Winter of 2021

On January 15, 2021, we will have a square between Jupiter in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus , and about a month later (February 16), Saturn will form a square with Uranus. The 90 ° aspect is tense, which encourages leaving the known area and approaching different manners. And, when we speak differently , differently , our thoughts fly relentlessly to Uranus. But in 2021, the situation is not so simple. Who actually comes with the change, Uranus or Saturn in conjunction with Jupiter? What does everyone want?

Uranus in Taurus (helped by the Black Moon in the first part of the year) wants another economic model, another reference of values, a lower possession and a more efficient and faster circulation (including through recycling) of raw materials and finished products. Maybe a lesser attachment to money and goods, classic comfort and taboos, an overcoming of classic mentalities.

What do Saturn and Jupiter want in Aquarius? The conjunction of the two marks a new economic, social cycle, facilitates the emergence of new reference models for collective thinking and philosophy, for reporting to the masses and individuals (what is our place, who do we fit in, what can we do together). Especially in Aquarius, they propose a new social order, to balance the discrepancies and to eradicate preconceived ideas, a kind of egalitarianism in terms of opportunities and expression.

The square will highlight social and economic issues, which are not excluded but are complementary. Long-term strategies will be devised to reduce the negative effect of material deprivation and to give people real opportunities for development.

From an economic point of view, it is at least a provocative aspect, because we are at the beginning of the Saturn-Jupiter conjunction, which is a moment 0 in which the old landmarks are easily lost. If we add the influence of Uranus, it would be said that fate will endure with chaos, and the effort to adapt seems insufficient. The pattern of household purchasing and consumption is changing (the Black Moon in Taurus will be cautious with personal finances, for fear of shortages), development directions are still unclear to many (especially that Neptune will be in the square with the Lunar Nodes in early January) . Not every change is accepted by the general public, regardless of the insistence of government agencies. On a personal level, the square formed on fixed signs upsets the personal territory considered safe, the foundation itself, on which the individual bases his growth and development. What are the influences of the external environment and how are they integrated? How much are they accepted / adapted to personal vision? This is a journey that everyone will take with the challenges given by the natal chart. The other aspects that are formed at the beginning of 2021 are not to be neglected. 

On January 4, the square between Neptune and the axis of the Lunar Nodes will be completed . For many of us it will be difficult to see clearly the path we are on at the moment and the final destination. The choices we have to make involve a waiver, which we are not very sure would ensure a bright future or a solution to current problems. After a tumultuous and demanding transit through the sign of Aries, which lasted longer than usual as a consequence of its demotion, Mars enters Taurus on January 7. Here it is to the detriment, which means that the manifestation of its nature is obstructed. We could have expected a more efficient channeling of personal energy, but two details make the difference: Uranus and the Black Moon (yes, the same one that hugged him at home a few months ago in Aries). The fixed signs will be shaken by the stars in January 2021 through the following aspects:

  • January 15 – Jupiter-Uranus Square (Aquarius / Taurus)
  • January 20 – Uranus Mars conjunction in Taurus
  • January 21 – Mars (Taurus) Square – Jupiter (Aquarius)
  • January 25 – Mars in conjunction with the Black Moon in Taurus
  • January 31 – Sun in Aquarius square with the Black Moon in Taurus
  • February 1 – Taurus Mars in the Square with the Sun (Aquarius)

So Mars remains in the unpredictable Taurus (conjunction with Uranus), nervous and expansive (square with Jupiter), driven by unorthodox, illegitimate desires, which are created by the less elevated nature of us (conjunction with the Black Moon). But this time, Mars will act more applied and more pragmatic to meet current personal needs. If Mars is usually the bad boy, this time he will try to awaken our survival instinct, making us aware of our pressing needs. It will also be a counterweight to Neptune’s squares at the Lunar Nodes, which I mentioned above.

What is the overall picture of the January issues? A truck on rough terrain that either takes it downhill or hits another rock, but can’t stop no matter how tired the driver is. Uranus is also involved in this game, the atmosphere is electrifying, the inner revolt is growing, fueling the engine of change that will appear in early 2021 as a vital necessity for their own survival.

From January 31, Mercury will be in seemingly retrograde motion in the sign of Aquarius until February 21 . Freedom of thought will be a heated debate, especially about the personal limits we impose on ourselves in society, within groups of people we belong to.

