Discover everything that awaits you in 2021 on the zodiac signs in general terms. An exceptional year is announced for many signs despite the pandemic fact of COVID-19. 

Winter 2021 promises to be a challenging time for some zodiac signs, but very productive. This year will also become an absolutely new stage in life for many. In November 2020, the last period of Mercury Retrograd ended. So you can breathe safely and enter the New Year with full confidence and ideas. Everything that was in the past is left in the past.


January 2021 will be a good month for the representatives of the water elements: Pisces, Scorpio and Cancer. Pisces, especially those who are engaged in creative activities, will have brilliant ideas that need urgent implementation. For Scorpios, the second decade of January will be full of love, warm greetings and emotions. There will be temporary difficulties with work. But, as they say, unlucky at work, but lucky in love. Cancers feel a kind of internal change, and this does not stop there. After all, January will be a happy start for them for something new. The previous year was not easy, for many it was associated with losses in various spheres of life. But now the most favorable atmosphere is developing for you.


The horoscope from February 2021 indicates the activity of Mercury. This planet will help those who work directly with customers. The first days of February will be important for the representatives of the air sign. An important role will be played by Aquarius, who is responsible for collective work, the eleventh house. The stars recommend Gemini and Libra to improve relationships with family and friends. Now is the best time to establish personal contacts and relationships.


This year 2021 will be a full and busy year for you in terms of professional life. You will focus a lot on your career because you will have a lot of inspiration, you will meet important people willing to help you follow your dreams and you will have many opportunities that you will want to take advantage of. This year will be the best for you if you will trust yourself, and if you will be more confident in yourself. Aries will have a lot of energy. You will feel a surge of force that will urgently need to be directed somewhere. Whether it’s school or work, be careful and pragmatic everywhere. Try to direct your force only in the right direction and only when necessary. Take care of yourself, because the year is just beginning. You will shine with beauty and charm to passers-by. Just remember that by your energy you attract different people.



This is the year you discover what it means to truly love, to be in a truly beautiful relationship and to live like you have never done before. You will be in a whirlwind of events with different people. It will be just as pleasant to be in a new circle as in the circle of old friends. But because of the desire to thank everyone, you risk forgetting your own interests. Listen to your inner feelings and make sure you do what you really want. The stars support you.


The year 2021 is coming with a lot of patience for you. In the first part of the year you will have to fight some important professional fights; balance everything and do not make hasty decisions. Trust yourself and listen to your intuition. The middle of the year will be an interesting one because it will take you out of your comfort zone and allow you to experiment. You will have unforgettable experiences. Now you are more focused and rational. You can easily make new plans and translate long-planned ideas into reality. Your ability to competently build your workspace will help you reach your goals in an extremely short time. But working alone may not always be productive. Maybe we’re trying to work with someone together? Take a closer look, there will definitely be people in your environment who will be happy to help you! January is very suitable for any procedures with a beautician. After them, your internal energy will multiply, and your health will visibly improve. Exercise is recommended, and the best way to treat any disease is a Russian bath.


2021 is the year you work the most at home. Take advantage of the fact that things evolve beautifully professionally and focus your attention on yourself – you have 365 days to rediscover yourself, to realize who you really are, what you want from life, what makes you happy. So, those born in the sign of Cancer will find out which way they want to go next. It’s time for the Cancers to rebuild their family relationship. Lately, many zodiac signs have moved far away from loved ones – both physically and emotionally. Don’t be afraid to show your loved ones feelings and talk about life events. After all, they are the ones who can help you implement your plans at this time, providing the support and attention you need. It is recommended to take care of your body. Yoga, fitness, morning jogging are wonderful. Enjoy a massage and a hot bath with sea salt and essential oils. Believe me, your skin will be very grateful!


Are you ready for a fiery and adventurous year? 2021 will take you a lot out of your comfort zone, make you experiment, trust yourself, become strong and realize that no one (and nothing) can bring you down. Most importantly, 2021 will give you the courage to fight for what you want and do your best to become the best version of yourself. Leo, this winter you should be more practical in following a clear plan. Don’t be overwhelmed, because winter is not the best time to openly demonstrate your skills, but spring will be more promissing. Lions born in the third decade can receive the necessary support from the team. The main ally will be a colleague who represents the sign of Capricorn.


