General description

As the first sign in the zodiac, the presence of Aries always marks the beginning of something energetic and turbulent. They are continuously looking for dynamic, speed and competition, always being the first in everything – from work to social gatherings. Aries are the leaders of the pack, first in line to get things going. Whether or not everything gets done is another question altogether, for an Aries prefers to initiate rather than to complete. Do you have a project needing a kick-start? Call an Aries, by all means. The leadership displayed by Aries is most impressive, so don’t be surprised if they can rally the troops against seemingly insurmountable odds — they have that kind of personal magnetism. An Aries sign won’t shy away from new ground, either. Those born under this zodiac sign are often called the pioneers of the zodiac, and it’s their fearless trek into the unknown that often wins the day. Aries is a bundle of energy and dynamism, kind of like a Pied Piper, leading people along with its charm and charisma. The dawning of a new day — and all of its possibilities — is pure bliss to an Aries. Independence is key, they do not like to take orders from others and enjoy getting their way. They can get childish or moody should they be given orders that they do not like and easily take offense to comments made. Aries are self-involved and can be self-centered, if they do not pay attention to the feelings of others, can easily become spoiled and resented by others. In order to get their way, they will tell a lie if it seems advantageous to do so. They are however, not very good liars and other people can usually see through them.

Famous Aries Women

Aries women are naturally born leaders. They are independent and energetic and have dynamic personality traits.  A natural born leader, an Aries woman looks forward to challenges and novel situations and is generally the kick-starter of her team or group. She has an amazing sense of adventure and can be extremely playful. Independent, outgoing and confident, an Arian woman though tough from the exterior, is naïve and childish at heart. In matters of love, Arian woman loves to play the role of a seducer. Like other fire signs, she is passionate, she is strong and she is extremely loving. Arian woman loves to be in control of everything, so be it a business meeting, a friendly get-together, an adventurous trip or a dinner date, if there is an Arian woman in the group, she would definitely lead from the front. To know more about the personality traits, and romantic sides of an Arian woman, read through the following lines.

See Some Famous Aries That Share Your Sign: 

Lily JamesLily James, 29

Born On: 05 April 1989

Nationality: British

Emma WatsonEmma Watson, 28
(British actress)

Born On: 15 April 1990

Nationality: British

Lady GagaLady Gaga, 32

Born On: 28 March 1986

Nationality: American

Kourtney KardashianKourtney Kardashian, 39
(Model, Reality Star)

Born On: 18 April 1979

Nationality: American

Kristen StewartKristen Stewart, 28

Born On: 09 April 1990

Nationality: American

Victoria BeckhamVictoria Beckham, 44
(Singer, Businesswoman, Model, Fashion Designer)

Born On: 17 April 1974

Nationality: British

Aries Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Energetic and enthusiastic, Aries women are the alpha female of the lot who tend to be in the middle of the affairs. A born leader, an Arian female is fiercely independent and courageous and has a go-getter attitude in life. She looks forward to new challenges and is raring to experience the same at the blink of an eye. An Arian female has big dreams in life and chances of her achieving all of them ranks quite high. Most of the times, it is her independent nature that does not go well with the male ego. But she isn’t the one to let go off her independence for anything in life. What is important to note is that an Aries woman can survive in the toughest of situations and can make a noteworthy comeback after the most gruesome of tragedies. Interestingly, an Aries woman is multidimensional – she can play the role of a docile female and at the same time, do everything that a man does, almost perfectly. All that you need to do is manage her aggressive drive and pet her need for control and you can have an optimistic, bubbly and effervescent lady close to you! Words of caution – Arian females are total spendthrift. They are extravagant and love to splurge the money. So, be careful when you are with one of a kind or she is sure to leave your bank balance at nil!

The Dark Side
Ruled by the first zodiac sign, being bossy and demanding comes naturally to an Aries woman. Her love for power and control can fend off people around her for good. Possessiveness is another significant trademark of an Arian female. She can’t stand the sight of you laughing and talking to another woman with the same intensity and passion that you share with her. Such a situation can make the jealousy meter soar high so much so that fireworks can be on the cards. Interestingly, while being possessive is one of the characteristic traits of an Aries woman, she hates to be possessed. She loves freedom and is a rule-breaker and not a rule-follower by nature. Temperamental issues rank high among Aries women. They tend to flare up at the slightest of issues and can even turn violent. Consistency of emotions is also a problem with an Aries female. While she is happy one moment, she can turn into a raging lioness the next! You need to deal with her erratic mood swings diplomatically. However, reading all this do not assume that an Aries female is best suited for a passive man. In fact, she hates it when men let her dominate them. Pose for her as a challenge and she’ll be head over heels in love with you!

Romance Quotient
If you can’t stand the heat, don’t go anywhere close to an Aries woman. For, fire it is that dominates her mind, heart and soul. Confused? Arian females are passionate lovers and are fiery in their methods of love and romance. Though an Aries girl always like to play the role of a seducer in the game of love, her partner, however, should be one that matches her personality and nature or she can turn a blind eye to him for good. Though dominant, an Arian female looks for a guy who plays it hard to get. Being a puppy-type lover or one who constantly nags or chases her can be a total turn off for an Arian woman. In fact, she loves it when her lover is someone who goes head-to-head with her over dinner and between the sheets. Throwing subtle hints to her yet being a little detached can get the butterflies fluttering for an Arian girl. All you need to do is just give her the impression that you can resist her charms and she will come rushing to you, to prove that she’s as desirable as a yummy-licious dessert!

When in a relationship with an Arian girl, you can be assured that she is yours forever, for an Aries woman isn’t capable to two-timing at all! She would either not commit at all, or if she does, she would stick to you forever. A firm believer in ever-lasting relationships, an Aries girl cannot play games and is incapable of deceit. In fact, in troubled times, she would work hard to make the relationship work. An Aries girl loves to be stroked, and caressed. Despite being confident and assertive, she looks for reassurance from her man that she is and will remain the first and foremost in his life. Like any other girl, this macho-woman also has a vulnerable side to her which is hidden almost all the time. Only when an Aries woman gets comfortable with her man does she reveal her innocent and susceptible side. And when she is vulnerable and defenceless, stand up to her and be by her side. This little gesture of yours will go far ahead in taking your relationship with her to an altogether different level!

Famous Aries Men

Aries men are the most confident, outgoing and determined individuals. Born in the first zodiac sign, Arians are born leader. They thrive on challenges and confrontation and are confident, bold, spontaneous and independent. Arians are a perfect recipe of war and romance. According to mythology, Aries was a Greek God of War who was known for his passionate love affair with Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love and Beauty. As such, people falling into this sun sign often display such characteristics. Arians are true lover. They love wining and dining their lovers. For them, life is all about challenges. They are the perfect definition of archetypical raw masculinity.

