Handling of animal indications, components, parks, mewas, etc. requires significant calculating expertise and even more interpretive expertise. What findings is a rather complex system that tries to clarify the status quo, but, just like its counterpart from the West, enables so many interpretations that it rarely draws strong findings. Western commentators felt that the East tended to be fatal and resigned to what destiny it gave them. In addition to the use of the lunar cycle to schedule and time occurrences, many Tibetan lmas and educators are not particularly interested to astrology. Personality is not of excellent significance to the Buddhist mind. For the first time.

TIBETAN ASTROLOGY Part Tibetan lamas teachers interested astrology ofusing lunar cycle plan time events Buddhist mind personality makeup great For nomatter makeup good bad remedy remains mind practice form fact East personality psychology West Those East needto flirt deeper areas mind long introduced matter Keep mind reincarnation accepted belief India Tibet matter greater ofthe key belief continuity consciousness West awareness cycles evident majority Astrologers attempt bring public attention society conclusion pushed solution Buddhist countries long trained theanalysis emotions desires reexamining emotional personality issues beenclarified ancient times Instead expanding awareness person happy sad suchpersonal issues focusing root problems sufferings assumed childhood Outline Major Tibetan TechniquesHere major calculation techniques Tibetan astrologer Cosmic Tortoise DiagramThe Wheel Twelve Signs Century Birth Animal Table Sign Polarity Triangles Thun Sun Opposites Phung Sun Dun Zur Shi Sey Brief Sign Descriptions Sign PowerThe Five Elements Relationship Table Good Friends Filial AntagonisticMajor Life Factors Life Force Power Bodily Health Luck SoulTibetan Yearly Calendar Months Year Days Month Hour DayThe Eight Parkhas Four Good Directions Four Bad Directions Month Direction Descending Parkhas Birth Parkha Mik Spot Dur Mik Death Spot The Nine Mewas The Magic Square Birth Mewa Descending Mewa Daily Mewa Nine Mewas DescribedLog Men turning DeuDay Week CyclesLunar Related Data Lunar Day Month Lunar Days Travel LosarDar GheLo KhakShi SheyThe Seven ObstaclesThe Four Mewa ObstaclesTurtle HeadDiagrams Turtle Head common writings Tibetan astrology Often diagram drawn theunderside called Celestial Tortoise This tortoise represents universe China Tibet The uppershell dome heaven underside inscribed essential elements astrological mandala Thisdiagram wheel animal signs elements directions colors img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology jpg width height data pin hover true The Wheel SignsThe wheel animal zodiac ancient arising central Asia incorporated Chinese Thecalendar Chinese entered Tibet year Chinese Princess Kong whomarried Buddhist king Tibet The Tibetan wheel animals fold division Western counterpart zodiac Unlike West people signs determined solar calendar East sign determined year ofbirth The cycle animals rotates strict succession year year The order animals Mouse Tiger Hare Dragon Snake Horse Sheep Monkey Bird Dog Pig Each animal sign qualities general public Animal sign birth years follow These years measured birthday January year Instead measured thebeginning Tibetan New Year fluctuating point marks moon nearest February note occasion start Tibetan Chinese New Years differ entire month The animalof birth year central Tibetan Chinese systems calculation common form ofcounting time The year animal cycle repeats year year The animal signs divided male female signs Sign PolarityMale Animal SignsFemale Animal SignsMouseOxTigerHareDragonSnakeHorseSheepMonkeyBirdDogPigAnimal SignsEach Tibetan signs Western zodiac signs qualities The description 12signs Tibetan manuscripts Mouse The mouse quiet friendly outgoing stable rough Even goodto respond open relaxed appearance strongand critical Very open mouthed thinks kind generous misses big opportunities andtakes small searching The difficult person hard work obedient likes sleep exhibits badbehavior While hard change agreeable person However slogan Don mess slow care satisfactory postpones good tempered Helikes eat sleep bull Tiger The tiger brave active bright Always loyal close relatives rough behavior andspeech lot thinking likes gambling good businessman Hare The hare independent survive There ismuch opportunity enjoyed satisfied indirect devious possiblydishonest skillful stingy smiles generous surface Possible diseases include thestomach gall bladder Dragon The dragon brave