General description

There is no question about it – Capricorn is just plain ambitious. They have BIG goals and don’t shy away from hard work. In all actuality – they LOVE hard work and embrace it. Sometimes that ambition can get the best of them, however, and they will take on TOO much. They end up feeling overwhelmed but will still persevere and continue to climb the mountain – no matter how high. People born under the sign of Capricorn, combines a great vitality and a patient desire for a good result in everything. They are proud of their minds, although sometimes groundless, and, if not lazy, make a lot of efforts to develop intellectual abilities. Capricorns are generally among those who can learn throughout life. People born under this sign of people are not easily formed relationships with the outside world: they are proud and seem independent, but sometimes they suffer greatly because they do not know how to win the sympathy of others and defend their point of view. However, Capricorns tend to be content with a narrow, but composed of like-minded circles of communication. In addition, they hate to depend on others, because often they prefer the loneliness of a company of unfamiliar people. Capricorns are mostly selfish, but they do not consider themselves better than others; Moreover, many Capricorns have to struggle with their complexes all their lives, and at the same time with resentment to the whole world for being underestimated. Under the outwardly calm and balanced behavior of Capricorn, the desire for leadership and power is often hidden, which he simply can not control. It is from such people that the most cruel tyrants are obtained, if they are not restrained by traditions and moral norms, the loyalty to which Capricorns usually preserve. Male-Capricorn distinguishes shyness, combined with a strong character. Such a person craves praise and recognition of his services, but usually hesitates to openly ask for it. In his youth, Capricorns are more willing than their peers to obey the elders, but by the time they reach adulthood, almost suddenly teenage frivolities and rebellious spirit have been acquired. Approximately in the same period Capricorns-men discover for themselves and romance. Capricorn women, even reaching the highest stage of the career ladder, usually most value their family. Excellent salary and prestigious position is not able to satisfy such a lady, if she does not have an adoring spouse, as well as a cozy and well-furnished house. Such women rarely think about the reasons for their actions, considering the arguments “so accepted” and “so necessary” are sufficiently valid. Perhaps that’s why Capricorn women are rarely vulgar or rude; it is enough to tell them that such behavior in society is not approved, so that an embarrassing situation never happens again. Patience is something that Capricorn is also very good at. This is the sign that can wait out any situation – no matter how difficult. They have little time for gossip or keeping up with others. Either they are THOSE people or are already ahead of them. They are splendid business men/women and will always make the grade. They are reliable and their stamp is always impressive.

Famous Capricorn Women

So, you have been charmed by the ultra-feminine looks, the charming grace and the flawless etiquettes of a Capricorn woman? Well, you are not the one to be blamed. Anyone can be enchanted by this charismatic disposition? A Capricorn woman is a perfect personification of grace and good breeding. She is the one who would get her act straight, whether in public or private. She appears to be confident and has a steely determination to realise her dreams, goals and aspirations in life. However, behind that ah-so-perfect exterior is a soft, protected heart that needs assurance and reassurance time and again, like any other women. A Capricorn woman strongly feels for her family and makes every effort to support them, emotionally and financially. In matters of love, Capricorn women are cautious by nature and do not like to be rushed. Once committed, they stay true to their partners and support them in every way they can. If you want to get detailed information of Capricorn women, then browsing through these lines would be a great idea. See Some Famous Capricorn That Share Your Sign: 

Kate SpadeKate Spade, 55
(Fashion designer)

Born On: 24 December 1962

Nationality: American

Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeCatherine, Duchess of Cambridge, 36
(The Duchess of Cambridge)

Born On: 09 January 1982

Nationality: British

betty whiteBetty White, 96
(Actress, Writer, Comedienne)

Born On: 17 January 1922

Nationality: American

Deepika PadukoneDeepika Padukone, 32

Born On: 05 January 1986

Nationality: Indian

Janis JoplinJanis Joplin, 27

Born On: 19 January 1943

Nationality: American

Zooey DeschanelZooey Deschanel, 38

Born On: 17 January 1980

Nationality: American

Capricorn Woman Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
Immaculate etiquettes, conventional look, composed disposition and balanced thinking – a Capricorn woman is all of that and much more. Ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn women are the epitome of grace and poise. They have the inherent sense of social elegance and undoubtedly, are the most sophisticated, cultured and classy of the lot. A Capricorn woman is cool, calm and collected but don’t get deceived by this. Behind the charming grace and subtlety is the fierce determination and will power to achieve the goals and aims in life. Capricorn women are fuelled by the deep desire to be secured, respected and given the reins of control in life. However, what differentiates them from other women is that they are not bothered by what means or ways they achieve the same. A Capricorn woman is like the goat, who aims of having a better view of the surrounding by reaching the top of the hill. It does not matter from where she starts or what path she takes or how much time she needs to reach the same. What she is sure of is that she would attain the same. So whether it is switching to the role of a teacher, an executive of a firm, a CEO of an MNC or simply, as a wife of a highly ambitious man, a Capricorn would make sure that her desires are met. She is the lover of practicality and reality and does not waste time in illogical fantasies. What’s more, Capricorn women are mostly attractive and appealing!

The Dark Side
If by reading all the above, you have concluded that Capricorn women probably are the perfect females out of all the zodiacs, pause. There is a negative side to women born under this sun sign as well. Though not prominent, the negativity shows up when a Capricorn woman does not have it her way. She is stubborn and egoistical and can even get dominating. Also, a Capricorn woman can be extremely gloomy and depressive. What’s worse, she would not budge from her “feeling blue mode” for a long time. So, if you have upset your Capricorn girl for something, be prepared she’ll take a long time to come over it. And if the matter was a serious one, she can brood over it for even months in a row. Pessimism is a prominent trait that is seen in women born under this zodiac sign. When things do not seem to occur their way, negativity often crops up in Capricorn females. Since Capricorn woman like to be right always, they cannot stand being called wrong or incorrect. As such, it is best to not get in an argument with a Capricorn woman or else you would have a hard time winning her back. Another negative trait of a Capricorn woman is her revengeful attitude. Though she is calm and composed most of the times, when provoked, she can get into her alpha female avatar. However, Capricorn women are the not the ones to strike back with grudge and hatred. Instead, they are the masters of Silent Treatment. So, if your Capricorn girl has stopped talking to you or is treating you in a different way be sure she is cross with you! Make amendments fast!

Romance Quotients
Don’t get opinionated by her conventional looks and modern approach, a Capricorn woman is the traditional girl at heart who values love and keeps it in the highest pedestal of life. She is a worshipper of old customs and rituals and takes to heart the intricacies and sophistication of love. This, however, by no ways mean that to impress a Capricorn girl, all you need to do is get her a bouquet of red roses and take her out for a candle light dinner. Don’t even think about it. She is the practical and logical lover who does not pay much importance to these fanciful expressions of love. A Capricorn woman neither falls in love at the first sight nor idles her time in mindless flirtations. Love for her is a serious stuff that should not be trifled with.  A Capricorn woman would marry only when she is sure that the man in question could attend to her needs for security, authority, respect and position. When her needs are met, a Capricorn woman would give her all to the relationship, even if it means, throwing up on her career and putting on the garb of a homemaker. You need to understand that a Capricorn woman’s ultimate aim in life is to get herself secured, earn a respect and position in the society and have an authority over things. She does not care how she gets the same.

Being in a relationship with a Capricorn man is challenging. She is not the one who would openly display her feelings nor does she like to be rushed in matters of love. A Capricorn woman would carefully consider everything before she opens her heart to you. Only those worthy are blessed with the love of a Capricorn woman. Since security is what a Capricorn woman seeks for in a relationship, invite her to your ship of romance only when you are hundred percent sure that you are sailing on safe waters. A Capricorn female hates dishonesty and expects her partner to be absolutely honest. Marrying a Capricorn girl is like marrying her entire family. Just like you respect your Capricorn partner, similarly you have to respect and regard her family and relatives as well. If you fail to do so or criticize her family, he would never forgive you. On the other hand, a Capricorn woman would treat your family as her own and attend to their most smallest of needs. Capricorn women make excellent wives. With them around, you can be sure to come back from work to a spotless home and disciplined and organized children. What’s more, your bread would be perfectly baked and the coffee would taste just right. Need anything else?

Famous Capricorn Men

If you find a man who is overly ambitious, patient, independent and possesses a great sense of responsibility, then he surely is a Capricorn. For none other zodiac sign is as ambitious or responsible as a Capricorn. Born under the tenth zodiac sign and ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn men are loyal, hardworking and considerate by nature. They are organised and practical and have a bold but cautious disposition. However, Capricorn men are not the outgoing and the gregarious types. They built a wall around themselves and do not let everyone enter their territory. As such, only a few who breach the line of control can know what a Capricorn truly is. For rest, he might be the indifferent man who thinks of nothing except realizing his ambition and accomplishing his goals. In matters of love, a Capricorn is like the old wine. Gets richer and more profound with time and tide! To know more about the positive and negative traits of a Capricorn man and his romantic side, read through the following lines. See Some Famous Capricorn That Share Your Sign: 

LeBron JamesLeBron James, 33
(NBA Star)

Born On: 30 December 1984

Nationality: American

Louis TomlinsonLouis Tomlinson, 26

Born On: 24 December 1991

Nationality: British

Rowan AtkinsonRowan Atkinson, 63
(Actor & Comedian)

Born On: 06 January 1955

Nationality: British

Kim Jong-unKim Jong-un, 35
(Supreme Leader of North Korea)

Born On: 08 January 1983

Nationality: North Korean

Jeff BezosJeff Bezos, 54
(Founder of

Born On: 12 January 1964

Nationality: American

Stephen HawkingStephen Hawking, 76
(Theoretical Physicist, Cosmologist)

Born On: 08 January 1942

Nationality: British

Capricorn Man Personality Traits & Characteristics

The Bright Side
A casual meeting with a Capricorn man may lead you to believe that he is one of those introvert guys who prefers solitude to company. Now move a step further and breach into his territory and you will be surprised for sure! He loves being admired and goes red when complimented. But to notice the same, you have to get close to a Capricorn guy. Guarded by fierce determination and patience, a Capricorn man is highly ambitious and hardworking. He is one of those males who when set their eyes on anything, take all the necessary steps and efforts to make the same come true. Capricorn men are afraid of failure and hence work hard enough to not even come closer to it. They hate taking short cuts and value steady and constant improvement over consistent bouts of activity. True Capricorn men are good planners and leaders. They are also the most responsible out of all the zodiac signs. So, whether it is work or home, a Capricorn is always well aware of his duties and responsibilities and strives hard to accomplish the same. As such, if you have given a task to complete to a Capricorn man, rest assured he would finish the task well before the deadline. A Capricorn man worships loyalty and respects authority. He is the man who has high but realistic standards set for himself and his family and would work hard to attain the same. In short, one can say is a Capricorn is a perfectionist of sorts!