See Some Famous Aries That Share Your Sign: 

Antoine GriezmannAntoine Griezmann, 27

Born On: 21 March 1991

Nationality: French

Adolf HitlerAdolf Hitler, 56
(Nazi Leader, German Dictator and Chancellor of Germany)

Born On: 20 April 1889

Nationality: German

Robert Downey Jr.Robert Downey Jr., 53
(Actor, Producer)

Born On: 04 April 1965

Nationality: American

RonaldinhoRonaldinho, 38

Born On: 21 March 1980

Nationality: Brazilian

Kareem Abdul-JabbarKareem Abdul-Jabbar, 71
(Basketball Player, Basketball Coach)

Born On: 16 April 1947

Nationality: American

Dele AlliDele Alli, 22

Born On: 11 April 1996

Nationality: British

Aries Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
If in a group, you find a male constantly attracting attention of not only women but men as well, rest assured he definitely is an Aries male. For, an Aries man is quite lively, energetic and full of beans. He is one of those who is never wearied down and hates monotony and dullness in life. It is due to this quality that he always tries to cheer people around him. An Aries guy can never think of a life without adventure and challenges. The adrenaline rush is what makes life worth living for him. He loves to be on toes and is likely to exhaust his partner to match up to his energy levels. Another important characteristic feature of an Aries guy is that he is generous in matters of time and money. So, when in company of an Aries man, you can never seem to have any whines and whinges of not spending quality time with him or he being penny-pinching or tight-fisted. In fact, don’t be surprised if he splurges more than what is necessary!

The Dark Side
Just a foot kept on the wrong side and off goes the circuit of an Aries man! Smoke, fireworks and blaze are what you should expect! An Aries guy is extremely short-tempered and violent. So, take care not to rub him on the wrong end or be prepared to face the wrath. From the once caring, loving, kind and affectionate mate, he can turn to be the coldest person on Earth. What’s worse, you would have to start from the scratch to get back to the comfort zone that the two of you once shared. Consistency is another issue with guys falling into this sun sign. They can be warm one minute, cold the next and passionate the third and emotionless the fourth. You would have to tactfully deal with your Aries guy’s mood swings and his controlling and demanding nature. An Aries man can get extremely irritated and difficult if his needs are not met with or his ego is not petted. Even if he is wrong, never ever take the side of someone who is against him or he’ll drift away from you for good. In short, with an Aries man, you would have to love what he loves and hate what he hates. Anything above and beyond this can be troublesome for the relationship!

Romance Quotient
Romancing an Aries guy is ditto to experiencing a roller coaster ride. The whims and fancies of the feeling of being in love would be fed so much to the extent that you would have not a single second to sit and brood over it. It is said when cupid strikes an Aries guy, love knows no boundaries and limits. In fact, from violins to poetries, roses to surprises, candle-light dinners to long drives, love becomes all about living life king-size and much more. An Aries man is extremely passionate in love and you will never get a chance to complain about the lack of romance. Expression of emotions and love comes naturally to an Aries guy. So, if you are dating one, let go off those inhibitions and hang-ups and bring out in front the love that you feel for him. Commitment to an Aries man is sacred. So, if in love with a person who falls into this zodiac sign, be assured that he’ll be yours forever and ever. An Aries guy is extremely loyal and trustworthy. He is, without a doubt, a one woman man and will do everything to develop a successful relationship. Even in the trying times, he would not leave the relationship amidst the high tides but in fact, try to take it ashore by making it work again.

Another important characteristic feature of an Aries man is that he will never start another affair behind your back. He likes to take it one at a time. So, if nothing works out between the two of you, he is likely to let you know of the same and move on, maintaining the dignity and respect of the relationship. This does not mean he’ll do nothing to make it work. In fact, he would work on it as much as possible but if situations don’t improve or if you do not do anything to improve them, he would go ahead with his life. A failed relationship makes an Aries man brood over it but not for long, for he gets over it soon and falls in love again, with the same fierce devotion and loyalty. Interestingly, an Aries guy is never too old for romance. Even for your 75th anniversary, he would be as excited and much in love with you as he was while celebrating your 1st anniversary. Just keep the thrills of the chase on and let the hunter inside him keep wanting for more! Rest assured, he is going to feed your romantic fancies and whims even while the two of you celebrate your platinum jubilee of togetherness!


Aries is a medium-sized zodiacal constellation which represents a ram in classical mythology. These are Hamal and Sheratan, the Alpha and Beta stars of the constellation. Unusually, these two stars not only appear to be close together in the sky, but actually are: they lie just six light years from one another. It is visible in the northern sky in the months around October, and is dominated by the two second-magnitude stars Hamal and β-Ari. These mark the two horns of the ram. Aries lies well away from the plane of the Milky Way and does not contain any open or globular clusters. It is home to many faint galaxies, though. This constellation gives its name to the point in the sky where the Sun crosses the equator at the March equinox, known as the First Point of Aries. Historically, the Sun once lay in the constellation of Aries at the time of the equinox, but the phenomenon of the precession of the equinoxes means that it now lies nearly 30° away, in Pisces.

The Greek mythology

According to Greek mythology, it was the Ram with the Golden Fleece sent by Hermes to save the two royal children: Phryxus and Hellé, thus allowing them to escape the sacrifice for which their mother-in-law had intended them. The Ram was then sacrificed to Zeus and its fleece preserved and kept by a dragon. Finally, Jason and its argonauts, come on a boat called Argo, ended up conquering it. Aries is one of the least conspicuous of the zodiacal constellations, and has only two stars above third magnitude. An Aries is ready to be the hero of the day, fly away and carry many endangered, powerless people on their back. The power of the ram is carried on his back, for he is the gold itself, shiny and attractive to those ready for betrayal. The story of glory that isn’t easy to carry is in these two horns, and if this animal doesn’t get shorn, allowing change and giving someone a warm sweater, they won’t have much to receive from the world. Each Aries has a task to share their position, power, gold, or physical strength with other people willingly, or the energy will be stopped in its natural flow, fear will take over, and the process of giving and receiving will hold balance at zero.

