Top Money Myths

Let’s face that. Let’s face it. There’s a host of myths around like reality. The fact is, however, that these myths keep individuals broken. Well, broke, broke, broke! When it’s about cash, we’ve all fucked up. Perhaps you signed up for each offer of credit card, or you thought debt was a lifestyle. Perhaps you fell into the all-powerful FICO trap.

And it is essential to demonstrate the importance of a dollar through difficult job when it comes to raising money-smart children. You could have had to work as a child at a young age, but don’t let your past burden your kids. Help your children know and be responsible what it is like to work. They’ll thank you— trust us if they’re prepared to quit the nest.

If you haven’t noticed, it is only another “I enjoy debt” term that you get your loan rating. The finance industry has worked hard to ensure the myth that a loan is what you have to do, buy a home or buy a car. However, only on your connection with debt do you judge the loan rating. Quite insane, right?

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