active good bad powerful harmsme effort procrastinate When time duty short temper good minded talkative listens talk trouble Hehas disease signs sick Snake The snake bad temper burning mind stream However good heart veryoptimistic minded Even jealous power destroy rough character Once mind changeit diseases stomach liver Horse The horse miraculous power capable great effort Even 000 enemies chase hecannot defeated His older life youth listens likes horses fast walker andenjoys play sacrificing character helps sleep His life lot anddowns Sheep The sheep talk bright rough character likes eat Hecauses harm sacrifice generally good tempered good hearted Always relaxed rush lazy time dislike good provider Monkey Monkeys smart talkative tend bad tempers They lightweight weak bodies They open minded small mind power Not sense responsibility theylike play enjoy Their trusted talk gossip lies surfaceoriented They clean tend eat dirty Very ambitious great plans They praisethemselves Bird easy bird lose possessions legacy inheritance They advising seldom taketheir advice Possessing strong sexual desire company They neat clean donot require sleep They prone blindness They love style dressing tend smile lot They enjoywalking stylish movement Good friends Dog The dog wrathful kindness matter hard hetries interested His mind filled lots thoughts triesto tend turn bad wrong likes meat fast walker Very sexual traveler ishigh good minded elegant people tend Pig The pig bright likes eat concerned type food eats likes yoga Hehas good discipline Can greedy takes advantage benefit lies abig stomach good good people bad bad people seldom smiles bea rough character Triangles Thun Sun Opposites Phung sun Dun Zur Shi SheyThe Chinese friends Tibetans destroyers The triangles Thun Sun threecorners img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_1 jpg width height data pin hover true Dun ZurThe worst opposites Dun Zur seventh corner SignDun Zur Opposite Sign HorseMouseOxSheepTigerMonkeyHareBirdDogDragonSnakePigShi SheyShi Shey enemy fourth addition fourth sign sign called Shi Sheyand bad The rest relationships signs fine triangles SignShi Shey 4th Sign SnakeMonkey TigerHorseBird HareSheepDog DragonMonkeyPig SnakeBirdMouse HorseDogOx SheepPigTiger MonkeyMouseHare BirdOxDragon DogTigerSnake PigHareHorse MouseDragonSheep OxPower SignsThe signs power table called cardinal signs Western astrology These signs rule major directions Tiger east Pig north Monkey west Snake south SignsPowerTiger Monkey Pig SnakeBestMouse Horse Bird HareNext bestOx Sheep Dragon DogLowestThe Five ElementsThe elements Chinese astrological Although elements inWestern astrology elements Eastern astrology defined depended They majorfactor Tibetan astrology Like animals signs elements rotate strict sequence year year unlikethe signs element holds years changing Thus elements signs rotate combination totalcycle years The elements Wood air signifying long life beauty good increasing energy mental energy changeable stable Fire signifying strong instant hot warmth Earth signifying stable strength ground Iron signifying strong cutting direct weapon changing earth Water signifying soft fluid clear flowing smooth connected blood emotional concerns img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_2 jpg width height data pin hover true Each year assigned element These elements rotate order Each year element son theprevious year element previous year considered mother year The relationship table read Wood mother Fire Fire son Wood Water theenemy Fire Fire Water friend img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_3 jpg width height data pin hover true Element Relationship Pecking OrderThere preferred relationships elements Mother Son Friend butacceptable Enemy desirable Certain elements Earth Water good whileWood Iron Fire combination good RelationshipsGood RelationshipWater Mother WoodIron Mother WaterEarth Mother IronFire Mother EarthWood Mother FireFriendly Beneficial RelationshipEarth Friend WoodWood Friend IronIron Friend FireWater Friend EarthFire Friend WaterNeutral Filial RelationshipFire Son WoodEarth Son FireIron Son EarthWater Son IronWood Son WaterAntagonistic RelationshipIron Enemy WoodFire Enemy IronWater Enemy FireEarth Enemy WaterWood Enemy EarthMajor Life FactorsThere major factors consideration examining nature qualities calendaryear They listed order Major Life FactorsTibetan NameLife Force holder life SokPowerWangBodily HealthLüLuckLung TaSoulLaRegarding major elements life force sexes represents life strength orélan vital holds life Then