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Leo is the fifth of the 12 signs of the zodiac, which begins its cycle mid-summer every year during Leo season—which falls around July 23-August 22. Whether or not you have Leo planetary placements in your chart, it’s important to understand the energy of this sign, as various planets travel through Leo all year long, activating this sign’s fiery energy for everyone, regardless of your Sun sign. Leo is very independent but they need something to control and someone to admire them and appreciate them. They are fully capable of being greatly successful on their own but they are much happier if they have an audience and a following of people who look up to them. They would prefer not be alone. As with their symbol the lion, Leo natives are known as courageous, regal individuals with a natural flare for drama. Leos are typically proud people with a weakness for attention and the spotlight, but also an admirable level of respect for justice and fairness as well. They are creative individuals that more often than not make incredible artists of all types. Those born under the sign of the lion not only dream big, but they love large as well. They want to leave the world a better place than they found it, and they have the passion, the drive, and the ambition to do just that if they put their minds to it and work hard.

However, Leos also sometimes have a tendency to be vain, stubborn, and overbearing at times, and their pussycat exterior hides a temper that can be vicious if rubbed the wrong way. The trademark Leo pride can also mutate into overbearing self-importance if not properly tempered. When it comes to astrology love signs, Leo is best matched with fellow fire signs, or alternatively air signs, as they share many of their natural sensibilities and outlooks. Bold, intelligent, warm, and courageous, fire sign Leo is a natural leader of the Zodiac, ready to blaze a trail, vanquish injustice, and make a name for themselves along the way. Blessed with high self-esteem, Lions know that they possess enviable traits—and they’re proud of them. They don’t believe in false modesty and will be the first to praise themselves for a job well done. But Leo isn’t self-aggrandizing or unwilling to roll up those sleeves and do the work: this sign knows that in order to be respected and admired, he or she needs to put in the effort worthy of a leader.

Famous Leo Women

Confident and determined, Leo woman is known for her vivacious nature. Browse through this article to know more about personality traits of Leo woman. Spoil her and she will be the kitty you adore, offend her and the lioness would only welcome you with a roar! With a Leo woman, you can either love to hate her or hate to love her. There is no other way about it. Known for her outgoing, independent, and lively nature, Leo females happen to be the center of attention everywhere they go, due to the vivacity that they exude. Interestingly, every Leo woman has a superb taste, which is unfailing and almost instantly noticeable. This also explains the extravagant nature of Leo women. They love to indulge and can get really messy when not given an opportunity. Leo women make intense and passionate lovers. Romancing a Leo is like bringing to life every far-flinching romantic tale that the books or the movies ever described. However, just like other zodiac signs, Leo woman have their share of drawbacks as well. Leo women resemble the Lioness in true sense. A Leo female has a tempestuous temper that is hard to bear. She can get pretty rough when ignored or disgraced. Also, one wrong move and the catty claw can rip you off in style and not look back even once!  See Some Famous Leo That Share Your Sign: 

Meghan MarkleMeghan Markle, 37

Born On: 04 August 1981

Nationality: American

Demi LovatoDemi Lovato, 26
(Film actress)

Born On: 20 August 1992

Nationality: American

Princess Margaret, Countess of SnowdonPrincess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, 71

Born On: 21 August 1930

Nationality: British

Dua LipaDua Lipa, 23

Born On: 22 August 1995

Nationality: British

Joey KingJoey King, 19

Born On: 30 July 1999

Nationality: American

Kylie JennerKylie Jenner, 21
(Model, Reality Star)

Born On: 10 August 1997

Nationality: American

Leo Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Vivacious, witty, strong yet feminine, a Leo woman is every man’s dreams and every woman’s envy. She is the kind which has the perfect combination of being in command yet complying. Symbolized by the Lion, a Leo woman is in true sense the Queen of the Jungle. She is full of warmth, love and sunny optimism. Her intelligence and aptitude captivates the heart of every person around. Though the lioness may seem to be tough and strong from outside, she is quite the sentimental types and can get easily hurt. There is a regal aura that every Leo woman exudes. Leadership comes naturally to Leo women and they excel in the same. Most Leo women love to live life king size and are indulgent by nature. Lavish cars, expensive clothes, flashy homes and flamboyant lifestyle are what every Leo aims at. Leo women are career oriented females. They are independent in their work and do not rely much on others to complete their tasks. They are self-sustaining in their efforts and thus are accomplished workers. In friendship, a Leo woman is helpful, true and loving. She is generous by nature and has a big heart. Probably, this is why they say, with a Leo around you’ll never fall short of a helping hand!

The Dark Side
Call her pretentious, call her egoistical or call her arrogant but that is what a Leo woman is for you. Just like her warm, big heart, she even has a great ego. But larger of all is her superiority complex, or her sense of self-esteem due to which she keeps herself at an elevated platform. Leo women think of themselves as highly and often look down upon others. This does not mean they tend to call others inferior. It is just that by thinking of themselves as superior, they get an adrenaline rush which makes them feel elated and high. The feeling also imbibes in them a sense of pride. Another negative trait of a Leo woman is her ferocious temper. If criticised, disobeyed, ignored or humiliated, a Leo woman would pounce on you like a hungry lioness. In matters of love, the arrogance of a Leo woman often comes in between her relationships. Leo women are extremely possessive and jealous. They are intense lovers and often lose their interest in a relationship when the same is not reciprocated. They also tend to get a bit bossy in the relationship, which leads to a rift in the relationship as it clashes with the male ego. Money matters, Leos are spendthrift and like to indulge in luxuries. So, next time when around a Leo, just think twice before handing over your credit card!

Romance Quotient
If it is a Leo woman who has captured your heart and made it flutter, note that you aren’t the only one. The charm, exuberance and style of a Leo woman is one-of-its-kind and can get the balls rolling for any man who just sees her. Her liveliness, ingenuity, elegance, beauty, and sensuality are remarkable and lure everyone around. Expect a Leo woman to be the center of attraction everywhere she goes and if you are aiming to woo her, be ready to face a lot of competition. A Leo woman is fascinated by men, who are classy and have a style of their own. Another thing that is important to keep in mind while wooing a Leo woman is that she hates dominance of any kind. Agreed, women under this zodiac sign tend to dominate others but in case of partners, they love being with a man who does not let himself get dominated. Once in love, a Leo woman is loyal, has respect for her partner and cares for him but if it is devotion that you are looking for, she isn’t the right choice. Don’t expect a Leo woman to worship you.

While courting a Leo woman, just make sure that you take her to all the sophisticated places and treat her with all the classy and stylish stuff. Don’t get disillusioned with the fact that she is after your money. In fact, a Leo woman would reciprocate her love with expensive gifts too. It is just that when in a shabby surrounding, a Leo woman gets uncomfortable. In relationship, a Leo woman would be trustworthy and faithful. Though she might get attention and compliments from the opposite sex, just remember that all this only assures her that she is still the Queen of the Jungle. In reality, she will always be in love with you. Just pay her the compliments and indulge in the flattery and she will make your life a living paradise! However, a Leo woman demands independence and hates to be tied down. Just remember, she is a possessive and jealous lover. The slightest bit of suspicion can get the Lioness extremely angry, annoyed and fuming. So, better try the jealousy tricks with someone else or you’ll have to bear the scorched spots that come with loving a Lioness!

Famous Leo Men

Leo men are spirited individuals who are warm and affectionate by heart. Read this article to get detailed information about Leo man. There are only two ways of dealing with a Leo man – you can either love him or hate him. Nothing in between is possible with a Leo. Confident, ambitious and fiercely determined, Leo men are spirited individuals, driven by the intense desire to excel and outshine. If you are sad, in despair or simply melancholic, with a Leo around, you can expect that the cloud of gloominess will soon give way to bright sunshine and light. Leo men are warm and affectionate and work hard to spread cheer and smile to others. They are dignified, loyal and extremely generous, which can be seen by the way they shower their love to their lovers. Given the fact, not all is rosy in the personality traits of a Leo man for men under this zodiac sign have an extremely pretentious and dominating attitude. They are full of vanity and have an air about themselves which is hard to manipulate. They are egoistical, stubborn and lazy. To get further details about the nature, the drawbacks and the romantic quotient of Leo men, the lines given below would be helpful.  See Some Famous Leo That Share Your Sign: 

Harry KaneHarry Kane, 25

Born On: 28 July 1993

Nationality: British

Roger FedererRoger Federer, 37
(Tennis Star)

Born On: 08 August 1981

Nationality: Swiss

Chris HemsworthChris Hemsworth, 35

Born On: 11 August 1983

Nationality: Australian

Shawn MendesShawn Mendes, 20
(Singer & Songwriter)

Born On: 08 August 1998

Nationality: Canadian

Barack ObamaBarack Obama, 57
(44th U.S. President)

Born On: 04 August 1961

Nationality: American

Jason MomoaJason Momoa, 39

Born On: 01 August 1979

Nationality: American

Leo Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
A Leo man has two sides to his being – Leo the Lioness and Leo the Pussycat. What’s that grin for? Well, there is no pun attached. To believe in the same you actually have to be in close contact with a Leo, or else this may seem to be a witty joke cracked. Most Leo men come across as confident, aggressive, egoistic, fearless and powerful males who love to be in charge all through. Such is the power that they exude that the presence of a Leo man is felt almost immediately. Leo men love to be at the center of attention and enjoy flattery and appreciation. Gaining respect and appreciation from others is what a Leo man aims for. However, he is not bothered as to what leads to the same. Leo men appeal to the senses of the opposite sex through their powerful masculinity, commanding position, sense of showmanship and charismatic presence. They have a bad temper, which when irked can be a cause for worry and apprehension. However, no matter how strong, tough and confident a Leo man appears from the outside, inside he is as sensitive as a Cancerian and can get easily hurt. Leo men have an utmost need to be loved, cared and treasured by their lover. However, it is only when you get extremely close to a Leo that these traits would be visible. 