The Dark Side
If you are up, close and personal with a Capricorn male, his dark side would no longer mean anything to you. But if you are a complete stranger to him or in the initial stages of friendship, the Capricorn male can seem to be an indifferent person, who is snobbish, conceited, stubborn and headstrong. Since Capricorn men are quite ambitious, they tend to be headstrong and selfish. The only thing that runs the mind of a Capricorn is how to achieve his aim. Things like choices he has to make, decision he has to take and the path he has to tread for achieving his mission do not play much of a role in the life of a Capricorn. He is also not bothered by the impact that his decision or his goal has on other people’s life. Sometimes, men born under this zodiac sign tend to have an air of superiority in them. Though they are polite enough to engage in a conversation, they aren’t the ones who would take it further. In fact, many a times they do not take efforts to even talk to a person whom they think is not according to their standard. Thus, it can be concluded that Capricorn males are extremists by nature. They either have friends to die for or enemies who they swear by to kill! There is no middle ground for Capricorn in matters of relationships. Also, it gets extremely difficult to tread into the territory of a Capricorn man’s heart as he keeps it in a closely guarded case, his introvert and shy nature only adding fuel to fire. But don’t give up, because just like any other man your Capricorn lover also needs admiration and love. It is just that he would never say the same!

Romance Quotient
Have you ever tasted wine? Tastes best when mature, isn’t it? Now apply the same theory to a Capricorn man and your life would be a bed full of roses! Wondering what it is all about? Well, a Capricorn is a true romantic by heart. Period. So, what if he doesn’t tell you in so many words? His emotions run deep and are embedded in his heart forever. Capricorn men are by nature the somber types, but only on the face of it. As you get to know them better, they would reveal their deepest secrets and the most earnest feelings. A Capricorn doesn’t get into a relationship too quickly. But when he does, he does so with full conviction and belief. However, to understand a Capricorn, you have to get close to him, for he isn’t the one who would voice his opinion or let the world know what he feels. Only if you manage to peek-a-boo into his heart would you be able to know his soft, charming nature. He is just like any normal person who loves the small and insignificant yet precious moments of life such as realizing a dream, receiving compliments, enjoying moments of togetherness and so on. But the only difference between a Capricorn and others is that he would not openly say the same. 

Relationship with a Capricorn is the most blissful one that one can ever experience. He is the man who would provide you with security and comfort in the most trying times. So, whether you are stuck up in a deadly storm or are freezing to death in an unknown place, if you have a Capricorn as a lover, you can be assured that he would come and rescue you for sure. Expression of love in a dictionary of a Capricorn lover does not exist. This does not mean that he does not love you. It is just that a Capricorn does not feel that he needs to display his love every now and then. So, if you are looking for a man who would bring you roses, recite you poems and plan surprises for you every weekend, knock another door. A Capricorn will do none of that. However, with Capricorn men, the best part always comes the last. As he grows older, his love will become like an old wine, richer than before. So, when others would be resting their bones, your Capricorn lover would take you for a long drive and a romantic candle-light dinner date by the sea side. He is the man who would romance with you even when the two of celebrate your 75 years of togetherness!


Capricornus is the smallest of the twelve zodiacal constellations, visible in the southern sky in the months around July. Despite lying close to the Milky Way, it contains few bright deep sky objects, with the single exception of the globular cluster M30. It represents a bizarre mythical creature which is half goat and half fish. It is also sometimes associated with Pan, god of the countryside. The name ‘Capricornus’ means ‘horned goat’. It lies in a part of the sky often called the ‘Sea’ since it has several water-related constellations, including Aquarius and Pisces. The constellation Capricorn represents the tenth Zodiac sign. According to Greek mythology, Capricorn is portrayed as a fish-tailed goat, Amaltheia, who nursed the baby Zeus who was in hiding from his evil father Cronos. Zeus became lord of the Gods and took one of Capricorn’s horns which came to be known as cornucopia, the horn of plenty. The horn was said to abound with whatever fortune its owner desired. Amalthia was rewarded with a place in the heavens by Zeus. Representing a goat, often shown with a fish’s tail, this group of stars is most visible in late summer, from the Earth’s Northern Hemisphere. It is home to the distant Globular Cluster M30. The brightest star in Capricorn is the planet Saturn. Nashira, Dabih and Algedi are the main stars in the constellation. Algedi is the bright star seen with Dabih just down and to the left and Nashire to the right. Capricornus (or Capricorn) is usually translated as “The Sea Goat” or “The Goat-Fish”, although the name literally means horned goat. The constellation is ancient, and was one of the earliest members of the zodiac, perhaps transferred to the heavens from far older earthly concerns. 
Horned animals…were worshipped icons in the prehistoric Near East, as seen on pottery as far back as 5500 BC. Often these animals appeared with pictorial representations of the ‘Tree of Life’ and lunar or astral symbols. That is, for thousands of years – as attested by both pottery and cylinder seals – this horned animal played a central part in some mythology which involved the heavens…

Good Personality Traits

Very resourceful but cautious. Tends to be very disciplined, reserved and cool under fire. Demonstrate a real ability to overcome most hardships that get in the way of pursuing ones ambition. Practical and prudent Ambitious and disciplined Patient and careful Humorous and reserved. 

Known for their practical approach, the Capricorn natives apply their intelligence and logic and take into account all the facts before making any decisions.

The Capricorn-born people are self-confident, have big goals and put in their best efforts to achieve them. They are ambitious because they want a secure future for themselves and their families.
These people are mature, sensible and don’t get carried away by fantasies. Their friends have faith in their judgement and frequently seek their advice.

The Goats are disciplined and have a lot of respect for those who are focussed on their goals. You will never find them dealing with important matters casually.

Once they set their hearts on some goal, they immediately set out to achieve it. They have lots of patience and understand that things take time to materialise.

They are not impulsive, and will never take a risk or do anything that has the potential to upset their lives. They are very cautious about stability.

Bad Personality Traits

Has a tendency to be selfish which portrays a Capricorn as being unfeeling and calculating. Because of these traits Capricorns look for ways to soften their rigid emotions and tendencies to not show sensitivity toward others. Pessimistic and fatalistic Miserly and grudging.

The Goats are prone to becoming pessimistic because they find it difficult to go against the odds. No matter how much they achieve, they always think of themselves as under-achievers.

Those who are born under the Zodiac Sign Capricorn have a strong feeling that their decisions and methods are perfect, and will rarely change their views.
They are good at communications but are fundamentally shy people and normally take their own sweet time to open up to the best of friends.

They are very conscious of how events will affect them, and this preoccupation with themselves make people think they are selfish.

The Capricorn can be very detached people who will not get close to others beyond a certain point. Emotional involvement doesn’t come easily to them.

The Goats can be witty and funny at one moment and grumpy at the very next. These mood swings can make them behave irresponsibly which can ruin things.

Capricornus Compatibility

Although a Capricorn will never admit it, he craves affection. He may appear self-sufficient and aloof, but he is very romantic at heart and has a need to feel loved and appreciated. Once he trusts you, he will open up emotionally (which is a rarity, experienced only by a select few). On the flip side, a Capricorn may be jealous, possessive, and unimaginative. If you are thinking of dating a Capricorn man or a woman, note that they are very conservative and family-oriented individuals. They are looking for a partner who is intelligent, dependable, and consistent. They do not usually get along with unconventional people. This sign is compatible with Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer and Virgo. Best Match for Capricorn is Virgo: this is destined to be a very strong, long lasting and suitable pairs; both signs love very similar qualities. Capricorns insistence on being exact and Virgo’s demands for perfection, these signs will really get along well. Both signs put home and family above all else and their neutral understanding of each other’s needs make a fantastic partnership. Worst Match for Capricorn is Sagittarius: when speaking of extreme opposites, these two signs find it hard to agree on anything. The Sagittarian is known to be open, free and optimistic. The Capricorn is sober, restrictive and suspicious. The Sagittarian seems to tire quickly from Capricorns lack of speaking and cold exterior and soon tires of trying to agree and comply in what seems to be a one-sided relationship.

