Don’t work hard, work smart

Working hard will undermine your creative energy and innovative ideas. It, also, deteriorates your quality of life. Working hard for success is an old and invalid concept. The purpose of working smarter is to accomplish the same or more without working hard. The best way of working efficiently is to optimize your brain functions. Researchers suggest spending time in nature. Walking in a green park or a forest help your brain to relax…


50 Crazy Zodiac Signs Facts

50 Crazy Zodiac Signs Facts human nature And people astrology studying celestial bodies align influence lives presents golden opportunity Some …



Most Enduring Myths in American History

Even the idea of “fake news” being a relatively new phenomenon is, well, fake news. U.S. was founded on fake news, and the first president—well, first-ish, but we’ll get to that later—had so much fake news written about him that he makes Trump look like an amateur. People are still claiming that Washington had wooden teeth. He actually had dentures made out of metal and ivory, and you can see the things on display at his home in Mount Vernon. But nope, the myth about his wooden teeth continues to endure two centuries later. So read on to take closer look at a few of the most enduring American myths and half-truths.



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  • Cosmic Calendar

    Cosmic Calendar The Cosmic Calendar is the technique by which the chronology of the universe can be visualized and its …