Good Personality Traits

Passionate and independent, Aries will never do something just because everyone else is doing it—a Ram needs to be 100 percent committed to the task at hand. Competitive to the max, the best way o motivate an Aries is to turn something into a contest. Aries will put everything they have (and then some) into winning. Loyal, smart, and impulsive, they always have multiple projects on their mind, and won’t be satisfied until their work, social life, and personal lives line up exactly with the dream life they’ve envisioned. Those who are drawn to magnetic Aries may have trouble keeping up—but if they can, they’ll have a friend for life. Loves adventure, very energetic, inventive with lots of courage. Confident, enthusiastic,sharp and quick-minded. Fiery and warm, passionate and expressive. Possessing a strong sense of urgency.
  • Adventurous. Aries absolutely adore to take risks and are not afraid of them.
  • Courageous. There is no braver sign then the Rams!
  • Versatile. Since their constant thirst of adventures, an Aries often tries new things in the life.
  • Lively. The typical Aries is extremely energetic, there is no way for you to miss it.
  • Positive. This is why they are so popular in the social circles.
  • Passionate. Rams will usually take up with a new project with all of his heart.

Strength Keywords:

– Independent
– Generous
– Optimistic
– Enthusiastic
– Courageous

Bad Personality Traits

Can be self-centered at times and prone to being quick-tempered, impulsive and impatient. Takes unnecessary risks and a procrastinator at times. Their competitive natures ensure that they will play the game with zeal and vigor.  At times, their approach may be construed as arrogant and domineering, selfish, foolhardy and daredevil, but it takes a lot of focus to be a leader (or so an Aries would say). Sadly, Aries won’t usually be around for the final victory. These folks will more than likely have bolted to the next project before the first one is done. Sure, they may appear arrogant when they take on the world, but they’ll be quick to tell you it’s the only way to go. While a common Aries refrain might well be ‘me first’ — after all, Aries rules the First House — there’s no point in arguing with them since, in their minds, they are first. 

  • Arrogant. Aries tend to be insensitive of others’ emotion since their belief that they know everything.
  • Stubborn. I am pretty sue you know this if you have an Aries close to you. This trait makes them hard to deal with!
  • Impulsive. And in addition, impatient.
  • Indiscipline. They are not the most organized people in the world.
  • Confrontational. Sometimes you’ll even have the feeling that Rams love to argue.

Weakness Keywords:

– Moody
– Short tempered
– Self-involved
– Impulsive
– Impatient

Aries Compatibility

Best Matches:

Gemini: An Aries-Gemini match will often result in a vibrant relationship that is full of activity and vitality. Aries and Gemini will love sharing in their mutual thirst for knowledge and breaking new ground together. Sexually, Aries loves to lead, and Gemini will be more than happy to put its natural innovation to the test by thinking up new ways to please.

Sagittarius: Sagittarius is another highly energetic sign that can match Aries’s natural gusto all the way. Both love being social, active, and living by the seat of their pants, so this relationship is one that is sure to be filled with fun and discovery. These two are also a fabulous match in the bedroom, their sexual compatibility bringing harmony to other aspects of the relationship in turn.

Leo: If Leo and Aries can master the fine art of learning to share the spotlight with one another, and can learn to give as well as they get when it comes to admiration and praise, this can be a highly energetic and special union. It is also a union that makes for an active and adventurous sex life, as they are very much compatible when it comes to the bedroom.

Aries better hold on to his hat when this whirlwind enters the room. Aquarius is just as fiercely independent as her sister air sign, Gemini. There can be quite a rift if Aries attempts to fence in the water bearer or make unusual demands on her time. Aquarius simply won’t stand for anyone telling her what to do or how to do it, so Aries will need to bite his tongue if he wishes to keep this air sign happy.

Worst Matches:

Virgo: Aries’s natural need for leadership has a way of clashing with Virgo’s tendency to be on the nitpicky, critical side. They also have two very different types of sexual energy. Aries is bold and direct from the get-go, while Virgo is more reserved, needing time and patience for its sexual energy to unfold. This relationship can only be a success if both partners are willing to be patient and work hard at it.

Capricorn: Both Capricorn and Aries are natural-born leaders, but unfortunately they have very different ways of going about it and can’t help but lock horns. These two are very likely to fight over money manners, as Aries is something of a spendthrift, while Capricorn is very frugal. Aries also likes variety and novelty, while Capricorn is staunchly traditional, providing even more fertile ground for discord. In short, these two are opposites in all the wrong ways.

Taurus: These two have a very hard time when it comes to seeing eye to eye, as Taurus and Aries have two very different approaches to life. Aries is energetic and always on the go, while Taurus is slow to get started and likes to take its time once it’s in motion. Aries likes adventure and experience, while Taurus prefers to stick closer to home. Taurus natives tend to prioritize making money, while Aries natives are more interested in spending it, so money is a common topic for argument as well. Although a balance can be found if both parties are willing to really work at it, most Taurus-Aries unions have a tendency to be short-lived due to an inability to do so.

Wild Cards:

Aries: As is the case with many two-of-a-kind pairings, when two rams get together, it can either be a wonderful, energetic union or it can be a recipe for disaster, as neither of them will want to play the supporting role in the relationship. Success depends upon whether or not the two individuals can learn to occasionally let the other take the lead and call the shots.

Libra: Aries and Libra often find that they have a strong initial connection, as well as a rich and rewarding time in the bedroom, as both of them are incredibly fond of sexual pleasures. However, if Aries begins to put too many demands on fun-loving Libra in other areas of the relationship, Libra’s fickle streak will most certainly lead to a desire to seek greener pastures. Sometimes the physical connection is enough to sustain the relationship, but true success depends on their ability to meet each other half way.

Is Aries considered Happily Married

Aries is a very adventurous, bold, and independent sign. If you tie the knot during this time you’ll thrive as individuals and not risk losing site of yourselves in the relationship. Your marriage will be filled with lots of spontaneity, too. Think last minute getaways, exciting dinner dates, and unexpected romantic surprises. But be careful not to get too competitive with each other, as Aries couples tend to do. Whether male or female it’s worth noting that Aries don’t want weak partners. Just because they tend towards being dominating it doesn’t mean they don’t want to work for it! Quite the opposite, they often get bored rapidly with a partner who is a pushover. They typically do best with an equally feisty and confident lover.