Is Capricorn considered Happily Married

In all adhering to traditions and social norms, Capricorns seem to forget about them when it comes to family life. They do not rush to stop on one partner, but long and patiently evaluating it from all sides, meticulously looking for shortcomings. Many Capricorns generally approach the search for their “half” with purely practical considerations, assessing the partner’s ability to earn money, keep housekeeping and take care of children. Capricorns love smart people, but only those who share their point of view, therefore, life partners tend to seek among like-minded people. People of this sign can be relatively happy in alliance with a less clever partner, but they are unlikely to trust him. Capricorns tend to calm and even romantic relationships, but the love of life often escapes from their control. People of this sign often strongly and unrequitedly love a man who can not hold, or feel incomprehensible and unappreciated if the object of their passion is simple. Towards marriage Capricorns are treated with all their inherent seriousness and thoroughness. They often conclude family unions for the calculation or, at least, choose someone from their social stratum. Choosing a life partner, Capricorn usually keep him faithful, but by this time they have a fairly large number of both easy hobbies and serious connections behind them. Capricorn can get along with almost everyone, but Scorpio will certainly make him suffer, Gemini – to doubt tomorrow, to Aquarius – to worry about the reciprocity of feelings. Next to his likes, Capricorn will be calm and happy, and Leo will allow him to be proud of the family hearth. Another good partner for Capricorn – rarely losing balance Taurus. Elusive Fish can also make Capricorn happy, but, alas, for a little while. But the break with it will deal a heavy blow.


Certainly, there are unlikely couples who are absolutely devoted to one another, and sometimes a perfect match turns out less than perfect in the end. So don’t forget Sun sign compatibility is just a general guide. Relationship astrology requires much more than a comparison of Sun signs.  Capricorn is an ambitious sign and is most often attracted to ambitious partners over laid back ones. The signs that seem the most compatible with the Capricorn include, a loyal Taurus and a practical Virgo. However, number one on the list of best matches for a Capricorn is ambitious, goal-oriented, enigmatic Scorpio. The most difficult and unpredictable couplings for Capricorn are flirty and indecisive Libra, elusive Pisces, curious and distractible Gemini, and  Leo. 

Often described as one of the power couples of the zodiac, Capricorn and Scorpio are a fascinating mix. Both move cautiously into a relationship and believe trust is something that must be earned although neither gives it lightly. So, it could take months before either is comfortable enough for vulnerable moments. However, once trust and love are assured, they will be deeply committed to one another. These two are hard workers who value home, family, and security. Both are private and reserved, so this is a couple that typically prefers staying in rather than going out. These two also share a special sexual bond. Capricorn likes lusty sex, and Scorpio is just the person to provide it.

Status, financial well-being, and achievement are important to both Capricorn and Taurus. Both are into strong, enduring relationships and share a traditional approach to love and marriage. These two will find much to admire in one another. Mutual admiration is the key to love for Capricorn and Taurus. Plus, when Taurus’s high libido and Capricorn’s incredible stamina are ignited, passion explodes. However, this couple needs to remember they are first and foremost lovers, not business colleagues.

Capricorn and Virgo are kindred spirits and are eminently capable of creating a successful and firmly based relationship. Both work hard and are committed to reaching their goals. These two will have a maturity in their relationship that bodes well for success in anything they do together. Sure, from the outside this might not seem like a very exciting couple, but since regularity and security mean more to this couple than excitement, their quiet life together suits them well. Plus, they make each other feel safe so sexual intimacy is assured. Honorable Mention Just do it Aries, supportive Cancer, joyful Sagittarius, fellow Capricorn, and unconventional Aquarius all deserve honorable mentions as potential Capricorn mates.

Aries can bring out Capricorn’s inner child with all of their upbeat energy, while the Aries just do it attitude can spur Capricorn on to even greater success. Both need a reasonable level of independence in the relationship and are willing to give it. As to sex, both are passionate, have strong libidos, and are confident. So, if a few kinks are worked out like Aries’ impatience and Capricorn’s cautiousness, you’re looking at a another power couple.

Cancer and Capricorn have gravitational pull toward each other. Each will compensate for the other’s weak points, and they both have a craving for home and family. Parenting is where this couple shines as a team. Raising kids is the ultimate honor for both, and both are loyal to family. This is a quality each respects in the other. At the end of the day, these two have enough in common to create a solid, lifelong match.

With a little effort, this surprising pair can create an interesting and offbeat, yet seriously fun and successful, relationship. For the long haul, independent Sagittarius must allow Capricorn to be the rock, and Capricorn must learn to be a bit more bold and adventurous.

A Capricorn man and woman might seem to have been made for each other. Similar goals and needs in love provide a healthy and solid foundation for the relationship. They will just naturally respect and admire one another. Plus, they’re both sensual beings and understand each other’s needs quite well. While a tad on the mundane side, just a little frolicking can make this coupling quite a success.

Both Capricorn and Aquarius are quite cool emotionally and prefer fun sex to the heavy or overly romantic. As a matter-of-fact, sex was likely the initial attraction and could continue to be the life’s blood of the relationship. Still, earthy Capricorn can be an important grounding force for eccentric Aquarius, and Capricorn’s life will never be dull with an unconventional Aquarian.

Capricorn and Libra can expect a lot of dissention, debate, and a potential falling out when they get involved. Of course, there’s aways the possibility that Libra’s friendly upbeat nature can loosen Capricorn up, and that Capricorn will inspire Libra to stop vacillating and take a stand. If this happens, these two might be able to work their relationship out.

Frankly, Capricorn could find Pisces a bit slippery, and Pisces could feel emotionally neglected and move on. However, the differences between them do create a strong attraction and if they stay together long enough, it’s possible they’d make a perfect blend of stability, trust, and emotional excitement. However, this will be tricky relationship to make work.

In most cases Gemini and Capricorn won’t even be attracted to one another. However, if by some strange chance there should be an attraction, any relationship formed between these two will be a challenging, awkward, and complicated affair, to say the least.

It’s hard to resist the charm of an enthusiastic Leo, but Leo might be a bit extravagant and ostentatious for a pragmatic Capricorn. Of course, playful Leo can show Capricorn a good time, and Capricorn could prove the value of hard work to Leo. Certainly both Capricorn and Leo are ambitious and will admire one another, but a relationship of any kind between these two would require a lot of adjustments that could be frustrating to both.

Capricorn Relationship

Relationships can present Capricorns with a considerable challenge, particularly intimate relationships as their natural reserve and lack of self-confidence can make connections with others quite challenging, particularly for younger people. When it comes to emotional attachments Capricorns are just as conservative, calculating and cautious and yet above all they are loyal and faithful. There is shyness about them that can be quite appealing yet when in love they will have to work hard to express how they feel on an emotional level. This is often the lament of Capricorn partners however they will never give you reason to doubt their commitment or loyalty. Capricorns see life as a slow, sure-footed climb to the top of a mountain, the attainment of goals, and ultimate success. This is also the way a Capricorn approaches relationships with the opposite sex. Pragmatic and stoic on the surface, earthy Capricorn may not seem romantic at all but when Capricorn surrenders to love, the earth cracks and a warm sensitive person is found beneath the surface. 

As a Lover
The Capricorn-born native is usually serious in romance, preferring to let things take their own time, without pushing the pace too much. You will never see them becoming impulsive. Taking relationships one step at a time is their way. They are not great communicators, but their actions speak volumes. In fact, they can go out of their way to express their affection through actions. They are great at the art of giving gifts and will never avoid the prospect of having to spend lavishly at a party. However, it may not be too easy for them to find the right partner. If you have someone in mind but are in a dilemma whether to take the relationship forward or not, try fully personalised Birth Chart based Relationships Ask a Question Detailed Advice. Read more on: Capricorn best compatibility

As a Father
The Capricorn father can be rather strict with his children. They are very concerned about the career and upbringing of their kids, and spend a great deal of time thinking about it. They also expect a lot from their children and may not give them enough freedom. This could create a rift between father and child, and some misunderstandings may develop. This is something they have to work on, as their children also need freedom like everyone else.

As a Mother
The Goat mother is also likely to be very strict with her children. The intention, however, is always good. They want their children to grow in the right direction and become responsible citizens and to make a good, respectable and profitable career. However, their strict disciplinarian ways can distance their children from them, and they really need to soften up a bit.

As Children
The Capricorn children can be very reserved. The parents need to be open and friendly with them as that would help them grow up in a healthy way. They will surely love and respect their parents but may not be able to express it readily. They are very hard working and will bring name and fame to the family. But they can sometimes get confused about the subjects that interest them.

As a Boss
The Capricorn boss would be very strict and lay a lot of importance on completion of tasks within deadlines. They expect their workers to keep upgrading their skills in tune with the rapidly changing technological landscape, and put it to profitable use in the organisation. They really don’t make very affectionate bosses, as they don’t believe in giving too much freedom to their employees. You could benefit greatly by trying the personalised Birth Chart based product Boss and You!

As a Friend
As a friend, the Capricorn-born native would be faithful and truthful. They would try to help their friends in need of support. They may not have many friends but they would be very attached to the ones they do have. They are not too expressive either, which in some cases may lead to misunderstandings. Moreover, they need to take care not to show off. Find out how strong your friendship is with the Natal Chart based service Best Friends Forever. You might also be interested in reading about Capricorn Romance.

Capricorn Information (Planets, Elements, Symbols)

Capricorn Dates: December 22 to January 19
Symbol: Goat
Element: Earth
Planet: Saturn
House: Tenth
Color: Brown, khaki

Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, is all about hard work. Those born under this sign are more than happy to put in a full day at the office, realizing that it will likely take a lot of those days to get to the top. That’s no problem, since Capricorns are both ambitious and determined: they will get there. Life is one big project for these folks, and they adapt to this by adopting a businesslike approach to most everything they do. Capricorns are practical as well, taking things one step at a time and being as realistic and pragmatic as possible. Those with a Capricorn zodiac sign are extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness. Those victories sure smell sweet, though, and that thought alone will keep Capricorns going. Did you know that Capricorn sign dates can change year to year? Get your free birth chart to determine if you’re really a Capricorn.