2021 will bring you a lot of courage in terms of professional life. You are trying to complete all your ambitious projects started in 2020 so that you can make some necessary career changes. Trust yourself and let yourself be guided by intuition because this time you really know what you want from the future. This winter, the stars advise you to spend more time with people who have the same ideas. This is a great time to join various social organizations, attend conferences, seminars and other public events. Where there are more people, there are more opportunities to realize your potential and bold ideas. There will be no fear of anything, there will be no fear of criticism and you will succeed!


Are you ready for a truly spectacular year? The stars are very generous with you and bring you a lot of peace in your soul. Focus on your love life because you have a chance to work on your relationship with your partner so that you are both in the best position so far. If you are still alone, Cupid already has the arrow ready, just wait for the right moment to prepare an exceptional surprise. This winter, Libra will seem to rise above all difficulties and experiences. And this ability will definitely be appreciated. It is said that you cannot jump over your head, but you, Libra, can do it. You will show others what you really deserve. And all those who wish you harm will only have to admire you. Even fans can show up among them. You’ve been on this for a long time – now is the time to enjoy!


Scorpios will be very determined about many aspects of their lives. This also applies to the organization of life in general and professional growth. Here the easiest and most effective way to reach your goal is to move with confident but small steps. Do not rush and do not assume everything at once, there is a risk of not getting what you want, and success will have to wait even longer. The stars give you the opportunity to make some important changes professionally. Only this year you have the opportunity to improve your finances and put in order every stage of your path to success so that you can start working and take steps to see the results you have been waiting for so long.


Sagittarius will have an incredible awareness this winter for everything that happens in his life. You will act, being responsible for every step you take. Attention, January will be special for you – it represents the awakening of the inner strength. You look at a lot of things from a completely different angle and you find something interesting, you probably radically change your attitude towards some important events and people. The main thing is to act in accordance with your own conscience and honor in everything. This year will bring new people, with a beautiful soul, in your life. Are you ready to meet them, create new connections, be happy and start a new stage of your life? Give up the barriers you have built around your heart for fear of being hurt. The conclusion is this: allow yourself to be vulnerable because that is the only way to form healthy relationships. Any stressful situations and nervous breakdowns are now contraindicated for you. Be outdoors as much as possible.


This winter will be a great success for Capricorns! So many bright events, meetings and unexpected offers await you that you can feel dizzy with pleasure. Enjoy and don’t forget to use your strengths – perseverance and the ability to be at the right time, in the right place. You should take care of your health! There is a risk of getting a cold. This yeal will be a pretty quiet year for you. Not many important things will happen, but you don’t need to either. All you want during this period is routine – a constant life to adapt to and enjoy. Too much has happened to you lately and you don’t need any more adventures. So, 2021 will be a perfect year for you.


Aquarius is a little tired and now they want to surround themselves with warmth and comfort. And to create such an atmosphere, you need to get rid of everything that is not necessary and useless. Perform a general cleaning of the house, on the desktop, on the computer, on the phone, free the office of unnecessary things and papers, delete unused files. You will immediately feel how easy it will become for you to think, create and work. As for the latter, the stars advise you not to rush into decisions. decisions. It is better to change your mind and look back, so as not to repeat the previous mistakes. Beautiful things are happening to you in 2021. On a sentimental level, you feel ready to make a change – the discussions with your partner become more and more serious in the first half of the year and you will surely both reach the same conclusion. Therefore, it is not excluded to choose to take the big step. If you are alone, you just have to have a little more patience. It seems that the stars are preparing something really special for you.


Many representatives of the Pisces sign may now seem distant. It is, because you suddenly want to retire, to be creative, to start keeping a diary, trusting it more than friends and family. Such fun will be especially valuable to you, because that way you will come back. Any difficulties are always temporary. Remember, everything is in your hands. Reserve your courage and determination and take action! The advice for those born in the sign of Pisces is the following: Stop thinking, act. In 2021 you have to take your heart in your teeth and make important career changes; the stars are on your side and help you a lot, getting in the way of beautiful opportunities that you should take advantage of. And one more thing: Don’t forget to always be open, to want to experiment and learn new things when it comes to the proposals made and the financial investments.

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