeeBruce Lee (Actor, Martial Artist) Born On: 27 November 1940 Nationality: Chinese,American

Sagittarius Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Sagittarian males are just as intriguing is their symbol. Represented by a centaur, a half-horse and half human, most males under this sun sign are governed by both animal instincts and enlightened thinking. What differentiates them from other zodiac signs is their outgoing and extrovert nature. It is hard to find a Sagittarian man all alone. In fact, he is the man who loves social life and is surrounded by people all the time. It isn’t surprising to find Sagittarian males to be among the first to be present at a social gathering. Another great quality in Sagittarian individuals is their optimistic attitude in life. They are rarely bowed down by negativity or pessimism. However, it is due to this optimistic attitude that Sagittarians have blind faith on people. They are freedom-lovers and most of the times make their decision based on the fact that how much freedom they will get from the decisions.  Sagittarian males are extremely outspoken. As such when you look good, expect him to come up with a compliment almost instantly but if on any day, you look awkward or not your usual self, don’t get alarmed if he says so candidly on your face. He is not the one who speaks with tact, diplomacy and consideration. However, just keep in mind that he is never deliberately mean. It is just what is in his heart is right there in his mouth. Sagittarian males are enthusiastic individuals and hate to follow the routine. Boredom kills them. This is why a Sagittarian is always seen seeking new adventures and thrills. It keeps him stimulated, physically, mentally and emotionally. So, if you want someone to accompany you for a hiking, trekking or camping activity, just call up a Sagittarian male. He’ll be the perfect companion for you!

The Dark Side
One moment he is the entertainer of the party, with all the liveliness, energy, vivacity and exuberance and the other, he would turn into a dead man walking aimlessly and depressed. Call him moody or call him capricious, Sagittarius male is a fickle minded and erratic individual who changes his mood as quickly as a chameleon changes its color. When depressed, cracking the mood of a Sagittarius man is highly impossible for he would not budge from his highly depressed state. However, if you are a close buddy of his, whom he trusts with sharing his sorrows, he would confide in you everything. And once this happens, he would be indebted to you for life. Another negative trait of a Sagittarian male is his uninterested approach which though appears rarely, can still be found. In such situations, talking with a Sagittarian man is as good as talking to a lifeless object. Don’t expect any response from him! Absence of diplomacy though a positive sign can sometimes be a cause of worry for a Sagittarian individual. Lack of tact, discretion and subtlety in men under this zodiac sign often makes them lose their friends as they hurt others with their frank opinion and comment. Additionally, Sagittarian males are often seen expressing a deep concern for their own freedom or liberty but when the tables are turned and out comes the liberty of others, they impose their standard of behaviour upon them. The blind optimism and careless attitude of a Sagittarius male often results in him being cheated and swindled by others. What’s worse, after being cheated by one, a Sagittarian sulks for some time but when the next individual offers him friendship, he accepts the same blindly, and again exposes himself to the risk of being conned!

Romance Quotient
He’s fun, he’s engaging and he’s quite romantic as well. But is he into long-lasting relationship? Often women involved with a Sagittarian male are found wondering the same. Well, blame not him for he is in love with his freedom more than he is with you. A Sagittarian man falls in love with a lightning speed but sad enough, he falls out of it with the same speed. This does not mean that a Sagittarian man does not need love and support of near and dear ones. He does but he is too petrified to let go of his liberty and freedom. Sagittarian males top the zodiac signs when it comes to commitment phobia. Probably this explains the flirtatious nature of males born under this sun sign. They believe in the concept of being eternally young and view the relationship as an adventure in life. One gone, many more to come! However, not all males, born under this sun sign, form licentious relationships. In fact, sometimes, Sagittarian males look for a platonic partner with whom they can share their joys and sorrows. However, their friendliness is more than often confused with flirtation. 

To win the heart of a Sagittarian male for life, pose in front of him as an intelligent, mysterious and enthusiastic woman. Dumb-headed bimbos and possessive women are a strict no-no for Sagittarian males. Intelligence is a big turn on for men under this zodiac sign. Further, what keeps a Sagittarius going is the mysterious quality and enthusiastic nature of a woman. If you are as enthusiastic of life as he is, chances of him falling for you rank extremely high. Just keep in mind that Sagittarians are free-spirited and hate to be tied down. So, give him the freedom that he desires and he’ll be yours forever. When committed, Sagittarian males are the honest and loyal types and would not deter away. Remember, they would never say those three magical words if they don’t feel them. Expect a Sagittarius man to tell you everything about his past relationships and what he expects from the one he is sharing with you. Since a Sagittarius man is extremely outgoing and extrovert, you have to shed away your inhibitions and reserved nature to match up to him. In short, a Sagittarian male can be the most reliable, honest and loyal partner only if you work your way through him and give him the space and freedom that he wants!


Sagittarius is positioned among Capricornus toward the east and Ophiuchus toward the west. The Sagittarius constellation as group of stars is known to have 28 stars with known planets, for that reason, making it a constellation having the maximum number of planetary host stars and the 15th largest constellation overall. It’s one of the 48 constellations which were written by the famous Greco-Roman astronomer Claudius Ptolemy. And today remains one of the 88 modern astrological constellations, known as fire sign and one of the 4 mutable (changeable) signs. The different forms with many faces of the constellation may be considered an example of the psychological phenomenon: pareidolia, when the mind perceives a familiar pattern where none actually exists. After all, we have come to recognize all the stars formed out and the ‘connect the dots‘ pictures of constellations of stars of varying brightness, scattered randomly across the sky. The Sagittarius constellation is officially recognized as constellation, and may be the one in which you can definitely see the widest variety of forms.  

Good Personality Traits

The great news is, sagittarians are one of the most fortunate signs out there. In the event that you’re a Sagattarius at that point you most likely never stress and won’t ever ought to squander your days stressingYou’re an awfully positive individual and a great listener. Individuals cherish to be around your positive demeanor and appreciate your positive impact on themselves. As a sagittarius you’re moreover known for your expansive heart and eagerness to give a making a difference hand to anybody that inquires. The positive vitality you carry is impacted from the planet jupiter (the biggest planet within the sun powered framework) and is responsible for keeping a grin continually all over and the individuals around you. Your optimisim and enormous thoughts are continuously accommodating within the work environment once you are given the opportunity you require to precise yourself. One of the most grounded qualities of a sagittarian individual is their creative energy. This creativity skills fits in with the image of the sagittarius. The symbol is an Archer half man/ half horse which symbolizes the endeavor to free it’s self fro the get a handle on of a mythic animal. Physically talking, Sagittarians are the foremost mindful of their possess bodies. They are continually going for the idealize body and the exercise center is regularly like a moment domestic. You genuinely get it how to appreciate life whereas being solid and physically fit. Anytime you join looking great and feeling extraordinaryyou’re at your most joyful point. Sagittarius individuals pull in numerous sentimental accomplices as everybody needs to know the mystery to your steady cheerful dispositions and boundless vitality.  