power element overcomes obstacles achieves goals This special women The function power spontaneous instantaneous Bodily health physical health orsickness The luck element called wind horse special men soul somewhatsimilar life force concerned emotional psychological The life force isdetermined table The left hand column animal current year handcolumn element year life force Current Year AnimalLife Force ElementSnake HorseFireHare TigerWoodMouse PigWaterMonkey BidIronDragon SheepEarthOx DogEarthThe power element identical element determined current year For 1991 year ofthe iron sheep Therefore power element 1991 iron The luck element determined table The left hand column animal current year whilethe hand column element year luck There earth element luck element Current Year AnimalLuck ElementTiger Horse DogIronPig Sheep HareFireMouse Dragon MonkeyWoodOx Snake BirdIronWith bodily health calculation complicated First determine key element Current Year AnimalHealth Key ElementMouse Horse SheepWood KeyTiger Hare Bird MonkeyWater KeyDog Pig Dragon SnakeIron KeyNext key element power element calculated identical elementdetermined current year rules Power Element IsThen Bodily Health Element isSon Health Key ElementWaterMother Health Key ElementWoodEnemy Health Key ElementEarthFriend Health Key ElementFireSame Element Health Key ElementIronThe Soul Element Mother Life Force Element Use Relationship Table determine The Tibetan Calendar The Months YearThe months start dragon month month Losar Tibetan New Year matter theyear Each month element calculated son year element making element withthe month sign Thus 1988 earth dragon year son earth iron month irondragon month Elements month year iron month twowater months rotation iron water wood earth iron water wood earth andso The year continue rotation starts afresh earlier Tibetan observed calculations year started moon prior theWinter Solstice Losar That moment began month sign tiger othersigns normal rotation The elements start calculation power element element currentyear That power element The Day Month Sign ElementEach day month depends month male animal sign female month The male signs mouse tiger dragon horse monkey dog female signs hare snake sheep bird pig For months areunder male sign tiger day month proceed strict animal sign rotation month For female months monkey proceed animal sign rotation Either rotation ends themonth month day takes tiger monkey starting point The day monthdepends gender animal sign The element day derived son month element asdescribed earlier However case days elements singly twos case months The Hour Day Sign ElementStart sunrise hours hour sections The hours sunrise belong hare hour strict animal sign rotation hour elements son element day earlier elements single rotation Sunrise determined thereare exact calculations moment lines palm hand The Ching ParkhasTaken Ching Chinese Book Changes day morning evening parkha trigram Combined parkhas complete hexagram day consult Ching The Eight Parkhas Trigrams Ching LiFire SouthKhonEarth Southwest DhaIron WestKhenSky Earth Northwest KhamWater North Earth GinMountain Earth Northeast ZinWood East Earth ZonWind Earth Southeast Parkhas Month DirectionThe triangle tiger horse dog start day month The triangle mouse dragon monkeystart day month Kham The triangle bird snake start day month Dha The triangle pig sheep hare start day month Zin The parkhas follow strict order foreach day month Animal Signs MonthParkha First Day MonthTiger Horse DogLi Khon Dha Mouse Dragon MonkeyKham Gin Zin Bird SnakeDha Khen Kham Pig Sheep HareZin Zon Descending Parkha Bap Par The descending parkha current year counted differently male female persons For males start theparkha count clockwise females start parkha Kham counterclockwise The count case tothe agesign number years birth current year starting birth year Thus agesign in2003 born 1941 Once descending parkha current year determined refer followingtable determine good bad directions year The Eight Parkhas Directions img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_4 jpg width height data pin hover true DirectionsThere good directions Nam Men sky healer good doctors Sog Tso healthy life good sleeping point head direction Pal Key generating glorious direction buy Cha Lon bringingauspiciousness prosperity fourth good traveling The bad directions Chey body destroying worst direction avoided Chö devil cutting worst Dre Gna ghosts worst evil spirit worst The good directions good Zan shi bad bad Gnen shi Birth ParkhaThe birth parkha birth parkha calculate descending