Myths About Love

These are some of my preferred stuff: a blue color, strawberries and love. But what is romantic love precisely? Who you are asking depends. Most of us are quite sure that when we feel love, we understand it. However, the emotion, the mind state, is more difficult and diverse than any of us, even a professional, can fully portray. What you feel depends on which section of the elephant you touch.

ALWAYS LOVE, ANOUGHT FALS? According to the philosopher Berit Brogaard, author of On Romantic Love: Simple Truths on a Complex Emotion, love is an irrational emotion, either “in” or “no.” Actually, love acknowledges degrees: you can love a little or a lot or not. Your feelings are sometimes quite rational; other feelings are totally irrational.

Myths About Love These preferred stuff blue color strawberries love But romantic love precisely Who depends Most feel love understand However emotion mind difficult diverse professional fully portray What feel depends elephant touch ALWAYS LOVE ANOUGHT FALS According philosopher Berit Brogaard author Romantic Love Simple Truths Complex Emotion love irrational emotion Actually love acknowledges degrees love lot Your feelings rational feelings totally irrational These favorite color blue strawberries love But romantic love Depends Most pretty love feel Yet emotion mind complex varied specialist fully What experience depends elephant touch Books fresh insights love written philosophers psychologists mathematician From releases collected common myths authors reasons TRUE LOVE FALSE ASSUMPTIONS Love irrational emotion Not philosopher Berit Brogaard author Romantic Love Simple Truths Complex Emotion fact love admits degrees You love lot Sometimes feelings rational utterly irrational You fall love But Emotions subject kind rational control You strategies fall love wrong claims Brogaard book pleasant mix strong opinion detailed anecdote academic credibility Falling love unique physiological Not Brogaard writes lot react perceived danger rush cortisol hormones prepare flee fight Due potential partner mystery sexual attraction amygdala hyper activates Neurotransmitters signal adrenal glands exciting scary mysterious happening love feel brain lot cocaine The emotional pain failed romantic love Not true Brogaard cites studies finding neurons firing person experiences physical psychological pain HOW REALLY MATE Meeting person random toss dice Not posits mathematician complexity scientist Hannah Fry author The Mathematics Love Patterns Proofs Search Ultimate Equation TED Original She offers tactic increase odds picky Rather insist attracted small percentage meet fulfill age educational preferences raise percentage odds improve Also insist ideal attributes Many happy couples shared thought joy beloved kills spiders hates jazz There suited current partner Not Purely mathematical optimal stopping theory Fry writes calculate length dating life fully reject stick nextperson meet suited rejected Fry wryly explains flaws formula explores depth ample wit leaving readers choose hazards choosing risks choosy altogether Join Fry Twitter fryrsquared WHAT SCIENCE GOT WITH Taking turns sharing resent validtherapy technique writes John Mordechai Gottman psychology relationship researcher years Principia Amoris The New Science Love fact anger bring catharsis freely expressing negative thoughts feeling angrier equal Actually quid pro quo thinking hallmark relationships failing Gottman insists relationships partner expecting return Also Marriage Manifesto Beyond Tit Tat Love unpredictable Don writes Gottman Many replicable studies demonstrated love predictable lab predict divorce year period accuracy Much predictability based couples handle conflict positive negative comments Couples inevitably sex Gottman refutes common misconception beautifully Using math game theory proved couple sex negative cost sex long cost invitation sex partner positive couple lot sex fuller explanation surprising statement Principia Amoris book highly recommend Myths About Love ZodiacPage

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