Bad Personality Traits

Regrettably each sign must have some terrible characteristics but these are not the most exceedingly badIn spite of the fact that sagittarius individuals can become easily bored as their creative ability wanders on a daily basis, they are never a deficiency of  entertainment as they’re truthful to a fault. Truth and honor are the foremost vital things to sagittarians and it never ceases to urge them in inconvenience. A sagittarian individual will never “chomp their lip” and will say what is at the forefront of their thoughts and on their mind.  They are continually maintaining a strategic distance from most troublesome circumstances beneath the guise of boredom or over analyzing them to the point it drives them insane. This fair bug isn’t one that will ever go absent and it does not help that the sagittarian sign is known for being exceptionally blunt and over confident.  

Sagittarius Compatibility

One of the foremost prevalent terms when looking for Sagittarius continuously appears to be Sagittarius Compatibility. Sagittarius men and ladies continuously need to know which sign they are most consistent with. Their is truly no particular reply but we do break down how you’re consistent with each sign in three diverse categories. We break it down in CommonSentimental and Sexual compatibility. You’ll compare sagittarius with each sign by reading compatibility charts. With regards to the Sagittarius identity, his or her kind friendliness may gain a reputation of being excessively coquettish. Indeed he(she) is commonly called as one big flirt, yet in spite of the craving for a dispassionate band together with which to meander around and have a fabulous time as could be allowed, the Sagittarius does likewise have a more genuine side. Anyway, what is in save on the Sagittarius compatibility and who is this evil man or lady destined to settle down with?
Sagittarius and Aries:  Both dynamic and unconstrained composes that affection to mingle and appreciate the better things of life makes these two a decent match as Aries carefree however solid nature will invalidate any hissy fits. This is unquestionably fruitful and prescribed association that will keep going inasmuch as they make great in the room which will overflow into every single other territory!
Sagittarius and Taurus:  Two altogether different identities with sex being the main genuine science between these two means they are not bound for a fruitful association by any stretch of the imagination!
Sagittarius and Gemini:  Opposites for this situation certainly pull in, yet Gemini will censure Sagittarius in bed, in spite of the fact that in every single other territory the two signs are nice and undemanding with each other. An association with these two is probably going to fail as fast as it begins, however in the event that not there will be loads of exertion required from them two! Worth the exertion? Possibly!
Sagittarius and Cancer:  The vagabond meets the home producer. Growth lives for the future while Sagittarius just for now. Malignancy will be envious of this present sign’s free soul, while Sagittarius is probably going to be exhausted by Cancer’s reliance. Sexually, Sagittarius is extremely dynamic, and generally speaking Cancer is effectively fulfilled. Once more, this is certifiably not an awesome association.
Sagittarius and Leo:  A flawless or perfect match! Both offer an affection for opportunity and experience, are exceptionally cordial, social and altogether appreciate sex. Sagittarius energizes and persuades Leo who thus empowers unwaveringness in the coquettish Sagittarius. A fruitful marriage is on the cards!
Sagittarius and Virgo:  Perhaps these two could deal with seven days together, however not any more! These two essentially don’t see each other and will make each other insane! Virgo needs long haul while Sagittarius must to be allowed to wander. Sexually, they are likewise shafts separated with entirely unexpected cravings which imply that Sagittarius will want to wander which will be the reason for bunches of battles most definitely! Not a decent one!
Sagittarius and Libra : Both will be enamored with enterprise and request to each other’s mind and interest will pull in these two. Sagittarius anyway likes to meander where Libra favors solidness and in addition staying put! On the off chance that they can defeat this one principle issue, a here and now or long haul association is for sure conceivable.
Sagittarius and Scorpio : Jealous, prevailing, undercover and home sweetheart depicts Scorpio in spite of the fact that Sagittarius will have a bag prepared on the grounds that Scorpio’s power is excessively troublesome, making it impossible to uncovered! Solid sexual fascination as in a one night’s enthusiastic relationship is a distinct possibly, however marriage? Unquestionably NOT!
Sagittarius and Sagittarius : Highly erratic albeit amazing! They may not last but rather will have an astounding sexual coexistence yet can’t in any way, shape or form keep going long haul as the most exceedingly awful conceivable attributes in each other will be amplified! They will anyway stay great companions.
Sagittarius and Capricorn : Capricorn is mindful and preservationist, though Sagittarius is joyful and everlastingly wandering which will cause a lot of dissatisfaction. Sexually, it’s simply so-so! Odds are this will be n unsuccessful association or marriage.
Sagittarius and Aquarius : Good blend with a particularly imaginative sexual coexistence and mentally empowering to each other. They are capricious, dynamic, and lively, and in addition worship being the focal point of everybody’s consideration. A thriving relationship is likely in light of the fact that they can both permit each other the space for flexibility that they both require every once in a while.
Sagittarius and Pisces : It’s all enthusiasm and firecrackers in the room yet that is the place it closes! Pisces is excessively touchy and enthusiastic for the vivacious, hopeful meandering Sagittarius. A connection between these two is relatively inconceivable except if there is a cusp or different arrangements inside the outline making them more perfect. If not, avoid each other impractically!  

Is Sagittarius considered Happily Married

real Sagittarius is positive, outgoing individual, competitive, accommodating and hopeful. Their cherish life can get complicated effortlessly and they are known to drop out of love speedier than the rest. Being self-confident is one of their solid characteristics, but they tend to urge harmed effectively within the matter of  pure love and stable relationships. There are diverse things that Sagittarius can get pulled in to like your humor, identity, looks and indeed dressing sense. They are known as free-spirited and anxious of commitments, but can too demonstrate energetic and caring accomplices. There are diverse highlights in a Sagittarius spouse and husband, which decide their likelihood of keeping an strongly relationship like lively marriage.

Sagittarius Husband
  • Most of them are good-looking and charming similar to “The Archer” along with a great physique and endurance.
  • Helpful, competitive, optimistic and funny are some of their qualities which can sweep you off your feet.
  • They love their freedom and tend to get defensive if it gets in jeopardy by anyone.
  • A support a sporty spirit and love to compete with others, but know where to call dibs.
  • They can sometimes be stubborn and have an opinion about everything that crosses their minds.
  Sagittarius Wife
  • Honest and pure smile are what makes a Sagittarius woman complete.
  • Bold, straightforward, risk taker are the qualities that make them so compelling.
  • They can undertake any task without getting tired and are also a great source of inspiration.
  • They get attracted to physical activities like sports and even salsa dancing.
  • Their words might hurt sometimes, as they speak directly regardless of other’s emotions.


