Are blind individuals hearing better?

The feeling of sound happens as the sound vibrations enter our ear and cause small hair-like structures–called hair cells–to move back and forth within our inner ears. This movement is turned by hair cells into an electrical signal the brain can use. How well a individual can hear relies mainly on the intactness of these hair cells. They don’t get lost once–and for blind people this isn’t anything else. Blind individuals can’t hear better physically than other people.

But, in listening duties such as locating the sound source, blind individuals often outperform visionary individuals. The reason for this arises when we see what is taking place with the brain over and beyond sensory organs and how it processes sensory data. Perception happens when the brain interprets signals from our bodily bodies and distinct sections of the brain react to the data from various human bodies. There are regions where visual data (vision cortex) is processed and regions where noise data (auditory cortex) is processed. However, the brain reorganizes the tasks of these brain fields once a feeling of sight goes missing.

Are blind individuals hearing The feeling sound

sound vibrations enter ear small hair structures

called hair cells ears This movement turned

hair cells electrical signal brain How individual

hear relies intactness hair cells They lost

blind people isn Blind individuals hear physically

people But listening duties locating sound source

blind individuals outperform visionary individuals The reason

arises place brain sensory organs processes sensory

data Perception brain interprets signals bodily bodies

distinct sections brain react data human bodies

There regions visual data vision cortex processed

regions noise data auditory cortex processed However

brain reorganizes tasks brain fields feeling sight

missing The sensation sound occurs vibrations sounds

enter ear hairlike structures called hair cells

ear The hair cells transform movement electrical

signal brain How person hear depends intact

hair cells Once lost grow blind people

blind people physically hear Yet blind people

outperform sighted people hearing tasks locating source

sounds The reason emerges sensory organs happening

brain sensory processed Perception occurs brain interprets

signals sensory organs provide parts brain respond

arriving sensory organs There areas process visual

visual cortex areas process sound auditory cortex

But sense vision lost brain remarkable reorganises

functions brain areas blind people visual cortex

bit bored visual input starts rewire responsive

remaining senses blind people lost vision leaves

larger brain capacity processing senses The extent

reorganisation brain depends loses sight The brain

reorganise point life including adulthood childhood brain

adapt change This childhood brain developing organisation

brain compete existing result people blind early

age greater level reorganisation brain People blind

early life tend outperform sighted people blind

life hearing touch perceptual tasks EcholocationThe reorganisation

brain blind people learn remaining senses interesting

ways For blind people learn sense location

size objects echolocation span data mce type

bookmark style display inline block width 0px

overflow hidden height class mce_SELRES_start span producing

clicks mouths listening echoes blind people locate

objects surroundings This ability tightly linked brain

activity visual cortex fact visual cortex blind

echolocators responds sound visual sighted blind echolocators

hearing replaced vision brain large extent But

blind person automatically expert echolocator Whether blind

person develop skill echolocation depends time spent

learning task sighted people learn skill training

blind people benefit reorganised brain tuned remaining

senses Blind people rely remaining senses everyday

tasks train remaining senses daily basis The

reorganised brain greater experience remaining senses believed

factors blind people edge sighted people hearing

touch Are blind individuals hearing ZodiacPage

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