The Dark Side
Have you ever tried taming a lion? If you have, you would know that having a little scorched spot here and there is a part of the game. For rest, if just the thought of being near one makes you wet your pants, get off for you can’t deal with a Leo either. Symbolized by the Lion, Leos are pretentious, domineering, stubborn, demanding, intolerant and stubborn. They have an ego that is as huge as the sky and as deep as the sea (which explains why isn’t there any other man in the zodiac sign who is egoistic!) To be on the good books of a Leo, you have to play along his ego. There are only two ways of dealing with the ego of a Leo man – you can either stroke it affectionately and win over him or fight it incessantly and perish under it. There is no third alternative to dealing with the ego of a Leo man. Another trait that is quite prominent in men under this zodiac sign is their high self-esteem and self-pride. As such, they often look down upon people and think themselves to be superior. Dominance is the middle name for every Leo individual. They love to get respect from people and don’t mind whether the same comes as a result of threat or apprehension. Also, Leo men are highly jealous people. Though they would not make their envious nature public often, a change in their behaviour could be a signal for the same. And when this happens, the lion inside can send the target directly to the hospital bed! So, beware! 

Romance Quotient
Romancing the Leo is ditto to feeling as if you are the Queen of the Jungle. He’ll pamper you, caress you, charm you, take care of you and protect you. But one wrong step and he’ll walk away for good. Does this sound good? Of course it does for who doesn’t want a loving partner if the price for the same is just simple loyalty. As, loyalty it is that a Leo seeks from his lover. To make a Leo fall in love with you, you need not rack your brains; a dinner by the moonlit seaside with romantic music and overflowing champagne is all what you need to make the lion go purring and whirring. While dating a Leo man, be prepared to receive lots of gifts, bouquets, love letters and like. You would be taken to the most elite of restaurants and places. Sounds like a fairy tale romance? Here’s the twist! With a Leo man around, you cannot cast even a playful look at other men, lest he breaks their head or bangs them down. 

Leo men are ferocious when deceived and can get extremely unreasonable if they suspect their lovers. Dominance is another thing which a Leo man cannot tolerate in a relationship. He likes to take the lead and loves it only when his partner is happy playing second fiddle to perfection. If, by any chance, you dominate him or overrule his opinion, all the love, chivalry, gallantry, care and warmth would go out of the door and you would be exposed to the Lion inside him. Dealing with a Leo requires you to act tactfully and maturely. Pamper him and shower him generously with love, care and stability to subdue his unreasonable vanity. Make sure that you never sideline your Leo and never get the romance out of the life, for a Leo is in constant need of your love and affection. However, once a Lioness always a Lioness is what a Leo believes! He is extremely possessive of his lover and wants her to belong to him wholly. So, before you make a commitment, see if you truly love him or not lest you bring out in open his Lion attitude!


Leo is a large equatorial constellation which represents a lion. It appears highest in the midnight sky in the months around February.
Its brightest star, Regulus lies very close to the ecliptic, the path that the Sun traces across the sky each year. The Sun passes through Leo each year between mid-August and mid-September.
North of Regulus, the lion’s mane is represented by a curved line of stars of second and third magnitude.
Lying away from the plane of the Milky Way, most of the deep sky objects in this area of the sky are galaxies of ninth magnitude or fainter. Among the brightest of these are the Leo Triplet, a close grouping of three gravitationally bound galaxies: M65, M66, and NGC 3628.

Date First Appeared: Ancient
Sky Area: 2.3% of the sky; 947.0 square degrees
Leo contains the following Messier objects: M65, M66, M95, M96, M105.
Leo contains the following Caldwell object: C40.
The following constellations neighbor Leo: Cancer, Coma Berenices, Crater, Hydra, Leo Minor, Lynx, Sextans, Ursa Major, Virgo.

Good Personality Traits

 People born under the sign of Leo are natural born leaders. They are dramatic, creative, self-confident, dominant and extremely difficult to resist, able to achieve anything they want to in any area of life they commit to. There is a specific strength to a Leo and their “king of the jungle” status. Leo often has many friends for they are generous and loyal. Self-confident and attractive, this is a Sun sign capable of uniting different groups of people and leading them as one towards a shared cause, and their healthy sense of humor makes collaboration with other people even easier. Those born under this sign are fearless and strong, which may be why Lions plunge in headfirst and let the chips fall where they may. Thankfully, Leos are dignified enough not to commit too many pratfalls. It’s the Lion’s trait of unswerving courage that wins so many folks over. If you need someone to lead the charge, call a Leo — and the bigger the project, the better, since these folks love an expansive stage (and the audience that comes with it). While some would take to calling Lions status-conscious, these folks are truly warm-hearted and want everyone to be happy. Hey, it’s their kingdom, and happy campers make for a perfect peace. Further, it’s the great gift of the Leo-born to be dynamic, forward-thinking and self-confident. These attributes certainly catch the attention of others, making Leos sought after by both friends and lovers. The Lion’s charms extend to all, even to the children they dearly love. Yes, the pleasure principle is paramount to the Lion, and along those lines, Leos are great at spending money. Lions can’t fathom an uncomfortable throne. Leos also enjoy trying their luck at the tables, so expect to find them living it up in Las Vegas.  Come play time, Leos are at their best. Those born under this sign enjoy fun and games both outdoors and in (and with a group), so expect to find them playing softball, hockey or a game of cards. Lions are also a natural at the gym, where they can show their stuff to a crowd. When the lights are low, the essential Lion comes to the fore, since this beast is 90 percent fun and 100 percent romantic. The Leo lover is devoted, creative and almost too hot to handle! Since Leo rules the heart and back, however, overzealous Lions may have to take a deep breath and slow down a bit. You can bet that the Lion’s home will be swaddled in royal purple and gold.

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
  • Kind and helpful. The Leo easily shows love and affection on people.
  • Energetic. Ruled by the Sun, this sign has tons of energy.
  • Optimistic. The glass is half-full and that’s it.
  • Straightforward. Honesty is something the Leo is familiar with.
  • Loyal. And they demand the same in return.


– Confident
– Ambitious
– Generous
– Loyal
– Encouraging

Bad Personality Traits

 Leo loves the new and extraordinary, they despise dull, regular routines and if this is what they are faced with, they will simply create their own drama and excitement. This makes them prone to stir up a situation out of nowhere just for something to keep their vivacious temperament satisfied. having an amazing ability to bounce back from any feelings of despair or unfortunate events, they do not like to be unhappy, it hurts their pride so they will take matters into their own hands and make things right again. Leos could come into conflict with other powerhouse type of people who will not take orders, not give an inch, will not budge their opinion, they will understand and accept opinions of others but they do not take well to people to try to impose their beliefs on them. Leo most often have the temperament of a demanding, spoiled child but this is only shown if someone steps on the boundaries of their kingdom. They react this way because of their territoriality. Leos are extremely sensitive but they hide that very well. Leos love praise and flattery, their egos demand respect and adoration, it’s all about pride. This can cause them to be self-centered but the warmth of the their heart keeps it under control. If Leo’s audience (otherwise known as their friends) do not provide the needed appreciation, they’re too proud to ask for it and they will suffer a hurt ego, but no one will ever know and they will suffer in silence. The secret is that they need to be needed.

Weaknesses: Arrogant, stubborn, self-centered, lazy, inflexible
  • Headstrong. It takes a lot of convincing to change their mind.
  • Egoistic. Actually, their ego is so big that it stumbles them in their path to success.
  • Possessive. Prone to jealousy.
  • Dominating. Because he/she is the King of the Jungle, remember?
  • Impatient. I want it all and I want it now!
  • Arrogant. Self-centred. Because this is how a king should behave!


– Pretentious
– Domineering
– Melodramatic
– Stubborn
– Vain

Leo Compatibility

This Fire sign is passionate and sincere and its representatives show their feelings with ease and clarity. When in love, they are fun, loyal, respectful and very generous towards their loved one. They will take the role of a leader in any relationship, and strongly rely on their need for independency and initiative. This can be tiring for their partner at times, especially if they start imposing their will and organizing things that aren’t theirs to organize in the first place. Each Leo needs a partner who is self-aware, reasonable and on the same intellectual level as them. Their partner also has to feel free to express and fight for themselves, or too much light from their Leo’s Sun might burn their own personality down.

Best Matches:

Sagittarius: Both Sagittarius and Leo are robust, fiery, fun-loving signs that share a mutual love of adventure and freedom, both in love with the experience of life itself. Each one stimulates, encourages, and inspires the other to reach new heights. Leo and Sagittarius are also equally potent in the bedroom, making sex a favorite way of bonding and spending time together. Seeing eye to eye when it comes to many important aspects of life, this is an astrology love match built to last.

Aries: Aries natives and Leo natives have such similar temperaments that they can’t help but share a mutual understanding of one another. Both are passionate, energetic, and slightly egotistical, but as long as they take care to respect one another, this can be more of an asset than a liability. Both also share a mutual love of sex, making their sex life a key bonding point when it comes to their relationship.

Gemini: Both Leo and Gemini are signs that approach life with enthusiasm and gusto. Although they do go about that from different angles (Leo with the heart and Gemini with the head) their differences in that respect compliment each other as opposed to cause trouble. Leo’s natural warmth helps Gemini to temper its natural cynicism, while Gemini’s fun-loving approach to life appeals to Leo’s natural joviality. This is a couple that generally has a wonderful time whenever they are together.