LEO: Almost every Zodiac sign falls in love with Leo. They can easily grab every attention in a room and they embrace it with elegance. Their symbol lion fills them with enthusiasm and Sagittarius are the only one that can keep their flying session in check.  
ARIES: Sagittarius are leaders, but somehow they don’t mind following Aries as they tend to share a deep trust bond with them. They both compliment and overcome each other’s demerits and create the definitive combo.  
AQUARIUS: Aquarius is known for their friendly, loyal and adjusting nature. There are many similar qualities between them, which can result in conflicts and battle quite often. With a few changes and strong love bond, they can sail through the ocean of marriage.  

THE ULTIMATE VERDICT: Sagittarius are fun-loving people with attributes to create a great wedding mix. No one is perfect and they may have their moments of anger or show trust issues, but it’s nothing that is not fixable by matching them with right Zodiac and making a few adjustments. How Do Sagittarians Handle Relationships Sagittarians usually attract the crowd around very easily, as they are born with the innate power of a confident and charming personality. If you see a socially-smart, verbally active, and overall polished personality, it’s most likely going to be a Sagittarian. Now, while imagining this kind of personality, being a reader you must have made a quick idea about how the love-life of Sag might look like. Well exactly, a Sagittarian is very less likely to have one affair. They usually catch eyes very soon and therefore they usually have access to more love than most of the other sun-signs. If you have got a date with a Sagittarian coming ahead, or just had a confusing break-up about why everything got messed up, take a look at how we have defined the Sagittarian in terms of relationships.  

Sagittarian & the Present Relationship

It might take a lot of time for a Sagittarian to touch the other person emotionally, because of their flamboyant nature, but they are great charmers as well. They go any distances to please their present partners. Living in the present, and looking forward to the future, the Sagittarians usually try to invest a lot of love, time and care into the present relationship, trying to give their entire self to handle it well. They do know in the dark corners in the mind, that they are generally not option less people, so in case of any present love-relationship-related issues, they would still be able to escape well and revive life soon. But, if you make an irreplaceable or non-replicable position in the life of Sag, you probably are going to stick around for a long time. Do keep in mind that you might love the word ‘commitment’ in relationships, but Sag is probably going to get suffocated in a great-going relationship with even the name of it.

Sagittarian & the Past Relationships

In most cases, the Sags don’t really care about the past relationships. So, if you are a present partner of Sag, good news for you. But, if you are an ex, and wondering if your ex-Sag misses you or not, you probably have only one way out to make that happen, i.e. create necessary and unavoidable reasons for the person to be unable to avoid you. Otherwise, a Sagittarian is a happy soul, and stays busy in the present life. They mostly don’t revisit the past partners, unless they find it absolutely comparable to the present, or have some other good reason. Without any beneficial purposes, that’s close to not possible. In terms of holding back to the relationships, Sagittarians aren’t very keen. Sagittarians are robust, free willed and strong individuals. Guided by the archer who are a half centaur and a half man, the Sagittarians are born travelers and adventure seekers. They make great philosophers and men of learning. They like to mysterious themselves and are interested in people who intrigue them. In the year 2014, the Sagittarians are surely up for some surprises.
  1. Albeit patience is not a Sagittarian’s strong point, 2014 will be testing their patience in order to chalk out their long term plans. It is important to act wisely, rationalize, and weigh all your options before moving ahead with any decision.
  2. Business is likely to prosper irrespective of which profession you are in. invest if you and if you wish to; and you will not be met with bad results. For those who are starting out as professionals, choose your career carefully and make sure to mix your profession with your artistic abilities.
  3. This year is likely to turn out to be one of the best for those Sagittarians interested and planning to travel around. Sagittarians are by nature great travelers and game for anything that gives them the thrills of adventure. Travel remains a good option.
  4. It is also to be a great time for education and the publishing sector. Sagittarians still in academics are likely to reach new heights and do well for themselves in their respective fields of study.
  5. Those Sagittarians looking to publish their own books as well as those in the publishing business, 2014 is a good time for them. It is known that Sagittarians make creative individuals, and very passionate about their work. 2014 is to act as their reward for their creativity and passion for it. All hindrances met so far are to be removed; the requirement remains to pursue your goals with intelligence and innovative thinking.
  6. Sagittarians in the field of work, whatever it is, are to experience rewards in terms of progress. Act swiftly but always keep caution. Your acts will receive notice and you can move forward up the ladder of hierarchy.
  7. In order to remove tense moments engage in meditation or anything that ensures spiritual elevation. Listen to advice given to you by everyone, consider it, but do what you think is best for you. Regain your composure and your lost abilities by keeping your calm, and being the social butterfly that is synonymous with Sagittarians.
  8. June and September seems ad months wherein Sagittarians are likely to benefit the most. Choose careers or work that challenges you and forces you to engage in it completely. Anything that does not invoke your intelligence is likely to irritate you. Give creativity a channel for expression.
  9. Be involved on a constant basis. It is going to be a fulfilling year for Sagittarians who engage in writing.
  10. Early on in 2014, Sagittarians are to experience success in quick succession, which is also going to come back to them towards the later part of the year. Months of May, July and November seem like a fairly long haul, but on the whole, 2014 is one cracking year for the Sagittarians.

Sagittarius Information (Planets, Elements, Symbols)

The elements, symbols and planets of each zodiac tells a lot about their personalities and behavior. The ninth astrological sign, the Sagittarius, has symbols and a planet that explains the complex character of people born under it. 

The Symbols: Archer and Centaur
The dual symbol tells you right away that you’re dealing with an intricate individual. First, the centaur, a mythical creature that is half human-half horse, has always been portrayed as wise and knowledgeable beings. This applies to a Sag’s intellectual abilities and their tendency to think outside of the box. He is very curious and intuitive. The hunter sign, on the other hand, signifies he is always in search for truth and knowledge which strengthens the centaur’s knowledgeable trait. Also, being a hunter, he can easily adapt to changes. He has good survival skills that he applies in every aspect of life whether it be at work or when he’s playing games. He has the energy and patience to withstand whatever is thrown his way. Surprisingly, he usually has a back up plan.

The Ruling Planet: Jupiter
The largest planet Jupiter represents luck and opportunity which stretches to expansion and success. He may already have the knowledge of the centaur and the intuition of a hunter but a little (or in Jupiter’s case, big) luck won’t hurt at all. A Sagittarius usually knows where and how to invest their finances and efforts. Their material investments usually prospers. In relationships, they seem to know who to trust and who to keep close. The Sagittarius is very optimistic and are able to see how big things can come out of anything.