On February 16, we will have the first square between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. It is a war of principles and impositions, which begins awkwardly and slightly chaotic. The advantage seems to have at the moment Saturn in Aquarius, which is at home and escorted by the Sun, Jupiter, Mercury and Venus. Therefore, we will seek to rebuild, after a long period of uncertainty, a solid structure, an anchor to take as a benchmark. It will be built mainly mentally (the air signs are boldly underlined during this period – the Sun with 4 planets in the air sign and the North Node in Gemini, another sign of air). Regardless of the unexpected obstacles, coming from Uranus, we will insist on projecting a horizon towards which to strive and expectations to be fulfilled. From an economic point of view, the evolution seems to be unpredictable and incoherent, and not just because of Uranus. The Black Moon strikes at the ability to value goods, especially those of current use. Prices will fluctuate and the way we relate to the usefulness of goods will change. We will redefine the useful and the aesthetic to adapt to a new stage in our lives. This year’s first square between Uranus and Saturn is like a burning match approaching fireworks. He announces a series of changes that we are not fully prepared to accept, but which are part of natural evolution. Not coincidentally, Mercury will be demoted to Aquarius, emphasizing the need for imminent mental change. This year’s first square between Uranus and Saturn is like a burning match approaching fireworks. He announces a series of changes that we are not fully prepared to accept, but which are part of natural evolution. Not coincidentally, Mercury will be demoted to Aquarius, emphasizing the need for imminent mental change. This year’s first square between Uranus and Saturn is like a burning match approaching fireworks. He announces a series of changes that we are not fully prepared to accept, but which are part of natural evolution. Not coincidentally, Mercury will be demoted to Aquarius, emphasizing the need for imminent mental change.

Spring of 2021

From March 5, Mars will move to Gemini , making a trine with Saturn on March 22, a conjunction with the North Node on March 28, and on April 14 a trine with Jupiter. During this period, the mode of action will adapt more easily to the needs of the moment and a colder and pragmatic approach will be tried, which will have carefully studied strategies behind it. Martian impulsivity decreases in intensity, leaving room for mental and sometimes even cold approach, which in some cases will be confused with a lack of involvement. Mars and the North Node will look for adaptable and long-term applicable solutions (as a result of Saturn’s involvement through the trine).

On March 20, the Sun will enter Aries, equivalent to the spring equinox. It is the one that establishes the annual evolution of the political and economic scene in a country and shows the most important events. For Romania, the Ascendant of the event will be in the sign of Cancer. The moon, the mistress of the Ascendant, will be in conjunction with the North Node and Mars in the 12th house, in Gemini. Unfortunately, this position is not happy, but confusing and untrustworthy. The moon represents the state of the people and the important subjects that concern them. Also, Mars, the disposer of the Sun, is also in the 12th house, in Gemini. We will find a lack of trust in the official communication, in what is presented as valid information, because the quality is poor and the presentation is unclear. There is also a fear of irrecoverable material losses. Jupiter, who is exalted in Cancer, is in the eighth house in Aquarius. The biggest fear is financial loss, burdensome taxes, but the good aspects of Jupiter encourage us, suggesting that through hard work, prudence and well-defined strategies, the financial field can achieve its hoped-for stability. (being also Saturn in this house). Bold projects do not always have the desired support, especially material. Uranus and the Black Moon in Taurus, in the 11th house, suggest that there is a reluctance where there are risks and too little control in their development. especially the material one. Uranus and the Black Moon in Taurus, in the 11th house, suggest that there is a reluctance where there are risks and too little control in their development. especially the material one. Uranus and the Black Moon in Taurus, in the 11th house, suggest that there is a reluctance where there are risks and too little control in their development.On April 22, Saturn will perfect the trine with the North Node , imposing a clearer direction of personal and social evolution, a more effective filter for the dissemination of information and for the way it is processed. Some inventions / gadgets may become public and more efficient.

May 2021 comes with an interesting change: on the 14th, Jupiter will enter Pisces, his home, and on the 21st of May he will be in the square with the Sun. So, both social planets will be in their home – Saturn in Aquarius and Jupiter in Pisces.

Jupiter will freely manifest its qualities of Great Benefit by reactivating optimism and hope, by the availability of self-help and support to those in need. Jupiter will try to counterbalance the power of the air element, of a logical-rational nature, through compassion, the expression of emotions without barriers. The square with the Sun will amplify these qualities and will even display them ostentatiously, in order to have a strong echo.

From May 23, Saturn will begin its retrograde motion , channeling its efforts towards a more effective coagulation at the social level, depending on values ​​and visions. Personally, Saturn will focus on exploring personal values ​​in relation to group values ​​and adjusting them to the needs of each.

On May 26 we have a lunar eclipse on the Sagittarius-Gemini axis , with the Ascendant in Virgo. Neptune reigns across the road, squaring Venus and Mercury in Gemini. The agglomeration of planets on mutable signs suggests that there will be changes in the approach to how we take responsibility, taking into account their impact on privacy. It will be both an effort to adapt to new realities, because we will face an annoying confusion on an emotional and mental level (Mercury being squared by Neptune).

Summer of 2021

Between May 29 and June 23, Mercury will be retrograde in Gemini . We reevaluate our circle of friends and acquaintances, common values ​​and how we express our adherence to certain ideas. Debates and negotiations will be hampered by the lack of flexibility of the participants.