The Goat is the Capricorn symbol, and an apt mascot it is. Goats love to climb to the top of the mountain, where the air is clear and fresh. In much the same way, Capricorns want to get to the top of their chosen field so that they can reap the benefits of success; namely fame, prestige and money. Getting to the top isn’t always a walk in the park, however, so it’s likely that Goats will ruffle a few feathers along the way. Sagittarius sun sign folks can indeed be domineering, even egotistical, on their route to the top. They’ll tell you it’s part of being a leader with bright new ideas (in keeping with the cardinal quality assigned to this sign). Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In ancient Roman mythology, Saturn was the father of many of the gods. Consider him top dog, if you will, and then you’ll see a parallel to the Capricorn sign. Those born under this sign also want to be the top dog, and they’re smart enough to know that the title won’t simply be handed to them. Caps are happy to work for it, and luckily they possess enough discipline and sense of responsibility to get them there. Capricorns tend to be mature and are amply blessed with common sense, two more qualities which help their success-driven endeavors. The element associated with Capricorn is Earth. No big surprise there! Caps are down-to-earth in the sense that they’re not interested in wild ideas or round-the-world dreams. They would much rather stay put and get to work. Remember, these are the businesspeople of the zodiac, so in their sensible and economical way, they’ll get up every morning and see to it that their job is done to the highest degree of quality possible.

The Greek mythology

According to Greek mythology, Capricorn is portrayed as a fish-tailed goat, Amaltheia, who nursed the baby Zeus who was in hiding from his evil father Cronos. Zeus became lord of the Gods and took one of Capricorn’s horns which came to be known as cornucopia, the horn of plenty. The horn was said to abound with whatever fortune its owner desired. Amalthia was rewarded with a place in the heavens by Zeus.

Important Facts to Know About the CAPRICORN

See capricorn compare with other zodiac Interesting facts about Capricorn Personality Facts 1: A Capricorn will never ask another person to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. They don’t like depending on other people. Facts 2: Capricorn smile is their best defense against haters when they simply don’t give a damn. Facts 3: Capricorn can be the sweetest person until you piss them off. Facts 4: Capricorn dont talk or listen. They observe and if it interests them *then* they pay attention Facts 5: Capricorn are always keen to mix things up. Facts 6: Capricorn is the sign that can either bring joy or chaos to your life. Facts 7: Loyalty is the key to everything with Capricorn. Facts 8: Capricorn are the type to always give someone the silent treatment when they are upset. Facts 9: Don’t let facebook fool you, Capricorn are not your “friends”. They are very picky about their friends. Facts 10: Capricorn mood can change in the blink of an eye. Facts 11: A Capricorn will keep pushing one foot after another until they reach the top. Facts 12: Capricorn’s can read your mind, so watch what you say. Facts 13: Capricorn falls slowly and deeply in love. It can take them years to let go. Facts 14: Always have your facts straight before you question Capricorn. Facts 15: Capricorn : The temperamental one with a heart of gold. Facts 16: Capricorn are hard to understand but easy to get along with. Facts 17: Capricorn : Sometimes you can’t tell if they’re being serious or if they’re joking. Facts 18: Capricorn’s keep a low profile; they don’t draw attention to themselves.… Facts 19: How to comfort Capricorn : Be a good listener Facts 20: Capricorn are more likely to be called honest than anything else. Facts 21: Capricorn may take everything personally but they never stay angry for long. Facts 22: Capricorn are eager for action and are driven by a desire to be loved for what they bring to others Facts 23: Capricorn love to keep people guessing which is why they hardly reveal anything about themselves. Facts 24: Capricorn always have a hard time talking about their problems. Facts 25: Capricorn prefer to work beneath the surface of a situation rather than confronting it head on. Facts 26: What makes Capricorn happy : Being able to be themselves without being ridiculed. Facts 27: Capricorn know that positive attitudes yield success. Facts 28: Capricorn always give people more chances than they deserve but once they’re done with you, they cut all communication with you. Facts 29: Facts about capricorn: They’s are loyal. Facts 30: Capricorn dont talk or listen. They observe and if it interests them *then* they pay attention. Facts 31: Capricorn are very loyal and will stand up for those they believe in. Facts 32: Capricorn can be compassionate and understanding when dealing with difficult people. Facts 33: Capricorn make quick decisions. Facts 34: Capricorn stay away from all things ugly. Facts 35: Life with Capricorn is in a constant state of action, renewal and adventure. Facts 36: Capricorn Bad habit : Never being satisfied because in your eyes things can always be better. Facts 37: Capricorn always bounce back. Facts 38: Capricorn will never give up when they believe in something. Facts 39: Capricorn’s grows in life from the experiences we have encountered, not by lecturing! Facts 40: Capricorn are caring people but if you get on their BAD side there aint no returning. Facts 41: Capricorn’s may appear to be hardened people who don’t care about much but inside they are sensitive and often romantic. Facts 42: Capricorn usually keeps watching and listening rather than responding to what you say. Facts 43: Capricorns have a short and I mean short, almost non-existent, tolerance for people who refuse to use common sense. Facts 44: Capricorn is the perfect combination of tough, bossy, sarcastic mixed with big softie, lover and funny. They know when to play both sides too. Facts 45: Capricorn worries and worries but keeps a lot to themselves so they don’t worry others. Facts 46: 70% Nice 20% Don’t F*ck With Me 10% I’ll Kick Your Ass. Facts 47: Capricorns get real quiet when pissed. We let it build up, then explode when we have-had And it’s an ugly sight. Facts 48: Capricorns are the biggest procrastinators, but when the job gets done, it’s to perfection. Facts 49: You want real advice, straight with no chasers and not sugar coated? call a capricorn. Facts 50: You can keep a Capricorn very happy by paying attention to the little things. Facts 51: Capricorn are sometimes so honest that their words can cut like knives without them even realizing. Facts 52: Deep down, Capricorns have a constant fear that they don’t measure up. Facts 53: Capricorns are very intuitive, and good at reading people. Nine times out of ten, their first impressions of you will be right. Facts 54: Capricorns are extremely goofy and hilarious when you get to know them well enough. Facts 55: A Capricorn aims to make others happy. Their heart is pure and they have a lot of love to give. Facts 56: Capricoms are fiercely protective of those they love. Facts 57: Capricorn is hard to read and does not trust many people. Facts 58: You can stay up until 4am and somehow manage to wake up the next morning with all of your shit together. Facts 59: When you’re around a Capncom, tone your voice down… bud people annoy the hell out of them. Facts 60: Relaxing for a Capricorn means reading, listing to music or even sitting in silence enjoying the solitude. Facts 61: Capricorn usually can’t be bargained with once their mind is made up. Stubborn bastards. Facts 62: Feeling the weight of the world on their shoulders. Capricorns tend to blame themselves when something goes wrong. Facts 63: Capricorn can be so nervous (which they tend to be in new situations) but will you know it? Nape. Facts 64: When you do something that upsets or humiliates a Capricorn, they will not have anything to do with you for a long long time. Avery long time. Facts 65: If Capricorn knows you’re lying, they’ll let you keep talking and ask you lots questions just for kicks. Facts 66: Capricorn absolutely loves proving people wrong…. its their specialty. Facts 67: Capricorn is the master of silence. Facts 68: When they feel taken advantage of or taken for granted, they grow cold and shut people out. Facts 69: Capricorn at home: I want to go out, I want friends. When Capricorn go out: I want to go home, I hate people. Facts 70: Capricorn is hard to get close to because they are shy but when they feel close to you then they will show their fun side Facts 71: Don’t be mad because a capricorn doesn’t care anymore, be mad because they once did and you were too blind to see it. Facts 72: People who crave and demand attention will get none from a Capricorn. Facts 73: A Capricorn will work non stop without a break, then crash from exhaustion and go back to doing the same thing like nothing happened. Facts 74: A Capricorns motto: If you don’t like me, that’s your problem, not mine! Facts 75: A Capricorn may not start the war but they always have the right armor to win the battle. Facts 76: Even when Capricorns are having fun, there is still an element of seriousness that never leaves them. Facts 77: A capricorn will ride with you until the end if they love you. Facts 78: If a Capricorn tells you that they love you they mean it. Facts 79: Capricorns are extremely ambitious and this a very strong trait observed in them. Facts 80: Capricorn people are passionate about their goals which enable them to achieve so much in life 81. Capricorn’s grows in life from the experiences we have encountered, not by lecturing! 82. Capricorn are caring people but if you get on their BAD side there aint no returning. 83. Capricorn’s may appear to be hardened people who don’t care about much but inside they are sensitive and often romantic. 84. Capricorn usually keeps watching and listening rather than responding to what you say. 85. Capricorn’s are intimidating until… you get to know the really amazing person they are. 86. Capricorn never stop till the end. 87. Capricorn’s are dreamers. However, when they wake up, they become doers to realize those dreams. 88. Capricorn’s are great at calling people on there bullsh*t! 89. Capricorn bluntness can be a double edged sword. 90. Capricorn people think that they have failed themselves by not fulfilling a goal that had been set. 91. Capricorn’s are aware of the walls they build. 92. Capricorn ladies hate being co-dependent. They need to do their own shit in order to feel satisfied. 93. Capricorn are compassionate as well as sympathetic. They make excellent best friends. 94. Capricorn have a unique sense of humor. Not everybody will understand their motives, however, as they are a bit out of the ordinary. 95. Capricorn make long-term friends. They dont do shallow. 96. People born under the zodiac sign Capricorn tend to be very materialistic in nature and they value everything on the basis of money 97. Capricorn is the most loyal relationship sign. 98. Generally speaking most Capricorn’s put more emphasis on good deeds & achievements than on wealth or power. 99. Capricorn have fine taste and choose only high-quality mates. 100. Capricorn’s have few real friends because too few in this world are real enough.