The Sagittarius Element: Fire
The Sagittarius carefree and nonchalant attitude can be traced back to it’s element which is fire. On the bad side, fire doesn’t control where it spreads or how long it will go. It relies on the elements around it like air to direct where it goes or whether it keeps going at all. And since it doesn’t think of the moment it can burn, hurt and destroy. On the up side, a Sagittarius can be warm like the fire. They are bright and lively and tend to inspire people. A well developed Sagittarius can go a long way as long as he knows how to keep the fire burning at the right place. The Sag is a mutable fire sign. He does not only adapt to changes but he longs for it. He is very open to suggestions and criticisms. He sees these as no less than a good way to improve himself. And vice versa, he’s also all for giving input and suggestions in anything he thinks may need an upgrade. Astrological House: Ninth House The astrological house of the Sagittarius is at the ninth house and it is all about travel. A Sag is a wanderer and likes to explore things and places (like a fire). They love everything foreign from languages to food and philosophy. They can go crazy trying to understand different cultures and tradition but enjoy how it keeps them on the toes.  

The Greek mythology

The Greek folklore is brimming with awesome stories, identifying with legendary creatures, mammoths, and beasts. Centaurs are an inescapable piece of the Greek fantasy, and these animals show up in various essential fantasies and legends. Chiron, the everlasting centaur, as per the Greek fantasy, is Sagittarius.
Legends say that Chiron was conceived when the titan, Cronus, impregnated the fairy, Philyra, as a steed. In this way, he was conceived as a centaur, half-man and half-horse in appearance. Chiron, be that as it may, was not quite the same as generally centaurs. He was conceived godlike, as he was the child of a titan. He was especially well-intentioned when contrasted with the other mean, wild, and negligent centaurs. His astuteness and learning capacities were incredible, and he was known to be the educator of numerous Greek legends, similar to Achilles, Jason, Aesculapius, and the relentless Hercules. It is said that one day, Hercules, on making a long voyage, was exceptionally drained and parched. When he achieved home, he requested that his companion serve him a wine, which lamentably, had a place with the centaurs. As the wine was being poured, and its smell spread all around, every one of the centaurs angrily dashed to Hercules’ home, and asked him how he could set out to open the wine without their authorization. Before long, the centaurs started assaulting Hercules and his companion, which to be sure ended up being a major misstep. A considerable lot of them were before long murdered by Hercules, and the rest were driven out of the town for eternity. Chiron was standing close-by, and observing all the show unfurl. In spite of the fact that Hercules knew Chiron, and profoundly regarded him, he couldn’t perceive his dear companion remaining at a separation. Attributable to this, he incidentally and unconsciously shot one of his dangerous, harmed bolts at Chiron. When the bolt hit Chiron, he was in unbearable torment. Attributable to his everlasting status, passing was impossible for him to calm the torment, Therefore, he looked for the assistance of Zeus, the lord of the divine beings, who put him among the stars as Sagittarius, a centaur with a drawn bow. There, he would live always, as a star grouping, Centaurus, of the night sky. Another legend says that the bolt of the toxophilite dependably focuses towards Scorpio, and if Scorpio means to hurt anybody, previous will shoot a bolt through the core of the last mentioned.

Important Facts to Know About the Sagittarius

Most Important Planet: Jupiter
Element: Fire Type: Masculine
Works Best With: Gemini
Mode: Sagittarius is a MUTABLE sign because it is spontaneous and easily changeable.
Best Color to Wear: Purple and Dark Regal Blue
Most Important Body Part: Hips & Thighs
Best Stone to Flaunt: Topaz
Astrology Jewelry: Amethyst (insight, spirituality, higher realms), red garnets (success in business, passion), black pearls (partnership, fidelity), smoky quartz (Diffusing fear, and connection with spirit)
Plants: Asparagus, Dandelions and all Pink Flowers

Popular Phrases:
“I’m just being honest.” “Let’s do something.” “I’m not worried about it.” “This is ridiculous.” “What movie is on?” “Oh! not againt, it’s enough!” “Did you tried this?” “Please, stop telling me that…” “Don’t tell me what to do”

Choosing freedom over commitment:
Freedom is so important to Sagittarius that they actually make decisions based on the amount of freedom that is given by the choice they have made. As a result, sometimes a good opportunity is turned down because of the high level of commitment required.

Happy travels:
Sagittarius are the world traveler and thrill-seeker. Fun loving and fiercely independent, the Archers will choose the path less travelled as long as it leads them toward adventure. They live to explore and experience new things! In fact, my good friend Ron Oyer, who is handling my Spiritual Cruise to Tahiti next July is, not surprisingly, a true Sagittarian. Ron’s travel agency hosts incredible Spiritual Excursions and Cruises, allowing him to merge his mystical and adventurous qualities – not to mention his love of a great party! Ron and I have hosted over 30 spiritual events together, and there’s no one in the word I would rather work with. It craves thrills and excitement. They can turn any negative situation into a positive and have the ability to turn anybody’s frown upside down. Feeling free is incredibly important to them and they need lots of space to explore the world. Travelling is something they seek and love to learn about everything – including foreign cultures. They are also excellent teachers and never shy away from sharing their experiences and shedding light on their views. Intellectual stimulation is something else that they crave and you’ll always find them busy doing many different things. Restlessness is something that they’ll have to constantly battle because if he’s not doing something he can easily become unhappy.

Watch out Sagittarius:
Eternally optimistic even in difficult times, Sagittarius can always find the silver lining. But sometimes that blind optimism can be a problem when their faith that everything will miraculously work out lets them down. They can be tactless – these straightforward folk sometimes forget that everyone doesn’t appreciate their bluntness – and can be the victims of “hoof in mouth disease” due to their over-honest comments. Although clever and creative, the Archers are not as efficient as other signs – they often jump into things impulsively, without having a defined beginning / middle and end. Their confidence and enthusiasm usually covers for them, however, if they’re not careful they can make mistakes and miss details along the way.

Sagittarius in a nutshell:
If you live with a Sagittarius, or if you are one yourself, remember that independence is Sagittarius’ primary driver. They thrive in an environment of adventure and excitement and welcome change with open arms. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer, they will go as far as the road will take them and explore every corner thoroughly in their eternal search for wisdom.

