Why Astrology Works

The mere mention of astrology is sufficient in our modern era of science and rationality to evoke a wide variety of social responses. For many, the word astrologer calls pictures of hippies, new-age sorcerers, so-called spirits or various others to mind. On the other side, rulers and emperors have used their hidden astrological understanding to their excellent advantage throughout history.

Politicians and magistrates, famous celebrities from around the world, strong business people and financiers from New York and London City to Moscow and Hong Kong still use astrology to direct them in making significant choices. So what is the subject of astrology, and how can it be used to assist you? read the responses to the issues. Read on.

Humanity has tried to grasp its earthly knowledge since ancient times. Their first contribution to this knowledge may have been to raise their eyes to the sky to marvel at and to specify the occurrences to come. The sky was able to say tales, omens were there. It predicted climate circumstances that influenced transport, hunting and agriculture in turn. The rising and fall of these two majestic objects, the Sun and the Moon, were measured by daylight and darkness. The ancients used the heavens as their model. The so-called “Wise People” included people who studied in detail planet and star models and watched how they could be used as signs.

Modern astrologers still use much of the same terminology and symbolism because astrology is still unchanged by modern science. It is not surprising that we did not even start to comprehend how electromagnetic waves and radioactive substances of other stars could affect lives here, but how items like mass coronal expulsions of the sun have a negative effect upon earth.