An Aries woman is always honest towards her relations, especially for love relationship. She strongly believes in long term relationship or does not take any relations as “time pass”. She expects the same things from her partner also. If she committees someone she can stick to her commitment till the last breath. She believes and puts more emphasis in Love marriage comparatively to arrange marriage.  
An Aries woman is more compatible with Cancerian, Leo, and Sagittarius. Her married life can be full of contentment and harmonious if she ties her knot of marriage with a person whose zodiac sign is Cancer, Leo or Sagittarius. There are other factors that also matter when talking about compatibility of horoscopes of Aries woman with a person of another zodiac sign. An Aries woman mostly is health-conscious. She tries her best to be fit and fine. But still she often fails to maintain and manage her routine schedule of eating. When she falls in emotions or has issues worrying her she takes her health poorly. Her health is also sensitive to infections and allergy. Cold and cough, fever, food – poising and stomach related disease easily seize her. One best quality of Aries female is that she does not lose her hope easily. She fights with throbbing conditions with patience. She likes to spend her time in constructive and intelligent conversations, good and respected company. Sometimes she wants to help, even to interfere in the business of her husband. A woman of this type will never see her die of boredom, or lounging in bed complaining of all sorts of pain. It is primarily active, noble and true companion to her husband.  Aries woman is the happiest woman alive if she is married to a passionate and possessive man. She would also sacrifice herself for her family. She can be very noble and generous, not only to her family but also to others, that is why others often feel the obligation to her that they are unable to do. This woman likes an aggressive type of man. She can not reply with drawn, shy, or in any way “soft” type. She can love only man that she deeply respect and value. If you accept her dominant role, this woman will be yours for life! She is impulsive, passionate, spontaneous and cheerful in sex and she needs quickly to satisfy her sexuality, otherwise she is restless. That is why she loves to put on their uniforms, loves bright colors, and all that would blossom to attract her husband.

An Aries man is also a faithful person. Aries man is proud, he is a complete person. He is often very romantic in marriage. He is the person who will not deceive you. Although he can’t tolerate unfavorable words but very soon he comes back to you. An Aries man strongly trusts in his own opinions. Whatever they feel right is right and whatever they think wrong is wrong. It means they follow their own path and play their own composed tune. Short-temper nature is also associated to an Aries man. What bad quality you’ll observe in him is his confuse mind.  Highly ambitious, emotional, brave and kind hearted an Aries man is a very nice human being. The best thing in an Aries man is his positive attitude. He strongly believes in love and sustains relationship in very pleasant way, especially friendship. But his impatient nature is reason of his failure. Being an enthusiast and dedicated man he can’t go long for a particular thing. He wants results in just s blink of an eye. Because of his impatient nature he might have lost many important things in his life.  His biggest problem in marriage is how to satisfy his romantic conception of physical love. He has almost insatiable appetites that he can not sublimate. If you want this kind of Aries for a husband, you can count on the longevity of this relationship, but only if you synchronize with him physically or sexually. He has a warm character, always in it something worse. They will not do anything halfway. It is always directed upward dynamic idealist who needs frequent agitation. Seeking a woman he does not need to control in order to dedicate himself to his ambitions. He is very bigoted, does not suffer interference in his work, and is constantly in a aggression. He loves to meddle in other people’s relationships and want to see everything clearly, cleanly and precisely. He likes to take a chance, he is direct, quickly spent force. Love proves with deeds, not with words. He wins partner rapidly with spontaneous performance, pose, uniforms or refinement. He does not forgive Infidelity and in that case he will divorce easily. He is very faithful in his mature years. He loves sex without foreplay and fast switching to “double duty”.


Aries is a very adventurous, bold, and independent sign. If you tie the knot during this time you’ll thrive as individuals and not risk losing site of yourselves in the relationship. Your marriage will be filled with lots of spontaneity, too. Think last minute getaways, exciting dinner dates, and unexpected romantic surprises. But be careful not to get too competitive with each other, as Aries couples tend to do.

 Sagittarius, Leo, Aquarius

There’s never a dull moment between an Aries or Sagittarius, which makes their relationship extremely exciting. Both signs are insanely adventurous so they’re always up for anything — in and out of the bedroom. They enjoy trying new things and make sure to have a good time in the process. They especially love doing things together as a team. While other couples might grow tired of one another, these two stay strong and always enjoy being in each other’s company. But they both know the importance of hanging out with friends and having some solo time, too.

Worst Match For Aries is Cancer

Hardly a match made in heaven Aries and Cancer tend to clash. Do not despair if you are in one of these relationships, true love will overcome. Both Aries and cancer are powerful and very self expressive. However, Cancer can be sensitive and somewhat anxious while Aries people are dominant and spontaneous. Aries is not the greatest at expressing their feelings. This leads to the constant annoyance of the moody, retrospective Cancer.

Aries Relationship

Aries are capable of experiencing strong passions, sometimes too strong to be happy. Easily falling in love, they idealize the partner, and faced with the first serious defect, they feel disappointed and deceived. Women are able to charm their independence, but their freedom of love sometimes reaches the point of absurdity. At the same time Aries ladies are extremely jealous; what they consider acceptable for themselves, often do not forgive the partner. The amiability of the Aries woman from the side might seem indiscriminate if most of the novels were not just dreams. Aries men are carried away quickly and love extremely much; their novels are beautiful, but short-term – in part because of the selfishness inherent in people of this sign. 

In a relationship Aries may become jealous fairly easily. More to the point, if they’re jealous you’ll hear about it sooner rather than later. This isn’t a person who withdraws to ponder such things; they take the direct approach to confrontation. Their openness is a good thing in this instance as they don’t sit back and resent you, but instead boldly explain themselves. 

Aries is a direct and forthright lover. They don’t generally play mind games, and you will typically know exactly where you stand when in a relationship with an Aries. They can sometimes be relatively aggressive and domineering partners, but it’s done in a genuine, enthusiastic and bold manner which is hard to find fault with. Overall the excitement of dating an Aries overrides their take charge attitude. Along these lines they are often the initiator of a relationship, and the most common complaint is that they can come on too strong or try to move things along too fast.

Whether male or female it’s worth noting that Aries don’t want weak partners. Just because they tend towards being dominating it doesn’t mean they don’t want to work for it! Quite the opposite, they often get bored rapidly with a partner who is a pushover. They typically do best with an equally feisty and confident lover.

Aries is one of the most physically protective signs of the Zodiac, typically not hesitating to risk life or limb if a loved one is in danger. The flip side to this is that they rarely will back down from a fight or challenge, no matter how bad the odds may initially appear. Courageous and full of integrity, it’s hard not to admire them in this area.

Aries Information (Planets, Elements, Symbols)

Symbol: The Ram
Aries Dates: Mar 21-Apr 19
Element: Fire
Polarity: Positive
Quality: Cardinal
Ruling Planet: Mars, the planet of war and energy
Ruling House: First
Spirit Color: Red
Lucky Gem: Diamond
Flower: Thistle & honeysuckle
Top Love Matches: Sagittarius
Key Traits: Ambitious, independent, impatient.
Body Part: Head, face
Lucky Numbers: 1, 8, 17
Good Day: Energetic, encouraging, unstoppable, bold, devoted, heroic, caring
Bad Day: Proud, self-centered, impulsive, bossy, stubborn, reckless, jealous
Favorite Things: Competitive games, new clothes, road trips (in fast red cars), debating, expressing themselves through stunning verbal and physical feats
What They Hate: Sharing their toys, being ignored, cramped spaces, losing, the word “no”
Secret Wish: To be number one
How to Spot Them: High foreheads, focused or manic energy, aggressive stance
Keywords: Willpower, Initiative, Determination, Passion, Beginnings, Self-Belief, Innocence
Motto: “When you know yourself, you’re empowered. When you accept yourself, you’re invincible.”

