Pisces people are often introvert and shy. Sometimes they are even a little insecure about themselves but they are also very compassionate and kind. They are caring and intuitive. Pisceans are known to be very artsy and creative and that is why a tattoo is something that they might love especially it is their own zodiac sign.

Pisces symbol consists of two fish swimming in opposite directions tied to each other. The symbol represents the duality of the people born of this zodiac sign. The other Pisces symbol is two crescent moons facing opposite direction connected by a line which again symbolizes duality and connection.

It also represents a different state of mind connected together. When it comes to Pisces Zodiac tattoos the choices are indefinite. If you are one of the minimalistic design you can choose the Pisces constellation tattoo which looks like a ‘V’. It is very minimal but looks extremely beautiful with proper details especially on women. If you like something that holds are a lot of meaning you can choose Koi Fish Pisces tattoo which signifies will and perseverance. It looks wonderful. If the tattoo artist is talented he can add perfect details to the fish scales to make the tattoo stand out.

Since Pisces symbolizes duality you can even go for the classic Ying-Yang tattoo. You can choose whichever fish you want to get tattoos depending on your taste and style. You can even just get the fish scales inked if you want to get creative. Tattoo placement choices for Pisceans are also a very great advantage. You can get Pisces tattoo on neck, back, nape, wrist, hands, arms, thighs, waist, abdomen, leg and even ribs. You can add colors to the fishes and water to make it look even better. Make sure to tell the tattoo artist exactly what you want so that you don’t regret your tattoo later.

Pisces Tattoos gallery

1.Cute Pisces Tattoo Design behind the neck for girls.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

2. Pisces Tattoo Designs for men and women on Feet.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

3. A Sketch-style Pisces tattoo design on the forearm.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

4. Pisces Constellation Tattoo Design for men on the arm.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

5. Tribal pieces tattoos can be simple tattoo designs for those who just want their zodiac sign. Look at these Pisces zodiac symbol tattoo design.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

6. One of the best thing about Pisces zodiac sign is that there are two fishes circling round to each other. look at these beautiful Pisces fish zodiac tattoo design on the back which is looking amazing.

green color pisces tattoos on back

7. Pisces tattoo designs for men on legs.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

8. Pisces tattoo designs on feet for women.

small pisces fish tattoos on leg

9. Geometric style Pisces Tattoo design on wrist.

pisces geometric symbol tattoo on wrist

10. A beautiful black and grey Pisces tattoo design on back for women.

Beautiful pisces tattoo on back

11. Pisces tattoo tribal symbol design for those who want simple but very attractive tattoo design for their zodiac sign.

pisces tattoo symbol with shadding

12. Sketch style Pisces tattoo design on forearms.

Sketch style pisces tattoo designs

13. Beautiful Pisces tattoo design and ideas for men and women.

beautiful pisces tattoo designs and ideas for girls

14. A 3d Pisces tattoo design and ideas for men and women who want extraordinary tattoo designs.

geometric style pisces fish tattoo designs

15. A small and simple Pisces tattoos on wrist.

small and simple Pisces tattoos on wrist

16. Trash polka style pisces tattoo designs and ideas for men and women for ribcage.

polka style pisces tattoos designs

17. Pisces tattoo design with one is green color and second is the red color with their constellation on the forearm. 

colorful pisces tattoo symbol on arm

18. Pisces tattoo ideas for men on back.

mandala style pisces tattoo design on back

19. A very simple and cute pisces tattoo ideas for girls on wrist.

small pisces tattoo on wrist

20.A beautiful black and red color Pisces tattoo design ideas for women on their behind neck which is absolutely beautiful.

small colorful pisces tattoo on neck

21. Simple outline pisces tattoo ideas for men and women.

small pisces outline tattoos

22. Small pisces tattoo ideas for men and women.

samall pisces tattoo designs on hand

23. A very pretty pisces tattoo ideas for girls with a flower in middle.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

24.  Pisces tattoo symbol on the thigh.


Best Pisces tattoos designs

25.  Tribal Pisces tattoo ideas with leo symbol.


Best Pisces tattoos designs

26. Pisces star constellation tattoo ideas for the wrist.Best Pisces tattoos designs

27 . Pisces tattoos with its astrology symbol for male on the leg.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

28.  A beautiful piece of artwork shown here about Pisces tattoo design for men and women.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

29. A beautiful Pisces tattoo symbol design for girls on the leg.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

30. Beautiful Pisces tattoos on sleeves.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

31. Black and grey shaded Pisces tattoo design on chest for men.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

32. Simple Pisces zodiac tattoo design for the wrist.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

33.  Pisces tattoo design on sleeve.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

34. Small pisces zodiac symbol on forearm.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

35.  Small and beautiful Pisces zodiac symbol with the flowers on arm.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

36. Geometric Pisces tattoo design on the shoulder for women.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

37.Pisces Tattoo with constellation star tattoo on sleeve.Best Pisces tattoos designs

38.  Beautiful Pisces tattoo design on the stomach.

Best Pisces tattoos designs

39.  Pisces tattoo design with constellation stars on sleeve


Best Pisces tattoos designs

40. Amazing green color pisces tattoo design on back.

green color pisces tattoos on back

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