Wild Cards:

Leo: As is the case with many two-of-a-kind matches, two lions together can be wonderful in many ways. If they are able to give as well as they get when it comes to the praise and admiration Leos require, this can be a very pleasant, loving union. This is also a very compatible combination in the bedroom. However, both partners must be careful no to let their natural “all-about-me” attitude take over, otherwise the partnership can become a power struggle that is both stormy and argumentative.

Aquarius: This is a pairing in which the two are generally very strongly attracted to one another. They both dream big dreams and want big things out of life. However, they have two very different approaches to the matter. Expansive, humanitarian Aquarius will not appreciate Leo’s self-centered approach. Affectionate, attention-loving Leo will not like Aquarius’s sometime penchant toward detachment. However, if both are open to compromise, it is possible to find a way to make their differences work for them, as opposed to against them.

Worst Matches:

Capricorn: There are few signs that are more complete opposites than Leo and Capricorn. They speak different languages and see eye to eye on little. Capricorn’s lack of creativity and imagination disappoints passionate, artistic Leo while Leo’s impulsiveness aggravates conservative, reserved Capricorn. Nor are they the best sexual match, each possessing a totally different outlook and energy level when it comes to sex.

Taurus: These two signs run into a lot of trouble when it comes to money matters. Taurus is all about thrift and preparation for the future while Leo would rather spend and have a good time in the present. They will also find that they have many issues when it comes to the way they each show affection. (Taurus desires a devotion that self-absorbed Leo will not give, and Taurus will not be willing to shower Leo with the constant admiration it requires.) These two are also both fixed signs, so it is unlikely that they will be able to compromise enough to live together in any type of harmony.

Scorpio: Scorpio and Leo both have incredibly strong personalities, but unfortunately the two are so different that they will find it difficult to ultimately get along. Leo will tend to find that Scorpio’s overall intensity and sometime bouts of jealousy are too much to handle. Scorpios will find Leo’s generally light-hearted attitude when it comes to many things to be irritating. Although it is possible for these two to get along if both are open to compromise, it will be tough to find common ground and see eye to eye.


A Leo man wants to be treated like a king in their intimate relationship and this is not their narcissistic characteristic, but a true inner need that all people with deep self-respect have to feel. Plans with him are always big and dramatic, and showering with admiration, devotion and attention come really natural both ways. This is a man who gives many gifts when they are in love, often expensive and posing as a statement of his effort. Any partner that wants to stay with him has to prove that they are worthy of royal treatment and ready to give enough of it back. A Leo man will love compliments, and although he appears confident, he needs a lot of praise to start feeling safe around their loved one too.

However romantic and passionate, this man will rarely choose a woman that doesn’t “go well” with his appearance, or doesn’t make him look good in the eyes of specific groups in the outer world. He is known to easily take the roll of an eternal bachelor, always on the hunt and celebrating love and life. He will put himself in the center of attention, and his partner could compete with a number of admirers, but their relationship is not in danger for as long as he is adored the way he loves to be. When treated right, he will stick around forever.


Leo women are very warm-hearted and driven by the desire to be loved and admired, and as all people born under the Leo zodiac sign, love to be in the limelight. To seduce her, one has to treat her well, respect her, compliment her and see her fit to live a luxurious lifestyle she deserves. She appreciates romantic partners and will expect to be the center of someone’s world, giving the person she loves the same royal treatment. Dating a Leo woman requires acceptance of her flaws and admiration for her qualities. She doesn’t like competing for love and wants to have clarity on her role in her partner’s life.

A woman born under the Sun sign of Leo will always enjoy a visit to a theater, an art museum or a fancy restaurant. She wants to be showered with flowers and gifts, but as grandiose displays of affection rather than an expensive routine of her partner. She can be a bit domineering and needs to stay in control of her own life. If her partner holds her as valued and queen-like as she is, there is infinite warmth, care, and attention in her heart to respond.

Is Leo considered Happily Married

Family matters won’t be the first thing Leo will think about when they wake up in the morning or lie to bed at night. Turned to themselves for the most part, they tend to become independent as soon as possible. Still, a Leo will do anything to protect their loved ones, proud of their ancestry and roots in good and bad times. Leo couples are likely to have a very dramatic, theatrical, and passionate marriage. You both have strong opinions and you’re certainly not shy about sharing them. While it’s nice that there’s a lot of romance and passion, you do have a habit of getting too dramatic sometimes. This could result in a power struggle, so be careful not to boss each other around. 

Once in love or committed, Leos are stubbornly loyal and will do anything to protect and encourage their beloved. The negative of this is that they are less likely to walk away when a situation turns toxic, thinking it beneath them to just “quit” while leaving themselves open to being manipulated and used.

Despite all this bold strength, Leos are very sensitive and need nurturing to truly blossom. When Leos feel their love and loyalty is reciprocated, that they are safe from being used and betrayed, that is when the beautiful part begins. Leos then will blossom and share themselves openly with their partner. They then turn to showering their partner with romantic attentions that make them very hard to forget. 

A Leo in love is usually very generous with loved ones. They enjoy the beauty around them and will appreciate the beauty you bring to their lives. They will definitely notice any effort you put forth for their benefit, be it small tokens you bring them or even simply making that extra effort to look nice. They see the beauty of creativity in the smallest detail.

Leos appreciate the best in life, so when planning anything special always remember ‘quality’ outdoes ‘quantity’ every day to a Leo. 

Leos love beautiful things and will see your relationship as a beautiful thing too. They see beauty in life and their excitement is contagious. Honest and hard working, Leos usually make wonderful life partners and wonderful parents.

Being true to your Leo and showering them with honest love and intentions will make your Leo bond to you for life. Once that trust is established, expect to be pampered by the Jungle’s Royalty that is a Leo. Their dignity and integrity is front and center in the way they treat their partners. Once you’ve been loved by a Leo it is unlikely that you will ever forget the experience. This is a very hard sign to get over.

Leo Man in Marriage

A man of courtesy and with elegant look is obviously a Leo. You’ll be utmost glad to get his abundant love, but his arrogance behavior often hurts you. Is this so? Don’t worry! You can calm down him. This article will help you identifying a Leo man-his nature, behavior and other traits.

If you’re looking for an amiable stylish man of self-esteem with name and fame, Leo guy is absolutely the kind of person. Appealing personality, high attitude, sharp mind, ego, leadership defines a profile of a Leo man. For a Leo man love is the beautiful and divine gift of God. His zeal of achieving success is abundantly strong. Most Leo men avail of higher positions in society.

A Leo man feels proud on himself a lot. And a Leo man is full with profound emotions. For him everything should be in structure, as he dislikes mess. However he can sacrifice his love for the sake of his family. Mostly a Leo boy is devotional attached to his family. What things you’ll not like is his arrogance and sometimes rude behavior. He is a person who flies with the parallel direction of wind. When things are not okay for him he leaves that. He hardly does compromise.

Taste and way of living of a Leo man is very unique and economical. He is very choosy. If you’re a girl of elite standards with decent look you can definitely win the heart of a Leo man. Remember, a Leo man does not like too much buttering and oily tong. If you try to entice him with your over sweet words he will definitely ignore you. So plain, straightforward and honest words he always accepts. What good quality you will find in him is honesty. Whatever emotions he has for you he will express those frankly without hiding a tiny word. But once he finds that you’re not suiting him he can turn away. So always beware!

Do not go in deep relationship with a Leo man until you get married with him. Only reason he is a mysterious person. You can’t easily observe him and can’t quickly understand his view points. But one quality is so amazing in a Leo boy that he very instantly falls in love. At very first sight of a girl his heart can beat for her. However a Leo person will disclose his feeling until he becomes sure for you. No doubt, being a life-partner he is trustworthy but jealousy and possessive too. If a Leo man is full with courtesy and showers love on you he is often arrogant too, easily gets anger. But don’t worry! If you’re polite or soft to him he will calm down very soon.

His love is huge than a gigantic ocean. His feelings are boundless. When he is in love you’re the only world for him. True! He can forget each important thing for you but for some time. Aries, Sagittarius, or Gemini lady is compatible with a Leo man.

Hardworking, dedication, focus and clarity you can notice in a Leo man. Especially for career, he is very dedicated. A Leo man is high aspirant to earn huge amount of money. And his profound intelligence also supports him. He is very comfortable in marketing managerial work, writing related work and other work that involves group and leadership. Yes! A Leo man is also a good leader. He can efficiently motivate, encourage or develop his teams. He knows very practically how to be the leader of group.

A Leo man is always in center of focus. You can very easily identify a Leo man in crowd or group of people. His masculine personality, well-built physical features, bold voice, sky-scrapping attitude and way of presentation is so praiseworthy that you can instantly recognize him a Leo guy. If you really want to get in close with him just appreciate his opinions.

Besides, his short-temper nature can annoy you. However a Leo man is generous, kind, resourceful, brilliant and thoughtful he is a man of a great self-esteem. Usually a Leo man is short-temper and gets angry quickly. For him, everything should be in structure or organization. A Leo man generally enjoys high status in society.

Leo Man as a Husband

It couldn’t be more simple: treat him like a king and he’s yours forever. Of course, back in the real world, that would be practically impossible, requiring almost superhuman self-sacrifice on your part. Just make him feel loved and appreciated and, if it it’s not too much trouble, adored, and he’ll be happy. And a happy Leo man is a loyal Leo man. Remember, a compliment here or there can go a long way with a Leo man, it doesn’t have to be a constant barrage of flattery.

