Tibetan Astrology

The astrologer will use his abilities in a Tibetan village to recommend almost everything: From climate to harvest, check whether or not two individuals are going to marry and to deal with significant company. Should the results be negative, it is often advisable for spiritual methods to remove barriers that monks from the local monastery would carry out. A document traditionally

Tibetan Astrology came from various traditions: Indian, Chinese, Bon, and Buddhist Kalachakra tantra. Astrology has traditionally been one of five Tibetan high-school fields. Not only does it relate to divination, it also applies to studying time cycles, the Tibetan chronology and calendar collection. The almanac calendar is still very important to ensure that the daily activities of Tibetans are in harmony with the universe.

Tibetan Astrology originated traditions Indian Chinese local Bon religion Buddhist Kalachakra tantra Traditionally astrology secondary sciences Tibet concerns divination study time cycles Tibetan chronology compilation calendar The calendar form almanac daily life Tibetans ensure daily activities tune cosmos general days week month considered auspicious specific activities marriage hanging prayer flags cutting hair day relates specific astrological chart day birth Furthermore position planets cycles elements determine good bad fortune good bad health Tibetan village astrologer skills advise people weather time harvest verify people marry business deals case outcome negative religious practices advised remove obstacles carried monks local monastery Traditionally doctor Tibetan medicine Amchi studied Astrology determine timing treatment consequence villages Tibetan doctor astrologer local Buddhist teacher person visit general advice birth child charts checked special rituals required ward negative planetary influences Also death chart prepared decide exact performance funeral Improper performance result problems family deceased Tibetan astrology linked religion Tibetan medical practitioners study astrology religious texts determine timing medication Tibetan Naktsi astrology Chinese origins Kartsi astrology Indian origins The Tibetan astrology combination Indian Chinese methods greater essential spiritual derived Chinese technical element coming Indian The Indian technical ephemerides lunar tables called Kar Tsi Chinese spiritual called Jung Tsi The Tibetans short calculation ability borrowed planetary tables Indians depend planetary ephemerides They great year cycle animal signs fivefold element sequence wood earth iron water forms Chinese astrology Jung Tsi The Kar Tsi Indian Kalachakra The quintessential portion Indian Tibetans division lunar month equal parts called tithis Indian Tibetan astrology lunar based Sun planets secondary position Moon One Tibetan birthday solar birthday yearly return fact lunar phase angle day born Thus birthday celebrated day lunar month birth place Astrologers general enjoy manipulating cycles numbers The Tibetans lack planetary calculations manipulation cycles Tibetan astrology numbers counted combinations complicated procedure requires astrologer The net result Tibetan calculation portent western methods The chief exception generalization lunar cycle day day life Tibetan excels great deal offer Westerners West awareness lunar cycle lost TIBETAN NAMELESS RELIGION ORIGINFrom ancient nameless religion Tibet preserved current Tibetan astrology relates Five Individual Forces vitality Sok life potential bodily health Wangthang personal power Lungta wind horse energies person These energies relate Chinese animals elements force Horse Wood This unique Tibet establish yearly horoscopes The moves body monthly cycle Wangthang element element rules year Chinese astrology When forces weak numerous specific practices prescribed strengthen force saving lives animals reciting mantras performing special rituals exorcism img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 astrosymbols jpg alt Astrological Symbols width height Page symbols Tibetan astrological text tibetart BON ORIGINSThe Bon religion established Tibet introduction Buddhism Over centuries appears Buddhist practices root Bon reverse For familiar robes iconography rituals hard spot difference Astrology Bon Methods divination warding negative influences astrological calculations medical diagnosis The types astrological calculation systems David Snellgrove The mirror magical horoscopesThe circle Parkhas trigrams Mewas magic squares colours Chinese originThe Wheel Time Kalachakra ElementsThe Jushak method calculation interdependenceA Bon deity called Balchen Geko govern time existence respect deity analogous Kalachakra Buddhism The Tibetan works day lunar year cycles years year longer days days doubled skipped complicated manner calendar fit observations occasionally extra month introduced img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 astrothangka1 jpg alt Tibetan astrology chart width height Move mouse image explanation The image aspects discussed belly Chinese Tortoise center Mewas surrounded Trigrams Animals The fold Powerful Symbol Kalachakra left Chenrezig Manjushri Vajrapani CHINESE ORIGINSFrom