Cosmic Calendar

The Cosmic Calendar is the technique by which the chronology of the universe can be visualized and its present age is reduced to an era of 13.8 billion years by one year so that it can be introduced to educating the sciences or science.

The Big Bang took position in the visualization at noon at January 1 and at the present moment maps until sunset at the end of December 31st. There are 437.5 years a second, 1.575 million years an hour and 37.8 million years daily at this level.

Cosmic Calendar The Cosmic Calendar technique chronology universe visualized age reduced era billion years year introduced educating sciences science The Big Bang position visualization noon January moment maps sunset December 31st There years years hour years daily level The Cosmic Calendar method visualize chronology universe scaling current age billion years single year order intuit pedagogical purposes science education popular science visualization Big Bang place January midnight current moment maps December midnight scale years years hour years day The concept popularized Carl Sagan book The Dragons Eden 1977 television series Cosmos Sagan extend comparison terms surface area explaining Cosmic Calendar scaled size football field human history occupy area size hand graphical view Cosmic Calendar featuring months year days December final minute The Cosmic Calendar time scale relationship universe events Earth plotted single month day year scale corresponds years minute 000 years hour years day years CosmologyDateBya Billion Years Ago Event1 Jan13 8Big Bang cosmic background radiation14 Jan13 1Oldest Gamma Ray Burst22 Jan12 85First galaxies form Mar11Milky Way Galaxy formed12 May8 8Milky Way Galaxy disk formed2 Sep4 57formation Solar System6 Sep4 4Oldest rocks EarthDate year calculated formulaT days days T_Gya Evolution life EarthDateBya Billion Years Ago Event14 Sep4 1First remains biotic life billion year rocks Western Australia Sep3 8First Life Prokaryotes Sep3 4Photosynthesis29 Oct2 4Oxygenation Atmosphere9 Nov2Complex Cells Eukaryotes Dec0 8First Multicellular Life Dec0 67Simple Animals14 Dec0 55Arthropods ancestors insects arachnids Dec0 5Fish Proto amphibians20 Dec0 45Land Plants21 Dec0 4Insects Seeds22 Dec0 36Amphibians23 Dec0 3Reptiles24 Dec0 25Permian Triassic Extinction Event Species Die Out25 Dec0 23Dinosaurs26 Dec0 2Mammals27 Dec0 15Birds28 Dec0 13Flowers30 Dec 065Cretaceous Paleogene extinction event Non avian Dinosaurs Die Out Human evolutionDate timemya Million Years Ago Event30 Dec65Primates31 Dec 0515Apes31 Dec 2412 3Hominids31 Dec 5Primitive Humans Stone Tools31 Dec 4Domestication Fire31 Dec 2Anatomically Modern Humans31 Dec 11Beginning Most Recent Glacial Period31 Dec 035Sculpture Painting31 Dec 012AgricultureHistory beginsDate timekya Thousand Years Ago Event31 Dec 3312 0End Ice Age31 Dec 3Flooding Doggerland31 Dec 0Chalcolithic31 Dec 5Early Bronze Age Proto writing Building Stonehenge Cursus31 Dec 0First Dynasty Egypt Early Dynastic Period Sumer Beginning Indus Valley Civilisation31 Dec 5Alphabet Akkadian Empire Wheel31 Dec 0Code Hammurabi Middle Kingdom Egypt31 Dec 5Late Bronze Age Early Iron Age Minoan eruption31 Dec 0Iron Age Beginning Classical Antiquity31 Dec 5Buddha Mahavira Zoroaster Confucius Qin Dynasty Classical Greece Ashokan Empire Vedas Completed Euclidean geometry ArchimedeanPhysics Roman Republic31 Dec 0Ptolemaic astronomy Roman Empire Christ Invention Numeral Gupta Empire31 Dec 5Muhammad Maya civilization Song Dynasty Rise Byzantine Empire31 Dec 0Mongol Empire Maratha Empire Crusades Christopher Columbus Voyages Americas Renaissance Europe Classical Music Time Johann Sebastian BachThe current secondDate timekya Thousand Years Ago Event31 Dec 5Modern History years FutureFuture Earth Solar System Year Date timekyr Thousand years myr Million years Byr billion years Event1 Jan 010 5Anthropocene Epoch1 Jan 2310 0Antares explodes supernova1 Jan 5020 0Chernobyl finally safe1 Jan 5720 0The Arecibo message finally reaches M13 cluster1 Jan 5450 0Niagara Falls finally erodes away1 Jan 48100 0Proper motion constellations unrecognizable1 Jan 24300 0WR explodes1 Jan 02500 0Earth hit asteroid1 Jan 051 0Pyramids Giza erode away1 Jan 2Mount Rushmore erodes away3 Jan100 00Saturn loses rings5 Jan180 00Earth day hour longer7 Jan240 00Solar System completes galactic year16 Jan600 00Solar eclipses longer possible16 Apr4 0Global surface temperatures reach 1330 deg hot melt lead28 Jul7 9Sun destroys EarthFuture Universe Year Date timeByr billion years aboveEventYear Apr100 0Galaxies disappear light horizonYear 7247 Dec100 trillionStar formation endsYear Jul1 quadrillionSun cools deg CYear 43Black Hole EraYear 981 98Dark EraYear 1500Iron starsYear 50Boltzmann brain appearsYear 78Last black holes evaporateYear 120Final entropy stateYear 56Possible Big Bang occurs Cosmic Calendar ZodiacPage

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