On June 10, the solar eclipse will occur in Gemini , with the Ascendant of the moment, just like in the map of the lunar eclipse, in Virgo. Mercury is retrograde, in the 10th house and again in the square with Neptune. There is a tendency to postpone what is important, and with good reason, because the period between eclipses is uncertain, marked by frequent changes and difficult to understand. It will be an impossible mission to accomplish something according to an established plan, so it would be advisable to follow the wave of the moment.

On June 21 we have the summer solstice , with the Ascendant of the moment right in Cancer. The need for intimacy and self-retreat increases (Venus in Cancer, Saturn in Aquarius in the eighth house), as a result of the surprises and unforeseen situations we witness (the Moon will be in Scorpio, applying to the opposition with Uranus). Jupiter is stationary, and will begin its retrograde motion the next day. The summer will be dedicated to resetting, to rediscovering oneself, in which fears and emotional barriers begin to make their way to manifestation. Mercury in the twelfth house, of the moment, in retrograde motion, flees to a parallel reality, created for silence and the recovery of mental peace, clarity and confidence. From July 18, the Black Moon will be active in the Gemini sign. We see that the air element acquires an ever stronger resonance, leading us to think about the need to re-evaluate the information we have, the way we understand and process it, the type of communication. Not only information circulates, but also man physically. This activity will be resumed gradually and, until the Black Moon reaches Gemini, it will become a necessity that will be put under the magnifying glass of evaluation.

The Black Moon in Gemini will make us doubt more and more what we hear, what we are told and, especially, what is repeated to us. The more the communication will focus on a certain topic, the more the public will be stubborn not to accept the information itself, giving rise to heated debates. We will tend to distort the truth in our own interest, to omit, to do everything to convince. The Black Moon is a master of beautiful words that attract and confuse, mystify and deceive. On September 2, the Black Moon will be conjoined with the North Node, an aspect that can manifest itself in two main directions: either we stubbornly stay in one place, in a situation that does us no good because the alternative scares, or we go to a road which promises, even aware of difficulties and obstacles, only to break what no longer makes us happy.

From July 29, Jupiter will return to Aquarius to complete his mission begun with Saturn. It will reconfigure social networks, group interaction, and allow the final selection of the circle of friends and acquaintances. Jupiter in Aquarius will reconcile the irreconcilable, especially internationally, will create bridges of communication and will bring to the negotiating table the parties that have refused in the past to take this step.

Autumn and the end of 2021

The autumn equinox has the Ascendant (for Bucharest) in the sign of Gemini, where the Black Moon and the North Node are. The Sun, Mars and Mercury are positioned in the fifth house, and Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, in the ninth house. We notice again the influence of the air element, but also of the houses of personal expression. This astral event will help us make our voices heard and make our mark in private and social life, despite criticism. From a political point of view, the location of Jupiter and Saturn in the ninth house of the map of Romania (the one from 1918) brings a profound and long-term change in the legislative framework, which promises to adapt more easily to reality.

Between September 27 and October 19, Mercury will be retrograde in Libra and, from October 12, Saturn will resume its direct course. We have time to consider other ideas, other options, to change the way we think and interact. The kind of thinking that has been hollow so far will be recreated according to the needs of the present moment, eliminating emotional residues that blocked personal development. On November 19, the lunar eclipse on the Taurus-Scorpio axisit will bring a need for stability, to build and lay on a solid foundation. The ascendant in Capricorn, the Sun, Mercury and Mars in Scorpio are elements that favor prudence, well-organized action, serious commitments. The moon retreats to find a safe and pleasant environment in which we can manifest freely, without hindrance, without anyone judging us.

On December 4 we will be under the influence of the solar eclipse in Sagittarius , with the Ascendant of the moment in Capricorn. The Sun, the Moon and Mercury will be in the 12th house, a placement that leads us to think again of a need to find ourselves in a new environment, which is still being transformed. Pluto and Venus in the first house are the promoters of a process of reforming personal values, ideas, the way we manifest our qualities for personal benefit. It is a recapitulation point of an uncertain year, with tiring changes and ambiguities, which constantly forces us to adapt.

The winter solstice of December 21, 2021 , with the Ascendant and the Moon in Cancer, comes with a big load on Capricorn: Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus. It will be a first step back to safety, classic values, already tried, to ensure peace and inner balance.

Between December 23 and 29, the second square between Saturn and Uranus will be active . The need for change is still very high but change must be made according to certain rules, certain needs and following procedures that allow long-term predictability, without remaining trapped in the old mentalities. From December 23, the North Node will move to Taurus, where it will benefit the interests of economic growth, comfort and emotional balance. The North Node in Taurus will aim to build solidly according to new models (in 2022 it will meet Uranus).

The year ends with Jupiter entering Pisces, returning home that will amplify the need for emotional connection and empathy.

2021 will not be as challenging as its predecessor, but will be a year of transition, of implementing changes that will not always be clear or understood. The end of the year will be much more pragmatic and more anchored in the needs of the human being, both material and emotional.

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