1. THEY ARE A FRIEND INDEED Before they are ever your lover, they will be your friend. A Capricorn is very giving of themselves. They will never ask for anything in return but they will give until it hurts. A kind, generous companion is what you have when you love a Capricorn. 2. THEY ONLY SEEM MELLOW UNTIL YOU GET TO KNOW THEM They can come off as shy, conservative and boring at times, but that’s only before they trust you enough to open up. Once you’ve earned their trust, they can be fun-loving, spontaneous and a lot of fun to be around. 3. THEY ARE LOYAL TO THOSE THEY CAN TRUST Capricorn expects you to be their one and only love. Never give them a reason to distrust you and they will be a devoted mate themselves. You will never have to worry about them straying unless you do first. 4. THEY WANT IT THEIR WAY Having a controlling lover might sound hot, but if you also like to be in charge, you two will butt heads and Capricorns have horns. Ouch! They can be picky about everything from their home environment to the way that you do the dishes. 5. CAPRICORN LOVERS HAVE STAMINA They are particular about their love nest and the way it looks, but if you’re invited in, you’ll have a very pleasurable experience. Capricorn is fairly traditional in their romantic habits but they will make you feel like you’re on a steamy soap opera in the bedroom. Your Capricorn lover isn’t terribly creative in the bedroom so don’t expect anything fancy. But this child of Saturn will keep you busy all night and wanting more. 6. CAPRICORNS CAN BE EMOTIONALLY SENSITIVE Oh please be careful with a Capricorn’s heart! A goat sign can tend to be melancholy anyway so a lover who can keep them focused on positive emotions is best. If you can keep them laughing you’ll be rewarded with a million dollar smile that will melt your heart. 7. THEY ARE THINKING ABOUT YOUR FUTURE POTENTIAL AS A MATE Even if you haven’t thought of taking your relationship to the next level, be assured that the Capricorn is weighing your potential. What is your long-term earning potential? How will you be as a parent? What would you look like as you get older? Capricorns are so practical that they are usually focused on the real world essentials of having a relationship. They look at you as an investment. Should they buy low hoping that you’ll increase in value over time or would it be better to invest in another partner? 8. THEY ENJOY THE COURTING PROCESS Shower them with all the trappings of woo, at a modest cost of course. A practical bouquet purchased from the grocery store along with a dinner out at chain restaurant will do nicely for the unpretentious Capricorn. However, they do expect that your attention will continue at the current level forever. They will have hurt feelings if you forget their birthday or your anniversary, so keep the gifts rolling in! Of course, an organized Capricorn may have already added their pertinent dates to your calendar anyway, with appropriate reminders as well. 9. THEIR BRAIN IS THEIR BIGGEST EROGENOUS ZONE Turn them on with a lot of talk about serious subjects that stimulate their minds. Capricorn loves to show off the size of their brain and since they are practical, you can impress them by doing the same. Intellect is so sexy, isn’t it? 10. THEY SCARE EASILY To win the love of a Capricorn, you need to limit yourself to convention and avoid shocking them. They want someone with no skeletons in the closet so be up front with anything that might scare them. Anything that would be socially frowned upon is probably well outside of their comfort zone. A little light bondage is fine with them in your private bedroom, but don’t let on to anyone that your Capricorn is adventurous in bed or they will see it as a betrayal by you. 10 +1. A PATIENT SUITOR WILL WIN THE LOVE OF A CAPRICORN Capricorn will give their love to a persistent lover. Try to keep the courtship going as long as possible to keep your them engaged. Proving your commitment is important to your Capricorn mate since they are wondering if you have staying power in the relationship.


Capricorns are formally known for their stubborn and no-nonsense attitude, but that’s exactly what makes them the strongest sign of all. Genuine, loving and loyal are just a few of their personality traits. Like the rest of us, they’re far from perfect, but believe me when I tell you that there is no way you can ever replace a Capricorn. Besides the fact that both Kate Moss and Martin Luther King, Jr. are Capricorns, here are five other reasons Capricorns are irreplaceable: 1. CAPRICORNS ARE RESPONSIBLE They always come to the rescue, are never late and are always paying their bills on time. Capricorns are the most responsible creatures you’ll ever meet. That’s why having a Capricorn as your SO is so damn helpful when you’re an unorganized mess (trust me, I should know). 2. CAPRICORNS ARE GENUINE This is from someone who spent the last two years in England – finding someone who is genuine is like finding a needle in a haystack. Or a unicorn, seriously. With everyone high on social media, it’s hard to see through a person’s mask. You always wonder if they mean what they say and say what the mean – OK, I think you get the point. Luckily, there ain’t no guessing game when it comes to Capricorn. They’re real AF and have absolutely no patience for BS. You get what you see, and you never have to wonder what they’re thinking. 3. THEY’RE THE BEST LISTENERS I like to talk, and I like to talk A LOT. So if you’re like me and need someone to listen, that’s where a Capricorn in your life will be beyond useful. With the ability to stay neutral and somehow not judge you (at least not visibly..) they also have the superpower of giving great advice. 4. THEY’RE DEVOTED You’ll rarely meet a Capricorn who will say “I love You” after just a few weeks of dating. Capricorns are logical creatures, but they are also classic over-thinkers. They’ll think everything through a dozen times before making a decision. So, when they say those three magic words;you know they mean it. 5. THEY HAVE INCREDIBLE INSTINCTS Growing up, I always knew that if my sister didn’t like someone, there’s always a good reason and to listen to her instinct. Capricorns are known to have incredible instincts about people, as their ability to read people sometimes seems supernatural. They are able to see a person’s true motivations within moments of meeting them… and more often than not turn out to be right. At the end of the day, all it takes with Capricorns is time and patience to get to know them. They may take a little time to warm up to you, but all good things are worth the wait. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that Capricorns are simply irreplaceable.

