Analysis of the birth charts of serial killers

The policemen Chatham Kent rural town Ontario

figured good idea reason rank crimes committed

year Although violent crime rare Chatham Kent

high number break ins Chatham Kent Police

Service decided throw data analysis problem determine

people born astrological sign ended pokey year

people born sign Kind meaning phrase What

sign Well Const Michael Pearce police spokesman

Excel spreadsheet classify data 986 people arrested

months 2011 Then provide interesting astrological perspective

Pearce applied algorithm birth dates arrestees After

Pearce crunched data criminals born sign Aries

March April 19189 born sign Libra Sept

Oct 22183 born sign Virgo August Sept

22177 born sign Leo July August 22169

born sign Pisces Feb March 20166 born

sign Scorpio Oct Nov 21166 born sign

Capricorn Dec Jan 19159 born sign Gemini

May June 20147 born sign Cancer May

June 2146 born sign Taurus April May

20142 born sign Aquarius Jan Feb 18139

born sign Sagittarius Nov Dec 21Criminologists astrologists

high data output officer analysis You read

Pearce tells National Post comment Zodiac stuff

backlash drawing conclusions However Georgia Nicols National

Post horoscope writer time notes Chatham Kent

analysis sense Aries sign warrior notes Aries

rules military Aries jump head love adventure

lot people newsroom Aries She suggests people

born sign Sagittarius list caught They smooth

They talk Janet Markham studied cosmology University

Wales notes criminals analysis comparing years birth

birthdates yield clues sun sign comparisons sign

aligned criminality criminals horoscope undertake massive project

actual astrological database tons data hundreds thousands

criminals people The purpose database data astrological

astrological publications astrological discussion The access data

purposes free For database astrological data Lee

Harvey Oswald assassinated Pres John Kennedy Oswald

born Oct 1939 Libra And astrological data

Sirhan Sirhan assassinated Bobby Kennedy Sirhan birthdate

March 1944 Pisces crime tied person zodiac

astrological sign interesting analyze data According statistics

study entitled Statistical analysis birth charts serial

killers Jan Ruis PhD nvwoa pdfart ruis

ruisen pdf majority mass murderers born months

seasons Ruis explored strange phenomenon depth astrology

play Based data sets claims astrologers rejected

Most criminals commit multiple murders financial gain

bank robbers hit men drug business mafia

classified serial killers motivated economic gain psychopathological

compulsion Many serial killers trophy crimescene valuables

financial gain driving motive Another source proves

fact majority mass murderers born months seasons

Murder Mile true crime podcast Below statistics

What Date Were Serial Killers Born Aileen

Wuornos 29th February 1956 Albert DeSalvo 3rd

September 1931 Albert Fish 19th May 1870Alexander

Pichushkin 9th April 1974Anatoly Onoprienko 25th July

1959Andrei Chikatilo 16th October 1936Anthony Hardy 31st

May 1951Arthur Shawcross 6th June 1945Beverley Allitt

4th October 1968Carol Bundy 26th August 1942Catherine

Birnie 23rd May 1951Colin Ireland 16th March

1954Cynthia Coffman 19th January 1962David Berkowitz 1st

June 1953David Birnie 16th February 1951David Copeland

15th May 1976David Ray Parker 6th November

1939Dean Arnold Corll 24th December 1939Dennis Nilsen

23rd November 1945Dennis Rader 9th March 1945Derrick

Bird 27th November 1957Donald Henry Gaskins 13th

March 1933Donald Neilson 1st August 1936Dorothea Puente

9th January 1929Doug Clark 10th March 1948Ed

Gein 27th August 1906Edmund Kemper 18th December