The Aries symbol is the Ram, and that’s both good and bad news. Impulsive Aries might be tempted to ram their ideas down everyone’s throats without even bothering to ask if they want to know. It’s these times when you may wish Aries’ symbol were a more subdued creature, more lamb than ram perhaps. You’re not likely to convince the Ram to soften up; this sun sign is blunt and to the point. Along with those traits comes the sheer force of the Aries nature, a force that can actually accomplish a great deal. Much of Aries’ drive to compete and to win comes from its Cardinal Quality. Cardinal Signs love to get things going, and, of all astrology signs, Aries exemplifies this even better than Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

Aries is ruled by Mars. Taking a peek at Roman mythology, we find that Mars was the God of War. Our man Mars was unafraid to do battle, and much the same can be said for Aries. These star signs are bold, aggressive and courageous. They can summon up the inner strength required to take on most anyone, and they’ll probably win.

The element associated with Aries is Fire. Think traits like action, enthusiasm and a burning desire to play the game. Aries love physicality, so they won’t sit on the sidelines for long, if at all. They’ll jump into the fray full force and will contribute much in the process. Talk about eager beavers! Sure, some of their decisions may later prove to have been hasty, but you’ll never find an Aries who regretted taking a shot.

Important Facts to Know About the ARIES

Aries are amazing! Their name says it all:
A for assertive
R for refreshing
I for independent
E for energetic
S for sexy

Strengths: Courageous, determined, confident, enthusiastic, optimistic, honest, passionate
Weaknesses: Impatient, moody, short-tempered, impulsive, aggressive
Aries likes: Comfortable clothes, taking on leadership roles, physical challenges, individual sports
Aries dislikes: Inactivity, delays, work that does not use one’s talents


1. They’re Brave. Aries are the most courageous of the zodiac sign.
2. They’re Impulsive. Aries are fiery.
3. They Have A Big Heart. Aries are wonderful forgivers.
4. They’re Adventurous. Aries are the life of the party.
5. They’re Protective.
6. They’re Rebellious.
7. They’re Independent.
8. They’re Deep Thinkers.
9. They get frustrated by naysayers and constant negativity.
10. They’re Delicate & Tough At The Same Time.


Whether it’s backpacking around the world, launching a business, or training for a marathon, once an Aries sets a goal, they will achieve it. They don’t care what anyone else thinks, and can tune into their intuition and dreams in a heartbeat. Rams never need a plus one—they love their own company, and consider going solo to the movies a rare treat. People born under this sign strongly project their personalities onto others and can be very self-oriented. Aries tend to venture out into the world and leave impressions on others that they are exciting, vibrant and talkative.  Strong, adamant, and forged in fire, it’s fitting that Aries’ secret weapon is iron, one of the strongest elements.  For an Aries, an iron-rich diet can boost confidence and performance. The head is their most powerful erogenous zone. Stroking their hair and rubbing their scalp will make them feel relaxed and heighten their sensations. Nibble the ear, for especially the men, they will not be able to resist this, he will get uncontrollable urges and you will soon be all his! They tend to live adventurous lives and like to be the center of attention, but rightly so since they are natural, confident leaders. Enthusiastic about their goals and enjoy the thrill of the hunt, “wanting is always better then getting” is a good way to sum it up. 

If your best friend’s zodiac is ARIES

They’re good friends, they always look out for their friends with caring and generosity and will protect them should the need arise and encourage them with their natural optimism. If confronted, they can turn to be quite childish, will fight back with their agressive nature and are known to have temper tantrums should they not get their way. Social life of an Aries representative is always moving, warm, and filled with new encounters. They are tolerant of people they come in contact with, respectful of different personalities and the openness they can provoke with simple presence. Their circle of friends needs a wide range of strange individuals, mostly in order for them to feel like they have enough different views on personal matters they don’t know how to resolve. Since people born in the sign of Aries easily enter communication, direct and honest in their approach, they will make an incredible number of connections and acquaintances in their lifetime. Still, they often cut many of them short for dishonesty and unclear intentions. Long-term friendships in their lives will come with those who are just as energetic and brave to share their insides at any time.

How Successful Aries can be in a Business

Aries are activists. If a business idea comes their way, they tend to plunge right in. More than willing to take a gamble and follow their dreams and goals. However, if success is not immediate, they tend to lose interest and give up easily. They are notorious for not finishing what they have begun. This is due to the low tolerance for boredom and lack of patience. If the excitement is gone from their business idea, they go off and search for it elsewhere. Aries have boundless energy and a pioneering spirit, which is great for the workplace. You love new ideas and projects, which appeal to your sense of adventure. Be careful, though, about leaping before you look – you can be impulsive and self-indulgent, which can mean acting upon decisions that haven’t been thought out completely.

