Known Psychologists

Some of the most well-known intellectuals can look at the scope and variety of psychology. While each sociologist has been component of an overriding school of thought, each introduced the psychological sector with a distinctive and personal voice and viewpoint.

The following table gives an analysis of psychologists in the study at various locations. These people are not only some of the best known psychology scientists; they have also performed a key part in the history of psychology and contributed importantly to understanding human behaviour.  This list is not an effort to define who was or which school of thought was the most important. This list instead provides an insight into some theoretical perspectives which have not only affected psychology, but also a bigger culture.

The breadth diversity psychology thinkers While theorist overriding school thought brought unique individual voice perspective field psychology study appeared July 2002 issue Review General Psychology created ranking influential psychologists The rankings based factors frequency journal citations introductory textbook citations survey responses members American Psychological Association The list overview psychologists ranked places survey These individuals thinkers psychology played role psychology history contributions understanding human behavior This list attempt identify influential school thought Instead list offers glimpse theoretical outlooks influenced psychology larger culture John Anderson Cognitive PsychologyAnderson born Vancouver British Columbia Canada 1947 received bachelor degree University British Columbia 1968 PhD psychology Stanford University 1972 Today Professor Psychology joint appointment Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University Anderson pioneer computers model architecture human mind approach rational analysis ACT Adaptive Control Thought Rational proposal hypothetical computational structures underlying human general intelligence Anderson engaged careful experimental studies fMRI technology effort provide empirical support theoretical models Out work number insights considered basic cognitive science notably stage theory problem solving encoding planning solving response stages decomposition theory learning breaking problem manageable components chunking path breaking early work Anderson collaborated Herbert Simon giants history cognitive science years involved development intelligent tutoring systems Dan Ariely Behavioral EconomicsAriely born New York City 1967 Israeli family living temporarily returned Israel family years grew town Ramat HaSharon received bachelor degree psychology 1971 Tel Aviv University PhD cognitive psychology 1991 University North Carolina Chapel Hill Ariely earn doctorate business administration 1998 Duke University James Duke Professor Psychology Behavioral Economics Duke University Fuqua School Business Ariely work draws insights biological cognitive psychology hand economics burgeoning field behavioral economics Behavioral economics examines subject matter economics choice decision making conditions scarcity relaxes central assumption mainstream economics human beings rational agents counted interests Ariely behavioral economists Daniel Kahneman replace vastly simplified presupposition realistic analysis human motivation takes account factors making real decisions analyzes ways human beings prone cognitive illusions mistakes affect lives nutshell believes build material buildings tools vehicles physical limitations mind design social educational financial legal political institutions cognitive limitations mind Elliot Aronson Social PsychologyAronson born Boston suburb Chelsea 1932 earned bachelor degree Brandeis University 1954 master degree Wesleyan University worked David McClelland 1956 received PhD 1959 Stanford University dissertation adviser Leon Festinger Professor Emeritus Psychology University California Santa Cruz Aronson work focused social dimension human motivational systems structural reasons prejudice aggression cognitively oriented dimensions cognitive dissonance discomfort feel beliefs contradict Aronson famous names discipline social psychology small selling survey entire field entitled The Social Animal published 1972 Convinced seemingly irrational behavior rational explanation Aronson calls First Law People crazy crazy famous contributions understanding mitigation interpersonal interethnic conflict including idea jigsaw classroom technique defusing tensions arising interpersonal interethnic competition classroom organizing students diverse teams member responsible piece assignment term jigsaw The technique proved effective fostering sense mutual reliance team spirit troubled school settings Alan Baddeley Cognitive PsychologyBaddeley born Leeds 1934 received bachelor degree 1956 University College London master degree psychology 1957 Princeton University completed PhD University Cambridge 1962 Professor Psychology University York Baddeley work focused memory structure working memory episodic memory long term memory neural correlates components multiple components model working memory Baddeley Model working short term memory analyzed central executive component slave systems control called phonological loop rehearse complex linguistic maintain availability working memory visuo spatial scratchpad stores physical environment construction mental maps The author author peer reviewed articles Baddeley author prominent textbook Memory authored authored edited numerous influential volumes field heavily involved field psychological measurement helped design number tests including Children Test Nonword Repetition REP Speed Capacity Language Processing Test SCOLP Rivermead Behavioural Memory Test RBMT Albert Bandura Social PsychologyBandura born Mundare Alberta Canada 1925 His father immigrant Canada Poland mother hailed Ukraine received bachelor degree psychology 1949 University British Columbia master degree theoretical psychology 1951 University Iowa PhD year university worked supervision Arthur Benton David Starr Jordan Professor Emeritus Social Science Psychology Stanford University Lisa Feldman Barrett Biological PsychologyBarrett née Feldman born Toronto Ontario Canada 1963 She received bachelor degree psychology University Toronto PhD clinical psychology University Waterloo Waterloo Ontario She University Distinguished Professor Psychology Northeastern University heads Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory IASL Her professional work focused emotions biological cognitive point view However psychologists list Barrett interdisciplinary efforts study mind The IASL positions crossroads fields social psychology psychophysiology cognitive science psycholinguistics neuroscience drawing inspiration humanistic fields ethnology philosophy She deeply involved developing methods studying emotions notably experience sampling method effort quantify measure quality everyday life The IASL employs latest high tech brain imaging techniques Aaron Beck Psychiatry Personality PsychologyBeck born Providence Rhode Island 1921 His parents Jewish immigrants Russia bachelor degree magna cum laude 1942 Brown University received 1946 Yale Medical School Emeritus Professor Psychiatry University Pennsylvania Perelman School Medicine President Emeritus Beck Institute Cognitive Behavior Therapy Kent Berridge Biological PsychologyBerridge born 1957 received bachelor degree 1979 University California Davis master 1980 University Pennsylvania received PhD Penn 1983 Professor Psychology Neuroscience University Michigan Director Affective Neuroscience Biopsychology Lab Berridge work situated close proximity neuroscience concentrates neural correlates human conscious affective pleasure pain joy sorrow elation depression learning decision making addictive behavior allied topics The master question lab raises attempts answer affective generated brain including pleasure desire appetite emotion affective valence subjective scale positive negative affective addition Berridge works addresses complex issues neural basis learning addiction neurobiological relation desire fear neurobiological relation consciousness emotion unconscious emotions Paul Bloom Psycholinguistics Developmental PsychologyBloom born Montreal Quebec Canada 1963 earned bachelor degree psychology 1985 McGill University