If your best friend’s zodiac is CAPRICORN

Capricorns are great people. And above that, they are great, great companions. Here are some real good reasons why Capricorns make the best friends ever! If you’re a Capricorn, this will make your day. If you’re not, well, this will make you want to be surrounded by them all your life. You’ll find yourself lucky if you land yourself a Capricorn friend. More than being fun people to hang out with, they have a lot of positive traits that anyone can ever wish for in a friend and a companion. 1. They’ll make you feel like a part of the family. Capricorns are all about the bond of family. But you don’t have to be blood to be considered family. Spend enough time around them, and their family will become yours too. They take the whole, “mi casa es su casa,” thing very seriously. Believe them when they tell you this because they really mean it. Whenever their family goes on vacation, you’ll be invited too. And whenever you need them, they’ll be there for you. Because that’s just what family does for each other. 2. They will do anything to see you smile. There can be no dull moment around a Capricorn. With their impeccable sense of humor, they’ll make sure your life is all giggles and laughter. Literally, anything. Surprise you at your house, send chocolates or flowers to your work, go on a spontaneous shopping spree, take you on an adventure, the list goes on and on. They get their happiness from seeing the people around them happy. You can’t measure their depth of kindness and willingness to help knows no bound. They are basically just genuine to the core. Capricorns have an excellent sense of humor, which tends to be rather wry or dark. They have a sense of “timing” even as a small tot and their considerable intelligence will require you to be on the ball at all times. They will “get” and make jokes that would go over many other people’s heads. They will make you laugh with their sick sense of humor and dirty jokes. People rarely understand the dry sarcastic humor of a Capricorn. But those will do, will find them hilarious. When Capricorns feel hurt, this humor can become sarcastic and cruel, but the rest of the time they are inclined to be diplomatic, preferring to avoid unnecessary conflict. 3. They are those voices in the back of your head telling you when to stop. They like going out as much the next gal, but they also know when it’s time to call it quits and go home. Capricorns are masters of self-control. If you’re lacking in this area, then there’s definitely something you can learn from them. You’ll never have to worry about getting a little too drunk at a party or cheating on your diet with them around. But if you do (it happens believe me I KNOW), you can count on them to always be in control and get you where you need to be. They hate stressful situations or negative vibes. They emit a positive energy wherever they go. Capricorns will make the best out of any situation. A Capricorn friend is your best sidekick. They nurture a tender heart and care for weak and unfortunate. They are reliable and you can count on them to pour their heart out by sharing thoughts and opinions. 4. They are great at managing, well, everything. Capricorns always plan ahead their moves. They measure the pros and cons to every situation in advance. They make good counselors who can give practical reliable solutions to posing challenges. They plan and organize their money, savings and investments. Their suggestions are often sought and valued by others. They always have an air of wisdom about them. If you have a long list of things you need to accomplish in one day, they’ll make sure that you get them all done. Capricorns are wonderful at managing time, people and situations. They excel at taking charge when need be. You can always call them and they’ll come to help you out in stressful and overwhelming situations. They know exactly how to handle them so you don’t always have to. Money management is just one of your many strengths, Capricorn. Capricorns make prudent investments and are good at earning money from a variety of sources. Capricorns are drawn to the fine things in life, and they are excellent at gathering assets that are likely to increase in value. 5. They are way more responsible than your average adult. Capricorns are seriously mature, and aware of how individualistic they are. They are associated with a careful approach and a very responsible attitude. You will never meet a more trustworthy or responsible person in your life. They will sometimes be more parent-ager than friend, but that’s only because they want what’s best for you (like all best friends should). They’ll remind you when it’s time to pay your half of the rent and why you shouldn’t wear heels to a bar crawl. And if you go on vacation, you can rest assured that your plants and puppy will be well taken care of. People may see Capricorn as “old and wise” and it is possible that they are an “experienced soul”. It is very interesting that the younger Capricorn are, the older they feel. They feel that they have to carry some kind of a load and that is why they have to always be serious. Some Capricorns are not very emotional from Nature, others think that they have to be persistent to show off their weight of responsibility. 6. Those who have a Capricorn friend already would know that they’re the most loyal friends they can ever have. Whether it is fighting for you, or carrying you home when you pass out, they’ll always have your back. Capricorn friends are very supportive of a person’s dreams, projects or any random ideas. If they see you have the passion for it (and Capricorns can be very passionate people), they will push you and even help you achieve your goal. They are enthusiastic and will plan each step with you. Their lively spirit and enthusiasm can be very infectious and you will need that from a friend when trying to achieve something. They will not stop your plans as they are not jealous people and won’t stop you just so you don’t leave them behind. The way the GOAT lifts you up can take you a long way. When you’re feeling down, the Capricorn will go out of their ways to cheer you up. They’ll bring you to parties, introduce you to people and even do a little retail therapy with you. 7. They can introduce you to the most rad bands out there. Many Capricorns have musical talents, and they have a good taste in music. When it comes to music they don’t discriminate. From Alternative Rock to Big Band Swing and everything in between, they can appreciate whatever genre you throw at them. Which is perfect because nothing brings people together like some good tunes. Whether you’re going on a road trip or heading to a friend’s house for a birthday bash, their DJ skills will NEVER disappoint. And because they love music so much, they’ll be up for whatever big music festival you want to go to. By the end of the year you’ll both be able to check Coachella, SXSW, Bonnaroo, and Burning Man off you’re music festival bucket list. 8. They give great advice and are very trustworthy. The Capricorn is constantly finding themselves dispensing advice to friends and loved ones and they’re pretty damn good at doing it too. Their practical and problem solving nature allows them to assess a situation objectively and give out ridiculously useful advice about what should (and shouldn’t) be done about it. Capricorns are known to be action oriented and very rational people. They are able to separate their emotions from the situation (they have very high emotional intelligence) and think before feeling. They will give you the best advice you can get. Because they think so systematically about everything, they also make great pros and cons lists. Capricorns are excellent conversationalists with a good sense of humor, sometimes their humor is the raw truth, but these people speak their mind and don’t hold anything back. A Capricorn is a straight-shooter. They don’t beat around the bush and they will always speak their mind. They will say what you need to hear right to your face (because that’s what friends are FOR!) They will take every secret to the grave! They will never reveal your secrets They take trust VERY seriously and will never break it once earned. Capricorns are very dependable and seek stability in friendships and relationships. They are mature in their outlook and govern their subordinates smoothly. They always help a friend in need. Honesty defines these natives and will do anything to help others. 9. They will stand by you through anything. Capricorns are the most faithful out of all the zodiac signs. Once they have made you part of their very small circle of friends, rest assured you will be there forever. They hold a place in their heart for all the ones they love and care about-and lucky for you-your place is safe. No matter what you do or how badly you fuck up, your Capricorn best friend will always stand by your side. If you’ve made it in her/his heart you are there to stay. Although they do hold grudges and remember EVERYTHING, they will forgive you and see past it because they always see the best in people. 10. They love to have fun. Sometimes people may label Capricorn as boring but those people probably don’t know them very well because around friends they can get quite crazy and wild indeed. Just because Capricorn has their shit together… doesn’t mean they don’t know how to let their hair down and have a good time. Capricorn has a crazy and fun side that comes out around friends. They work hard and party harder! Capricorns are very serious when it comes to their work and personal accomplishments, but they never let that get in the way of their social life. Whether it’s going out with a group of friends, hosting dinners, or more thrilling activities like bungee jumping or sky diving – they’re always down for the ride! 11. You can’t get a better friend than a Capricorn. They have no limits. One of the most valuable things on earth to have is a best friend. They are the people who stick with you through thick and thin, good times and bad times and all the times in between. Everyone needs a best friend in their life, and there is no better friend to have than a Capricorn. They are intelligent, funny, and loyal. Capricorns don’t have a large group of friends, so count yourself lucky if you manage to befriend yourself one. Your life will be better for having someone like them in it. Friends who stick by them become family and there is nothing they wouldn’t do for family. They also know that you won’t always want to talk about what’s got you down, sometimes you just need a little fun. Capricorns are big believers in actions speak louder than words. If you’re sad, they’ll plan a whole day full of fun activities to take your mind off of that bad breakup. Capricorns show you what real friendships are like. They may hang out with a hundred people, but they are close to only a handful of them. Being the closest to a Capricorn is a privilege not everybody gets.

How Successful Capricorn can be in a Business

Capricorns are known for being the most persevering sign of the zodiac. Employers are always impressed with your drive, determination, and practical solutions. While other signs, like Sagittarius and Libra, enjoy the social aspects of the workplace, Capricorns like you prefer to keep their heads down, get things done, and work toward that next big promotion. There’s not a Capricorn on this planet that does not have natural business acumen, a Capricorn Fear Of Failure in a Business. This fear, by the way is another trait you share with every other Capricorn on the planet. So this is the first advice: That mountain in front of you? You’re going to climb it. You’re born to climb it, so just forget about looking left and looking right and wondering, should I, will I, can I? You should, you will, and you can. Aside from your Capricorn sun, your chart has great emphasis on the Cardinal signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. These signs were born to lead and this is why you’re so miserable working for someone else. It’s because you are a natural boss. Capricorn are very hard working and highly ambitious entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs are excellent with their finances, so money is never a problem with them. Capricorn entrepreneurs like working as a part of a team than just bossing around. They tend to achieve positions of power and surround themselves with highly successful personalities. Some of the famous Capricorn entrepreneurs are Madam CJ Walker, Twinkle Khanna, Michael Newton


Capricorn and Aries business compatibility
Capricorn and Aaries are simply too complex a relationship for the business partnership to be of any value to either. They will be too busy arguing over all the small details.

Capricorn and Taurus business compatibility
If this relationship is a partnership in the business world, it will have to survive a lot of external criticism and lack of comprehension. It will have to develop good PR and emphasize its partners’ unusual requirements. Should Taurus and Capricorn find these tasks fulfilling, they will go the extra mile to make their relationship capable of providing the top-notch goods or services that will satisfy the most demanding of customers.

Capricorn and Gemini business compatibility
At work, other colleagues might see the pair’s ideas and dreams as pie in the sky. Bringing their visions to work could lead these two to be viewed as flaky, not to be taken seriously.

Capricorn and Cancer business compatibility
Cancer and Capricorn can quite possibly work together in a company, but usually do so best as equals on the same level. As soon as one occupies a higher position, annoying power conflicts may begin, though they rarely get completely out of hand.

Capricorn and Leo business compatibility
Career connections between these two can be terrific. Usually one partner has more experience and shows the other the ropes. Competitive urges seldom surface, for Leo and Capricorn generally concentrate on what they can learn from each other rather than getting involved in power struggles. The relationship emphasizes creative endeavors of all sorts, with connections relating to the arts being particularly favored.

Capricorn and Virgo business compatibility
Career matchups between these two are most successful in business areas, where Virgo watchfulness and boundless Capricorn energy can gel to create the nucleus of an effective group effort. Capricorn bosses are likely to arouse rebellious instincts Virgo employees with whom they interact on a daily basis, and this situation should be avoided.

Capricorn and Libra business compatibility
As co-workers, Libra and Capricorn are capable of sustained effort and high-quality work. There is a tendency, however, for both partners to go their own way—they don’t always listen to each other. When one of these two works for the other, whichever of the two is the boss must be careful to treat the employee with respect, never compromising his or her dignity.

Capricorn and Scorpio business compatibility
Work relationships in this combination are seldom successful when they serve large companies but do a bit better when they are freelance or entrepreneurial in nature. Both partners do best when they take things as they come.

Capricorn and Sagittarius business compatibility
Business relationships and career connections between these two can get on like a house on fire. They most often do best when free of the restrictions of a hierarchical or bureaucratic organization, but they may actually meet while in the employ of such a company and formulate ideas to go off on their own. Another common scenario is for Sagittarius and Capricorn to meet as freelancers or small-business people and to pool their efforts, often inspired by a totally new concept or idea.

Capricorn and Capricorn business compatibility
In career matchups, two Capricorns must be careful not to work themselves to death. Few checks on output will exist here, and in the process of clawing its way to the top, the combination can run out of gas unless it pursues its goals patiently. Also, powerful animosities can be engendered in those who are rudely pushed out of the way or simply crushed underfoot. Thus these two may have to remind themselves not to sacrifice their humanity to an inexorable march toward success.

Capricorn and Aquarius business compatibility
In career matters, Capricorn and Aquarius work extremely well together, meeting few emotional difficulties. True, their feelings seldom enter into the picture anyway, since the thoughtful and often intellectual content of what they do is of primary importance here. Particularly good at planning out projects and campaigns, they also have the tenacity to see their plans through.

Capricorn and Pisces business compatibility
In professional matters, this relationship can prove extremely valuable and rewarding for all concerned. Of a decidedly philosophical bent, it does best in areas where planning, theorizing, reorganization and preparation play a primary role. Although able to work as part of a larger team, these two probably do best on their own as independent freelancers, researchers or consultants.

Top 10 Careers for Capricorn

Capricorns are well suited to any career in which organizational skill, patience, and consistency are important.

The grounded Sea Goat is not temperamentally suited to life as a starving artist or unemployed actor. They tend to choose careers that provide a steady source of income and that have a long shelf life. One of the most ambitious signs, Capricorns are slow to achieve success, but once the mountaintop is reached, it’s the real thing. Small, deliberate steps help them fulfill their ambition.

Capricorns need to have a detailed career plan, concrete goals, and the assurance of a decent paycheck. They are incapable of flying by the seat of their pants. This is the sign to watch as they grow in confidence and experience, and steadily reach their goals.