Aries and Aries business compatibility 
Should Arties and Aries decide to run a business together, join forces as co-workers or just share a mutual interest or hobby for fun, they may achieve a degree of success.
Aries and Taurus business compatibility 
As co-workers or business partners, Aries and Taurus have little in common. Stronger playing together than working together, as a team they lack professional seriousness and commitment to financial and organizational values. Still, they can work well as part of a group developing new concepts and ideas, particularly in design, fashion, advertising or other areas relating to the taste and interest of the general public.
Aries and Gemini business compatibility 
There is a major problem that will have to be solved if the relationship is to succeed at work: Aries has a need and talent for group involvement, while Geminis have an aversion to it and usually prefer to work alone. The relationship may be able to overcome this roadblock through its psychological strengths, as the partners discuss this tension between them and gain insight into it.
Aries and Cancer business compatibility 
Should strong natural feeling prevail, the dynamic aspects of Aries may be welcome in business ventures, and can meld well with the money sense and the protective and defensive instincts of Cancer. At work, an Aries on offense and a Cancer on defense together offer the basis of an effective all-around team. Enterprises can only succeed, however, if each party feels free enough in the relationship to express his/her individual point of view.
Aries and Leo business compatibility 
The relationship’s swirling energies can gel at work. These two don’t usually stick to mundane activities but pursue projects involving adventure and travel, challenge and danger, often in the executive worlds of corporate finance, investment or advertising.
Aries and Virgo business compatibility 
As co-workers, these two can really get on each other’s nerves. Their approaches to many problems are diametrically opposed and may generate frictions that are counterproductive to the efforts of the group. Although others may find the gyrations of this relationship entertaining, sooner or later the humor of the situation wears thin. One combination that can work out, however, is a boss-employee relationship with the Virgo as the boss: Virgo generally know what they want, and Aries can usually deliver.
Aries and Libra business compatibility 
The Libra would be very good in marketing and Aries would excel at keeping up the customer or client base for the business. Personality wise this would not be a good match but it can be made to work as long as they did not decide to strike up a strong friendship, and if each respected the others hard work and ideas.
Aries and Scorpio business compatibility 
Business partnership in this combination is not recommended. The fire sign of Aries would never let it’s child be satisfied with a half hearted effort and the water sign of Scorpio would be constantly putting out Aries’ fiery enthusiasm.
Aries and Sugittarius business compatibility 
It may be possible for Aries and Sagittarius to work together as business partners or co-workers. In this context dynamic Aries energies and enduring Sagittarius strengths may meld.
Aries and Capricorn business compatibility 
Capricorn and Aaries are simply too complex a relationship for the business partnership to be of any value to either. They will be too busy arguing over all the small details.
Aries and Aquarius business compatibility 
The relationship can work out well in the work sphere, as long as everyone sticks to the job at hand and resists getting sidetracked by personal differences and irritations. Aries will find Aquarian energies chaotic from time to time but will recognize that these personalities are hard workers as long as they know what is expected of them. Often an Aries co-worker may exert a stabilizing force on Aquariuses, giving them the support and understanding they need if they are to continue in the team.
Aries and Pisces business compatibility 
This could make a good business partnership as the Pisces, being the emotional water sign in the design group, could get along well with the fire sign in the inspirational (idea) group. Pisces will generally not mind if the Aries wants to be the boss.

Top 10 Careers for Aries

Aries love to be the one who thinks up the bright ideas and has other people carry them out. Not only the most competitive of the Zodiac, you are also the first sign and love to be first at whatever you do. You thrive when you’re on top of your game. Happy with a challenge and ambitious, you have the courage it takes to be a leader in your field. Tempering your fiery attitude with patience is the test of the can-do Aries. Knowing when to move on and when to follow through requires careful thought and planning for ultimate success. No doubt, you can be a winner all the way!

1. Sportscaster
Who likes to be in the limelight more than you? You’ve got what it takes, Aries, to combine your love of the game with your enthusiastic energy to make a great sportscaster. You’re a natural with journalistic and promotional attributes, which brings outstanding leadership to the public airwaves. The proverbial headshot of an Aries taking charge on the TV screen gives your viewers confidence that you know what you’re talking about.

2. Surgeon
Steely precision and lightning-quick decisions make Aries excel as a surgical doctor or nurse. You don’t waste any time sizing up a decisive situation and can intelligently support your actions. You love the challenge, and your subordinates and colleagues respect your no-nonsense leadership and charisma. You care enough to ensure the best outcome.

3. Adventurer
Yes, think Indiana Jones, and you have yourself an Aries. You love to explore, climb, hunt, and take risks that excite you, and these are all perfect outlets. You’ve got the guts to blaze new trails and a keen journalistic talent to record your findings. You should have no problem publishing your adventures to an eager audience. Is National Geographic calling?

4. Entrepreneur
Who better than a self-starting Aries to create a new business? You’re at your best in thinking up original ideas that others can follow through. Creating an advertising agency would be a custom fit to an Aries with panache. Not lacking enthusiasm or imagination, you can create a top sales team delighted to carry out your quotas. Your worthy workforce and your family will always know that you will fiercely look after them.

5. The Military
A career in the military could be your niche in the world. Climbing up through the positions as a subordinate could be challenging for you, but pulling extra duty, more shifts, and additional workouts won’t be a problem for your ready-set-go resilience. You also have an inborn sense of what is just and could easily find a rewarding career as a military lawyer or judge.

6. Stockbroker
Once you have learned the market and gleaned a solid client base with your ambition, you could be a key negotiator for a top firm. Driven by money and finance, you won’t mind spending extra hours developing your savvy with training and classes on economics, business management, or computers. Good interpersonal communication skills put you in the center of potential high earnings.

7. Law Enforcement Officer
When every second counts, you can count on an Aries to perform and make swift-paced decisions. Fearless, brave, and ethical in dealings with people who are in need of your help, you are also relentless in bringing the bad guys to justice. Able to cope with danger and stressful situations, Aries’ stamina holds up even under the most rigorous challenges. Your honesty, sound judgment, sense of responsibility, and strength make you a much-needed candidate in this profession.

8. Producer
A natural creator who can make something out of nothing, you could be very fortunate in any field of producing such as music, film, radio, fashion, or even computer software. Initiating, developing, coordinating, and supervising the inception of an idea to the final product or outcome serve your untiring disposition. Your leadership, originality, and great imagination make you an in-demand candidate.

9. Emergency Medical Technician
Agility, fine coordination, and rapid response along with the physical strength of an Aries are some of the requirements in this particularly rewarding field. You have the option of progressive levels of training and employment in varied and multiple settings such as technical rescue, industrial, pre-hospital, or tactical response. Emergency-response teams are available 24 hours a day, and it would not be uncommon for the energetic Aries to put in a 50- to 60-hour work week. An EMT or paramedic could be the perfect choice for an Aries.

10. Public Relations Executive
Whether you decide to work for a small company or a large organization, your competitive, problem-solving, and decision making skills could be well utilized with a rewarding career in the field of public relations. Self-confident, dynamic, and assertive, you naturally possess an enthusiasm for motivating people. New ideas from your rich imagination continue to inspire others. Cultivate a team-player attitude, and you’ll be abundantly rewarded.

10 Tips for Your Date with Aries

1. Try to keep up with them. As a fire sign and the first in the zodiac, Aries are known for being bold, tireless and aggressive. Aries are headstrong, can talk a mile a minute, and prefer to be doing rather than sitting. Dating an Aries means that you’ll have your work cut out for you, and you should be prepared to be as energetic and agreeable as it takes to keep both of you interested.

2. Let them take the lead. Aries are born leaders and will assert themselves in leadership roles whenever possible. This goes for relationships, as well. If an Aries isn’t allowed to call the shots, they’ll begin to get anxious and resent the restriction, as this is literally in opposition to their nature. While all relationships should consider both partners’ feelings, it’s okay to let an Aries take the reigns. It’s where they feel most comfortable.