For the Leo man, sex is an all-out sensory experience, a spontaneous event to be plunged into headlong without any thought or preparation. The Leo man likes to be leapt upon, as much as he likes to leap. He doesn’t take it too seriously and is one of the few zodiac males who won’t be put off by laughter during lovemaking. In fact, the more playful things get, the better, so far as the Leo man is concerned.

If you stand by your Leo man during times of crisis, he will reward your loyalty with his own. The out-and-out loyalty of the Leo man can be a frightening thing! He will fight to the death to protect the ones he loves, sacrificing anything and everything in the process.

Leo Woman in Marriage

If a lion like impressive girl with sign Leo is in your life or you’re going to interact with her, you are bound to be the luckiest person. But to have her in your life is not so simple. You need to fly with her. Let’s know some interesting facts about a Leo woman, her nature, personality, attitude, and much more. Reading this article you will know all about having a Leo woman in your life.

If you come across an attractive, attention-grabbing, impressive, confidant, egoist and an arrogant lady, certainly that is a lioness- a Leo woman. All leadership qualities make a Leo woman. Like a lion she strongly builds her powerful image in minds of people. Her bold voice, impressive pleasing personality, and attentive mind charm people around her. Wherever she goes, she leaves her remarkable footprints. She is a highly notable or an extraordinary human being.

A Leo lady accepts originality or ingenious things. You will love to see her in your life. She exposes herself a hard lady but actually she is a polite or generous female full of emotions. She is like a coconut hard from outside but sweet and soft from inside. So better, don’t judge a Leo lady as a detached person at the first interaction. A Leo woman is, in fact, a very interesting creature. You will see every time new interesting happenings in her life. She is simple but with modern trends. She is innovative but also with traditions conceptions.

A Leo woman is highly focused woman. She comes out as a unique and bright lady even among crowd of people. She conceives herself as superior or best among group. And it is also the fact that she is a fair good leader of a group. She is passionate of seeing success in life. She highly dislikes negatives. She stays away from negativity or from all those things that can give her negativity.

Hard working, devoted, dedicated, doing something meaningful and working successfully is her basic quality. She hardly compromises and less believes on sacrifices. She works hard with high responsibilities to prove herself that is the finest person among all. In family too, a Leo woman gets lots of respect and love, as she herself believe in giving honor to everyone. Her love and adoration is boundless. She madly loves her husband, children and family. She is a lovely mother of her kids.

A Leo woman is sometimes also an arrogant or a short-temper person. She quickly gets annoyed and becomes highly furious. She is possessive too. If you date with another girl she can’t bear hearing this at all. A Leo girl strongly believes in love and long-term relationship. If she commits someone she can go with it till the last breath, but only in case you should also be in love with her.

Wonderful communion skill, impressive features, and convincing ability are some other qualities in her that offers her to enjoy government high status job, Management work, and other occupation related to administration and managerial functions. Leo women are also passionate about writing. Many Leo ladies also choose writing or communication related profession as their career.

Charity, social working and other benevolent work are her interest. A Leo woman has high empathy and imagination. She is extrovert and wonderfully expresses her objectives. A Leo woman is mostly conscious about her career-she never wants to switch – off the growth of career after marriage. If you try to oppose her career she will always dislike it or it can hammer your relationship.

Her taste is classy and choosy. You can notice her carrying exclusive and unique things with her. Her dress-ups are selective. She wears designs of appealing garments. Her taste is unique and different from others. She does not give attention to all those things which do not reflect originality like original comments or compliments. Be careful while giving her compliments-she will not attend flattery or buttering.Too much oily tongue can make cast negative impression in her mind. Be original, be simple while interacting with her.

Leo Woman as a Wife

Leos want to enjoy marriage to the fullest, just like any other enterprise they they step into. And marriages start with weddings, the Leo woman would want to wait for the wedding until enough money is in hand, so that all the arrangements can be made – the full church ceremony, the extravagant reception and the honeymoon – to measure up to the his/her dream wedding. After the wedding, Leos put all their time and effort into making the marriage a fulfilling one. They encourage their partners to follow their convictions and ambitions to the fullest.

When it comes to sex, the Leo women take it seriously. She has a very strong sex drive, likes adventure in the bed and will be ready to try out anything. Her love-making skills are indeed extremely good and she will expect satisfaction from her lover just as she does the same for him. Also don’t expect her to always submit to you and do what you say. As mentioned, she likes to dominate and she also has amazing love-making techniques which are bound to leave you speechless.

Leo women are very popular amongst the opposite sex and they like to receive male attention and compliments. So, you will get plenty of reasons to be jealous. Remember that all this assures her that she is good enough, but she will always be in love with you. With the Leo girl, you have to maintain a difficult balance. Don’t let her control you, but then don’t make her feel dominated too. If you manage to do all this, you will be getting the love of a woman most of the other men just dream about!

Leo Relationship

Extremely forward and self assured Leos can come across as aggressive or impatient when starting relationships. The positive in this is that there are no head games played by this Lion, what you see is what you get, and Leos tell you exactly what they want and like.

This honesty is the key to building the foundation of love for Leos. Though sometimes known for jealousy and possessiveness, this is primarily due to any insecurity Leos feel at the hands of their partner. But, if they feel secure in your loyalty and devotion they will reciprocate. The key with Leo relationships is honesty, they tend to value this trait very much.

Although many times Leos have been accused of being ego maniacs, this is due to their high self esteem which is a beacon of attractiveness. Their self confidence is very attractive to most around them. This is not a ‘wishy washy’ sign. They know their mind and aren’t shy about going after what they want and need.

People are attracted to their zest for life and their warm spirit. They have the ability to lift up one’s spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough. Their enthusiasm attracts people, they are social butterflies, not because they want to be but because people always naturally gravitate and surround them.Very difficult people to not like, they are usually fairly balanced, realistic people. They never dwell on the past and they will think you are strange if you do. Some Leos might be too caught up in themselves and be very self-centered but they are never too self-absorbed to help anyone who needs it. They pamper their friends, treat them well and is the ultimate friend. They do not hold a grudge and they are very forgiving. They have respect and understanding of people’s differences. Leos are highly energetic and tend to always be busy, no matter the need for their employment. They are ambitious, creative and optimistic and once they dedicate to their work, they will do everything just right. The best possible situation they can find themselves in is to be their own bosses or manage others with as little control from their superiors as possible. Jobs that allow open expression of artistic talent, such as acting and entertainment, are ideal for a Leo. Management, education and politics are also a good fit, as well as anything that puts them in a leadership position which naturally suits them. Leos love to be surrounded by modern and trendy things, and although money comes easy to them, they spend it less responsibly than some other signs of the zodiac. Extremely generous, they could provide many friends with financial help, supporting them through bad times. Although this doesn’t always prove to be wise, it always makes them feel good. Leo is the lion, this well suited symbol represents them very well. They possess a kingdom which they protest and cherish. The are high esteemed, honorable and very devoted to themselves in particular! The kingdom could be anything from work to home to a partner, whatever it is, you rule it. Leo is always center stage and full of flair, they enjoy basking in the spotlight. Always making their presence known. They are full of energy that act like a magnet for other people. Others are attracted to Leo’s wit, charm, and what they have to say for they speak of things grand and very interesting. Leo will never settle for second best. They want only the best which can cause lavish excessive spending habits as they enjoy their life of luxury, which is all to easily justified by the grand and magnificent Leo! Public image is very important, with luxurious possessions and ways of life, this keeps the public image in high standing. They will do whatever it takes to protect their own reputation and are very generous, kind and openhearted. If a Leo is crossed, they will strike back with force but they are not one to hold a grudge, they easily forgive, forget and move on. Always trying to make things right in the world, they have larger then life emotions and they need to feel like they have accomplished something at the end of the day. They react to situations with action instead of sitting back and thinking about it, they are not impulsive however because they look at the future and consider consequences of their actions. 

What it’s like to date a Leo Woman:

The first step is to give her praise and adoration. The relationship will never work if she does not receive this from you. Do not look at other women when you are with her, she has to be the only one in your eyes. The thought of competition with other women completely turns her off, for she is marvelous and grand and better then any other woman (in her eyes)! Be prepared however to compete with other men. She attracts men, deliberately or not, because of her dazzling personality. She makes a good partner because she gives undying affection and love and makes you feel really mood about yourself. She is kind and supportive with an adventurous streak, she is always fun to be with. Leo woman will dominate,. But not completely for she still needs the man to lead the way and give her the desired sense of approval, she looks up to her man. Leo woman is perfect for the man who is affectionate and has a strong character but not too controlling. She needs someone who is passionate about everything in their life and who strives for the best in everything, because so does she.

What it’s like to date a Leo Man:

The Leo man falls in love easily and it usually does not last. This is because his emotional ideals of a grand and magnificent love affair quickly turn into reality. Leo man needs a woman who is grounded and in-tune with the realities of life so she can help him keep his feet on the ground. He may seem like he is casual and detached about love but this is not the case, he needs adoration and approval and if he receives this, he feels quite passionately inside and will treat her with amazing affection and be a wonderful cheerful companion. He appears to be a rock solid unemotional king but truthfully, he is very sensitive. He wants a woman who caters to him, not in a demanding way but he thinks he is entitled to this because of how great he is. They are prone to be self-centered but underneath they are gentle and have lots of love to give providing the woman can give him what he wants. He’ll get along with just about anyone and just about any type of girl is suited to him. The woman who caters to him and overlooks his faults (he thinks he does not have any) and the woman who does not nag at him will obviously have preference and a chance at a long term relationship. If the relationship lasts, eventually she will have to teach him that he is not the only great thing in the world.