Read on to see which careers are best suited to Capricorn:

1. Accountant
If you need your taxes done, a financial statement prepared or a treasurer for your organization, this is the person to call. Natural bean counters, Capricorns are compulsive about making sure all the “Is” are dotted and the “Ts” are crossed. They will not let you cheat nor misrepresent funds due to a strict sense of duty.

2. Managerial Consultant
If someone shows up in your office wearing a dark suit, carrying a briefcase, and conducting “interviews” with staff, you may be dealing with a Capricorn. They will easily recognize what is dysfunctional and what changes they should recommend. Slackers better beware when Capricorn is looking for holes in the system. To make things worse, staff may not even notice them lurking in their midst. Waste not, want not is their motto.

3. Professional Organizer
Capricorns love to flex their organizational muscles by finding a place for everything and being a model for others in getting rid of clutter. When they run out of things to rearrange and sort in their own homes, they feel compelled to move on to unsuspecting relatives and friends. After being told to back off enough times, they have a mission to use their talents by getting paid for it, and then a career is born.

4. Financial Planner
Capricorn is obsessed with building wealth and funding retirement plans. They grow up learning the ins and outs of compound interest and the joys of asset management. After they’ve figured out how to retire at 40, they spend the ensuing years helping other people to retire at 60. The poor souls didn’t start saving early enough, so while Capricorn retires and begins a new career, these people are still slogging away at the old one.

5. Real Estate Developer
This career is perfect for Capricorn. It allows them to put their heart and soul into a project and return a big profit in a very short time. Independent wealth won’t happen overnight, but eventually they will climb the property ladder until they have a view beyond compare. You won’t find them putting high-end materials into a basic condo. They are too practical for that. These smarty pants will find good materials at a bargain price that will make the place only appear more valuable.

6. Antiques Dealer
Capricorn has a love of history and provenance, as well as a keen sense of business. They get all worked up over period and style and seek to collect almost anything. This makes them especially cut out for the world of buying and selling antiques. They would love to set up a little shop, high on a hill in the country. It could even be in a century old barn or a little place downtown stuffed to the gills. These days it might be a virtual store, with the headiness of no overhead.

7. Cashier
In any retail outlet, movie theater, fast food restaurant or casino, there are probably a high percentage of Capricorns taking and counting your cash. When they get home, they hesitate before washing the smell of money from their hands. They love to stack the bills with heads facing toward them, sorted into denominations. Counting back change to a customer brings sheer joy and satisfaction, and the absolute best part of the day is balancing the till.

8. Appraiser
This career will suit the discerning Capricorn because they can revel in contact with an abundance of material goods and property. Whether they are evaluating a gemstone or a piece of real estate, they will enjoy the process of figuring out what something is worth. Because they are the most materialistic sign of the Zodiac, they are best suited to establishing value and keeping track of what the market will bear.

9. General Laborer
Capricorns have a keen work ethic and will do anything for money. Rarely do they forego a formal education, but when they do, they are able to make the most of it. Savvy Capricorn will find a way to get paid big bucks for emptying garbage cans, working on assembly lines or gutting fish if they have to. They’ve figured out the golden formula for security – get unionized or work for the government and all will fall into place.

10. Computer Programmer
Many people would cringe at the thought of spending 12-hour days staring at a bunch of code. Just bring up the words Java or Linux and the eyes of some Capricorns light up like candles. They are tenacious and dedicated, and possess a deep well of patience to find a missing tag or the reason why the script won’t run. If asked to pick out some colors for a webpage though, they will adopt the look of a caged animal and mumble something about an important appointment they’ve got to get to.

10 Tips for Your Date with a Capricorn

Attracting Your Mate

1. Take it slow. Your Capricorn has a ton going on in their world — both the world on the outside and the one in their heads. Not only are they doing a million things at once (usually climbing up the career ladder), but they have a million things going on in their brains, too. They’re very cautious and practical and need to develop a plan before they take any action. If you spring something on them, they won’t feel prepared. Baby steps are the only way to get to their heart.
Build a foundation of friendship, first. They are incredibly logical people — if you’re not a good match, they don’t want to waste time fooling around. They need to know before they get into anything that it’ll be worth their while. So show them you’re interested, you’re in it to win it, and that you’re willing to wait.

2. Be direct. Sometimes Capricorn is so enveloped in their career or something else going on in their lives that even the most obvious of flirtations can be lost. You might feel as if you’ve been waiting on their doorstep coquettishly for weeks when you finally ask them out and they seem taken aback. It’s because they didn’t see you coming! If the ball needs propulsion, you may have to do it yourself.
Make them feel secure. Capricorns aren’t ones for spontaneous actions; if they know it’s coming, they’ll embrace it. So plan out your date and show them you’ve put thought into your offer.
If you’re a woman, this is a fine, fine line. Some Capricorn men are very traditional and expect themselves to fulfill the most stereotypical of gender norms. So if he’s obviously traditional and not asking, put yourself out there but don’t outright ask. You may need to do him the favor of making it clear you’re a “yes” before he does ask.

3. Make them laugh. Patient, loyal Cappy is also very stoic, at times melancholy, and almost always serious. To give them the change of pace they desperately want but can’t seem to find, make them laugh! Even though they don’t seem to be about humor themselves, it doesn’t mean they don’t crave it.
Just about anytime and anywhere and anyhow is a good way to go about it. The only thing to keep in mind is not to poke fun at them too much if you’re not close; sometimes Cap doesn’t pick up on when people are being playfully obnoxious.

4. Dress well. Since Capricorn is so ambitious, they constantly are striving toward something a bit better than their current state. To match this drive in them, always show up to the occasion dressed well. If you’re dressing like you’ve spent the last 72 hours in your mom’s basement eating only Pop-tarts and playing the Sims, Mr. or Ms. Cappy won’t be having it.
Capricorn, at least on the outside, seems to be into appearances. It can be misconstrued as being shallow and vain, but in reality they just like nice things. They like working for everything, so it’s the reward they deserve.

5. Be subtle in public. Capricorn is traditional and serious in most situations (at least initially). If you two are out and about, don’t expect him/her to be hanging off of you. And don’t hang off them either! The place for that is at home.
Capricorn also responds better to knowing looks than to playful touches. While being physically affectionate is fine, there are more effective ways to work your way into their heads. Master meaningful eye contact and you’re in.

Building the Relationship

1. Don’t give up on seducing them. You know how we talked about Cappy being serious and stoic? Yeah. Makes for a tough time getting them in the bedroom! You might be on your 6th date and you wind up with a gentle peck on the lips and a cab ride home. Don’t be dissuaded! Things that come too easy aren’t worth it, remember?
A lack of sexual contact initially does not mean they’re not interested. You just have to weasel your way in to get to the good stuff. They’re not going to give it away for free, you know! And when you do get in there, it will be way more than you expected.

2. Get traditional. Generally speaking, Capricorn views dating in a very traditional sense. In the beginning, you may go to dinner and a movie half a dozen times before he/she suggests something else. While this has its drawbacks, it has its advantages too. You’ll experience a traditional courtship that can be very fulfilling and fun.
Some men will insist on paying the bill, some women will want the door opened for them, etc. This will go away as the Cappy gets more comfortable, but will always be resonant in the smaller ways.

3. Understand their lack of emotion. More erratic and unstable signs aren’t good matches for Capricorn. They are patient, serious, and often unmoved. If you don’t understand that this is just how they are, it’ll make for a very difficult relationship. It has nothing to do with you or how they feel about you. It’s just how they operate and see the world.
It’s easy to mistake the Capricorn as melancholy. While this is obviously a feeling they’re capable of, it’s not necessarily so when you detect it. They’re just in their brains, figuring out the best plan to action, weighing out logic and rationale, and devising a plan.

4. Help them maintain their image. Capricorn does not have time for someone who’s really just an obstacle in their way to success. If you’re a deterrent to what they want to achieve, you’ll be ousted. Help them rise to the top like they’re inclined to do and you’ll be a necessary part of the action.
A huge part of this is simply understanding that their motivation and ambition is an integral part of their personality. Encouraging their laziness or enabling them to slack off is not what they’re looking for in a partner.

5. Get over those trust walls. You’ve probably picked up on the fact that Capricorns aren’t easy to get to know. They’re not into displays of emotion and they can seem pretty uninterested and stoic at first glance. But this goes away! One day a light bulb will turn on and you’ll wonder where your dream goat went. Only to get replaced by someone who’s even more incredible.
At some point in your relationship, it’ll click. Once they’ve determined that you’re the real deal, that you’ll be around for the long haul, that you’re worth being let in, you’re golden for forever. They’re yours to keep!

Complementing a Capricorn Personality

1. Be ambitious. As if it wasn’t already crystal clear, Capricorn has drive and is determined. Though they say opposites attract, this is not one of those times. Those who are laid-back need not apply. Cappy needs someone who can fuel their drive, not question why they’re trying so hard. If you have it going on too, they’ll be all that much more motivated.
Capricorn isn’t looking for someone who’s only focused on their relationship. If you’re getting into deep waters with yours, be sure to keep an eye on your career, your friends, and your hobbies. You shouldn’t lose yourself and your dreams — it’s what Capricorn was drawn to in the first place!

2. Be stable. The one who’s temperamental, mercurial, and erratic will not be a good fit for patient, rational Capricorn. If you’re quick to anger or tears, Capricorn just straight up won’t get you and will get exhausted. Be stable mentally and Cappy will know who they can lean on.
Those with addictive or insecure personalities don’t really have a place in Capricorn’s world. If you’re boozing away the weekends or spending days wrapped up in a pity party, Capricorn will not be having it. They desperately want life to be on an even keel at all times. Why do you think they plan everything out ahead of time?