Sagittarius Key words:
Upbeat, positive, world traveler, philosopher, educator, teacher, worldly, freedom seeker, explorer

Health and Food:

Being active and vibrant in nature, the Sagittarius ideally keeps their diet healthy, rich and nutritious. This helps boost their routine activities. They are smart to understand it very fast as to how much value food adds to their metabolism. They not just love eating, but consciously keep it healthy. The sun sign primarily rules.  


1. They are easygoing and enjoy the company of hanging out with good people no matter how different.
2. They always have something interesting to say, and sometimes, they can be a little too aggressive about it.
3. They have a quest for truth and knowledge so they have a lot of questions to ask.
4. They are actually amazing at observation and will even hang hack tojust take in the situation in the room.
5. They aren’t self absorbed in the least bit because they have more important things on their minds like enjoying life and people.
6. They will get anxious, restless, and destructive if they are not able to explore outside of their home life or hometown.
7. They are at peace of with wide open spaces.
8. They want to keep expanding what they know about world they live in.
9. They can make the act of correcting someone sound like a compliment.
10. They prefer to speak candidly and without inflicting too much pain.  


The realest one who deals in facts. Has the most attractive personality. Is very good at reading people’s intentions Loves with the entire soul and will love you unconditionally just don’t abuse that love. Travelling is in DNA. A loner most of the time. ‘Has high standards, a big heart and bigger middle finger. Always tells the truth. Elite-level investigator. Headstrong. Never back down. The most wonderful person you’ll ever meet. Rare to find. If found, keep them.  

If your best friend’s zodiac is Sagittarius

Sagittarians speak their mind and have no filter. This is only because they know best friends shouldn’t hide anything from each other. Saggitarians are often more ‘reactive’ than ‘responsive’. They are more emotional than they let on. They have a slapstick sense of humour and a sharp tongue. Since they have powerful personalities, not everyone finds it easy to be their friend. Once you see their true nature, you would know that the others are missing out on knowing a gem of a person. Sagittarius holds a lot of wisdom and knowledge. It may surprise you how much they know. They may seem cold and conceited but they are very sympathetic deep down. They tend to get emotional very cas but don’t show it. They speak their minds, even if the time is not right. They can maintain long relationships and make the best friends. They notice everything. – Has a sexy brain. – Remarkably charismatic. – The funniest to be around. – Straight up honest. – Always has the best insults. – Perfect partner in crime. – Professional at reading people’s true intentions. – Doesn’t need your approval. – Very lovable except for liars. – The real sucker for adventures. – Will beat you at your own game. – Forgiving but never forgets. – The best friend and greatest lover with unquestionable loyalty. – If found, keep them. They will brighten up your life.    

How Successful Sagittarians can be in a Business

Sagittarius falls under the sign of fire and are known to be independent and free. They constantly search for more opportunities to travel and pursue their creative and personal intellect. They are known to be good with money and can handle finances like no one else. Their qualities like being optimistic, enthusiastic, inspirational makes them ideal for running a business and taking it to a new level of success. Continuous 9-5 job structure does not suit them and they are always seeking something that can excite them and make money at the same time.  


It is not always true that every Sagittarius will taste success in business. They have to follow certain pointers like forming partnership with the right zodiac sign to bring about the required progress in business.
  • Aries and Sagittarius
Aries is a zodiac sign that shows high levels of energy and Sagittarius durability can mix perfectly with them to create a great partnership.
  • Taurus and Sagittarius
As they both are good accountants by nature, their joint venture will never have excess expenditure and will always show signs of profit.
  • Leo and Sagittarius
They can make a great duo and can work well under extreme pressure situation. They may disagree with decisions sometimes, but they can share a strong mutual respect.
  • Virgo and Sagittarius
If the business relates to something that is creative, then Virgos are the best option. Both of these zodiac signs have a streak of creativity and when placed together, they can go a long way.
  • Libra and Sagittarius
If these signs do not get attached, personally they can serve fairly well in a business. They will always have a relaxed way to approach things, but can get easily agitated during tough situations.
  • Scorpio and Sagittarius
They can work well on short-term projects, but something that requires years of dedication can prove lethal to their relationship.
  • Sagittarius and Sagittarius
Not every sign can get along with their zodiac, but Sagittarius is an exception to this norm. They make the BEST combination, and will always get along under any circumstance. As they are social and professional, they will combine to form a combo that will put every client in their kitty.
  • Capricorn and Sagittarius
“Made for each other” is the true quote for this business combination. Fun loving nature of Capricorns and the great vision of Sagittarians, will only take them forward to the highest level of successes.
  • Aquarius and Sagittarius
If the business is something related to selling or purchasing a product, then these two can get along like a “House on Fire”. They can easily intimidate their competition and can sell their goods at the big profit margin.

The verdict is that with the right zodiac sign and the right genre of business, they can excel in any field with great distinction. If you are a Sagittarian, go ahead and open your own venture and bask in the glory of your success.  

10 Tips for Your Date with a Sagittarian

Has the day arrived when you’ll be setting off on that much-awaited date of yours? Guys, are your shoes, shirt, pants – already? Girls, have you picked out the prettiest dressed and the finest pairs of heels that you have yet? Just before you head out to have a gala with your date, we’d like to stop you for a while. Trust us; it’s going to be worth it! If your date is a Sagittarian, here’s what we have for you. People have different behaviors, likes and dislikes based on their zodiac signs. Decoding your date’s personality in order to lay a fine impression on him or her is something you should try doing. For the one’s going out on a date with a Sagittarian anytime soon, we have listed out 10 tips which will help you smoothen out your date.

#1 Dress It up Right: Sagittarians are people for whom life is like a party. They love dressing up and quirky is their fashion statement. So, when you’re going on a date with a Sagittarians, make sure you’re dressed right. A lively dressing sense is what they love to see in their date. Ditch whites and blacks!
#2 Humor is the Key to their Heart: Fun-living and humorous, that’s how you define a Sagittarian. Try finding something funny about every situation when you’re with them. Your sense of humor is the best accessory that you can wear in order to impress them.
#3 Spread Your Positivity: Sagittarians are known for their positive attitude towards life. You need to match their spirits in order to accomplish your date with them. They have a thing for optimistic people. Adorn it and there you’ll have all the attention you ever needed!
#4 Be Confident: Sagittarians have a sweet-spot for confident people. This is the next cue for you. Confidence can seal the deal for you.
#5 Leave Your Mood Swings at Home: If you’re really into this person that you’re going on a date with mood swings and bad temperament is what you need to leave behind. One mood swing and they might never see you again.
#6 Be Adventurous: When you start talking, adventure is something you shouldn’t miss on. Talk to them about how you’ve taken a few adventure trips or are planning on. It’ll keep them interested in you.
#7 Limit the Seduction: When sweet turns spicy and the heat starts rising make sure you’re not overdoing things. Sagittarians isn’t receptive to too much seduction. They like keeping it sassy! #8 Don’t be Diplomatic: Dating a Sagittarius is all about being straight-forward. They don’t like to keep things twisted.
#9 Don’t Forget the Eye-Contact: This is again about being confident. Don’t lose their gaze. Eye-contact is what they love making.
#10 Be Yourself: Honesty is something Sagittarians appreciate. Make sure you’re being yourself and not some else when you’re dating them. Keep these 10 tips in mind and you’ll never go wrong while dating a Sagittarian.  