How To Attract:

Admiration is key. Admire them and they will be yours. A fairly easy sign to attract because they are very receptive to advances and come ons. Give them compliments, dish them out in handfuls because they never think a compliment can go too far. Even if you are faking it, they don’t care, the simply love the attention. Be funny, Leos love to be entertained and they love to laugh. If you can make them laugh, you’re good! Leos like the grand things in life, treat them to a lavish dinner or a cultural upscale event. Always have the best of the best and never try to offer them second rate. They think nothing is too good for them, they like everything posh so dress classy and nice, and have a good night on the town.

Erogenous Zone:

The back is Leo’s most sensitive area. Most Leos have a well defined muscular back, compliment them on it while you lightly scratch your fingernails from the base of the neck down to their buttocks. They love a back rub or massage because to them it is being pampered. Get scented massage oil and give them a sensual massage and it is guaranteed to set the mood for a night of passion!

Leo Information (Planets, Elements, Symbols)

Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Color: Gold, Yellow, Orange
Day: Sunday
Ruler: Sun
Greatest Overall Compatibility: Aquarius, Gemini
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 10, 19
Date range: July 23 – August 22

Leo likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, expensive things, bright colors, fun with friends
Leo dislikes: Being ignored, facing difficult reality, not being treated like a king or queen
Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: The Sun
Body Part: Heart, upper back, spine
Good Day: Courageous, kind, generous, loyal, protective, nakedly honest, entertaining
Bad Day: Arrogant, wasteful, sloppy, cold-hearted, jealous, aggressive
Favorite Things: Theaters, cameras, DVDs, rich desserts, red roses, exchanging gifts, singing, affection, compliments, great clothes
What You Hate: Being ignored, silver medals (instead of gold), bland food, being alone, goodbyes
Secret Wish: To rule the world
How to Spot Them: Distinctive mane of hair, regal posture
Where You’ll Find Them: Producing, directing and starring in their own independent films, swept away in a romantic escapade, running for President
Keywords: Passion, Romance, Expression, Drama, Playfulness, Courageous, Loyal

Symbol: The Lion

Leo Dates: Jul 23-Aug 22

Element: Fire

Polarity: Positive

Quality: Fixed

Ruling Planet: Sun

Ruling House: Fifth

Spirit Color: Gold

Lucky Gem: Carnelian

Flower: Sunflower & marigold

Top Love Matches: Libra

Key Traits: Proud, bold, ambitious

Motto: “If you know the way, go the way and show the way—you’re a leader.”

Leo belongs to the element of Fire, just like Aries and Sagittarius. This makes them warmhearted, in love with life, trying to laugh and have a good time. Able to use their mind to solve even the most difficult problems, they will easily take initiative in resolving various complicated situations. Ruled by the Sun, Leo worships this fiery entity in the sky, quite literally as well as metaphorically. They are in search for self-awareness and in constant growth of ego. Aware of their desires and personality, they can easily ask for everything they need, but could just as easily unconsciously neglect the needs of other people in their chase for personal gain or status. When a Leo representative becomes too fond and attached to their achievements and the way other people see them, they become an easy target, ready to be taken down.

Leo – the Lion in the Cave The story of the Lion always speaks of bravery. This is an animal fearless and impossible to challenge, hurt or destroy, their only weaknesses being fear and aggression towards those they confront. Living in a cave, a Lion always needs to have one, nesting and finding comfort in hard times. However, they should never stay there for long. With their head high, they have to face others with dignity and respect, never raising a voice, a hand, or a weapon, bravely walking through the forest they rule.
Leo is the fifth sign of the zodiac. These folks are impossible to miss, since they love being center stage. Making an impression is Job #1 for Leos, and when you consider their personal magnetism, you see the job is quite easy. Leos are an ambitious lot, and their strength of purpose allows them to accomplish a great deal. The fact that this horoscope sign is also creative makes their endeavors fun for them and everyone else.

It’s quite common to see a Leo on stage or in Hollywood, since these folks never shy away from the limelight. They are also supremely talented and have a flair for the dramatic. Warmth and enthusiasm seems to seep from every Leo pore, making these folks a pleasure to be around. They do love pleasure!

It’s the symbol of the Lion that marks Leos, and the king (or queen) of the jungle is a most appropriate mascot, since they consider themselves the rulers of their universe (and the zodiac at that). Like Lions, Leos tend to be dignified and strong, and it’s this sense of their power that allows them to get things done. A Leo zodiac sign on your team is a good thing, since Lions are eager to see their projects through to completion. Putting these folks at the helm is a good thing, too, since the Leo-born are natural leaders.

They may ruffle a few feathers along the way, however, since they can also be overbearing and somewhat autocratic. This may be in keeping with the fixed quality assigned to this sign — Lions are indeed opinionated and set in their ways. That said, they are well organized, idealistic and have a knack for inspiring others.

The Leo star sign is ruled by the sun — the center of the universe and the fuel for our being. In much the same way, Leos consider themselves indispensable and the center of the universe, and those who would tell them otherwise had better look out! Lions are outgoing, self-assured and have a tremendous zest for life. So what if the world revolves around them? There are worse role models, for sure. The element associated with a Leo sun sign is fire. Everything about the Lion’s personality is hot, hot, hot.

The Greek mythology

In Greek mythology, Leo is identified as the lion of Nemea, slain by Hercules. Its skin was armoured against all weapons, and Hercules’ arrows deflected off the beast. After strangling the monster, Hercules wore its skin as a cloak. Leo the Lion, from Latin leo, ‘lion’, the word was borrowed by the Greeks from some unknown source. The Latin word is related to Greek leon, leontos (earlier *lewon, *lewontos), which appears in the name of the Spartan king Leonidas, Lion’s son. The Greek word is somehow related to Coptic labai, laboi, lioness. In turn, Coptic labai is borrowed from a Semitic source related to Hebrew labi and Akkadian labbu [AHD]. Compare also Homeric liz, ‘lion’, which is probably a loan word from Hebrew layish, ‘lion’ [Klein]. Related names: Lionel, Leander, Leonard, Leonid, Leonine.

In Greek and Roman myth Leo represented the Nemean Lion slain by Hercules, giving the titles for this constellation: Nemeaeus, Nemeas Alumnus, Nemees Terror, Nemeaeum Monstrum. The first of Hercules’ twelve labors was to slay the Nemean Lion and bring back its skin to his cousin Eurystheus who had set twelve labors for him.

The name Nemea is believed to be cognate with Latin nemus, from Greek nemos, ‘grove’ [Klein].

“A grove (nemus) is named for divinity (numen), because pagans set up their idols there, for groves are sites with larger trees, shady with foliage.” [The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 7th century AD, p.341.]

“Etymologically the Latin word numen originally and literally meant ‘nodding.’ It has the sense of inherent vitality and presiding, and was also associated with meanings of ‘command’ or ‘divine majesty'” [1]. This is also how Varro understood it to mean:

“By invoking your name And your numen with many a prayer. Numen ‘divine will or sway,’ they say, is imperium ‘power,’ and is derived from nutus ‘nod,’ because he at whose nutus ‘nod’ everything is, seems to have the greatest imperium ‘power’; therefore Homer uses this word in application to Jupiter, and so does Accius a number of times. [Varro: On The Latin Language, 1st century AD, p.339.]

Latin numen, ‘divine will, divine command’, properly ‘divine approval expressed by nodding the head’, from nuere, ‘to nod’, which is cognate with Greek neuein, ‘to nod’ [Klein], from the Indo-European root *neu-2 ‘To nod’. Derivatives: nutation (nodding the head), innuendo, numen (plural numina), numinous (characterized by a sense of a supernatural presence). [Pokorny 2. neu- 767. Watkins]

[The changing of names of the crown prince of Nemea, must have some significance; Nemea might also relate to the word ‘name’ from Indo-European root *no-men- ‘Name’?]

Nemea in Southern Greece on the Peloponnesian Peninsula was also famous in Greek myth as the place where the infant Opheltes, the crown prince of Nemea, lying on a bed of parsley, was killed by a serpent while his nurse fetched water for the Seven against Thebes. The Seven founded the Nemean Games, as a funerary festival, in his memory which were one of the four great Greek athletic festivals conducted every second year, starting in 573 B.C., and the crown of victory was made of parsley (others say celery). This infant who before he was killed by a serpent was called Opheltes (from Greek ophis, serpent – the infant was found dead within the coils of a snake [1]). The Seven Heroes renamed him Archemoros, from arche beginning + moros, death; ‘Beginner of Death’. Other legends attribute the institution of the Nemean games to Heracles, after he had slain the Nemean Lion .