Chinese astronomy astrology originate concepts Trigrams Ching Magic Squares Mewas cycles years Animals elements duality Yin Yang The traditional explanations princess Kongyo introduced Chinese astrology Tibet earlier influences Two main Tibetan systems Chinese origin Naktsi black astrology referring Tibetan China black area astrology elements Jungtsi Five ElementsThe Chinese elements agents Earth Water Fire Wood Metal elements constitute universe Indian astrology Earth Water Fire Air Ether The Chinese elements natural dynamic forces transformation energies constantly interacting The names relate objects refer affinities lead positive neutral negative relations Too specific element dangerous They direction time year Earth relates periods start season intermediate directions Wood dominates spring East Fire summer South Metal autumn West Water winter North Each element specific relation activity colour planet organ The elements specific relationships Mother Son Friend Enemy They feminine masculine polarity Yin Yang Twelve AnimalsThe animals Rat Cow Tiger Hare Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Bird Dog Pig relate hours days months years Each animal element represents life force direction specific sex personality treats The animals difficult levels Each year combination animal element This leads cycles years Also years alternatingly male female Nine MewasThe moles coloured islands derived Ching Chinese numerology Each Mewas colour direction element For whites metal Each day month year Mewas Eight Trigrams Parkhas These represent equivalent Chinese kua form basis Ching turn kua based concept Yin Yang They Fire Earth Metal Sky Water Mountain Wood Wind They extension theory Five Elements INDIAN ORIGINS Tibetan astrology influenced Indian sources Chinese Analogous India white area rise term white astrology Early Indian civilisation cultural interchange reflected identical zodiac Mesopotamians signs houses widespread decans Later differences occurred systems moved early sidereal zodiac preserved Indian tradition Far history Chinese Indian common origins Similarities Chinese lunar constellations Indian Naksatras Vedas lunar nodes Rahu Ketu Signs zodiacThe Indian based observation sun moon planets Western astrology The sky night appears globe dotted stars surrounding earth During year sun moves expanse stars completes cycle This cycle divided sections called signs zodiac Western astrology cycles sun seasons Tibeto Indian cycles sun stars small difference Over centuries difference complete sign accumulated For rest signs Western Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Leo Virgo Libra Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Aquarius Pisces The general explanation signs Western Two major differences relation parts body fact Indian signs divided day night signs indicating influence strongest Lunar mansionsIndian astrology mentions lunar mansions Naksatras comprises adjacent constellations covers constellations Each mansions Indian element Wind Fire Water Earth Tibetan lunar mansions connected Chinese elements directions img class alignleft src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 planets jpg alt Planet orbits Mount Meru width height PlanetsBoth signs zodiac lunar mansions ruled planet order Ketu Venus Sun Moon Mars Rahu Jupiter Saturn Mercury Ketu Rahu nodes moon The ruling planets signs Western astrology KALACHAKRAThe Kalachakra tantric extensive religious practice medical knowledge core familiar concept correspondence outer universe physical mental processes humans describes interaction human cosmic phenomena time builds complete Indian astrology Interestingly tradition elements Indian astrology merges Chinese principles The Tibetans started adopt year cycle 1027 taught Kalachakra tantra Chinese tradition BUDDHISMOne Tibetan culture influenced Buddhism Even myths buddhified ages Tibet teacher lama monk layman local astrologer When living monastery responsible establishing calendar religious practices festivals The legend Tibetan Astrology Philippe Cornu based manifestation Buddha called Manjushri image personification wisdom insight Tibetan teachers invoke Manjushri commencement astrological undertaking age kalpa future universe immense chaos Manjushri caused giant golden turtle mind turtle emerged waters primordial ocean Seeing dream universe formation required stable base Manjushri pierced flank turtle golden arrow The injured animal turned sank ocean blood excrement arose constituent elements universe The created thenceforth rested flat belly turtle Manjushri wrote secrets times form sacred hieroglyphic signs Tibetan astrology religion regarded practical method reduce uncertainty suffering The correct motivation astrologer compassion wanting free suffering astrologer spiritual practitioner medical doctor Buddhist teacher Tibetan Buddhist medical trantric traditions astrology regarded superstition practical tool understand heal body mind gross subtle subtle levels experience sicknesses misfortunes outer secret astrological reactions malevolent celestial influences astrological methods tantric mantric power balance disturbed opposing celestial energies create