parkha motherof individual year individual birth Mik Ninth Spot The Mik ninth eye spot calculated From birth sign ninth sign Mik The parkha Mik ninth spot male persons good year marks transition With females istrue Kham addition Mewa Mik birth mewa current year mewa Dur Mik Death Spot Dur Mik death spot strong suggests Still portends bad year calculated For signs Tiger Hare descending Parkha Khon For signs Horse Snake descending Parkha Khen For signs Bird Monkey descending Parkha Gin For signs Mouse Pig Sheep Dog Dragon descending Parkha Zon descending Parkha current year signs signs year isDur Mik good The Nine MewasMewa mole birth mark mewas stem numerology centuries theChinese karmic relation life life There mewas arranged calledmagic square totals totaled The Magic Square img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_5 jpg width height data pin hover true Nine MewasElements1 WhiteIron2 BlackWater3 IndigoWater4 GreenWood5Yellow Earth6White Iron7 RedFire8 WhiteIron9 MaroonFireThese mewas counted starting wood mouse year entire circle consists ofthree year cycles The current major cycle began 1864 2044 1924 1984 turning points The180 year cycle counts year wood mouse year cycle water pig year Atthat point mewa year black making ready year white thestart major cycle Any number center diagram ascending numbers order The Nine Magic Squares img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_6 jpg width height data pin hover true The Nine Mewas Karmic Relationships Here rough translations general meaning mewas Traditionally birthmark associatedwith mewa probable length life specific dharma practice mantra mewa White The length life years There difficult times life birthmark mole left handed The practice involves obtaining Chenresik statue loving kindness compassion practicing thissadhana The mantra mani padme hum Either child child turns carries thegeneration travels lot Good social work benefited male brave female strongone Could children Likes Snakes protector Difficult children meaning good kids happen Possessions jobs unstable bad tempered buthas good mind difficult early life longer life clean person physically likes whitethings milk butter Black The length life years There bad periods There birthmark hand arm theheartside neck The practice Vajrapani strength clearing obstacles Become vajra indestructible Get statue Vajrapani stupa Mantra vajra pani hum child born easy tocare easy child sick child nice speech bad mind dark appearance meanand horrible Always sad good likes monk member Bon religion heis strong practitioner likes meat alcohol friends loves seldom opportunityto result sick adult hard cure Blue The length life years There difficult periods There birthmark calf left leg Thesuggested practice Vajrasattva dorje sempa practice Vajrasattva purifies removes limitations obstacles imperfections mind Mantra vajra sattva hum likes sleep strong mind muchinstability life bit greedy work concentrate skip male willtalk female tend sad difficult change Blame good Hemay wives husbands children die country paralysis Green The length life years There difficult periods thigh black circle birthmark The practiceis Vajrapani strength clearing obstacles Become vajra indestructible Get statue ofVajrapani stupa Mantra vajra pani hum avoid funerals Cleanliness nagas snakes bad disease likes travel deep mind bad Perhaps difficulty children property farmland The life unstable lot downs There sadness Peoplegossip good credit finds littleopportunity rise Whatever stays The nagas protector vegetarian children wedding Yellow The length life years There difficult periods His birthmark nervousness Thesuggested practice Shakyamuni Buddha called diamond vehicle cutting vajra Mantra Tadyata munemune mahamuni shakyamunaye swaha This dharma person This astrologer mewa monk monk Hewas monk life reborn noble family life Here devoted person stable mind Veryintelligent religious Obedient parents customs carries traditions travelmuch birthplace protector coming ancestors alittle bit angry strong dreams protector angry hard Before monk wasa saint normal dharma teacher talks lot misses point smart quick thinker Should bea religious person life restless moving high expectations alwayshelps enemies They gossip children wealth form ofproperty houses land live long religious virtuous educated His possessions somewhatunstable female gossip angry difficult good stablemind Tends diseases gall bladder heart attack White The length life years There difficult periods There birthmark calf left leg Thepractice suggested long life purification