Important Facts to Know About the LEO

Leos are entertainers at heart: they know how to spin a story, belt a tune and to get others hyped up around them. Warm-hearted and authentic, Leos can offer great strength and heroism in the face of adversity, pouncing upon obstacles with their prowess and determination to be Number One. You can often find them going to the theater—or starring in a production themselves!—and taking endless photos and videos. Wooing them romantically means pulling out all the stops. Treat Leo to luxe but meaningful gifts, oversized roses, lavish dates, and they might just decide to pounce on YOU! Sometimes their energy can be too dramatic or overbearing. But if you’re willing to adore your Leo—paws, flaws, and all—you’ll be rewarded richly with their worshipful devotion and affection. That said, some Leos can fall more into the “ice queen/king” realm of their royal family. These haughty and aloof Lions who can be self-centered and even elitist. They must work to open their hearts, giving rather than just taking. Sure having all the toys feels good for a moment. But they may learn the hard way that it can be lonely at the top! 
  1. Whether you plan it or not, you’re always the center of attention. Might as well learn to revel in it!
  2. You have a loud voice and are a pro in debating and getting people to see (and eventually agree) with your side. Using your voice for good is a passion.
  3. You never run out of energy. As a Lion, a 20-minute catnap will fully recharge you so that you can dance all night long.
  4. Although you’re one of the first signs to step up and speak out when you see injustice, your innately gentle spirit invites people to trust you.
  5. You love the good life. You work hard for your money. Why not enjoy it by indulging in the best, most sparkly, boldest accessories, outfits, and ephemera that money can buy


1. Leo has a big heart and a lot of love to give the world.
2. But Leo will unleash FURY if you try to take advantage of their kindness.
3. When Leo goes for something they REALLY go for it.
4. Loyalty is Leo’s middle name.
5. Leo is a protector and their presence makes people feel safe.
6. Leo is a natural born leader who excels when they’re running the show.
7. Leo is straight up with you and will always give you the facts.
8. Leo is a social creature who loves to connect with others.
9. But Leo also needs alone time to unwind and collect their thoughts.
10. Leo LOVES a bit of attention and affection.
11. You can always count on Leo to come through for you.
12. Leo is an optimist who is able to see the silver lining to life.
13. Leo can be ridiculously charming at times.
14. Leo doesn’t have time to hang onto grudges and negative energy.
15. Leo is confident on the outside but sensitive on the inside.
16. Leo is playful and fun to be around.
17. Leo is a thrill seeker who will try just about anything once.
18. Leos have swagger and an effortlessly cool demeanour.
19. Leo often communicates their thoughts and emotions through humor.
20. Leo can be crazy competitive.
21. Leo is spontaneous and unpredictable in love.


The great strengths of the Leo-born are traits like creativity, idealism and leadership. Lions don’t lack for ambition, either, so they’re likely to accomplish a lot — and have fun while they’re at it. Their warmth and loyalty ensures that others will enjoy the ride as well. A natural leader, Leo’s very presence inspires others to be the best they can be. But with great power comes great responsibility. Leos love the pull of the limelight, and they’re occasionally swayed by what other people want (or expect) them to do. Although this sign has a loud inner voice, learning to listen to it—especially if it’s guiding them toward an unpopular move—is a lifelong lesson that will only make proud Lions stronger and more resilient.  Lions are well known for their loud roar. But learning to quiet down and listen is essential for Leos to reach their peak power—especially when they’re hearing a voice that doesn’t match their confidence and certainty. And while this sign thrives on their split-second decision-making and reaction skills, they might sometimes benefit from taking a few seconds, minutes, or even days before making their opinion known on a subject. Researching all sides, doing due diligence, and learning from other people’s experiences are all essential for a Leo to be as strong a leader as possible. A giving nature. Most people assume that Lions are all about themselves. But appearances are deceiving. A Leo’s secret weapon is his or her boundless capacity for love, affection, and generosity.

Their name says it all:

L for leaders
E for energetic
O for optimistic

If your best friend’s zodiac is LEO

Leo is generous, faithful and a truly loyal friend, born with a certain dignity and commitment to individual values. Born with a need to help others, they will do so even if it takes a lot time and energy. Strong and reliable, this individual has the ability to appeal to almost everyone and has the energy to host celebrations and different events with people that bring out the best in them. They are rarely alone, for interactions with others give them the sense of self-esteem and awareness they need, but could have trouble finding friends able to keep pace and follow the high energy they carry everywhere they go. The Lion’s enthusiasm is boundless, and along with that comes generosity of spirit and the determination to succeed. That focus may be construed as vanity and even bossiness at times, but those born under this astrology sign would say ‘No way!’ and continue along their regal path. Regardless of appearance, those born under this sign can be counted on for their loyalty and sense of honor. They are also decisive, intensely proud and wonderfully romantic. 

Leos are passionate in all pursuits, including relationships, and take it upon themselves to be the best partner you’ve ever had. They love grand gestures, and they want to show the world how attentive and caring they can be. They also can’t resist flashiness and often buy their partner the biggest and best presents. Leo is an adventurer, seeking to balance an intense life of social obligations and travel with plenty of downtime to relax and luxuriate. Work and outward appearances matter to this sign, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to gain a job title or workplace status, even if it means temporarily sacrificing their precious leisure time.

Benevolent with their time and attention, Leos are never cliquey, always showing friendliness and politeness to everyone. While almost everyone else is entranced by the Leonine personality, Leos are their own harshest critic and consider each day a challenge to be the best, brightest, and boldest Lion they can be.

How Successful Leo can be in a Business

Business dealings are easy and successful for Leo, if they are in command and control. This can cause conflict in the workplace should they not be in a position of superiority, but they usually get there eventually thanks to their powerful drive to succeed, in other words, they are excellent leaders because this is their kingdom they have to control, and they do it well. Leo has an amazing ability to get along with people and they work best in a group as opposed to alone. They can be very diplomatic in a group setting and can delegate people well, however Leo will not take orders. They need to give orders but with their enthusiasm and cheerfulness, other people do not have a problem taking orders from a them because they are never condescending and they treat others with respect and equality. Leos are full of drama, flair and extravagance and this reflects in the business world. They make an impact, they make a difference in the workplace and help to keep the parts moving in sync and iron out any problems before they arise. If the business fails, that means they failed and they are extremely determined not to fail. Leo is the most extravagant sender of all astrology signs. They will not over do it but they will surround themselves with luxury as much as possible. They will never settle for second best.


Leo and Aries
The relationship’s swirling energies can gel at work. These two don’t usually stick to mundane activities but pursue projects involving adventure and travel, challenge and danger, often in the executive worlds of corporate finance, investment or advertising.
Leo and Aries Compatibility Pairing up with another Fire sign like Aries only fans the flames of your own enthusiasm. While the Ram is extremely ambitious, though, you’re focused on enjoying the moment. You win people over with charm, while Aries gets around them through sheer determination. If you’re able to balance your colleague’s drive with your social finesse, you’ll form a winning combination. The two of you could do very well as architects, mathematicians, or athletes. In the event you’re working for an employer, you should handle the creative aspects of the job, while Aries turns your dreams into realities. Don’t be afraid to let out a healthy roar if the Ram steps on your paws. This is one of the only ways you can penetrate this colleague’s hard head.

Leo and Taurus
Work relationships can succeed if the partners maintain a strict objectivity on the job at hand. They can be quite successful in any sales endeavor so long as it does not conflict with their personal ideals.
Leo and Taurus Compatibility You and the Bull may seem very different on the surface, but you actually share some very admirable traits. For one thing, neither one of you is afraid of hard work. For another, you both appreciate the finer things in life. A desire for stability is yet another thing you share. So if you’re willing to overlook this sign’s stodgy behavior, they’ll cope with your tremendous ego. The two of you could run a very popular art gallery, pottery studio, or jewelry company. If you’re working for an employer, let Taurus handle practical matters, while you deal with the more glamorous aspects of the job. If a question about finances arises, consult the Bull. This sign has a knack for making — and saving — money.

Leo and Gemini
Gemini and Leo will manage to become very good business partners. Leo the fire sign is in the inspirational group, and Gemini air is in the mental group of marketing, will do very well together as long as the mutible air sign can convince the fixed fire sign to take a broader view of matters.
Leo and Gemini Compatibility Geminis are terrific communicators, which makes it easy to brainstorm with this sign. The two of you could find great success at an advertising agency, bouncing all sorts of crazy ideas off each other. Alternately, you may decide to open a travel agency, with Gemini finding up-to-the-minute discount packages and you finding the glamorous clients you invariably attract. You could also do well with web design or any other business related to telecommunications. If you’re working for an employer, let Gemini do the short-term planning, while you attend to long-range projects. This colleague may not have your stamina, but they do have the capacity to meet last-minute challenges and unforeseen changes.

Leo and Cancer
A partnership between these two will seldom workout as Leo will soon become tired of the constant complaints and negative attitude of the Cancer that also wants to play the role of fearless leader.
Leo and Cancer Compatibility Lions and Crabs are quite opposite when it comes to work. You’re optimistic and daring, while Cancer is pensive and cautious. You’re straightforward, while your colleague takes a circuitous approach to everything. Despite these differences, you can form an effective partnership. You’re both very affectionate and nurturing and hate disappointing people. This makes you cut out for any business that involves caring for others. You could run a very successful hotel or restaurant with Cancer. Similarly, you would do well opening a day care center or school for young children. The key to working well with the Crab is to give this sign lots of praise and encouragement. You’ll win their undying loyalty in exchange.

Leo and Leo
Co-worker matchups between two Leos are strong, dependable and therefore of great value to the company of which they form a part. Occasional battles are inevitable between them, however, with Leo fur flying in all directions. Little if any quarter is generally given in such combat; nor is it advisable to come between Leos adversaries—they must be left to settle things alone, whether physically or verbally.
Leo and Leo Compatibility When two Lions work together, competition is a given. While neither of you want to share the spotlight, each of you likes to work and play hard. This means you can hammer out an arrangement whereby one of you labors like crazy while the other naps in the Sun. Then, when the project is finished, the two of you can switch places. If you’re opening a business together, you’d do well as fashion buyers, entertainment agents, or tour guides. You thrive best in professions that put you before the public. Working with children also has a great deal of appeal for you both. The two of you could run a very successful after-school program.