Why Astrology Works Astrology modern age science rationality mere mention astrology evoke broad range reactions spectrum society For people term astrologer summons mind images hippies age witches called psychics variety charlatans frauds hand kings emperors history secret knowledge astrology great benefit day politicians judges famous celebrities powerful businessmen financiers New York City London Moscow Hong Kong astrology guide decisions astrology ancient science read discover answers questions First tackle common myths misconceptions astrology Astrology magic This bears repeating astrology magic The science underlying practice astrology based thousands years empirical good science understanding astrology continues evolve improve Just alchemy paved development modern science respected scientific method astrology lead greater understanding energies permeate Universe ebb flow affect terrestrial life Astrology age fad signs shady tarot palm reading shops traveled Europe Eastern Europe encountered gypsies wells hocking fortune telling astrology services exorbitant prices Unfortunately people charlatans frauds intentioned delusional capabilities occasionally genuine astrologer vast majority individuals snake oil salesmen women case Real astrology ancient science practiced respected individuals history including modern day You won real astrologers hocking services exaggerated claims false promises gimmicky promotions simply And legitimate astrologers sell crystals essential oils natural products wouldn mile New Age shop Many doctors lawyers teachers professionals fields astrology aspect lives Astrology based superstitious mumbo jumbo Much confusion surrounding astrology legitimate science stems fact astrologers historically great symbolism allegory communicate understanding position stars impacts terrestrial life Modern astrologers terminology symbolism simply modern science catch astrology starting study understand impact mass coronal ejections sun impact life Earth surprise haven begun understand electromagnetic waves radioactive energies stars impact life Astrology easy This bit double edged statement hand principles underlie practice astrology simple easy grasp hand nighttime sky time city accurate readings astrological chart dozen aspects relationships consideration astrology complex difficult accurate detailed Remember kings emperors mentioned politicians celebrities market shaping financiers Well astrology benefit afford pay services skilled astrologers When powerful businessman India good company merger astrologer hires days weeks select opportune time Good astrology takes time effort planets stars celestial bodies positions relationships considered Since prehistoric times humankind attempted fathom earthly experience Their gesture understanding cave dweller lifting eyes heavens speculation forthcoming events The sky stories held omens foretold weather conditions turn travel hunting agriculture Daylight darkness measured rise fall majestic objects Sun Moon The ancients sky blueprint action The called Wise People study patterns planets stars observed signposts Observations Mother Nature mirrored events heavens Shellfish activity rhythms tides coincided phases moon Seafaring peoples lacking compasses North Star constellations navigation The Egyptians repeatedly observed Nile flooded time star Sirius rose Sun The clockwork ancients observed sky shaped defined annual calendars Moreover time honored celestial phenomenon worked But work What direct correlation earth sky astronomy study planets stars astrology fell definition transcendentalist Ralph Waldo Emerson simply astronomy applied affairs men British astronomer Percy Seymour wrote startling book entitled Astrology Evidence Science predictions horoscopes explained logically tested scientifically wagered professional standing espousing theory result endured criticism The science astrology stranger intolerant criticism considered laughing matter Rob Hand astrologer author founder Astrolabe claims The media deal astrology laugh track Seymour earned master doctoral degrees astrophysics served senior lecturer Royal Observatory Greenwich England principal lecturer astronomy Plymouth Polytechnic Institute southwest England director planetarium expected people objection theory Seymour concedes didn expect reaction vehement irrational Some colleagues Polytechnic Royal Astronomical Society simply dismiss idea reading book evidence Meanwhile scientists respected scientists evoked cosmos theories short bizarre explain extinction dinosaurs That But proppose theory astrology people assume mad Seymour looked askance astrology 1984 BBC crew interviewed opinion astrology His reply standard question whas knew evidence support aspects personally mechanism explain planets sun moon affect human life began rethink pat answer perpetual question discovered mechanism serve missing link cosmos humans His theory astrology plain simple astrology mystical magical magnetic explained tumultuous activity sun churned lather motions planets borne earthward solar wind perceived earth magnetic field grow mother wombs The initial evidence validity astrology Seymour embraced work Michel Gauquelin French psychologist statistician rigorous method testing astrology placement planets horoscope conclusive actual Sun sign components sum parts 1951 armed birth data French doctors selected Academie Medecine Gauquelin progress Having painfully worked hand position planets hour birth doctor statistical compilation findings Suddenly presented extraordinary fact doctors born skies common humanity They chosen roughly hours rise culmination planets Mars Saturn Moreover tended avoid born rise culmination planet Jupiter After long fruitless search confronted astonishing observing daily movement planets Gauquelin tested method subjecting scrutiny charts doctors elected Academie Medecine calculated positions Mars Saturn Once doctors chose rise culmination planets coming Once avoided born Jupiter moving sector sky The Gauquelin sector referring quadrant horoscope extends 10th house 12th Gauquelin discovery led theory planetary heredity point bears resemblance Seymour theory astrology perceived earth magnetic field grow mother wombs Sixteen years 000 charts Gauquelin published book Hérédité Planétaire Children tendency born planet risen culminated planet regions sky birth parents Certainly pronounced tendency bearing mind great number births examined probability chance produced planetary similarities generation falls Thus Gauquelin refuted Kepler 1598 convince theory astral heredity Behold kinships births You conjunction Sun Mercury son Mercury Sun You trine Saturn Moon Moon Saturn sextile Your Venus opposition Kepler simplistic propositions lacked access thousands birth times Gauquelin procure discovering mechanism explain planets Sun Moon affect human life Seymour claims Gauquelin planetary heredity findings theory concerned This based objectively measurable quantities planetary positions birth times opposed personality traits They physical agency involved knew Gauquelin effects exaggerated days lots magnetic disturbance cracking Magnetic disturbances key providing ancient axiom disturbance creates perceptible action turn observed