3. Be classy. If you’re poised and classy, Capricorn will see you as a boost to their image and someone who’s just as driven and motivated as they are. They want the best. So stop the gossip, the drunk texting, the selfies, and bring out your inner Kate Middleton/Michelle Obama/Cary Grant.[1] (All Capricorns, by the way!)
This doesn’t mean the richest, most lavish things. Carrying a Louis Vuitton purse doesn’t make you classy. Being sophisticated is an inner maturity and grace and not what’s strung on your arm.

4. Be open-minded. This, however, is one of the times where Capricorn needs an opposite to juxtapose their personality. While Capricorn is rational and logical, they are often stuck in their ways because of it. Since they’re usually right, they find it hard to open their minds to others’ opinions. They can be very stubborn and relentless. You’ll need to work with them!
It’s because of their extensive planning that they can be so firm in their convictions. Since they’ve weighed everything out (or they think that they have), they see no need to budge. So if you can do the budging for them, the both of you will be better off.

5. Be patient. This will come in handy for two reasons: 1) Since your Cappy is so patient, being frazzled is something they won’t tolerate and 2) they operate on a slower wavelength sometimes (like how your relationship progressed). It’s also good for you and your stress level!
Basically, it’s important to be patient in your world and in your relationship. You’ll be calmer, more relaxed, and be more willing to see things through till the end. It may take a while to break your Cappy down, but once you do, you’ll be glad you were so willing to wait!

Six Awesome Ways to Snag a Capricorn Man (And Maybe Even Keep Him)

How to attract a Capricorn man In a hurry? Here are our top five tips for making yourself irresistible to any Capricorn man: Take it slowly and get to know him first. No one-night-stands! Don’t be put-off if he seems a little distant, at first. Show him you are career- and goal-oriented. Earn his respect. Why Set Your Heart on a Capricorn Man? Determined, ambitious and able, the Capricorn man is likely to go a long way in life. Maybe he can take you with him… Winning a Capricorn Man. The Capricorn man is possibly one of the most cautious and serious signs of the zodiac. He has a morbid fear of public embarrassment, so he’s unlikely to respond well if you simply ask him out point-blank, out-of-the-blue. In fact, in all probability, he will spontaneously combust. For precisely the same reasons, it is unwise to flirt with the Capricorn man: he doesn’t respond well to it. Better to just chat and get to know him. Be yourself, act natural. Don’t make fun of him, either, not even in a light-hearted no-harm-meant kind of a way; he hates to be ridiculed. That isn’t to say he has no sense of humour, however. The Capricorn man can be very amusing, but almost always in a very dry manner. Often, people will be slow to realize he’s making a joke at all. With the Capricorn man, a slowly-slowly approach is recommended. You’ll need to get to know him first. Or, more to the point, he’ll need to get to know you first. He will only go out with someone he feels comfortable with, someone he can trust. Consequently, you’ll need to become something of a known quantity to him. It is probably best if you treat your conquest of the Capricorn man as a campaign rather than a skirmish. Think long-term strategy, not hit and run. The Capricorn man doesn’t enter lightly into love. As a rule, he is opposed to the very notion of one night stands and flash-in-the-pan (or, indeed, flash-in-the-pants) relationships. He will need to know that you are similarly serious about your emotional and sexual relationships. This doesn’t mean you should be telling him how many children you want to have with him and what their names are going to be on the first date, but you should give an indication that you take relationships seriously in principle. If you have only had a handful of relationships, all reasonably long-lasting, it certainly wouldn’t hurt to mention this fact. If, on the other hand, you have enjoyed a wide array of relationships, all short and sweet (and there’s nothing wrong with that), it’s probably not wise to broadcast the fact to the Capricorn man: he’ll run a mile if he thinks you view him as just another entry in your little black book. Don’t be too put off if, initially, he seems a little distant and removed, perhaps even a little cold. The Capricorn man isn’t given to spontaneous and frivolous shows of emotion. Once he is comfortable with the object of his affection, all of this will change of course.

Best Gifts for a Capricorn

The Capricorn in your life loves practicality. They appreciate simplicity in design and intent. A gift given sincerely is worth its weight in gold. They do like to indulge in luxurious things from time to time. If you are going to give them something, take the time to wrap it properly. They will notice every crease. They appreciate the time it takes to make something from scratch. When choosing a gift for Capricorn, don’t forget their personality. They love physical comfort. Anything soft and warm will be accepted happily. They love for others to offer to do something for them. They like simple foods and natural materials. Wool is never wasted on them. When choosing a Capricorn gift, think practical. They would rather have something they can use than something they need to dust. Comfortable clothing, a good book and a bowl of stew would make the perfect evening. They love to spend time with the one they love. If you still can’t think of anything yourself based on this advice, here are some suggestions that Capricorn will love. Be sure to tailor these suggestions to your particular Capricorn. Comfort. A soft thick bathrobe, warm slippers, a fleece blanket… these things will make Capricorn’s heart sing. The only thing that would make it better is if they are monogrammed. Add in some homemade hot cocoa and you’ll be their favorite person! Make them a wonderful yet simple dinner. A homemade kettle of soup and biscuits may be perfect, or perhaps a simple meal of fried chicken, mashed potatoes and peas. They love rustic foods and by providing that you are not only feeding their body, you are feeding their soul. Top off the evening with a cozy night by the fire eating popcorn and you have the recipe to Capricorn’s perfect evening. If you know of a job Capricorn has needed to have done around the house or yard, take care of it. This will warm their heart. Run errands or weed the garden. It doesn’t matter what it is… Capricorn will see the loving intent behind it. These are the things that most people don’t want to do for others. If you must purchase something, think of something made of natural materials. Real wood furniture or a soft wool sweater can really rack up the points. Even a piece of driftwood from the beach may be perfect as long as it has some artistic qualities. If you have the money, Capricorn certainly doesn’t mind jewelry. But don’t bother unless it is the real thing. Capricorn is not into jewelry that turn their skin green. There are plenty of other options if you don’t want to worry about jewelry. Don’t bother with a surprise party. Capricorn does not like surprises. It doesn’t matter if it is a good surprise. Just don’t do it. If you’re flying in a long lost relative, tell them first. Surprises are not well accepted by Capricorn at all. Stick to what they know and you’ll be fine.

Fashion statement of Capricorn according to their style

1. You have a section of clothes just for work.

Capricorn is one sign that enjoys working, and it shows on your racks. Whatever your field, you’ve invested in some stylish outfits that are appropriate for an important meeting with your boss, and there are pieces marked solely for wearing nine to five.
2. There are practical pieces for various situations.

The same part of your brain that makes you a top-notch worker also has you prepared, wardrobe-wise, for anything that might come your way. You’ve likely got flats in case of summer showers, a lightweight cardigan perfect for plane trips, and a simple, well-tailored dress in case you get a call to interview for your dream job.

3. Certain pieces are ready to party.
Capricorns are social animals, but, according to Susan, “you don’t like hanging out in rundown or cheap places.” As such, your party clothes are made of fabrics like leather and silk that will be perfectly at home at chic restaurants and hot-spot cocktail bars. You, my friend, aren’t the sort of girl with a whole section of flimsy dresses suited for the corner dive bar.
4. Workout clothes ready for the outdoors have a spot.__
Shout-out to Nikki and her fit fam. You like to exercise, and at least part of your cardio plans involve the outdoors. “Capricorn is an earth sign, and a day of hiking, mountain climbing, or exploring caves would make a new person out of you,” Susan said. Whether it’s running tights or a supportive tank you like to wear to yoga in the park, your drawers count some togs that have seen sunshine.

5. You’ve got some preppy staples.

“The Capricorn woman is the one with the good gold jewelry, neutral tweed, or classic Brooks Brothers suits and silk shirts,” Susan wrote. “She always looks highly successful, or like she comes from old money even if she doesn’t.” Whether you still rock your polos and pearls or have an old favorite tucked away that you’re too sentimental to toss, you could throw together a classic combo in a hurry.

6. There’s at least one vintage piece.

Your sign “rules history” and is known to like old pieces and browsing antiques. As such, you’ve likely found at least one fabulous old dress or jacket that you’ve incorporated into your 21st-century wardrobe. Whether yours was scored at a deep discount at your local thrift store or nicked from a grandmother’s closet, it has history that appeals to you.
7. Vintage jewelry is safely tucked somewhere.

That love of history extends to your accessories—many Cap women will find they prefer the idea of an antique engagement ring to something brand new. Diamonds aside, your jewelry box probably has something you’ve scored at an estate sale or received from a beloved family member.

What kind of Music does a Capricorn Prefer

Capricorn-born people love both dark gothic music, and anything retro, Annabel G told Jones. “They’re very sensual when it comes to sound; it’s all about physicality and the material world, whether that’s harsh noise or gentle.” Capricorns trend toward everything from Capricorn musician, the late David Bowie, to other Capricorns Mary J. Blige and Marilyn Manson.

Can Capricorn tolerate cheating

The Capricorn woman is famous for her quiet, calm and reserved nature, hence it is unlikely of her to morph into a sharp-toothed crocodile ripping flesh off a sunbathing hippo as you admit your infidelity.

She would gracefully give you a chance to explain why you cheated on her, but remember my friend, Capricorn-born people are good reasoners with very powerful intuition, not to mention their ability to put two and two together.

This means you have to make sure those excuses you concoct are plausible — you are just digging your own grave if you let out something stupid or lame, such as the affair was born out of boredom, curiosity, midlife crisis or influence from womanizer friends. And don’t forget your story must tally exactly with what your supporters said.

Although Miss Capricorn will never bring up the past in future fights, she won’t be able to forget the tears and sadness you gave her. Forgiveness is not in her vocabulary, but she may lead you into believing you are forgiven, if she desires something valuable from you.

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