deity Vijaya Vsnisa Tsuk Tor Nam Gyal Mantra amritaa yur dade swaha intelligent His mood appearance changing travels lot female willhave nice speech mind good Receives protection local deities Possibly poor living birthplace build greater parents seldom sick sick hard cure relatives offer There willbe enemies good blamed children Children possiblyhandicapped There power family wife powerful bad tempered Red The length life years There difficult periods birthmark backside chest The practiceis tara green Tara healing protection wealth good birth Mantra tare tuttare ture swaha Iffemale likes sleep married long likes fight strong body ruddy complexion Possibly succumb sudden disease Could die love meat His generation alwaysshows suicide murder Seven children The life unstable White The length life years There difficult periods birthmark cheek The suggestedpractice Shakyamuni Buddha called diamond vehicle cutting vajra Mantra Tadyata mune munemahamuni shakyamunaye swaha avoid dirty stay clean There protection local deities goto place born Pleasant Good hands arts crafts Older life youngerlife religious virtuous Could children Elegant people The bad people Could tendency gossip causing bad relations Maroon The length life years There difficult periods There birthmarks face neck left leg Suggested practice Manjushri development mind intellect Mantra ara patsa dhi imageof holding glorious flowers hands flowers rich man Could orgreedy His older life young life Very brave live born Wealth includes cows animals livestock general Has wealth care obstacles destroy This good mewa females monks Bon img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_7 jpg width height data pin hover true Birth MewaThe birth mewa calculated counting current year mewa center agesign Note thatbirth year year measured Tibetan New Year moon nearestFebruary year The result birth mewa The current year mewa equals birth mewa current year mewa birth mewa tocause current year difficult This true birth mewa current year descending mewa thesame year good Descending MewaAnother calculation descending mewa calculate descending mewa place birth mewa thecenter magic square count center east left number Then count counter clockwise birthzodiac animal male sign count clockwise birth zodiac animal female animal zodiac sign Count agesign count center counting number The result descending mewa When counting alwaysremember Tibetan person year age birth Western age The meanings descending mewa current year 8Iron Good2Black Bad worst 3Blue good 5Medium astrologer 9Almost goodGood descending order goodness Bad descending order badness 2being worst Mewa DailyOne calculate mewa day lunar month The refers day zodiac animalmonth For day snake month The mewa ruled Tiger Monkey Pig Snake Start counting White The mewa ruled Mouse Horse Bird Hare Start counting Green The mewa ruled Sheep Dog Dragon Start counting red These mewa occur signs For signs start counting mewa counteach day lunar month direction For day snake month start White Log Men Not Turning Back LogMen turning coming This calculated differently males females For males alwaysstart sign tiger element son birth power element Remember element iscounted The sign element combination corresponds age sign Log men Females start themonkey sign mother birth power element count reverse direction current agesign That signand element Log Men For males Log Men sign Dog called Nam Door Sky sign Pig called Door Earth Nam avoid climbing high places year avoiddigging foundation work ground year For females sign Dragon marks Nam andthe sign Snake marks year DeuThis integral Tibetan astrology awarding zeros good marks bad marks forthe current year major elements Life force power bodily health luck soul This Keg Tsi isthe yearly calculation life obstacles complex worth working compare major birth elements current yearelements For power element current year power element Mother birth powermark 000 rating Friend birth powermark 2nd Son birth powermark 4th Enemy birth powermark 6th good calculate major elements year Days WeekThe day moon day month day week color month thetone quality planet day sun Sunday Also son day element equally powerful forthat month The mother element medium powerful friend enemy bad entire month img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_8 jpg width height data pin hover true Example Sunday day month Sunday month powerful Sundayis friend enemy good dampens day month Further day month falls Sunday planet sun element Therefore son isearth earth powerful month The mother wood wood medium powerful