According to astrology, we should be optimistic about 2021

According astrology optimistic 2021 According astrology optimistic

2021 There Hope For 2021 The astrology 2021

brings ton potential The Aquarian transits teaching

humanity sharing stage serving greater good There

seat table privileged VIP pass The eclipses

expanding horizons reminding solutions learning Lastly summer

Venus Mars dose open hearted energy urges

passions create chapter The Great Conjunction Jupiter

Saturn AquariusA conjunction fancy planets coming point

sky case Jupiter Saturn Astrologers great conjunction

pretty big deal time aspect occurred Aquarius

early 1400s enter cycle opportunities innovation connection

coveted Age Aquarius starting There hype Age

Aquarius centuries age humanity coming From astrological

outlook 2021 Aquarius themed transits Beginning great

conjunction Saturn remain sign years Jupiter year

Then 2023 Pluto enter Aquarius stay years

Although proving planets moving Aquarius imagine age

finally time transits occurred learn improve moving

reviewing exam retaking When spend time reflecting

build outcomes repeating history Back early 1400s

time Saturn Jupiter joined Aquarius Renaissance began

During period history attitudes changed meant human

meaning Art emerged human experience valuable This

period dark ages moved humanity time plagues

social class disparities Aquarius energy cares focus

greater good team player people seat table

privileged Beginning 2021 expect emphasis inclusion diversity

dismantling oppressive systems time evening playing field

Saturn Jupiter Aquarius Throughout HistoryThe time Saturn

moved Aquarius February 1991 May 1993 This

period apartheid South Africa Rodney King riots

woman prime minister Canada Also time internet

commercial computers online The time Jupiter Aquarius

January 2009 January 2010 That period Barack

Obama inaugurated Black president United States Bitcoin

created reflect lives themes emerged periods taught

That wisdom valuable moving Can connections periods

history Are open diverse voices demographics power

leaders Are ready technology innovation Like times

Renaissance dark experiences Could verge renaissance rebirth

English After 2020 ready restart Upcoming EclipsesEclipses

bring times change alignment They occur sun

moon Earth ways deliver lessons planet From

May 2020 January 2022 eclipses Gemini Sagittarius

themes signs coming forefront Sagittarius expansion potential

energy connected beliefs Sag glass dream imaginations

Gemini energy curiosity humor fun lesson doesn

easy assignment homework change beliefs open hearts

learn fun eclipse Dec 2020 teaching big

time There eclipses May June 2021 themes

Venus Mars Joining ForcesIn 2020 Venus Mars

retrograded Instead flowing smoothly year digging deep

retracing steps The planet relationships Venus planet

action Mars retrograde 2021 smoother sailing Not

Venus Mars Leo The conjunction occurring June

2021 July 2021 This connection reunion feminine

masculine energy plays internal external worlds time

harmonious relationships creativity playtime According astrology optimistic

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