What does the term “House” mean in astrology?

Astrology includes much more than understanding the zodiac symbol in which the sun is located on a specific day. There are 10 other celestial corpses that help identify energy and opportunities of that day, as described in last month’s column. The twelve homes must also be considered in order to correctly schedule or predict someone’s birth profile.

What term House astrology Astrology includes understanding

zodiac symbol sun located specific day There

celestial corpses identify energy opportunities day month

column The homes considered order correctly schedule

predict birth profile The study astrology involves

knowing zodiac sign sun day explained month

column heavenly bodies play identifying energy possibilities

day accurately prepare natal profile forecast houses

consideration The Twelve Houses arranged wheel identical

format Zodiac wheel circle divided sections While

separate wheels wheel The Twelve Houses projected

Zodiac wheel align house corresponds sign The

division houses conceptualized Babylonian astronomers study times

signs rise sky This concept refined Egyptians

created structure meaning houses The houses represent

fields experience specific experience This scenarios place

life scenario house container influential energies planets

play physical space workplace emotional space relationship

This brings deeper dimension astrology planet doesn

fall sign correlating house The houses called

personal houses houses interpersonal houses This Zodiac

wheel wheel The Houses describes journey human

development lives The wheel focuses extends awareness

Before defining influences houses simplified version primary

pieces involved astrology Imagine glass plates suspended

space The plate divided segments labeled zodiac

sign names relevant calendar dates The plate

divisions labeled heavenly body Above plate numbered

segments called houses The plate hour clock

minute markings Now imagine vertical band entire

stack giant Ferris wheel seat labeled number

year Visualize plates band spinning speeds directions

precise moment examined freezes photographer perched high

entire structure takes picture For minute day

year snapshot reveal zodiac sign planet house

sign discussed month column planetary body governs

area life surprises karma emotions Similarly houses

represent aspects individual lives relationships careers health

Thus planets houses time birth great influence

individual personality The First House SelfThe physical

body true personality early life The house

house Positioned Aries initial spark Like nature

ram house symbolizes birth coming head The

house includes concepts awareness personality appearance view

sign planets fall house influence outward expression

choose people perceive The Second House WorthMoney

earned acquired possessions material resources The house

represents sense worth possessions Positioned Taurus encompasses

energy money spend money This include cars

clothing furniture investments property land doesn include

actual progression houses This house dictates attitude

wealth personal systems work The Third House

Communication Conscious mental activity communication short trips

siblings The house sign Gemini extends sense

outwards represents communication This people environment family

members neighbours friends community develop awareness expand

explore connections The house represents forms technological

communication networking texting email talking phone symbolize

short trips adventuring place place quick energy

nature Gemini The Fourth House FamilyHome domestic

life matter The fourth house sign Cancer

house refers family personal foundations wheel chart

Immum Coeli This base wheel foundation roots

natal chart planets house translate spending lot

energy family life creating family ancestors The

Fifth House Creativity Romance love life sports

children creative talents The house Leo represents

children creativity romance exploration personal interests hobbies

express unique Sports acting referred house ways

explore passions Romance love affairs dating fall

house expressing passion The Sixth House Work

Health clothing working conditions The sixth house

Virgo focuses work life represents service physical

ability perform tasks health diet takes account

quality work core work ethic involve This

house focuses job career house Depending planets

natal chart aspects house dictate kind job

excel based personality The Seventh House RelationshipsMarriage

divorce partnerships relationships enemies The seventh house

correlating sign Libra focuses relationships Sometimes referred

house marriage house encompasses types relationships marriage

business friendships contracts lawsuits Even relationships enemies

divorcees fall house This house cooperating ability

share openly While house open explorative love

type love seventh house focuses committed relationships

difference dating marriage The Eighth House Circulation

Death taxes sexual matters inheritance people money

Just house money eighth house people money

Ruled Scorpio house heavily covers energy sexual

relationships The eighth house confusing represents wide

range death taxes banks people money possessions

sex This house focuses exchange people institutions

The energy house encompassing transformation healing requiring

type loss sacrifice transferring energy formal transaction

bank intimate union The Ninth House Exploration

Religion philosophy foreign matters long distance travel

education law The ninth house ruled Sagittarius

represents house higher learning Subjects philosophy religion

education ethics spiritual interests play This house

encompasses dreams visions ideas wisdom Mirroring house

represents understanding environment ninth house exploring refers

long journeys exploring cultures living dream bigger

This search deeper meanings life The Tenth

House Career Career professional status public reputation

honors The tenth house positioned chart house

status Ruled Capricorn house focuses career life

social status financial success chart represents highest

point sky lot planets house ambitious nature

desire recognized They focused reputation public people

perceive This public areas life representing social

responsibilities personal achievements symbolize figures authority politicians

The Eleventh House Community Friends hopes wishes

dreams The eleventh house ruled Aquarius This

house friendship teamwork humanitarianism This house focuses

community larger scale Mirroring house represents creative

energies eleventh house dictates creativity symbolize hopes

wishes realization The Twelfth House Spirituality Secrets

obsessions negative behaviors habits hidden enemies institutions

The twelfth final house sign Pisces One

misunderstood houses twelfth house represents subconscious mind

hidden aspects ourself subconscious memory mental patterns

This house refer mental illness karma spiritual

realization escapism nature Pisces physical level house

refers everyday life hospital prisons government offices

secret hideouts This house embodies energy internalization

secrets considered collective unconscious humanity psychic ability

intuition What term House astrology ZodiacPage

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