Common Science Myths

Some of the old women’s stories about some fundamental science concepts are out there. While most of them have long been denied, these rumours will only not be gone. Here are some of the highest myths that are just not real

Although you may not always use any bit of your brain, you use the whole brain during the day. It’s different to feel like somebody isn’t working to his full potential, but that doesn’t mean that every day they don’t use their brain.

Myths are tradition-based tales. Some may be factual, and some may be totally fictional. But myths are more than simple tales, and in old and contemporary societies they serve a deeper objective. Myths are holy stories which describe the experience of the globe and man. Myths are today as important for us as for antiquity. Myths reply timeless concerns and serve every generation as a compass. The myths of the paradise lost, for example, hope that people can gain a better life in the future by living a virtuous life. The myths of a gilded era hope that excellent rulers will enhance their life. There are excellent leaders. A model for the hero’s search is

Common Science Myths Some women stories fundamental science concepts While long denied rumours Here highest myths real Although bit brain brain day feel isn working potential doesn day brain Myths tradition based tales Some factual totally fictional But myths simple tales contemporary societies serve deeper objective Myths holy stories experience globe man Myths today antiquity Myths reply timeless concerns serve generation compass The myths paradise lost hope people gain life future living virtuous life The myths gilded era hope excellent rulers enhance life There excellent leaders model hero search Myths stories based tradition Some factual origins completely fictional But myths mere stories serve profound purpose ancient modern cultures Myths sacred tales explain man experience Myths relevant today ancients Myths answer timeless questions serve compass generation The myths lost paradise people hope living virtuous life earn life The myths golden age people hope great leaders improve lives The hero quest model young men women follow accept adult responsibilities Some myths simply reassure myths explain natural phenomena actions gods arbitrary events nature The subjects myths reflect universal concerns mankind history birth death afterlife origin man good evil nature man myth taps universal cultural narrative collective wisdom man excellent illustration universality themes peoples contact create myths remarkably cultures worldwide Middle East distant mountains South America myths great floods virgin births afterlife examples archetypal themes Myths Archetypes website Though myths refuted years rumors won Here myths floating true brains true great deal brain entire brain Even didn wealth data brain scans figure completely false doesn sense basic logic Though brain weighs couple pounds incredibly energetically demanding requiring oxygen glucose brought body extremely brain evolved useless Additionally evidence diagnosed brain tumor told Great news The tumor Trauma brain rarely devastating unused survive gunshot wounds head isn effects While bit brain times entire brain day Feeling isn living potential matter doesn entire brain day There dark moon Pink Floyd led astray From perspective Earth view moon surface time The remaining completely hidden vantage point That shrouded freezing darkness feel Sun warmth This confusion tidal locking moon isn rotating The moon spinning slowly completing rotation time takes revolution Earth While shielded Earth sunlight receives After phases moon Except case lunar eclipse sunlight falls moon Earth receives daylight time While Sun fully illuminates moon appropriately moon When parts moon missing sunlight falling moon While region refer moon dark The moon behavior longstanding myth individuals working elderly mental disabilities moon draws strange behavior people This myth wide variety supposed including water brain tidal forces moon Many people claim violent crime increases time police stations increased staffing moon prepare influx crime accidents The topic studied times limited correlation moon increased erratic behavior causation discovered While studies spike crime moon typically explained falling holiday weekend Once account connection crumbled There fear erratic behavior moon werewolf Sugar children hyperactive Attending child birthday party cake ice cream sugary drinks believer sugar influences hyperactivity There evidence called sugar buzz real children small subset insulin disorder coupled psychiatric disorders The ramped energy birthday parties Halloween excitement treat kids ingredients caffeine blame That sugar intake shouldn limited The average American consumes pounds sugar year comparison Americans years consumed pounds year Too sugar weight gain insulin resistance hypertension increased risk cancers Lightning strikes place Lightning strikes place common idiom bad happened happen Unfortunately actual lightning strikes Lightning huge electrostatic discharge searching isn interested hit Taller objects trees skyscrapers choice targets shorter distance origin lightning The tallest tree forest struck times storm passes fact lightning strikes Empire State Building times year NASA released study 2003 involving cloud ground strikes strikes branched hit multiple locations Not lightning strike strike places time Dropping penny tall building kill head Empire State Building bombarded lightning fling penny sidewalk won kill Pennies lightweight gram flat circle doesn bode terms aerodynamics Because tumble flip entire mass terminal velocity wouldn damage bystander sidewalk feel flicked head Annoying lethal However throwing items ground massive aerodynamic increase object terminal velocity bit damage Construction zones require hardhats order protect workers stray rocks bolts accidentally dropped great heights Hair fingernails continue growing death order fingernails hair grow dead person eating digesting nutrients performing cellular processes interfere dead body producing keratin order hair fingernails However skin hair grow post mortem dead skin dry retract pull hair shafts nail beds The hair fingernails lack moisture shrink grown This clean shaven men grown stubble Many funeral homes apply moisturizer corpse washed order reduce drying prior memorial service Cracking knuckles arthritis While sense surface repeatedly pushing stretching joints crack eventually lead osteoarthritis painful deterioration joints studies performed topic connection 1998 Donald Unger published paper revealed cracking knuckles left hand day years hand There difference joint health hands Unger received 2009 Nobel Prize Medicine work Synovial fluid substance acts cushion reduce friction synovial joints knuckles elbows knees hips When joints stretched joint capsule separates decreased pressure capsule releases gas forming bubble dead space Pressing joint create loud audible pop bubble breaks joint capsule returns normal size cracking knuckles pain damaged joints addressed The cracking sound tendons reduce strength time takes years digest swallowed chewing gum Chewing gum years digest fact digest Aside small sweeteners flavorings lot gum human body break The bulk gum rubbery polymers elastomers glycerin vegetable oil based ingredients gum soft moist Once body extracted gum rest passed waste However doesn swallowing gum great idea Swallowing large amounts gum constipation gastrointestinal blockage removed physician Gum fuse digestible items digestive tract coins small toys sharp sunflower seed shells contribute gastrointestinal blockage injury While gum won stick gut years safer spit garbage wait children swallow Antibiotics kill viruses This pops cold flu season Antibiotics definition kill bacteria The common cold influenza viruses antibiotic While antibiotics helpful level viral disease dead wrong bring problems Taking antibiotics manner contrary intended purpose dosage instruction common bacteria body drug resistant critically This create superbugs illness worse primary The CDC reported physicians write tens millions antibiotic prescriptions year illnesses viral This partly uncertainty badgering patients parents children Some doctors justified prescribing antibiotics condition bacterial viral making patient wait days lab return determining However patients understand antibiotics kill virus demand drugs harm good Common Science Myths ZodiacPage

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