New origins, possibilities and difficulties are brought about every year, and 2019 will never be other than that! The cosmos will bless us with fantastic options and put barriers in our journey to assist us develop and change. The key to a good year is to know how to use these energies so you get to the top.

As their movement, astrologers refer to the place of a planet today. A transiting planet can create a geometrical relation to other planets ‘ location. These geometric links are called “aspects,” astrologers can call these planets elements. These elements increase the impact of these natal diagram fields. Aspects show how easy it is for planetary energies to operate together.

Every year brings opportunities challenges 2019 won The cosmos bless wonderful possibilities putting obstacles path meant grow transform The key successful year knowing work energies coming Astrologers refer planet current position transit transiting planet form geometric relationship position planets Astrologers geometric relationships aspects Transiting planets form aspects natal planets These aspects heighten influence areas natal chart Aspects ease energies planets work Mundane astrology cycles planetary pairs great While Pagans work parts Moon Sun cycle moon moon dark moon astrological chart positions planets plotted circle degrees The New Moon conjunction degrees separates Sun Moon degrees separates Moon opposes Sun Full Moon occurs The 1st 3rd Quarters called squares degrees separates Other pairs planets cycles Astrologers calls 1st Quarter opening square 3rd Quarter closing square Summer skies 2019Over summer astronomical events occur major astrological meaning Transiting Jupiter Neptune continue square Two eclipses occur Mercury enter retrograde motion appearance planet moves previous position Mercury aspects Mars Uranus The Jupiter Neptune SquareThroughout summer degrees separate planets Jupiter Neptune They square Both planets slowly night sky Jupiter retrograde result square long time The square exact week June Autumnal equinox September active summer Jupiter degrees Sagittarius Neptune degrees Pisces Mantineia interpreted square fostering conflicts These conflicts involve religion extreme dogmatism She conflicts arising issues truth private public forums felt severe political conflicts Jupiter symbolizes growth truth rulership dogma Neptune symbolizes enigmas ambiguity illusion spirituality delusions deception Mantineia effects continue produce confusion December time Jupiter Capricorn Eclipses JulyIn July 2019 solar lunar eclipses occur These transiting eclipses activate sensitive spots natal charts President Donald Trump ASTROLOGICAL EVENTS ZodiacPage

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