Leo and Virgo
Career matchups may succeed in avoiding the sensitive subject of feelings, but the partners may feel a certain emotional wariness around each other, which can make them tread a bit too lightly in each other’s company. These two can be successful at a variety of tasks, preferably objective ones in which the job just needs to get done without fuss or bother.
Leo and Virgo Compatibility Virgos make admirable, if exacting, colleagues. It’s hard to argue with this sign’s work methods, since they tend to produce impeccable results. Still, Virgo’s tendency to agonize over seemingly insignificant details can wear on your nerves. Keep in mind that your colleague’s fine eye can rescue you from making big mistakes. Similarly, you can help Virgo with your happy-go-lucky approach. Your irrepressible humor will invariably wear down this sign’s defenses, allowing you both to whistle while you work. If you run your own business together, let Virgo take care of the day-to-day operations, while you attend to sales and advertising. You’d both do well selling handmade items, specialty foods, or publishing. If you work for another employer, let Virgo create strategies for you to present to the powers-that-be.

Leo and Libra
As boss-employee pairs or co-workers in a team effort, Libras are likely to give direction and purpose to projects that feature the near boundless energy of Leo. Efficiency and planning will figure prominently in such efforts, for these two tend to be well prepared when they go into battle.
Leo and Libra Compatibility You like to jump right in and get your hands dirty, Leo, while your Libra prefers to coach from the sidelines. You will have many things in common, however, like a mutual love of people. Both of you are adept at drumming up a loyal clientele. While you’re better at meeting and greeting folks, Libra’s gifted at attending to clients’ needs. Sometimes Libra will accuse you of using heavy-handed tactics, while you’ll grow tired of your colleague’s perpetual indecision. Still, you’re able to tolerate each other’s idiosyncrasies remarkably well. If you open a business together, you’d do very well with a restaurant, hair salon, or hotel. If you’re working for somebody else’s company, the two of you will have no problem charming your employer into getting special privileges and perks.

Leo and Scorpio
Career matchups are not favorable here, since the kinds of relaxed attitudes that are typical between these two rarely bring people forward in the professional and business worlds. Leo- Scorpio partners interested in making a success of their endeavors will have to push themselves a bit more.
Leo and Scorpio Compatibility You and Scorpio don’t have much in common, but you both must be passionately involved in your work. This can be a powerful, unifying force. Furthermore, your differences can work to your advantage. Scorpio doesn’t mind your love of the spotlight, since this sign prefers to work behind the scenes. Similarly, you appreciate Scorpio’s talent for research, since you prefer focusing on putting together impressive presentations. The two of you could be drawn to high finance, web design, or cosmetic surgery. If you’re dealing with a difficult client or employer, listen to Scorpio’s advice. This sign’s powers of analysis are right on target. Meanwhile, you can use this insight to win over your adversaries, thanks to your irrepressible charm.

Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility
Working relationships between these two are seldom successful except at the highest executive levels, where innovation may be most appreciated.
Leo and Sagittarius Compatibility Leo and Sagittarius’ work styles are distinctively different, yet you’re able to operate in perfect harmony. You like to add a dash of glamour to everything you do, while Sagittarius takes a more straightforward approach to work. You both adore working with the public and add levity to everything you do. Teaching, publishing, and travel are all favorable fields of work for you. If the two of you are working for an employer, you should assume long-range responsibilities, while Sagittarius takes care of short-term assignments. The Archer’s blunt remarks could cause you to roar from time to time, while you’re preoccupation with surface considerations can occasionally irritate Sag. Still, you make great colleagues.

Leo and Capricorn
Career connections between these two can be terrific. Usually one partner has more experience and shows the other the ropes. Competitive urges seldom surface, for Leo and Capricorn generally concentrate on what they can learn from each other rather than getting involved in power struggles. The relationship emphasizes creative endeavors of all sorts, with connections relating to the arts being particularly favored.
Leo and Capricorn Compatibility Capricorns are conservative and practical and might be annoyed by your playful ways. While Goats want to get ahead, Lions just want to be admired. Your Capricorn colleague can be condescending, until they see just how creative and charismatic you can be. What the Goat lacks in public relations skills you possess in spades. Conversely, you can learn a great deal about running a profitable business operation by following Capricorn’s lead. The two of you could find great success at a financial institution, real estate company, or jewelry business. If you’re working for an employer, let Capricorn attend to the day-to-day operations, as well as the long-range plans. You’ll excel by presenting ideas to the public and meeting with customers.

Leo and Aquarius
Work relationships between these partners can work out in the short term, but will rarely succeed in establishing a lasting financial or ideological basis. Enterprises involving media, public relations, publishing and the arts are particularly favored here. In the long run, Aquarius business partners may demand too much attention for Leo taste, and may have too little psychological understanding of their colleague to keep him or her happy.
Leo and Aquarius Compatibility As opposite signs of the zodiac, Aquarius and Leo partnerships can work, but don’t always last. You need admiration and praise, while Aquarius doesn’t care what anybody thinks of their work. You like luxury and comfort, while the Water-bearer prefers spare surroundings. Still, you can combine forces to form a successful business partnership. You’re extremely security conscious, while Aquarius likes to live on the edge. If you work together to take calculated risks, you could earn a fortune. Aquarius’ detachment can help you take disappointments in stride, while your passion could inspire the Water-bearer to double their efforts. Operating a non-profit organization could suit you both, as could running a local business that allows you to work with regular customers day after day.

Leo and Pisces
Boss-employee relationships can see Leo being overpowering even when relatively dormant. Pisces employees may be steamrolled by their energy but may ultimately turn things around, using that energy to power their own motors. Curious and debilitating dependencies may result.
Leo and Pisces Compatibility You love to occupy center stage, while Pisces prefers working behind the scenes. And while you find the Fish’s humble ways utterly incomprehensible, they allow you to grab all the glory. In exchange, you need to treat Pisces with the kindness and consideration he or she deserves. Praise their work, particularly during the beginning stages, when their ego will be most fragile. Don’t scoff at their flights of fancy — instead, ask the Fish to expound upon them. Above all, give the Fish the privacy they crave. This sign can work wonders when left to his or her own devices. The two of you could run a successful theater troupe or photography studio. Alternately, you could write a highly popular screenplay together.

Top 10 Careers for Leo

Leos like you crave attention at home and in the workplace. Remember, it’s OK to let others take center stage once in a while. You’re rightly proud of your responsibilities, though, and you know how to work hard, so use those natural leadership skills and don’t let your ego get in the way of moving up at work!

The Lion is the most outgoing – or at least the most confident – employee on staff. Some Leos are quiet and unassuming, but possess an inner strength that is magnificent. They are not temperamentally suited to a job where there is no personal interaction. They need to be on the go and busy, or they will become easily bored.

Leos prefer a career that allows them to look and feel important, and a good paycheck doesn’t hurt! Goal-oriented and competitive, they usually are well-known and liked within their chosen field.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Leo:

1. Actor
Always grabbing attention, Leo loves to be center stage. Whether in the public eye or the life of the party, the Lion will entertain and engage everyone around him or her. Leos can easily express themselves and take on other personalities. Naturally dramatic, they seek to grab the spotlight, sometimes even to the point of making others virtually invisible.

2. Cardiologist
Leo has a lot of heart, but can also specialize in working with patients who have cardiac trouble. They have a talent for understanding this major vital organ and its supporting cast of arteries and the circulatory system. It’s no accident that the operating room is sometimes called a theatre and that the heart surgeon becomes the star player. It takes guts and confidence to specialize in this area.

3. Goldsmith or Jeweller
Gold is the metal of the Sun, and by extension, Leo has an affinity for working with and owning it. This craft requires an understanding of the properties of the metal and an eye toward bringing out the beauty inherent in it. Sometimes Leo can be all about flash and trying to impress others, but when Leo people turn their hand to this art form, they are able to express their inner truth.

4. Publicist
No one can roar like the Lion, and so this career makes good sense for an outgoing talker like Leo. Whether they are sending out press releases or maintaining rumor control, Leo is just the person to make sure the right people get informed. This is a great career, because they get to work in the public eye without actually becoming a celebrity. This works well for shyer Leos who prefer to maintain a more private life.

5. Spokesperson
Being sexy, charming, and vocal is right up Leo’s alley. This position could suit one’s vanity and need for attention. Speak for and showcase products and services you believe in for the best success. All types of offerings are not only acceptable to Leo, but needed as much as clean air or food.

6. Theatrical Agent
This is a perfect career for outgoing Leo. The Lion has a unique understanding of the acting profession and loves to facilitate and organize. Just being a part of the entertainment industry makes Leo quiver with delight. Negotiating with casting agents and interacting with actors would be an exciting prospect to a Leo. This career allows them to use their skill in representing the interests of artists and identifying which person on the roster is the best for the audition.

7. Reality-Show Personality
This is not really a career, but if you ask someone who has participated, you might get a different take on it. There is potential, however, to do endorsements and end up on game shows and other entertainment venues. Whether these people actually have any talent for acting is on a case-by-case basis. The main skill needed here is the ability to take 15 minutes of fame and make it last a year.

8. Hairstylist
The Lion has a weird fascination with hair. They can be excessively preoccupied about their own tresses, but would happily work with others. Leo hairdressers win a lot of hair competitions, where the most dramatic look is the ultimate winner. Leos do well in the salon, because they are able to cultivate a look and a persona that gets attention. They keep their clients entertained and flattered, as well as beautifully coiffed.

9. Sales Consultant
Leo loves change and variety, as well as the opportunity to work with the public. This makes him or her an excellent sales person, whether behind the retail counter, doing business development, or on the road with a product line. Lions will maximize their commissions by charming the pants off their customers. Using a unique mix of body language and fast talking, they are able to dance around the most serious reservations and arrive at “yes.”