PhD cognitive psychology 1990 MIT His doctoral dissertation subject language acquisition supervised Susan Carey Brooks Suzanne Ragen Professor Psychology Cognitive Science Yale University Bloom early work language acquisition process infants toddlers acquire ability understand produce human speech With time Bloom work increasingly ambitious crossing territory philosophy popular books focused light believes psycholinguistics developmental psychology throw biological roots morality religion literature art puts human More specific projects grown overriding include exploration moral judgments babies role anger disgust empathy play moral lives adults commonsense understanding possessing free nature pleasure pleasure derive fiction psychology religious belief atheism commonsense feeling soul separate body hard quantify beliefs feelings Bloom created laboratory Mind Development Lab Yale broadly interdisciplinary welcoming theory disciplines disciplines cognitive social developmental psychology behavioral economics evolutionary theory philosophy David Buss Evolutionary PsychologyBuss born Indianapolis Indiana 1953 earned bachelor degree 1976 University Texas Austin PhD 1981 University California Berkeley Professor Psychology University Texas Austin Buss works area evolutionary psychology Evolutionary psychology traces roots sociobiology term proposed Edward Wilson landmark 1975 studyof evolution eusociality cooperative societies individuals regularly sacrifice good group proved controversial time brand sociobiology tarnished field subsequently morphed called evolutionary psychology Leda Cosmides Evolutionary PsychologyCosmides born Philadelphia Pennsylvania 1957 She received bachelor degree 1979 Radcliffe College PhD 1985 Harvard University Harvard worked closely famed evolutionary theorist Robert Trivers She Distinguished Professor Department Psychological Brain Sciences University California Santa Barbara Mihály Csikszentmihályi Personality PsychologyCsikszentmihályi born 1934 Fiume Rijeka Kingdom Italy Republic Croatia family spent time Italian internment camp war war complete secondary school education Rome emigrated 1956 age received bachelor degree 1960 PhD 1965 University Chicago Distinguished Professor Psychology Management Claremont Graduate University William Damon Developmental PsychologyDamon born Brockton Massachusetts 1944 received bachelor degree 1967 Harvard College PhD developmental psychology 1973 University California Berkeley Today Professor Education Stanford University Graduate School Education Director Stanford Center Adolescence Senior Fellow Hoover Institution Richard Davidson Personality Psychology Biological Psychology Cognitive PsychologyDavidson born New York City 1951 received bachelor degree 1972 New York University PhD Personality Psychopathology Psychophysiology 1976 Harvard University worked Daniel Goleman William James Vilas Professor Psychology Psychiatry University Wisconsin Madison Founder Chair Center Healthy Minds Edward Diener Personality PsychologyDiener born Glendale California 1946 received bachelor degree psychology 1968 California State University Fresno PhD 1974 University Washington Professor Psychology University Virginia University Utah Joseph Smiley Distinguished Professor Emeritus University Illinois Champaign Urbana Senior Scientist Gallup Organization Paul Ekman Social Psychology Biological PsychologyEkman born Washington 1934 After leaving high school early studying years University Chicago received bachelor degree psychology 1954 New York University Following year internship Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute teaching hospital Department Psychiatry University California San Francisco Ekman PhD clinical psychology Adelphi University 1958 Professor Emeritus Psychology University California Berkeley SkinnerB Skinner staunch behaviorism dominating force psychology therapy techniques based theories extensively today including behavior modification token economies Skinner remembered concepts operant conditioning schedules reinforcement Jean PiagetJean Piaget theory cognitive development profound influence psychology understanding children intellectual growth His contributed growth developmental psychology cognitive psychology genetic epistemology education reform Albert Einstein Piaget observations children intellectual growth thought processes discovery simple genius thought Sigmund FreudWhen people psychology tend Sigmund Freud His work supported belief mental illnesses physiological offered evidence cultural differences impact psychology behavior His work writings contributed understanding personality clinical psychology human development abnormal psychology Albert BanduraAlbert Bandura work considered cognitive revolution psychology began late 1960s His social learning theory stressed observational learning imitation modeling Learning exceedingly laborious mention hazardous people rely solely effects actions inform Bandura explained 1977 book Social Learning Theory Leon FestingerLeon Festinger developed theories cognitive dissonance social comparison Cognitive dissonance discomfort feel hold conflicting beliefs You smoke bad health His social comparison theory evaluate ideas comparing people You seek people share beliefs values William JamesPsychologist philosopher William James referred father American psychology His 1200 text The Principles Psychology classic subject teachings writings helped establish psychology science addition James contributed functionalism pragmatism influenced students psychology year teaching career Ivan PavlovIvan Pavlov Russian physiologist conditioned reflexes classical conditioning influenced rise behaviorism psychology Pavlov experimental methods helped psychology introspection subjective assessments objective measurement behavior Carl RogersCarl Rogers emphasis human potential enormous influence psychology education major humanist thinkers eponymous influence therapy client centered therapy daughter Natalie Rogers model compassion democratic ideals life work educator writer therapist Erik EriksonErik Erikson stage theory psychosocial development helped create human development lifespan ego psychologist studied Anna Freud Erikson expanded psychoanalytic theory exploring development life including events childhood adulthood age Lev VygotskyLev Vygotsky contemporary psychologists including Piaget Freud Skinner Pavlov work achieved eminence lifetime This writing remained inaccessible Western 1970s writings translated Russian work enormously influential decades fields educational psychology child development And Others Jochen Fahrenberg Personality Psychology Biological Psychology Howard Gardner Developmental Psychology Educational Psychology Kenneth Gergen Social Psychology Daniel Gilbert Social Psychology Cognitive Psychology Carol Gilligan Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Daniel Goleman Social Psychology Alison Gopnik Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Jonathan Haidt Social Psychology Jerome Kagan Developmental Psychology Personal Psychology Daniel Kahneman Cognitive Psychology Behavioral Economics Robert Kurzban Evolutionary Psychology David Lewis Personality Psychology Clinical Psychology Marsha Linehan Personality Psychology Clinical Psychology Elizabeth Loftus Cognitive Psychology Andrew Meltzoff Developmental Psychology Geoffrey Miller Evolutionary Psychology Walter Mischel Personality Psychology Lynn Nadel Cognitive Psychology Kenneth Pargament Personality Psychology Clinical Psychology Steven Pinker Cognitive Psychology Psycholinguistics Michael Posner Cognitive Psychology Eleanor Rosch Cognitive Psychology Michael Rutter Developmental Psychology Child Psychiatry Marianne Schmid Mast Social Psychology Organizational Psychology Erich Schröger Biological Psychology Experimental Psychology Martin Marty Seligman Personality Psychology Roger Shepard Cognitive Psychology Elizabeth Spelke Developmental Psychology Social Psychology Robert Sternberg Developmental Psychology Cognitive Psychology Ágnes Szokolszky Cognitive Psychology Ecological Psychology Carol Tavris Social Psychology Michael Tomasello Biological Psychology Comparative Psychology Cognitive Psychology Endel Tulving Cognitive Psychology Biological Psychology Philip Zimbardo Social Psychology Personality Psychology Known Psychologists ZodiacPage

