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The Greek mythology is a collection of fables that ancient Greeks tell them to justify the world’s life or to intrigue people’s imaginations. Most of these old Greek myths survive until our days because they are part of the works of the renowned scientists and authors. Naturally, they’re focused on the incredible and the supernatural rather than rationalism. There are startling old Greek myths, but they are all bound to captivate.

There are countless Greek and Roman mythology and tales. Some of them are even Greek mythological modifications. Yet, ancient Roma was a cradle of culture that would develop its own views and myths in future generations. Greek mythology is a summary of fables that ancient Greeks tell to justify the presence of the globe or to intrigue people’s fantasy, or just to please them. Most of these old Greek myths survive until today because the works of renowned scientists and authors have been included. They are not focused, of course, on rationalism, but on the incredible.

The Greek mythology sum fables told ancient Greeks explain existence natural phenomena pleasure intrigue imagination people Most Ancient Greek myths survive days included works famous ancient writers historians They based rationalism unbelievable supernatural Some ancient Greek myths shocking bound captivate Myth legendary OdysseusOdysseus king Ithaca famous hero times His story myth monsters bad luck adventure The story Odysseus long trip man aim beloved homeland family Odysseus left Troy years war started journey Ithaca However journey long adventurous Myth Jason ArgonautsThe myth Jason fellow Argonauts trip Golden Fleece enthralled This story excitement danger adventure Jason legitimate king Iolcus sets voyage ship Argo foreign land Colchis Golden Fleece prove worth king encounters troubles delays Even arrives Colchis confront deceptions local king Myth Theseus legendary king AthensTheseus semi mythical semi historical figure The myth fathers king Aegeus Athens god Poseidon descended god super natural powers The famous labor Theseus killing Minotaur Crete Greece relieve Athens burden sacrifice young men young women monstrous figure After death king Aegeus Theseus king Athens legend wife Amazon The AmazonsThe myth Amazons tribe independent mighty women rebelled male dominated society atrocities men They live isolate places exclude men society wars Although clear outcomes Amazons existed frequently referred myths legends Persephone Queen UnderworldThe myth Persephone sweet daughter Greek goddess Demeter kidnapped Hades Queen Underworld This myth ancient Greeks explain change seasons eternal cycle nature death rebirth Persephone understood naïve girl flows protection mother love husband The myth Persephone popular ancient times story represented Eleusinian Mysteries secret celebrations ancient Greece Prometheus friend manThe myth Prometheus holds special place Greek mythology This son Titan regarded great benefactor humankind bringer original teacher technology arts mankind The great love humans bring Prometheus dangerous conflict Zeus fact Zeus punished Prometheus eternal torture stealing gods people Myth fall IcarusThe myth Daedalus Icarus power man limits careful power Icarus fly wings flied close sun wings burnt fell sea The closest island Icarus fell drowned called Ikaria today Perseus AndromedaThe myth Perseus Andromeda deep wisdom interactions male female energy Perseus greatest heroes Mythology Greece son mighty Zeus mortal woman Danae slayer Gorgon Medusa fearsome monster rescuer Ethiopian princess Andromeda Orpheus EurydiceThe myth Orpheus Eurydice great tragic myth Orpheus love nymph Eurydice dies wedding descends Underworld There convinces God Dead Pluto wife Earth lead normal life This tragic story inspired painters basic concept operas songs Pygmalion GalateaThe myth Pygmalion Galatea popular today Pygmalion famous sculptor falls love creation wishes life statue This simple imaginary concept basis psychological understanding male behaviour This nice myth considered depiction masculine rule woman inanimate ideas female living creature King Midas golden touchThe myth King Midas myth tragedy avarice narrates true happiness recognized Midas wished touched turn gold However thought blessing curse The phrase Midas touch myth good fortune Europa godmother continentThis myth beautiful girl abducted seduced Zeus chief Greek Gods This concept pretty usual Greek mythology The remarkable girl queen Crete entire continent Europe Her story popular ancient times depicted ancient pieces ceramics coins ZeusIo beautiful princess Argos Peloponnese seduced god Zeus disguised cloud However jealous wife Hera learned relationship turned cow husband suffer misfortunes finally turned woman normal life Eros PsycheThe myth Eros Psyche dearest love stories classical Greek mythology Eros personification intense love desire Psyche beautiful maiden personifies human soul fact symbol soul purified passions misfortunes prepared enjoy eternal happiness Leto mother Apollo ArtemisLeto ancient myths Greece representation motherhood Like mother