Six Awesome Ways to Snag a Sagittarius Man (And Maybe Even Keep Him)

Sagittarius is the luckiest sign of the zodiac. Lucky to be alive, that is. He’s the guy at work that makes fun of the boss to his face and somehow gets away with it. He trips over his own feet, falls on the ground, and finds a $100 bill under a garbage can. He gives you the best sex of your life, tiptoes out while you sleep, doesn’t call you back, and then greets you with a high-five weeks later as if nothing happened. This man likes to live on the edge. Now, you’re sure you want this lifelong bachelor? But alas: you do. You can get him for an hour or two, or maybe a whole night, but how do you actually keep him? Many have tried; few have succeeded. But there are ways, and they aren’t for the faint of heart. First and foremost, act like you don’t care what he does. You know how cats seem to like people who don’t like cats? That’s pretty much how Sag rolls. Don’t expect anything from them and they’ll stick around. Make demands and they hide under the sofa and vomit. Sag needs to think it’s free to come and go. He calls you, but he won’t answer your calls. He won’t tell you where he’s going or who he’s with. Let him come to you, and he’ll keep coming, over and over again. Just don’t play hard to get: pushing and pulling is too much work for him, and since you’re putting in the effort to play mind games, he knows he’s already won. Just be independent like the modern woman you are. Start a conversation about something most people would find uncomfortable to discuss. Sag doesn’t understand taboos or small talk. He doesn’t give a crap about your job what happened there unless you walked in on your boss masturbating. Then definitely tell him all about it. Sags just don’t take words seriously, the way that a fish doesn’t take a drop of water seriously while swimming in the ocean. So, whatever offends, infuriates, scandalizes, and confuses everyone else delights him. Just don’t tell him point-blank that you want to fuck him. That sounds too much like a commitment, and Sag doesn’t do commitment unless it is his idea Go out with him for an exotic meal and pig out. Sags eat until there’s nothing left. Chances are that he’s permanently banned from at least one buffet, so try a regular restaurant. He wants you to choose, because given the possibility of choosing just one thing to the exclusion of all others throws him into a panic. And he fully expects you to partake in the joy of eating something new and interesting. He thinks pretending that you live on salad and iced tea is a horrible LIE, and he’d rather not be the only one who gets food in his hair. He gets food in his hair, you know. Stay outside. Sags are claustrophobic. They’re fine in their own basement, but put them in a room where there’s no actual activity – like a party – and they either create something to entertain them, like a fight, or beeline for the door. They don’t like crowded spaces, and they handle that by drinking … a lot, so think twice before taking him to a Thanksgiving dinner with all 80 of your closest relatives. If you want to see Sag at his best, stay outdoors. Choose adventure and leave the heels at home. Sags likes to be outside and likes to be moving. They wander around, even when they don’t have to go anywhere. They’re at peace when they can move around on their own accord and take in the sights and sounds. They can duck into alleys and hide when the girl they were with last week comes walking by. Sag is perfectly content to spend the day hiking up a mountain, wandering the shops in Chinatown, or down the aisles at Wal-Mart at 3 a.m. on a weekday to see the locals in their natural habitat. Suggest a date that involves exploring a new neighborhood or hiking in the great outdoors and he’s game, especially if neither of you’ve been there before. Meet him online first. Online dating is perfect for Sag because keyboards have delete keys but mouths don’t. He has a better chance of not putting his foot in his mouth if he has to think about what he’s about to say. He’s a poet and a scholar behind the screen. You can’t see the barbeque sauce on his shirt, or the fact that he hasn’t showered in three days. Of course, he’ll clean up if you (ever) meet, but by then, you’re already in love with his adventurous, fiery soul.  

Best Gifts for a Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are happiest when outdoors, travelling or having fun. What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius? Should you buy a new set of golf clubs? If that is what your Sagittarius friend really enjoys that would be ideal, as well as appreciated. Likewise an impromptu picnic or an energetic hike to a picturesque waterfall would both be terrific dates that a Sagittarius lover would simply adore. These things make great birthday, Christmas or any time presents for a Sagittarius. But do you know what would really tickle their fancy the best? Guess! Sagittarius is passionate about anything that involves travel, whether it is a spontaneous exotic romantic island escape for two or a fun family vacation discovering the ancient pyramids in Egypt with the kids as well as trusty Fido along for the quest! The eternal traveler has a thirst for adventure that must be quenched from time to time. The more often, the better! What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius? Anything and everything to do with travel of course! Everyone knows that this roaming star sign absolutely loves travel and tourism, as well as having what we call itchy feet! Really itchy that must be scratched very regularly or else boredom will set in. You dont want to see this usually happy, upbeat traveler when he/she feels trapped. A one way all expenses paid round the world ticket, cruising or flying would be Sagittarius utopia. Believe it or not your Sagittarius lover, friend or partner will thoroughly appreciate anything that you choose as a gift because fro this fun loving personality type the fun is in opening the gift and satisfying that old Sagittarius curiosity. So do take acre with how you present your gift, because a beautifully wrapped present is half the fun of both giving and receiving presents. What are the best gifts for a Sagittarius apart from those related to things to do with travel?
Clothes: Try brown, yellow, blue and red garments.
Gems and jewels: Although the Sagittarius birthstone is the ruby, if this is too expensive also look at other red stones.
Comical Gifts & Gags: With such a great sense of humor your Sagittarius friend will appreciate joke books, a great comedy movie or how about tickets to see a comedian?
Books: They also love good quality collector edition books, especially travel guides, photographic panoramic landscapes and of course a good philosophical read.
The Great Outdoors: Dont forget that Sagittarians are well known for their sense of adventure, so if a holiday escape is out of the question they will love a fun filled day out at a theme park, kayaking, abseiling or parachuting.
The Archer: Sagittarius people also like sentimental pieces that remind you of them. Find a mug, belt buckle or even a t-shirt with a Sagittarius slogan splashed across it. They will absolutely love it! How about a handy travel mug for your buddy or Interlocking Heart Handle Mugs to enjoy your morning coffee together? Dont forget that this star sign does love to travel just about more than any other activity, so do try to accommodate that if possible, although this personality type appreciates your thoughts and kindness, regardless of what gift you choose to give.

