These Powerful and Deep OM Mantra Chants have creative and positive energy vibrations. This particular version of OM has been chanted in the frequency of 285 Hz, which is known for its ultra calming effects on mind and body. It is said that just chanting OM , 3 times, can lower the heart rate, make you 20% more calm within just few seconds. Just try It. And when you can not chant it, listen to it. It will spread peace in and around you. It will take away all the negativity from that place, remove toxins.

In the journey of life, certain paths may seem to be leading nowhere because of a mountain or hill on the way which may seem to be the end of the journey, but should a pilgrim of life climb such a mountain with tenacity and courage and gets to its apex, he would not only deeply feel and understand the tenacity and the courage it takes to climb the mountain, but he would also see ahead and have a clearer picture of the way forward better!
Ernest Agyemang Yeboah

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