Giants: an accepted feature of history

Many people are described in the Bible and Koran as giants and several gigantic organizations are also mentioned. Interpreters have speculated on the size of these individuals with guesses of over 30 feet in height.  In addition to fake pictures of the supposed giants, much misinformation about biblical giants has spread through the Internet. So these giants existed really? If so, how large have they been?

There are considered gigantic worlds such as Swift’s Brobdingnag and Roald Dahl’s minds, but these have never been literally thought. However, some of them were in pre-literate moments. They created individuals, Giants formed the world. The giants drank the oceans, they fought in the sky and in the land, they shook or blood rock washed away.

Giants accepted feature history Many people Bible Koran giants gigantic organizations mentioned Interpreters speculated size individuals guesses feet height addition fake pictures supposed giants misinformation biblical giants spread Internet giants existed large There considered gigantic worlds Swift Brobdingnag Roald Dahl minds literally thought However pre literate moments They created individuals Giants formed The giants drank oceans fought sky land shook blood rock washed Think sizeable water gap island kilometres coast place Kangaroo Island South Australia Sri Lanka viewed nearby India gap Wales Ireland separating France England Were walked gap askance fear sanity But insisted rationalise question giant People walk gaps time sea level gaps dry land During great ice age sea level parts lay metres today Landmasses larger consequence separate today joined sea level rose ice age crossing gaps increasingly difficult routes circuitous combination wading walking sea level continued rising gaps eventually impassable people foot eventually lengthy cross watercraft memories lingered stories peoples water gap Given memories shaped 000 years parts stories told orally questioned authenticity stories people corroborate veracity Yet time wore listeners inevitably grown sceptical point storytellers decided overcome scepticism people crossed gaps posthumously long limbed giants The Bible Koran describes individuals giants mentions giant people groups Interpreters speculated size people guesses ranging feet feet height Also great deal misinformation biblical giants proliferated Internet fake pictures supposed giants giants exist big societies giants received wisdom From coast Wales west Ireland kilometres metres deep distance impassable foot years Yet Welsh stories speak Brân Blessed Bendigaidfran walking gap rescue distressed sister abusive husband How sea level change expected credit story Welsh cultural identity Brân giant story Brân distant memory happened years Perhaps South Australia lived family giants succession volcanic craters They cooked food craters ovens Craitbul giants Had craters smaller family needed giant order story credible The Pacific Islands legendary homes giants stories Maui great fisher islands giant altogether benign Uoke travelled uprooting islands giant crowbar coast prizing huge chunks Easter island memory island flank landslips crowbar broke hard rocks Puko Puhipuhi People reached Easter Island millennium story islands survived long There imagined giant worlds Swift Brobdingnag mind Roald Dahl intended believed literally Yet pre literate times Giants shaped earth people Giants drank oceans fought skies earth shaking causing blood red rock spill interior The halitotic breath Enceladus giant buried Etna Italy escapes vapours periodic shakings turning relieve pressure wound inflicted Athena buried beneath Sicily Such stories originally intended literally rationalise landscape catastrophic seed human memory inform responses read today stories giants myriad contexts creating destroying good evil clumsy careful rarely paused people needed invent There records remains giants They discovered phenomenon explained imagination conspiracy theorists This list discoveries prove giants roamed Earth earlier common humans 1821 Ruins ancient stone wall discovered Tennessee human skeletons height centimeters feet 1879 Giant spines skulls incredible thickness size discovered construction barn Wisconsin 1883 Several tombs people abnormal size discovered Utah They centimeters feet tall centimeters foot taller average height local Native Americans 1885 stone tomb skeleton height centimeters feet discovered large mound small town Pennsylvania There illustrations humans birds animals carved wall tomb 1899 Miners discovered human skeletons height centimeters feet Germany 1890 Archeologists discover red haired mummy woman height meters feet baby sarcophagus Egypt The mummy characteristics drastically ancient Egyptians 1912 Similar mummies men women red hair discovered cave Lovelock Nevada Before death women tall meters feet men tall meters feet Such discoveries common 20th century 1930 Fossilized prints giant human feet discovered deposit jasper small town Australia And time archeologists discovered tools knives axes chisels weighing kilograms pounds local river sediments difficult imagine normal sized human worked large tools suggestion time inhabitants area giants named meganthropus archeologists Their size centimeters feet 1985 Archeologists organized expedition region discovered molar height millimeters width millimeters 6×1 inches According researchers tooth meters feet tall weighing kilograms pounds The dates years The alleged meganthropus humans compared gigantopithecus remains discovered China Judging fragments teeth jaws meters feet tall weighed kilograms 882 pounds 1936 German anthropologist paleontologist Larson Kohl discovered male skulls coast Lake Elise Central Africa These giants centimeters feet tall alive The skulls sloping chin rows teeth jaw 1971 While plowing field farmer Queensland stumbled large skull fragment Its teeth intact centimeters inches long 1979 Megalong Valley Blue Mountains Australia locals discovered stone rising surface brook giant footprint toes footprint completely preserved centimeters feet long belonged meters feet tall Three giant footprints discovered Mulgoa Australia All centimeters feet long centimeters feet wide The length giant step measured centimeters feet The prints preserved frozen lava millions years long Homo sapiens existed existing theory There records skull height centimeters feet discovered Poland World War The skull times larger modern day adult The giant belonged proportionate features size meters feet 1950 excavations diamond South Africa giant skull fragment height centimeters feet discovered There strange growths resembled horns Anthropologists hands discovery determined years Practically cultures legends takes giants inhabited regions Earth point ancient times Maybe time rethink history mankind fact giants fact exist But question remains discoveries hidden public Giants accepted feature history ZodiacPage

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