3. Enjoy challenging activities together. Never content to simply sit and luxuriate, Aries signs are fiercely driven and competitive and will jump at the chance to prove themselves. This means that your relationship will be punctuated by thrilling and unusual dates and activities. Rather than a relaxing night out at the movies, you can expect an Aries to want to take you dancing, be in attendance at rousing events and even plan adrenaline-charged outings like rock climbing and skydiving. If you want to date an Aries, you should get used to the idea of adventure.

4. Be spontaneous. Planning only goes so far with an Aries. While it’s important for them to make and keep a schedule, most Aries men and women will prefer to take things at the spur of the moment, as this is more appealing to their thrill-seeking character than adhering to a strict calendar. Your Aries date might come up with outrageous date ideas at a moment’s notice, and you should be ready to show the willingness to go along with them.

5. Talk about your similarities and differences. If you’re not a sign that naturally gets along well with Aries, explain these differences to your partner when conflict arises. That way, you can shift the focus to your respective personalities and emotional requirements and keep situations from growing heated. Discuss what you have in common and where you differ early on, so that you have an idea of what to expect from one another in the future.

6. Make sure you’re up front about your needs. If you’re not a fire sign yourself, you may find it difficult or uncomfortable to open up about what you need from a relationship. You won’t have to worry about this with an Aries. They are by nature frank, sincere people, and will appreciate your directness. Since it can be a challenge to always know what your partner needs, it’s best when you can establish grounds for talking about these matters openly and avoid a lot of frustrating guesswork.

7. Work together to make plans. Aries love to make plans and embark on new projects, but aren’t always the best at following through with them. If you’re a planner, use that organization to encourage and concentrate your Aries partner’s innate penchant for getting the ball rolling. Whether you’re thinking about moving in together or just deciding on a place to eat, you should use cool rationale to keep an Aries’ impulsive urges from leading to decisions that never get off the ground.

8. Don’t let their sign define them. One of the most important things to keep in mind is that no matter how accurately an Aries’ moods and actions reflect the kind of traits represented by their sun sign, nobody can be distilled down to a simple collection of behavioral characteristics. Despite your habits, you’re both individuals, and should strive to view and treat each other on an individual level of respect and consideration. Talk things out, keep an open mind and work continually on compromise and the two of you will enjoy one another for a long time to come.

9. Assert yourself. Most of the time, an Aries will be a confident, take-charge person and will become chafed if things don’t go their way. However, it’s important not to let your Aries partner turn into a control freak. As half the relationship, you have a right to express your own feelings, even when you worry it might rankle them. Try to strike the right balance between letting an Aries take the wheel and knowing when to hit the brakes.

10. Don’t smother them. Though they are devoted, passionate lovers and will usually be very liberal with their affections, Aries signs also tend to be self-consumed people at a fundamental level and won’t appreciate too much constant attention and oversight—and they’ll have no problem letting you know it. Recognize that Aries are naturally independent people, and be prepared to deal with their romantic mood swings. Clinginess can be a death knell to a relationship with an Aries.

How To Attract:

Let them know that you admire them, they thrive of admiration and followers. Let them know that you love their zest for life and that you find them intriguing, they love compliments more then most other astrology signs. 

Compliment them physically and mentally, they like conversation about intellectual topics and engage them in a lively discussion, or a friendly debate. They love the challenge and the stimulation of good, intelligent conversation. Ask them for advice, let them know that you look up to them. 

Remember, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the most forward and independent, they love followers. Do not be a push over, do not keep your opinions to yourself because they will quickly get bored if you agree with everything they say. Do not attempt to control them however, they do not like taking orders. Aries are very capable people so if you go with their plans, you are sure to have a good time! If they have a suggestion for something to do, go with the flow, they like to be in control of what goes on.


Independence is the key to understanding an Aries, for they don’t like to take orders from others. In order to seduce an Aries man, you need to learn to play the game by his rules. This man often finds the chase for the subject of his desire more thrilling than the catch, and his conquering nature makes him often chase after partners he can’t have. To get his attention, one must play hard to get, as if sending a message that he needs to fight for a prize, and winning the one he truly wants to be with.

This is a man in love with a good challenge and in a rush to become their partner’s “knight in shining armor”, so he needs to be let to be one from time to time. His life partner might have to yell back in a fight, building strong boundaries and earning his respect. On a bad day an Aries can be self-centered, arrogant and stubborn, but he is also courageous, adventurous, and passionate. A relationship with this man can be fun and exciting, but it easily gets someone hurt if their partner doesn’t recognize the energy needed for their relationship to last.


Aries women are fearless and natural leaders. They are energetic, charismatic, dynamic, and in love with challenges and adventures. If you want to attract the attention of an Aries woman, you must let her seduce you and appeal to her independent nature. A woman born under the Aries zodiac sign is extremely passionate and sexual, which makes her irresistible to the opposite sex. She is constantly on the move and will never allow herself to be overrun by a man, at the same time craving for love but trying to hold on to control.

To attract a woman born in this sign, one has to take action but not give the impression that control has been taken over. She needs to be free to show initiative and fight for affection of her loved one, expecting the same in return. Once she falls in love, she is extremely faithful, and at times overly jealous. Dating her means giving her all the attention she needs, giving her time and constant effort to prove there is love behind the act. Confident and domineering, she doesn’t just need someone to follow, but someone to be equally energetic and strong. A relationship with an Aries woman can be interesting, full of adventures and excitement, but only if one is ready to take on a less dominant role from time to time.

Best Gifts for Aries

The Aries in your life loves gifts. Anything exciting, colorful and fun will make Aries happy. They love surprises… this will make their day. Don’t worry about a fancy wrapping job… Aries is too impatient to appreciate it. They are focused on what’s inside, not what you did to make it pretty. Aries can be very offended if you forget to give them something on their special day… so don’t forget! 

When choosing a gift for Aries, don’t forget their personality. They tend to be impulsive and active. Athletics may be one of their interests. They can be of fiery temperament, yet they love to play. Keep these things in mind when you go shopping for an Aries gift. Aries also rules the brain, the head and face. Gifts associated with these areas will be appreciated.

When choosing an Aries gift, don’t think they’ll appreciate that practical one you had your eye on, or one of those great organizational tools to help them keep everything in its place. Boring! Aries wants something challenging and exciting. Aries loves to be first… if a new trend is starting, make sure they are part of it!

If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Aries will love. Be sure and tailor these suggestions to your particular Aries.

Jewelry is always an appropriate gift. The bigger and more glamorous the better. Don’t waste your time on cute little trinkets, go for the gemstones every time. Earrings, watches and necklaces head the list. Make sure they are dazzling… Aries loves a bit of flash.