1948Faye Copeland 4th August 1921Fred West 29th

September 1941Fritz Haarmann 25th October 1879Gary Ridgway

18th February 1949George Joseph Smith 11th January

1872Glen Edward Rogers 15th July 1962Graham Young

7th September 1947H Holmes 16th May 1861Harold

Shipman 14th January 1946Henri Desire Landru 12th

April 1869Henry Lee Lucas 23rd August 1936Herbert

Mullin 18th April 1947Ian Brady 2nd January

1938Janie Lou Gibbs 25th December 1932Javed Iqbal

Mughal 8th October 1956Jeffrey Dahmer 21st May

1960 Jeremy Bamber 13th January 1961Joel Rifkin

20th January 1959John Allen Muhammad 31st December

1960John Bodkin Adams 21st January 1899John George

Haigh 24th July 1909John Reginald Christie 8th

April 1899John Straffen 27th February 1930John Wayne

Gacy 17th March 1942Judy Buenoano 4th April

1943Karla Homolka 4th May 1970Kenneth Bianchi 22nd

May 1951Kristen Gilbert 13th November 1967Larry Eyler

21st December 1952Lee Boyd Malvo 18th February

1985Levi Bellfield 17th May 1968Luis Alfredo Garavito

25th January 1957Martha Beck 6th May 1920Michael

Ryan 18th May 1960Moses Sithole 17th November

1964Myra Hindley 23rd July 1942Orville Lynn Majors

24th April 1961Patrick MacKay 25th September 1952Paul

Bernardo 24th August 1964Peter Bryan 4th October

1969Peter Kurten 26th May 1883Peter Manuel 13th

March 1927Peter Sutcliffe 2nd June 1946Peter Tobin

27th August 1946Randall Woodfield 26th December 1950Ray

Copeland 30th December 1914Ray Fernandez 17th December

1914Raymond Morris 13th August 1929Richard Chase 23rd

May 1950Richard Ramirez 29th February 1960Robert Pickton

24th October 1949Robert Black 21st April 1947Robert

Maudsley 26th June 1953Robert Napper 25th February

1966Rodney Alcala 23rd August 1943Ronald Dominique 9th

January 1964Rose West 29th November 1953Stephen Griffiths

24th December 1969Stephen Port 22nd February 1975Steve

Wright 24th April 1958Steven Grieveson 14th December

1970Ted Bundy 24th November 1946Ted Kaczynski 22nd

May 1942Trevor Hardy 11th June 1945Velma Barfield

29th October 1932JANUARY Cynthia Coffman Dorothea Puente

George Joseph Smith Harold Shipman John Bodkin

Adams Jeremy Bamber Ian Brady Joel Rifkin

Luis Alfredo Garavito Ronald Dominique total FEBRUARY

Aileen Wuornos Gary Ridgway David Birnie John

Straffen Richard Ramirez Lee Boyd Malvo Robert

Napper Stephen Port oddly Wuornos Ramirez born

29th month leap year MARCH Colin Ireland

Dennis Rader Donald Henry Gaskins Doug Clark

John Wayne Gacy Peter Manuel APRIL Alexander

Pichushkin Henri Desire Landru Orville Lynn Majors

John Reginald Christie Judy Buenoano Robert Black

Herbert Mullin Steven Wright MAY Albert Fish

Anthony Hardy Catherine Birnie David Copeland Holmes

Karla Homolka Michael Ryan Ted Kaczynski Richard

Chase Peter Kurten Kenneth Bianchi Jeffrey Dahmer

Levi Bellfield JUNE Arthur Shawcross David Berkowitz

Peter Sutcliffe Robert Maudsley Trevor Hardy JULY

Anatoly Yuriyovych Onoprienko Myra Hindley Glen Edward

Rogers John George Haigh AUGUST Carol Bundy

Donald Neilson Gein Henry Lee Lucas Faye

Copeland Paul Bernardo Peter Tobin Raymond Morris

Rodney Alcala SEPTEMBER Albert DeSalvo Graham Young

Fred West Patrick MacKay OCTOBER Andrei Chikatilo

Beverley Allitt Peter Bryan Robert Willie Pickton

Velma Barfield Javed Iqbal Mughal Fritz Haarmann

NOVEMBER David Ray Parker Dennis Nilsen Derrick

Bird Kristen Gilbert Martha Beck Moses Sithole

Ted Bundy Rose West DECEMBER Dean Arnold

Corll Edmund Kemper Stephen Griffiths Steven Grieveson

Janie Lou Gibbs John Allen Muhammad Larry

Eyler Randall Woodfield Ray Copeland Ray Fernandez

Analysis birth charts serial killers

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