suffered lot birth children protect raise proper Leto suffered misfortunes relationship Zeus caused Hera jealousy cursed Leto stable place Earth deliver children That Delos emerged believed floating island Leto birth Artemis Apollo Delos sacred place god Apollo Pandora woman EarthThe story Pandora prominence Theogeny epic poem Hesiod written circa The myth dates centuries humanity Titanomachy Great War Titans Olympians story woman opened box evils released mischief humans Callisto constellation Ursa MajorThe ancient people Greece explain couldn understand myths That explained creation natural phenomena destructions existance powers surpass human nature That sky observing stars caused stars constellations exist fact myths created explain existence stars The story Callisto myth created sake beautiful constellations Ursa Major Ursa Minor Adonis AphroditeAdonis deity plants rebirth god youthful live die reborn The cult Adonis comprised women evident year remains island Lesvos The Athenian women planted gardens Adonis seeds spring life die reborn months The Festival Adonis celebrated mid summer fennel lettuce harvested Phaethon Sun ChariotAccording ancient myths Sun chariot everyday God Helios drive chariot sky That Sun rise set Phaethon son god Helios secretly chariot day drive However young inexperienced lost control horses killed Asclepius god medicineAsclepius originally mortal god medicine healing ancient Greeks The myth Asclepius connected origins medical science healing arts His cult popular Greece people Mediterranean countries temples named Asclepieion cured Remains temples today His story pretty interesting story punishment Apollo DaphneThis charming myth talks platonic love god Apollo beautiful nymph Daphne Daphne love Apollo girl responded love She prayed turned tree god seduce Indeed turned laurel tree Since Apollo didn forget lost love laurel sacred plant Note Pythia priestess oracle Delphi chewing leaves laurel communicate Apollo prophesies people Alcyone CeyxThe touching story Alcyone Ceyx common phrase Halcyon Days This story couple punished arrogance towords gods didn love fade The Halcyon Days warm days middle winter January Arachne spider womanArachne meaning spider Greek beautiful woman great talent weaving Everyone amazed work day Arachne boosted greater talent goddess Athena This offense gods deadly sin ancient Greeks That goddess Athena transformed spider wave life long Cadmus founder ThebesCadmus founder king Thebes powerful town ancient times close Athens man brought written alphabet Phoenicians Greeks Greeks According mythology life long adventurous Everything started sister Europa abducted Zeus chief gods That left country Although didn Fates planned great life Deucalion PyrrhaThe story Deucalion Pyrrha resembles lot Biblical story Noah Ark This version ancient Greeks attempt purify sins birth race human The amazing similarities stories disastrous flood humankind extinct The people saved flood managed boat days rain stopped manage step land Idas MarpessaThe story Idas Marpessa myth love These characters proved love eternal devotion conquered sword power beauty glory Marpessa young maiden time life choose husband mortal god What decision The DanaidesThe myth Danaides story fifty women committed horrible guided father killed husbands wedding night This great massacre unbelievable bloody ancient Greek myths crime people gods punish Indeed Danaides punished death horrible eternal torment The tragic myth NiobeThe tragic tale Niobe memorable Greek myths Niobe story features striking consequences hybris Greek term defined arrogance excessive pride This myth popular ancient literature poetry art Therefore surprise legend Niobe appears oldest sources Greek myths Iliad Homer The AthensIt Athens powerful glorious town ancient Greece Its residents managed develop wonderful civilization admired today city Athena goddess wisdom courage But Athens Here charming story origin city The Story Romulus RemusAccording Roman mythology story twin brothers tells origins Rome They children Mars Rhea Silvia Virgil writers adventures inextricably linked foundation Rome Born Alba Longa threat King Amulius save ordered abandoned banks River Tiber The newborns left die Tiberius mythological father river saved survived care female wolf suckled cave Lupercal Later shepherd Faustulus Unaware identity grew working farmers shepherds But matter original birth parents roots leave inbuilt leadership skills helped gather supporters grew adulthood involved argument supporters Amulius Numitor consequence Remus imprisoned Alba Longa place born The king Remus grandfather suspected real identity Meanwhile Romulus busy ways free brother While place real identity joined forces grandfather restore throne Finally won Amulius killed arrived hills caught argument build city Romulus preferred Palatine Hill Remus wanted Aventine Hill reach agreement asked gods augury interpretation omens Romulus auspicious birds claimed win Remus This rise dispute eventually Remus killed Romulus city Rome History AeneasAeneas mythological hero Rome Troy Homer mentions Illiad cousin King Priam Troy Aeneid Virgil