Don’t work hard, work smart

Working difficult will undermine your innovative thoughts and creative energy. It also worsens the quality of your lives.

Don work hard work smart Working difficult

undermine innovative thoughts creative energy worsens quality

lives Working hard undermine creative energy innovative

ideas deteriorates quality life Working hard success

invalid concept The purpose working smarter accomplish

working hard The working efficiently optimize brain

functions Don wrong work ethic serves develop

But happy life balance When working hard

pleasure focus productive You slackers breaks fun

The slut dies horror movie Daydreams losers

Problems inescapable pleasure unnecessary good moral productive

life Right But hard wired pleasure Our

brains reward circuit reliant neurotransmitter dopamine enjoyable

reinforces desire workaholics susceptible disordered eating addiction

issues mistakenly energy source food alcohol Overeating

overdrinking throws bodies minds balance leaves craving

high Burchard quantitative studies highest performers demographic

measured Instead focusing work time health relationships

mindfulness Compared peers Burchard study high performers

Are stressedAre healthierAre exerciseReport higher levels happinessReport

positive relationshipsOur brains capable remaining focused minutes

break minutes breaks relax body mind Then

brains charged Taking break uncommon naps uncommon

scientifically documented naps improve cognitive functions creative

thoughts Naps consolidate memories remembering brains exhausted

brain function good regular workout healthy diet

Healthy lifestyle increase work efficiency Researchers spending

time nature Walking green park forest brain

relax Your goal work lighter accomplish working

harder work systematically For works search lot

worked hours good result hired freelancer The

programmer created customized couple software programmers workspaces

place programs place analysis tools customized Now

output time learn spent huge times learning

courses learned improve efficiency helps lot avoid

social media work After stopped social media

work work efficiency improved The balance life

organize time forget Just follow simple purpose

feeling good Enjoying Feeling gratitude Being loving

life moment Because Many goals achieving looked

Achieving successful normal But wanted Don work

hard work smart ZodiacPage

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