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Kenneth J. Gergen | Social Psychology

Daniel T. Gilbert | Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Carol Gilligan | Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology

Daniel Goleman | Social Psychology

Alison Gopnik | Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Jonathan D. Haidt | Social Psychology

Jerome Kagan | Developmental Psychology, Personal Psychology

Daniel Kahneman | Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Economics

Robert Kurzban | Evolutionary Psychology

David Lewis | Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Marsha M. Linehan | Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Elizabeth F. Loftus | Cognitive Psychology

Andrew N. Meltzoff | Developmental Psychology

Geoffrey F. Miller | Evolutionary Psychology

Walter Mischel | Personality Psychology

Lynn Nadel | Cognitive Psychology

Kenneth I. Pargament | Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology

Steven A. Pinker | Cognitive Psychology, Psycholinguistics

Michael I. Posner | Cognitive Psychology

Eleanor H. Rosch | Cognitive Psychology

Michael L. Rutter | Developmental Psychology, Child Psychiatry

Marianne Schmid Mast | Social Psychology, Organizational Psychology

Erich Schröger | Biological Psychology, Experimental Psychology

Martin E.P. Marty Seligman | Personality Psychology

Roger N. Shepard | Cognitive Psychology

Elizabeth S. Spelke | Developmental Psychology, Social Psychology

Robert J. Sternberg | Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Ágnes Szokolszky | Cognitive Psychology, Ecological Psychology

Carol A. Tavris | Social Psychology

Michael Tomasello | Biological Psychology, Comparative Psychology, Cognitive Psychology

Endel Tulving | Cognitive Psychology, Biological Psychology

Philip G. Zimbardo | Social Psychology, Personality Psychology

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