harmony celestial forces represented divinities constellation planets Lama Gangchen Self Healing LGPPThis calendar based Tibetan Astrology calculated midday Europe advice point days weeks planets considered generally favourable favourable tibetan astrological signs FavourableNon FavourableMouseWednesday Mercury Saturday Saturn OxSaturday Saturn Thursday Jupiter TigerThursday Jupiter Friday Venus RabbitThursday Jupiter Friday Venus Dragon Sunday Sun Thursday Jupiter SnakeTuesday Mars Wednesday Mercury HorseTuesday Mars Elements Tibetan Astrology The manipulation animal signs elements parkhas mewas takes considerable skill calculation moreexpertise interpretation What complex claims explain status quo itsWestern counterpart interpretation firm conclusions seldom drawn view Western observers East tendency fatalism resignation fate hasdelivered For instance Tibetan lamas teachers interested astrology ofusing lunar cycle plan time events Buddhist mind personality makeup great For nomatter makeup good bad remedy remains mind practice form fact East personality psychology West Those East needto flirt deeper areas mind long introduced matter Keep mind reincarnation accepted belief India Tibet matter greater ofthe key belief continuity consciousness West awareness cycles evident majority Astrologers attempt bring public attention society conclusion pushed solution Buddhist countries long trained theanalysis emotions desires reexamining emotional personality issues beenclarified ancient times Instead expanding awareness person happy sad suchpersonal issues focusing root problems sufferings assumed childhood Outline Major Tibetan TechniquesHere major calculation techniques Tibetan astrologer Cosmic Tortoise DiagramThe Wheel Twelve Signs Century Birth Animal Table Sign Polarity Triangles Thun Sun Opposites Phung Sun Dun Zur Shi Sey Brief Sign Descriptions Sign PowerThe Five Elements Relationship Table Good Friends Filial AntagonisticMajor Life Factors Life Force Power Bodily Health Luck SoulTibetan Yearly Calendar Months Year Days Month Hour DayThe Eight Parkhas Four Good Directions Four Bad Directions Month Direction Descending Parkhas Birth Parkha Mik Spot Dur Mik Death Spot The Nine Mewas The Magic Square Birth Mewa Descending Mewa Daily Mewa Nine Mewas DescribedLog Men turning DeuDay Week CyclesLunar Related Data Lunar Day Month Lunar Days Travel LosarDar GheLo KhakShi SheyThe Seven ObstaclesThe Four Mewa ObstaclesTurtle HeadDiagrams Turtle Head common writings Tibetan astrology Often diagram drawn theunderside called Celestial Tortoise This tortoise represents universe China Tibet The uppershell dome heaven underside inscribed essential elements astrological mandala Thisdiagram wheel animal signs elements directions colors img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology jpg width height data pin hover true The Wheel SignsThe wheel animal zodiac ancient arising central Asia incorporated Chinese Thecalendar Chinese entered Tibet year Chinese Princess Kong whomarried Buddhist king Tibet The Tibetan wheel animals fold division Western counterpart zodiac Unlike West people signs determined solar calendar East sign determined year ofbirth The cycle animals rotates strict succession year year The order animals Mouse Tiger Hare Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Bird Dog Pig Each animal sign qualities general public Animal sign birth years follow These years measured birthday January year Instead measured thebeginning Tibetan New Year fluctuating point marks moon nearest February note occasion start Tibetan Chinese New Years differ entire month The animalof birth year central Tibetan Chinese systems calculation common form ofcounting time The year animal cycle repeats year year The animal signs divided male female signs Sign PolarityMale Animal SignsFemale Animalyear cycle counts year wood mouse year cycle water pig year Atthat point mewa year black making ready year white thestart major cycle Any number center diagram ascending numbers order The Nine Magic Squares img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_6 jpg width height data pin hover true The Nine Mewas Karmic Relationships Here rough translations general meaning mewas Traditionally birthmark associatedwith mewa probable length life specific dharma practice mantra mewa White The length life years There difficult times life birthmark mole left handed The practice involves obtaining Chenresik statue loving kindness compassion practicing thissadhana The mantra mani padme hum Either child child turns carries thegeneration travels lot Good social work benefited male brave female strongone Could children Likes Snakes protector Difficult children meaning good kids happen Possessions jobs unstable bad tempered buthas good mind difficult early life longer life clean person physically likes whitethings milk butter Black The length life years There bad periods There birthmark hand arm theheartside neck The practice Vajrapani strength clearing obstacles Become vajra indestructible Get statue Vajrapani stupa Mantra vajra pani hum child born easy tocare easy child sick child nice speech bad mind dark appearance meanand horrible Always sad