Birth Chart

A birth charts of astrology— also called a natal chart of astrology — is a cartography of the very moment you were born, where the whole planets were on their way around the Sun from our perspective on earth. A reading of your astrology diagram can demonstrate your strengths and weaknesses, your soul development possibilities, and the best time to move forward. You will need your birth time, date and location of birth to calculate your astrology birth chart. Some don’t understand how much time they are born. You may try contacting the Vital Records office in your State or area of birth if you can not locate this on your birth certificate. And if that doesn’t operate yet, create an assessment as near as possible or join 12:00.

You will not be prepared to know your rising sign or ascendant correctly without a time of birth. Nor do you know properly which planets drop into your graph. But you can still retrieve many data by entering your date of birth and place of birth— so don’t let your birth graph check out.

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