analyzed After Seymour theory astrology works based magnetism They womb perceive magnetic stimulus nervous baby resembles parents terms physical characteristics magnetic antennae wired resonates mother father magnetic frequencies Seymour reminds earth magnet surrounded magnetic field times larger actual planet Therefore magnetic attractions disturbances keenly absorbed When baby ready born magnetic signal planet received nervous antennae mother womb triggers actual moment birth Astrology cart horse crediting planets power predict personality For Seymour feels genes set personality genes determine planetary signal herald individual birth Astrology labels nature ordained effects astrology describes trivial limited moments life What curious Seymour theory magnetism fully acknowledges sunspots solar prominences solar flares solar winds mentions work patriarch sunspot John Nelson amateur astronomer boyhood radio operator RCA Communications Nelson pioneered solar forecasting years rigorous experimentation 1946 title Short wave Radio Propagation Analyst began scientific observation ended unexpected controversy realize Sun planets planets Sun presently recognized laws science explain Though sunspots completely understood careful observation predictable Why predictions true apparent When future amateurs scientists scientific explanation place solar Sun ionosphere Earth subject occult assign scientific basis confident The Chinese recording sunspots ancient times Renaissance scientist Galileo Galilei viewing homemade telescope reported scholars sixteenth century Italy Scholars time connected Catholic Church strict dogmas free thinking The Church doctrine Sun planets based Aristotle stated Sun perfect free blemishes whatsoever After repeatedly insisting Sun black spots surface periodically Galileo incurred fundamentalist wrath informed rescinded statement punished torture Following exasperation anguish Galileo finally retracted statement muttered breath Nelson doggedly pursued method experimentation RCA constructed solar map Nelson record sunspots observing telescope Galileo With map drawings sunspots place proper position Sun maps confirmed radio frequency requirements vary number spots week week cases day day discovered types spots influence This enabled Nelson develop forecasting frequency changing times daily basis This efficiency handling messages time lost frequency transition periods During normal conditions hours earlier normal conditions hours Knowing time change saving time saving power Getting understand sunspots relation good bad signals difficult mapped analyzed sunspots year dared hand forecasting signals Progress winter 1947 fastened solar map drawing board recorded position sunspots day signals trouble After months map covered sunspots distinctly concentration spots area sun surface This spots area causing troubles What proved intriguing spot personality Some spots trouble radio signal qualities spots behaved Nelson logical reason Nelson pinpoint years sunspots operate cycle years correlated events Sun conjunct Jupiter Venus Mercury earth Years monumental established Nelson decided mysterious subject astrology attended astrological meetings New York afterward decided stating What books astrology difficult subject frankly specialty After meeting astrologers approached asked birth data wanted predictions business predicting magnetic storms predictions time instance asked magnetic conditions September 1918 analyze planetary positions day considerable confidence reasoned astrologers data Nelson decided retroactive reading astrologer years prior EST Three months received report astrologer detailed analysis They fact embarrassingly accurate comprehension simply comparing position planets day born position planets day analyzed They astrologers logical explanation This puts boat astronomers sunspots change polarity cycle change latitude cycle And situation reason correlation years position planets behavior short wave radio signals time media laugh track subject astrology 1988 survey National Science Foundation percent believed astrology scientific sort scientific Six percent confessed changing plans fit horoscope The pioneering work John Nelson theory Percy Seymour modern scientists poised alter entire perspective celestial mechanics universe called arcane axiom formulated rational proven scientific theory age profession astrology principles vindicated global population join comprehending thirteenth century philosopher Thomas Aquinas The celestial bodies takes place sublunar Growing strict Catholic household mandatory attend church Sunday pray meal bed reference Bible Like true Aquarius constantly asked Why answer God Now attending weekly service turn daily horoscope morning wake read soak start ready guide great astrology friends fact lot popular people realize According article published Refinery29 astrology strong millennials belief thought silly fluff piece thrown women magazines holds weight today cultural political climate early 20s mid 30s Millennials grown age disposal including spiritual access perspectives foreign dive ethereal realms simply realm dive astrological reader Felicia Sokol According Sokol site The Lunar Rising astrology confused fortune telling deeper personality life direction guiding influences life This basic idea horoscope What energies entering life upcoming weeks waves The tides learn surf drown free lot attitudes choose personalization explain millennials turning astrology structured religion For time gradual disillusionment traditional religion study Pew Research Center reported Americans identify spiritual religious spike years The foundations religions falling psychologist Vivian Diller Religion relied provide meaning security meaningless life When tenants religion fail provide people turn Diller isn fan astrology understands millennials turning She uncertain times human nature sense comfort order survive knowledge feeling safe secure helps continue survive When unknown chaos guiding star creates anxiety sense lost feeling survive hard argue fact living tense cultural political climate study published Bureau Labor Statistics stated millennials unemployed September 2016 compared national average The MeToo Time movements light patriarchal injustice dominated society terms government log Twitter feel anxious She millennial set inherited set economic societal problems left previous generation generation generation grew foundations parents family religion One children divorced parents religion cruel These institutions centering organizing people What replaced technology social media comforting Ophira Edut astrology duo The AstroTwins agrees notion millennials growing chaotic uncertain time era factory job check People create opportunity tools awareness timing Edut Astrology taps personal power conscious choices tools Catholic principles But astrology sense birth chart describes facet personality perfection helps navigate future ability choose path guidance punishment higher break unexplainable mandates For wrong understanding astrology numbers indication comfort uncertain People community Human beings wired belong People hope Why Astrology Works ZodiacPage

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