describes hero ancestor Romulus Remus The Aeneid tells Aeneas Trojans killed enslaved Troy defeated After gathering group commanded gods flee traveled Italy progenitor Romans This team called Aeneads carried statues Trojan gods planted Italy They wandered years finally settled Carthage Here Aeneas queen Carthage Dido year long love affair Dido proposed reign Trojans Carthaginians Aphrodite Roman version Venus mother Aeneas Jupiter Aeneas realize true motives caused leave place secretly The pain leaving led Dido utter curse enmity Rome Afterwards stabbed sword Aeneas meeting The Aeneads returned Sicily Aeneas final settlement Latium honor father died year earlier Aeneas arranged series funeral games After death descended underworld met father Dido learned future successors Roman history This story ancestry Romans Trojans Aeneas lands founded regarded great respect historians Myth Jupiter BeeRoman legends successful teaching life lessons One myth sweetness vengeance myth Jupiter bee The story delivers moral revenge dire consequences One fine day irritated mortals honey queen hive decided visit Jupiter After reaching Olympus offered fresh honey Jupiter Delighted taste Jupiter promised fulfil wishes She asked Give pray thee sting mortal approaches honey kill Displeased request love human race grant risk life For sting remain wound die loss Source The moral story content Wishing good oneself cost led downfall Even today bee sting result death Story Apollo CassandraApollo prominent gods Greek Roman pantheon god appears Greek Roman mythology The myth Apollo Cassandra fall Troy Cassandra beautiful daughter King Priam Apollo love love reach fruition promised Cassandra power prophecy agreement comply wishes She agreed conditions received gift prophecy After wanted refused form union causing Apollo burst flames cursed prophecies matter result people began liar mad woman imprisoned citadel father Despite warnings Trojans Greeks believed Troy ultimately destroyed See Top Ancient Roman Goddesses1Top Ancient Greek GodsTop Ancient Greek GoddessesTop Most Worshiped Ancient Egyptian GodsLegend LucretiaLucretia legendary heroine Rome suicide believed changed Roman government monarchy republic Her rape Etruscan king son caused rebellion Roman monarchy incident whipped storm dissatisfaction tyrannical rule Roman king Lucius Tarquinius Superbus The consequence prominent influential families formed republic Latin Etruscan intervention consul Roman Republic Lucretia husband result rape tier theme European literature art Historians story myth actual incident left imprint The Myth Jupiter IoThe priestess mortal lovers Jupiter Casanova behavior Jupiter fell love changed black cloud live closer hiding wife Juno However Juno woman fooled She noticed black cloud easily recognized husband The moment Juno arrived Earth Jupiter changed white cow protect wife wrath Despite attempts conceal Juno white cow surveillance Argus eyes closed order free Jupiter son Mercury stories Argus fell asleep Mercury successful task making Argus sleep killed freed Knowing Juno upset venomous gadfly sting white cow lifetime Jupiter vowed chase Juno set free imprisonment Afterwards Egypt settled Egyptian goddess Legendary Woman CloeliaCloelia considered bravest women belonged earliest Roman history After war Clusium Rome peace treaty Etruscan king Lars Porsena Roman hostages One young Cloelia fled hostage camps leading group Roman virgins She escaped horse swam River Tiber Lars Porsena condition return return Porsena impressed courage granted hostages She chose young Roman men war continued Her wit bravery invaluable Romans honor equestrian statue built Via Sacra Pluto River StyxThe planet Pluto named Roman god death Both planet god signified coldness According Roman myth dies travel underworld First dead cross Styx River Dead The dead person buried coin pay ferrymen Charon ride river The coin mouth deceased Charon transport soul The planet Pluto moon boatman Charon The water river considered bad omen gods escape repercussions contact lose voice years Myths Around HerculesFamous incredible strength Hercules adapted Romans piece art Greek mythology man god Hercules myths attached popular Twelve Labors Hercules These Hercules Nemean LionHercules HydraHercules Ceryneian HindHercules Erymanthian BoarHercules Augean StablesHercules Stymphalian BirdsHercules Cretan BullHercules Mares DiomedesHercules Belt HippolytaHercules Cattle GeryonHercules Apples HesperidesHercules CerberusThe myths Hercules symbol infinite power demi god possessed prominent figure Western art literature The Myth JanusJanus Roman god faces reflecting future Even month January owes Janus Moreover responsible motions occur time played essential role ancient Roman myth Romulus kidnapped Sabine woman Janus picture savior saved woman flooding volcanic hot spring buried kidnappers ash boiling water ConclusionThere innumerable myths stories Roman civilization Some adaptations Greek mythology But matter ancient Rome cradle culture future generations developed beliefs myths Myths Historical Events ZodiacPage

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