good likes monk member Bon religion heis strong practitioner likes meat alcohol friends loves seldom opportunityto result sick adult hard cure Blue The length life years There difficult periods There birthmark calf left leg Thesuggested practice Vajrasattva dorje sempa practice Vajrasattva purifies removes limitations obstacles imperfections mind Mantra vajra sattva hum likes sleep strong mind muchinstability life bit greedy work concentrate skip male willtalk female tend sad difficult change Blame good Hemay wives husbands children die country paralysis Green The length life years There difficult periods thigh black circle birthmark The practiceis Vajrapani strength clearing obstacles Become vajra indestructible Get statue ofVajrapani stupa Mantra vajra pani hum avoid funerals Cleanliness nagas snakes bad disease likes travel deep mind bad Perhaps difficulty children property farmland The life unstable lot downs There sadness Peoplegossip good credit finds littleopportunity rise Whatever stays The nagas protector vegetarian children wedding Yellow The length life years There difficult periods His birthmark nervousness Thesuggested practice Shakyamuni Buddha called diamond vehicle cutting vajra Mantra Tadyata munemune mahamuni shakyamunaye swaha This dharma person This astrologer mewa monk monk Hewas monk life reborn noble family life Here devoted person stable mind Veryintelligent religious Obedient parents customs carries traditions travelmuch birthplace protector coming ancestors alittle bit angry strong dreams protector angry hard Before monk wasa saint normal dharma teacher talks lot misses point smart quick thinker Should bea religious person life restless moving high expectations alwayshelps enemies They gossip children wealth form ofproperty houses land live long religious virtuous educated His possessions somewhatunstable female gossip angry difficult good stablemind Tends diseases gall bladder heart attack White The length life years There difficult periods There birthmark calf left leg Thepractice suggested long life purification deity Vijaya Vsnisa Tsuk Tor Nam Gyal Mantra amritaa yur dade swaha intelligent His mood appearance changing travels lot female willhave nice speech mind good Receives protection local deities Possibly poor living birthplace build greater parents seldom sick sick hard cure relatives offer There willbe enemies good blamed children Children possiblyhandicapped There power family wife powerful bad tempered Red The length life years There difficult periods birthmark backside chest The practiceis tara green Tara healing protection wealth good birth Mantra tare tuttare ture swaha Iffemale likes sleep married long likes fight strong body ruddy complexion Possibly succumb sudden disease Could die love meat His generation alwaysshows suicide murder Seven children The life unstable White The length life years There difficult periods birthmark cheek The suggestedpractice Shakyamuni Buddha called diamond vehicle cutting vajra Mantra Tadyata mune munemahamuni shakyamunaye swaha avoid dirty stay clean There protection local deities goto place born Pleasant Good hands arts crafts Older life youngerlife religious virtuous Could children Elegant people The bad people Could tendency gossip causing bad relations Maroon The length life years There difficult periods There birthmarks face neck left leg Suggested practice Manjushri development mind intellect Mantra ara patsa dhi imageof holding glorious flowers hands flowers rich man Could orgreedy His older life young life Very brave live born Wealth includes cows animals livestock general Has wealth care obstacles destroy This good mewa females monks Bon img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_7 jpg width height data pin hover true Birth MewaThe birth mewa calculated counting current year mewa center agesign Note thatbirth year year measured Tibetan New Year moon nearestFebruary year The result birth mewa The current year mewa equals birth mewa current year mewa birth mewa tocause current year difficult This true birth mewa current year descending mewa thesame year good calculation descending mewa calculate descending mewa place birth mewa thecenter magic square count center east left number Then count counter clockwise birthzodiac animal male sign count clockwise birth zodiac animal female animal zodiac sign Count agesign count center counting number The result descending mewa When counting alwaysremember Tibetan person year age birth Western age The meanings descending mewa current year 8Iron Good2Black Bad worst 3Blue good 5Medium astrologer 9Almost goodGood descending order goodness Bad descending order badness 2being worst Mewa DailyOne calculate mewa day lunar month The refers day zodiac animalmonth For day snake month The mewa ruled Tiger Monkey Pig Snake Start counting White The mewa ruled Mouse Horse Bird Hare Start counting Green The mewa ruled Sheep Dog Dragon Start counting red These mewa occur signs For signs start counting mewa counteach day lunar month direction For day snake month start White Log Men Not Turning Back LogMen turning coming This calculated differently males females For males alwaysstart sign