Discrimination against people because of their zodiacal sign

Everyone illegal businesses discriminate people gender race

religion United States But rejecting applicant based

astrological sign According job listingin Chutian Metropolis

Daily newspaper Wuhan China language training company

seeking qualified applicants Scorpios Virgos The Toronto

Sun reported Xia spokeswoman company experience Scorpios

Virgos feisty critical Xia hired people star

signs quarrelling colleagues job long She preferred

potential applicants born constellations Capricorns Libras Pisces

bad joke funny qualified applicants desperate job

turned company credence astrology time employer zodiac

sign discrimination 2009 Austrian insurance company advertised

people time jobs sales management star signs

Capricorn Taurus Aquarius Aries Leo That advertisement

prompted investigation authorities Remarkably concluded company stated

preference astrological signs illegal validity astrology practice

discriminatory time Austrian laws regulating equal opportunity

hiring applied discrimination gender age race legal

law written include applicants denied jobs astrological

sign Discrimination people zodiacal sign ZodiacPage

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