Fashion statement of Sagittarians according to their style

In today’s era every person has his or her own fashion statement which adds a special charm to his/her personality. Likewise, every zodiac sign has its own unique and beautiful fashion statement which describes its overall personality in a colorful and stylish manner. The word ‘fashion’ simply does not only denote a sense with regards to dressing and hair styling with splendid matching latest accessories in trendy colors but also covers and impacts overall personality of the individual. According to the astrological point of view, every zodiac sign is fashion-conscious and looks smart and attractive when dressed in something that is compliments their personality and brings out the best in them.  Sagittarians too are fashion conscious and always style according to the latest fashion trends.  Sagittarian zodiac sign represents the sign of the archer. Archer sign does not include just one meaning but covers the large meanings in it. People born under this sign are very optimistic and cool people. Due to their attitude, they love to dress up according to their comfort zone for every occasion whether it is a casual or a formal one. They never go beyond their comfort zone to dress up in something that can create a big question mark on their fashion sense. Sagittarians are not deadly fashion-conscious but they always try to look trendy and try to keep up to the latest trends and look stylish and cool. These people fall into the category where people make an effort to look good throughout the day by choosing lavish and branded products. They make trendy fashion statements by choosing clothes in splendid colors to look sporty and attractive. Purple is the most lucky color for Sagittarians, therefore you will often and Sagittarian women dressed up in some shade of purples and carrying some beautiful and stylish clutch or handbag in purple color. Since they have a sporty attitude, Sagittarian men are often dressed in jeans and jackets presenting a sporty look that basically enhances their personality too and adds charm and a style quotient at the same time. The biggest fashion statement for the Sagittarians is that they love to dress up casually yet trendy but in a comfortable manner. For them comfort is the biggest fashion statement because if they wearing something stylish and trendy but not comfortable enough they will find themselves in a big messy situation. Sagittarians often wear designer outfits as they always like to dress up fashionable and stand out in a crowd. At the end, the gist about Sagittarians and their fashion lies in the fact that Sagittarians are not that much fashion conscious and crazy as compared to other zodiac signs. They love to wear anything that suits their personality and makes them comfortable. They are not that much of fad followers who always update their wardrobe every now and then according to the latest trends and stylish accessories in the markets all over the world.    

What kind of Music does a Sagittarian Prefer

Born between 22nd November and 22nd December, Sagittarius is considered a male sign. Their driving motto is harmony – they believe in giving equal importance to their minds and bodies and a balance of both during every action and adventure they undertake. They appreciate freedom and thus are lovers of art, especially music. They love to travel and this does not mean only physically travelling to some other location but delving deep into something which takes them to another place where they seek something unknown. Once they have achieved or found what they were looking for, they return to their roots and think of starting for someplace else. Music and other forms of art are their perfect companions for these journeys. On one hand, the Sagittarian is kind and on the other aggressive – not to cause any harm, but to achieve its targets. Thus, you will sometimes find a Sagittarian who is careless when it comes to gaining the leading position, turning a deaf ear to all advices and warnings. No, they are not people who take criticism and interference kindly and simply said, hate it! You are welcome in the life of a Sagittarian if you are not passing comments about his or her choice of career or colors of the walls of the house. They are fearless but not unreasonable or thoughtless like the Leos. Sagittarians are not multi-taskers – they can only do one job or concentrate on one thing at a time. This might be a negative or in fact a positive since the Sagittarian will give his complete concentration on the job he is doing at one point. They should be sure of and have complete awareness of what they are doing – unsure is not a feeling they enjoy. They also need to essentially believe in what they are involved in – they might not know where the trip is taking them to but they must know that the journey is exciting and rewarding. Sagittarians enjoy balance and harmony, as mentioned before and hence they like RnB music a lot. It allows them to groove and delve deep and takes them on a journey. They are also admirers of popular music or pop. Sagittarians like movies and their love for adventure might make soundtracks of films like ‘Kill Bill’ much enjoyable. Their love for adventure creates a love for stories that involve the same and hence the liking for music which goes with that kind of an ambience. If you have a Sagittarian friend and are thinking of gifting something to him or her on their special day, you can also try to give him a CD of jazz music- he might find the brass band style music appealing. Leonard Cohen and other poets who have sung very mood oriented tunes also attract Sagittarians, again because they speak of something adventurous, a journey, new experiences and depth. Sagittarians, particularly the outgoing kind might even think of performing on stage once in a while.  

Can Sagittarians tolerate cheating

Sagittarians are the most easy going sun sign of all, probably because of their own need of enjoyment and adventure, and the fact that they don’t sweat over petty issues. The main traits of a Sagittarian is that they love their freedom and adventure and as ruled by the element of fire they can move just as quickly and uncontrollably, from one thing to another in no time. That being said it nowhere implies that Sagittarians can’t withstand commitment, he or she may be difficult to pin down but once in love there is no looking back. Sagittarius makes an excellent partner due to their positive and outgoing nature and the kind heart that is willing to do anything to make sure their loved ones are happy. They are selfless and do not expect favors in return. They treat others the way they want to be treated and do not interfere in others life, this makes them so agreeable. A Sagittarian speaks what’s on their mind and does not bother to hold back a thought, they are known for speaking the “bitter truth”. They do not like to play mind games, they are straightforward and expect it in return. Sagittarius are not very emotional and neither easy to piss off they are usually very happy-go-lucky people, but that does not mean they can’t get serious, they just tend to be less stressed all the time. That being said, it does not mean that they do not get angry, it just takes a lot of time for someone to actually hurt them as they do not bother about small stuff. They may get hurt by a careless selfish action, but not for long. They don’t dwell on hurt because it is a waste of their energy, though forgiveness may come along with a nice dose of imperiousness. Perhaps it is more likely that he or she will no longer want to stick around, their personal space and freedom is so important to them, they may not want to go through the trouble of working out on the problems and falling prey to the same situation again. A special exception would be a Sagittarius with Venus in Scorpio. If you’ve hurt them, they surely would be hunting you down for your life. The dire need of not being held back for a Sagittarian is generally misunderstood and may come as suspicious to some. Though that is not the case, once committed, a Sagittarius is unlikely to cheat and would expect the same, of course there may be some exceptions. Now, weather they forgive or not depend on the level of damage done, they will not ponder over small issues for long. However if cheated it may take much longer and create a scene, they eventually will learn to let go but may not readily take you back. Or in some cases move on quicker than you expect, mending broken things is just too much trouble for them. Although, Sagittarians are very forgiving and let most of your deeds slide along, but there will be a point when enough is going to be enough for them.  