tiger element son birth power element Remember element iscounted The sign element combination corresponds age sign Log men Females start themonkey sign mother birth power element count reverse direction current agesign That signand element Log Men For males Log Men sign Dog called Nam Door Sky sign Pig called Door Earth Nam avoid climbing high places year avoiddigging foundation work ground year For females sign Dragon marks Nam andthe sign Snake marks year DeuThis integral Tibetan astrology awarding zeros good marks bad marks forthe current year major elements Life force power bodily health luck soul This Keg Tsi isthe yearly calculation life obstacles complex worth working compare major birth elements current yearelements For power element current year power element Mother birth powermark 000 rating Friend birth powermark 2nd Son birth powermark 4th Enemy birth powermark 6th good calculate major elements year Days WeekThe day moon day month day week color month thetone quality planet day sun Sunday Also son day element equally powerful forthat month The mother element medium powerful friend enemy bad entire month img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_8 jpg width height data pin hover true Example Sunday day month Sunday month powerful Sundayis friend enemy good dampens day month Further day month falls Sunday planet sun element Therefore son isearth earth powerful month The mother wood wood medium powerful month The friend offire iron enemy water Fire water bad month Day Week CyclesDepending animal sign year birth days week special significance Accordingto John Reynolds 1978 Tibetan Astrological Calendar Days good considered auspiciousfor undertaking projects business activities days bad considered inauspicious forany activity addition birth good day long life birth bad day portends earlydeath Using animal sign year birth enter table img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_9 jpg width height data pin hover true Lunar Days MonthCertain days month auspicious inauspicious person There favorable days month called foundation days power days success days There unfavorable days called obstacle days disturbance days enemy days general advised care business thefavorable days avoid enterprises unfavorable days The numbers table refer lunar days themonth sign img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_10 jpg width height data pin hover true According Reynolds Calendar When monthly weekly cycles oppose day theformer powerful planetary energies monthly cycle opposing forces manifest lunar day complement Lunar days Good making offerings requests high personages vows religious practices ingeneral obtaining desired Lunar days Excellent days strong firm actions good construction obtaining high offices Lunar days Days quickness clarity skill cleverness indicative success competitions Lunar days Very bad reaction days unethical activities succeed moral action Lunar days Generally good activities marriages large purchases collections teaching initiation blessings building ceremonies general Lunar days Barren Many events occur Neither good bad building meditation practice certainceremonies Nothing undertaken midnight Lunar Days TravelAccording Reynolds Calendar lunar days good travel Here list offers Lunar days Generally goodLunar days UnsuccessfulLunar days Good businessLunar days One travelLunar days Fine travelLunar days Disturbing emotionsLunar days Success covering long distancesLunar days Fruitful travelLunar days SpiritualLunar days WisdomLunar days Activity benefits oneLunar days One travelTibetan New Year SarLo Sar Tibetan New Year nearest moon February moons Sar sunrise moon day Dar ghe increasing XWorst len breath XWorst Gnal ney conception 0Good worst Lue Dzog Body Complete term 0Good worst Tse Birth 00Good Medium True Jay Bathing baby current year sign seventh birth sign called Dun Zur bad current year isthe sign Dragon Monkey good current year element birth element thenthis good SHI SHEYShi Shey refers signs birth year sign current year signs thenit called Shi Shey good Also current year sign count months ofthat year sign called black months months Tiger Monkey Pig Snake wholemonth black days worst days days month signs Mouse Horse Bird Hare days month tenth twentieth thebad month signs Sheep Dog Dragon days month bad All days arecalculated moon current year Tiger Monkey Pig Snake year mewa Black thenthe year black year The Seven ObstaclesQuite bit called obstacles Each eventualities entire current year Sarto Sar list Current year sign refers animal zodiac sign current year current year sign One birth year signIf current year sign Opposite birth year signIf current year sign Animal sign adjacent birth year animal sign PLUS element birthyear element For Snake Dragon Horse current year sign One Destroyers Friends wife husband descending Parkha current year current year animal sign Sign year fatheror grandfather diedIf descending Parkha Birth Parkha Tibetan Astrology ZodiacPage Tibetan Astrology originated from several different traditions: Indian, Chinese, the local Bon religion, and the Buddhist Kalachakra tantra.

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