Tickets to a sporting event they enjoy will make them happy. Likewise, gear for a sport they participate in is a good choice, as are clothing or hats emblazoned with their favorite teams.

Aries likes to stay active and learn new things. Find out what has been intriguing them lately and get them a how-to book on the subject, preferably with some materials to start their newest project. For example, if your Aries has been longing to knit, buy them a great instructional book with lots of diagrams and pictures as well as a pair of needles and some nice yarn.

Electronics of all types fascinate Aries. The newest gadget is sure to be a hit. Whether it is an iPhone, the latest videogame console or a GPS unit to keep in the car, Aries will love them all.

The kitchen is a great place for Aries. They love to cook. They also have a bit of a fascination with fire and sharp implements. A new set of knives may be just perfect, or a new barbecue. Failing that, a book on grilling may inspire them to create wondrous meals on the grill they already have. If you’re lucky, you may get to be the guinea pig for many new recipes that will have to be tried. Shiny stainless steel pots and pans are another terrific gift idea for Aries.

Fashion statement of Aries according to their style

You look good in anything you wear. Whether you go for shopping in the last minute or you want to purchase a nice dress, you can blindly trust an Aries person in their choice. The same clothes that look awesome on an Aries person will not look that good on a non-Aries person. With an Aries person, two things go hand in hand and they are fashionable clothes and nice make up. Your stars that you may follow are Lara Dutta and Victoria Beckham.

Overall Fashion Sense of an Aries:

By far, the favorite color of an Aries is red. However, due to their outgoing personality and fiery disposition, this is probably not a surprise.

Whether they use red to accent an outfit or wear an entire style with red, it is not uncommon to find the color in their wardrobe. They are also often seen in black and white.

Aries are not afraid to attract attention, in fact, they love it. For an Aries, one of their greatest accomplishments is being noticed when they walk into a room full of people. Turning heads is a talent, and boring is never an option.

The sign for Aries is a Ram, so think head when exploring fashion statements. This means lots of hats and head accessories–the bolder and more original the better!

Because they are leaders, Aries are also fashion trendsetters. They like to mix up their fashion with bold statements and new ideas. They are not concerned with what people think about their style or look.

Aries Fashion for Everyday:

For everyday use, Aries love comfort. However, just because they enjoy being comfortable, doesnt mean they want their style to say, comfort.

Typically, woman Aries do not like to wear heels. Their day fashion may consist of flat or sandals. Sporty and masculine with a bold look, would be the perfect way to describe day fashion for Aries.

A common day outfit would consist of black pants with a white button down shirt. To help make the outfit shout out, they may pair a red belt or red flats with the style.

Aries Fashion for a Night Out:

As much as Aries enjoy their comfort, they do like to be the life of the party and this starts with their style.

Often you can spot an Aries woman by the red dress at the party. Usually this dress will be bold and show off her curves in all the right places. However, what party goers won’t realize about the dress, is that it is extremely comfortable–for an Aries this is a must!

Accessories for Aries sign

For an Aries, accessories are really set their fashion apart from many of the other signs. They can wear a simple outfit, but you would never know, because the accessories are what captures the attention of onlookers.

Aries love to decorate their head and draw attention to it. Keep in mind the sign of the Ram and the horns the Ram has on its head. Similar to a Ram, an Aries likes to “show off” their head with fun and bold statements. Whether it is wearing hats, barrettes, or scarves, it is unusual to find an Aries without some piece of head decoration.

Even male Aries arent afraid to show off their head. Typically, when they find themselves balding, they will completely shave their head, rather than trying to make what little hair they have left last. For women Aries, they love their cheekbones and like to bring attention to them. They are often spotted wearing hoop earrings to show them off.

Bringing the Aries Zodiac Sign into Your Fashion

If you are an Aries, you may not have realized why you are attracted to certain fashions. Have you noticed that other Aries are often spotted wearing red? Pay attention.

When you find yourself attracted to bold colors and trendy styles, it is your sign speaking to you through your sense of fashion. Don’t let others try to steer you away. You know what you like and you can get away with pushing the limits.

Aries are confident and arent afraid to show it. Allow your keen sense of style to guide you through your selections.

Just a word of caution: Make sure you know that there are times and places to make your bold statement. Be certain if you want to make one, that it is at an appropriate destination.

Overall, as an Aries, you don’t need help with your sense of style. For the most part, even if someone offered advice, you wouldnt take it or might feel offended for them offering. You know who you are and what you stand for, so go for it!

What kind of Music does Aries Prefer:

Aries Goes For High Energy Beats! Lady Gaga, probably the most well-known Aries musician in the world, actually creates music that other Aries gravitate toward. According to the blog Ambient Mixer, Aries preferences skew toward “upbeat tempo music such as pop, jazz and rock. Still, some Aries have a profound taste for classical music as well.” Gaga has hit four out of five of these music categories in her career, and she grew up playing classical music on the piano. Aries-born people tend to thrive on music they can feel in their bodies, not just hear with their ears.

Can Aries tolerate cheating

Getting cheated on is not something that Aries takes lightly, whether she’s been dating that person for a few weeks or a few years. She’s not one to leave the relationship without answers, but she also believes that there should be some punishment for breaking her heart. Some people might think that Aries isn’t someone who can get her heart broken, but if you put her in a situation like this, anything can happen. When Aries finds out that she’s been cheated on, her immediate reaction is to get revenge on her significant other. Not only does she want him to know that she knows, she wants it to hurt when he finds out that the relationship is over. Quite frankly, she doesn’t really give a crap if he’s sorry or that he wishes the relationship were over, too. She only wants to get her revenge and let him pick up the pieces. Aries born women are known for their fiery temper and outspoken nature, therefore it is only natural that she would act like an angry bull charging at a matador’s small red cape when she learns that she is a victim of a cheating husband or partner. She would surely shoot off salvos of derogatory remarks at you, calling you every foulest name imaginable as she explodes in white-hot fury. And because Aries is a cardinal Fire sign, which represents the initiation of things, a lack of patience and impulsive choices, don’t be shocked out of your wits if the word “divorce” or “break up” is included many times in her anger-fueled, emotionally distraught speech. Or perhaps, the vengeful and aggressive side of Miss Aries might prompt her to put on her creative thinking cap and design a really wicked plot to get back at you for playing around. Think revenge sex. With that being said, I feel that there is a good possibility your Aries woman may decide to give the relationship another try, if you admit your guilt, offer a sincere and restorative apology, demonstrate remorse and keep your promise to stay forever faithful. I’d ask you to bear in mind that if you are fortunate to get a second chance to make things right, don’t waste it — the Aries female doesn’t believe in third or fourth chances. She will not tolerate repeated lies and coverups.

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