month The friend offire iron enemy water Fire water bad month Day Week CyclesDepending animal sign year birth days week special significance Accordingto John Reynolds 1978 Tibetan Astrological Calendar Days good considered auspiciousfor undertaking projects business activities days bad considered inauspicious forany activity addition birth good day long life birth bad day portends earlydeath Using animal sign year birth enter table img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_9 jpg width height data pin hover true Lunar Days MonthCertain days month auspicious inauspicious person There favorable days month called foundation days power days success days There unfavorable days called obstacle days disturbance days enemy days general advised care business thefavorable days avoid enterprises unfavorable days The numbers table refer lunar days themonth sign img src zodiacpage content uploads 2019 tibetan_astrology_10 jpg width height data pin hover true According Reynolds Calendar When monthly weekly cycles oppose day theformer powerful planetary energies monthly cycle opposing forces manifest lunar day complement Lunar days Good making offerings requests high personages vows religious practices ingeneral obtaining desired Lunar days Excellent days strong firm actions good construction obtaining high offices Lunar days Days quickness clarity skill cleverness indicative success competitions Lunar days Very bad reaction days unethical activities succeed moral action Lunar days Generally good activities marriages large purchases collections teaching initiation blessings building ceremonies general Lunar days Barren Many events occur Neither good bad building meditation practice certainceremonies Nothing undertaken midnight Lunar Days TravelAccording Reynolds Calendar lunar days good travel Here list offers Lunar days Generally goodLunar days UnsuccessfulLunar days Good businessLunar days One travelLunar days Fine travelLunar days Disturbing emotionsLunar days Success covering long distancesLunar days Fruitful travelLunar days SpiritualLunar days WisdomLunar days Activity benefits oneLunar days One travelTibetan New Year SarLo Sar Tibetan New Year nearest moon February moons Sar sunrise moon day Dar ghe increasing XWorst len breath XWorst Gnal ney conception 0Good worst Lue Dzog Body Complete term 0Good worst Tse Birth 00Good Medium True Jay Bathing baby 00Good Medium Goe Gon Putting clothes 000Good Best Ley Jey Working 000Good Gar Prime filled XXBad Medium Gue Decaying XXBad Medium Sick XXXWorst worst Shi Death XXXWorst Worst Dur shug Burial table numbers good bad Numbersthree worst good medium good good Likewise numbers worst medium bad worstof worst Note father death year sign current year good descending Parkha forboth husband wife good This true family members general KhakOne expect year sign birth year luck auspicious That case inthe Tibetan birth sign current year sign years Khak inauspicious For men year Khak termed NangKhah difficult Khak women year Khak termed Chi Khak difficult During Khak year reputedly months danger vulnerable Bird monthSecond badDog monthFirst badPig monthPassableMouse monthSecond badOx monthFirsthalf badTiger monthPassableHare monthSecond badDragon monthEntire month badSnake monthFirst badHorse monthPassableSheep monthSecond badMonkey monthEntire month badBird monthFirst badIf current year sign seventh birth sign called Dun Zur bad current year isthe sign Dragon Monkey good current year element birth element thenthis good SHI SHEYShi Shey refers signs birth year sign current year signs thenit called Shi Shey good Also current year sign count months ofthat year sign called black months months Tiger Monkey Pig Snake wholemonth black days worst days days month signs Mouse Horse Bird Hare days month tenth twentieth thebad month signs Sheep Dog Dragon days month bad All days arecalculated moon current year Tiger Monkey Pig Snake year mewa Black thenthe year black year The Seven ObstaclesQuite bit called obstacles Each eventualities entire current year Sarto Sar list Current year sign refers animal zodiac sign current year current year sign One birth year signIf current year sign Opposite birth year signIf current year sign Animal sign adjacent birth year animal sign PLUS element birthyear element For Snake Dragon Horse current year sign One Destroyers Friends wife husband descending Parkha current year current year animal sign Sign year fatheror grandfather diedIf descending Parkha Birth Parkha nocopy TIBETAN ASTROLOGY Part ZodiacPage

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