The sound of OM (AUM) is the original sound of the first echo when the universe was created and the light came on and it is present everywhere now – the most powerful MANTRA ever.

The sound of OM is considered as the hymn or heart beat of the universe in Hinduism & Buddhism. It’s certainly based on a fact. Hinduism it’s very deep and logical philosophy.

When pronounced correctly, Om has four syllables and is pronounced AUM, beginning in the solar plexus and sending vibrations up into the chest. The second syllable – U – moves the sound up into the throat as the sound moves forward along the upper palate. The third syllable – M – is a prolonged syllable and brings the vibration through the upper chakras as the teeth come together to touch gently. The final syllable is the deep silence of the Infinite as the overall vibration rises through the body and into the Universe.

When we say “all that is sound,” we are talking about the creation itself.

According to the Nasa space have a sound and it’s hear like OM. Sound of the universe is ultrasonic and it is very powerful, that made something from nothing and can change everything to anything.

OM is the source of the energy and sound of the universe and beyond. If anyone reads Bhagvad Gita then they’d realise that Lord Krishna speaks about the same energy source and if you read the teachings of Lord Buddha then you’d realise that he guided us to connect with the same higher being.

Om is a symbol of infinity.  It also justify the endless power and peace, and finally NASA accepted that Om is the sound of space. Om is a three Hindi words composition. which means. अ – A means rise (grow) उ – U means elevating or flying (full development) म – M means To become enlightened, or to be generated. Om is also signify the three Hindu gods. Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh and it directly heals all five human body’s chakras, also known as power points (senses)

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