10. Motivational Speaker
If inspiration or a little kick in the rear is needed for motivation, then Leo is a godsend. They have a natural talent for getting people all fired up and ready for action. Some may see this as bossy and overbearing, but not in this context. Channeling that effusive energy in into something positive is a dream job for our roaring Lion. Leo has no problem being on a platform or telling anyone what to and where to go for success.

10 Tips for Your Date with a Leo

Be aware that Leos come in all shapes and sizes. Ultimately, the key to courtship is to get to know your particular Leo–to calibrate your courtship to his or her specific needs and quirks. Astrology describes certain personality archetypes, but archetypes will only take you so far.
Flirt. Leos can be passionate, physical creatures, and the quickest way to build their desire is to flirt with their attention.
Woo your Leo. Leos are known for being passionate, romantic lovers, and they may long to be swept up in a passionate romance.
Try to keep up. Leos often lead active, exciting lives, and active people tend to look for mates that can keep up with their pace.
Compliment your crush. Leos love attention, and they love to be appreciated for what for they do. Be genuine, but don’t be afraid to dial up the flattery.
Get your Leo to open up. Leos may present a confident, self-assured public face, but they often harbor secret doubts. If you can establish trust between your crush and yourself, he or she may begin to share these doubts with you–and this intimacy may lead to something more.
Understand that Leos tend to be natural leaders. Stand up for yourself, but be prepared to handle a strong personality.
Never stop wooing your Leo. Leos are often driven by passion and a zest for life. Don’t grow complacent in your relationship, and don’t stop making romantic gestures.
Be attentive. Leos like to be the center of attention, although they may be happy to let you stand in the spotlight with them. Make sure that your Leo knows that you are listening to what he or she says.
Be secure. Leos can be very attractive, sociable people, and they will often divide their attention into many different projects. If you want to keep your Leo, you will need to be secure enough in your relationship to let him or her explore.
Be loyal and true. Leos respond well to loyalty and honesty. Continually show your Leo that they are the object of your desire.
Communicate. Be clear about your expectations, but be willing to compromise. Leos may be straightforward communicators, but they can also be prideful and headstrong. Stand up for what really matters to you.

Best Gifts for a Leo

When choosing a gift for Leo, don’t forget their personality. They love to relax and luxuriate in comfort. They want bright colors that reflect their zest for life. They consider themselves connoisseurs of art and fine jewelry. They are quite dramatic and love to have their fans follow them around. Their appearance is important to them because they like to make an impression wherever they go.

When choosing a Leo gift, think bling. Jewelry is always a hit as long as it is gold and ostentatious. Their element is fire, so any fiery gemstone like ruby, diamond or topaz will do. Adorn the jewelry with their name, engraved somewhere that can’t be missed.

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Leo will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Leo.

Flamboyant clothing that will garner them attention is welcome. Choose vibrant colors like red, orange, or gold. They want to shine! Anything from evening wear to a neck scarf is pleasing, as long as it is dramatic and sexy.

Play to their sense of drama with tickets to their favorite form of entertainment. A night at the theatre or at the movies may hit the spot. Lingerie may also play into their dramatic nature… just make sure it is something wild.

Personal accessories can be a great choice. Choose something to adorn their hair or personal grooming items they have been eyeing. A gift certificate for a luxurious massage, day at the spa or a manicure may also please them greatly. They love being pampered and cared for.

Fine foods appeal to Leo. Give them a bottle of fine champagne, a box of gourmet chocolates or a selection of gourmet cheeses that they can enjoy. If you want to make a real impression, order one of those mail order lobsters to arrive just in time for the celebration. Remember, they appreciate getting the very best! When they want the best, remember that this doesn’t always mean in terms of what money can buy. Depending on their interests, this could be their favorite comic book, their favorite beer or their favorite dog accessory.

If all else fails, think music. A CD of their favorite band or tickets to a concert may make their day… especially if they get to take you along. To make anything stand out as a great gift for Leo, remember to make that presentation special. Many times as long as the presentation is suitably ceremonial, Leo will be happy with almost anything. They love the pomp and circumstance as much as their gift. They just don’t do subtle.

Fashion statement of Leo according to their style

Leo like to be noticed! In all aspects of their life, including fashion, getting noticed is their top priority. In doing so, they enjoy wearing animal prints, leather, faux fur, silk, sequins and any other items that draws attention. 

Leos are notorious for their fiery, headstrong personalities. Often one to hold a grudge, they’re usually more bark than bite. But, don’t fear the fearless, Leo—they are the most loyal of friends—and someone you want in your #squad. Oh, Leo, let your creativity, passion and ultimate zest for life, love and attention translate into a bold new wardrobe. 

Strengths: Creative, passionate, generous, warm-hearted, cheerful, humorous
Likes: Theater, taking holidays, being admired, bright colors, people
Style Qualities:

  • Unafraid to try anything, especially vibrant hues  
  • Not one to run out to get the latest trend
  • Trusts their own gut when getting dressed

It is unusual for a Leo to head out without some sort of designer label on their body. These labels are extremely important to a Leo.

They enjoy colors that are dramatic like red, gold, and black, and would never be caught wearing silver jewelry–only gold for a Leo, and only the best jewelry money can buy.

Leo is great at expressing their mood of the day through their fashion. They tend to dress in a style that represents their current feelings and emotions.

Fashion for Everyday

Leo often have a hard time taming it down during the day, after all, their symbol is a lion. However, with a little creativity, they can still show their wild side in their outfits.

Women can wear a silk or satin shirt, with an embellishment of sequins around the collar. This allows a Leo, to still have their sparkles, but not get thrown out of the office.

You can add a flare of personality into your accessories, such as a leopard print shoe for woman and a trendy diamond cut watch for a male.

Fashion for a Night Out

Nighttime is where Leo is most comfortable, especially when they are spending time out on the town. They love to dance and visit the trendiest clubs, but only with the perfect outfit. For a man or a woman Leo, their best accessory is their eye candy that is on their arm.

For Leo, the bolder and trendier the better. Women like to wear dresses and skirts, and usually some form of animal print will be in the outfit.

Men like to wear polo shirts and will pair it with the latest style in jean.

To complete an outfit, Leo likes to pay close attention to accessories. They love the attention, so the bolder and more flashy the better.

Accessories for Leo sign

Accessories are one of the most important parts of a Leo’s outfit. For women, they find the trends in shoes and buy several pairs of them at once. Leo loves to shop! However, they only buy the name brand in all shoes and accessories. They also like their heels and usually the higher the better.

Gold jewelry is the only way to go for a Leo. Whether they are wearing a necklace or a gold bracelet, it doesnt matter to a Leo. However, the gold is never fake and neither are the diamonds!

Bringing the Leo Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

Whether it is the latest style in sunglasses or the newest shoes on the market, as a Leo, you like to stay on top of the styles. You enjoy making a statement and actually thrive by drawing attention to your style.

You are confident and have a great eye for fashion and what looks best for a night out. You enjoy to set trends and have people emulate your style.

Just a word of caution:

When others aren’t complementing you on your style, you may feel insecure or out of sync. Trust in your inner guidance when choosing your style and don’t read into the lack of complements. You are always rocking your style.

Also, make sure you know what outfit is appropriate for each situation. There are times that being decked out in animal print from head to toe is appropriate and times when it is not.

As a Leo, you enjoy pushing the envelope and creating styles that people will be talking about for days. You are always put together and have a strong sense of understanding what looks good on you and your body.

Continue with your passion for fashion and style and thank your sign for its keen sense of what you look best wearing!

Becoming familiar with your sign’s connection to your inner style, will help you become the best stylish you possible.

What kind of Music does a Leo Prefer

Leo Loves To Participate. Leo is basically the look-at-me sign of the zodiac, so Leo-born people love music they can sing along to, belt out during karaoke night, and many Leos have an affinity for musicals, Ambient Mixer noted. It’s no surprise that one of the most attention-grabbing musicians in history, Madonna, is a Leo.

Can Leo tolerate cheating

Leo tries to do everything in life with deliberation and intention; you’ll never catch her doing something just for the hell of it. So, by this way of thinking, she feels like her partner probably cheated on her for a specific reason — not just because there was an opportunity to do so. Of course, she might be way off base and it WAS just because of an opportunity, but she isn’t satisfied with that answer until she knows for sure.

When Leo finds out she has been cheated on, her first step is to talk it out with her partner. It’s going to be hard and there will be tears, but it’s the act of hearing it firsthand as soon as possible that makes it easier to swallow.

She doesn’t want to let him sit on it and change his mind or ignore him and change her OWN mind, so she does the hard part first. I’m not saying this talk isn’t going to be ugly, but it might just help.

Although Leo-born females are dramatic and expressive in their emotions, you must not forget they also have a reputation for being proud, strong and arrogant. So chances are, she won’t act as if her world is invaded by armies of giant moth caterpillars and yell hysterically at you when she discovers your unfaithfulness.

She would play it cool and pretend that the affair didn’t happen, and go about life as usual.  Additionally, those on her list of favorite peeps will never get to hear the jaw-dropping story titled “The Adventures of My Husband’s Philandering Dick” — because having a cheater for a husband is a great embarrassment to her. What you did behind her back will probably be buried and forgotten forever.

Having said that, it is of utmost importance you don’t take undue advantage of her forgiving nature. If you slip back into old ways, I am afraid your Leo woman will not only fume with boiling rage, but also won’t hesitate to mete out whatever punishment she sees fit.

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