Ego factor in a Sagittarian

Born between November 23 and December 21, this fire sign has a strong ego. Unlike the rest of the fire signs Aries and Leo, have a much greater ego so much that it often comes as stubbornness. Sagittarians are much calmer and would not be as short tempered. Archers may think that they are more smart than others which is much likely to be true, since they possess a great deal of knowledge about almost everything which they might have just picked up during a random conversation or surfing through TV channels. Even if they don’t, they are likely to impress you by their big words making you believe in their intelligence. They are most likely not lying and actually believe that they are more knowledgeable than others. Sagittarians think highly of themselves, they may not be hurt easily, but it does not imply that you can walk off after doing anything with them. They may be the most chirpy and happy-go-lucky signs of all but can be very stubborn in some cases.  If you hurt him in some way or put him/her out in public they will make sure that everyone knows of all your faults and wrong deeds that you have done to them. They are not the once to let go of an issue very easily that might have hurt their ego, unless of course they think it’s a waste of their precious time and energy. You might expect them to be modest and humble, but instead get an arrogant and self centered person who believes that he is high above everyone else which they obviously are not. They think the world owes them everything and they like to be the centre of attraction, thus generally hanging out in a large group and boasting of their intellect. Anyone trying to get them off their high alter will have a run for their life. They generally know their worth but try to show much more of it, that also means that boasting there ego unnecessarily or just to get them to do some work may backfire at times. The main reason for a Sagittarian’s high and strong ego is there intellectual qualities and their know-it-all nature. Often due to their capability to attract attention of a large gathering or that special someone, Sagittarians will not appreciate anyone who shows them the mirror of their superficial nature and may either cut off from that person instantly or in some cases, create issue of the fact and manage to trouble the person a great deal. Their ego may sometimes be such, that it impairs their understanding of themselves and come out as snobbish, illogical and hypercritical. There overconfidence, bluntness, aggressiveness, love of freedom and the ability to see things as they are may seldom portray as ego to a lot of people. But neither you nor Sagittarians themselves can change this inherent trait of their existence, rather, they take pride in this attribute.

Does Sagittarian like being seduced

Sagittarians are easily the most attractive personalities. Born under the zodiac sign emphasizing half man and half centaurs, and archers, it is important to aim right when it comes to seducing people of this sun sign. The Sagittarian man is flirtatious and fickle while the Sagittarian woman is free willed and fun loving. Both the Sagittarian man and woman are viscously protective of their freedom and are capable of becoming bored rather easily. They are commitment phobic but once they are certain that the relationship will not in any way cause them to lose their freedom, they are very romantic and dependable. Both the Sagittarian man and woman like to be approached, as well as like the chase in getting together with the person they like. If there is a Sagittarian man or woman you like, well, you need to strategize. The objective is to keep them interested and entertained. Keep them guessing and you have them. Sagittarians like to be pampered and appreciate the effort gone into planning things around them. You need to not necessarily go all out always. They know how to appreciate the little joys as well. They are adventurous and like a good adrenalin rush, so you could plan a first date around a camping trip. Let them sweat it out and enjoy their company while they do. Be ready for last minute travel plans, impromptu packing and leaving for vacations. Spontaneity keeps these fire signs going. Sagittarian women do like a quiet date, but they disapprove of flashy and public display of affection. If a Sagittarian woman had caught your attention, first you must catch her attention. Wait out until she is alone and you can approach her. They are intellectuals and like a nice conversation. They can talk about anything under the sun and have an opinion about everything. Instead of laying all your cards out on the table in the first meeting, be mysterious. Intrigue her. Everybody likes a little game. While taking her out to dinner, do not always insist on paying. Split the check. She likes being able to pay for herself; it ensures she still has her liberties in place. You do not want her to think otherwise. It is perfectly fine to be chivalrous, but with Sagittarians, one has to strike a balance. Albeit Sagittarians think many more times about committing to another person, but once you receive their commitment, they do not stray. They do not cheat. They can be radically honest with their opinions and their actions; and it sets them apart. A Sagittarian likes being seduced, in the most sensuous and thoughtful way, unlike most other zodiac signs. Of course, being with them may seem quiet an effort, but they are worth every effort you make. They are fun and cheerful and the life of the party. They are smart, honest and caring. The objective, around a Sagittarian, is always to make the relationship stick. They need seduction on a daily basis in that sense.  

Who is more active in Sex-Sagittarian Men or Women

The fiery Sagittarius is not all that fiery when it comes to sex. Not to say that they are not sexually active, but, meaning, that Sagittarians are not rough and rowdy and fast paced when it comes to sex. They like to take it slow and believe in enjoying the journey rather than reaching the destination. They believe in seduction and attractively and aim to satisfy their partners completely in the process. Don’t target a Sagittarius if you want to get physical post the very first date – that is very likely to happen. Instead, choosing outdoorsy locations, involving thrilling activities as part of your date will keep your Sagittarian more glued. Let’s see what traits the Sagittarian man and the Sagittarian woman show when it comes to sex.

The Sagittarian Man
He is a passionate lover who loves flirting and foreplay. The adventurer in him is always on the lookout for something new and it turns them on if their partner can take them to some place new, both physical and metaphorical. This applies well to their sexual life as well – Sagittarian men will enjoy sex in new positions, new places and undoubtedly new feelings they get out of it. Since they often set out on journeys on their own, they are excited by a woman who is not afraid to make the first move. Expect the unexpected with the Sagittarian man as he can suddenly tear your clothes in the hotel bathroom and have some hot exchange when you were planning to just turn on the geyser. They like the experimental sex and a quickie with the Sagittarian man will never fail to keep him hooked.

The Sagittarian Woman
Equally passionate and erotic, the Sagittarian woman is difficult to please – all because of the same reasons as with the man. However, the woman is somewhat more demanding since she looks forward to complete satisfaction of her needs more. Not calling a Sagittarian woman selfish, but she takes less charge of things in sex as compared to a Sagittarian man. She can get bored easily and seeks innovation, novelty and imagination at every step of the ride. New places and new positions tick her greatly. Variety is what she loves most. She enjoys sex and wants creativity in it too. She keeps exciting plans in her mind for sex and hopes she finds the right partner to implement them someday. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly see her in a new sexy camisole, years after your marriage. Surprise is what she is all about. You have to be bold and brainy both in and outside bed to keep her with you for a long time.  She enjoys cuddling, both before and after so there more than just the act itself. If you are not paying attention to these details, you will be turning your head to an empty room – she will leave the instant she smells boredom.  

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